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Found 11 results

  1. WTS rare rowing boat (SOLD)

    WTS rare rowing boat 50 ql only 10 silver pick-up deli u12
  2. [13:48:34] A small rowing boat that will accommodate three people. Colors: R=36, G=36, B=36. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from pinewood. You must use a mallet on the "Slave Three" in order to improve it. Ql: 34.43276, Dam: 8.981438. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Asolli, has been etched in the stern. This rowing boat has been parked in my harbour for a couple of months now. Please would the owner, Asolli, remove it. Location: Babuskaa's Village, T8, SW Coast of Newspring Island, SW Xanadu
  3. WTS Boats/Ship

    WTS: 50QL applewood knarr, 3 sailing boats: 2x cherrywood 50QL and 50QL pinewood, 50QL applewood rowing boat **New ships** 50QL applewood knarr with anchor and lock Caravel! It's unfinished so you can choose wood type.
  4. rowing boat, cedarwood, 40 ql with lock and anchor How many?
  5. (SOLD) Supreme Rowing Boat [pls close]

    [21:08:13] A small rowing boat that will accommodate three people. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from cedarwood. You must use a file to smooth out the "AE RB one" in order to improve it. Ql: 30.219582, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Stonecutter, has been etched in the stern. [21:08:13] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'St.n.c..ter'. Will add a boat lock and mooring anchor Starting bid: 3s Increments: 1s Reserve: hidden Buy-out: 10s Good Luck Bidding everyone!!! After the Auction: The winner can pick it up from Aurelian Empire (Release) x43/44 y24
  6. I want to sell a sailboat, 2 rowboats, and a corbita. Pickup is available at Hermit's Haven 64x 60y in Independence server. Ship and boats details are as follows: CORBITA (CEDARWOOD) 50.8 ql = 5s ROWING BOAT (CEDARWOOD) 59.9 ql = 1s ROWING BOAT (MAPLEWOOD) 58.4 ql = 1s PM me in forums or in game if you are interested. Thanks.
  7. Wtb A Small Rowing Boat

    im want to buy a small rowing boat delivered to deli south/west sleepy hollow for 1s with anchor
  8. Hi I am trying to built a rowing boat for myself, and I have all the materials, all the tenons, hull planks and keels etc. I have improving the keels so they are about 13 in quality, and my skill in ship building above 6 now. But I cannot figure out how to build the "unfinished boat". I can only carry 1 keel, and when activating that and clicking on the other one on the ground, I do not get any option to create the boat. What am I doing wrong? Is my ship building skill too low? if so, what is the minimum skill for this? Please help
  9. Wts Rowing Boat

    Selling a rowing boat at Whispering Wood at 20x 4y. Delivery fee is free of charge. The ship is QL 19.5, and has a lock on it. I demand 1-2 silver for it.
  10. Items: Rowing Boat, cedarwood, 45ql, Mooring anchor, Lock and key. --- 80cRowing Boat, cedarwood, 30ql, Mooring anchor, Lock and key. --- 80c Great boat for new Wurmians on budget. Made from cedarwood for decay reduction bonus. Fits 3 people Carry capacity same as small cart.Small Sailing Boat, cedarwood, 30ql, Mooring anchor, Lock and key. --- 1.7s Bread and butter of Wurmian pilotage, fastest way to get around when sailing alone. Made from cedarwood for decay reduction bonus. Fits 4 people Carry capacity same as small cart. No delivery. Pick up at Deliverance 20x7y. Customisation: No mooring anchor: 20c discount No lock and key: 10c discount Accepting orders for custom material boats (no extra cost). Delivery options (Rowing Boat only): Pick up at Deliverance 20x7y or surrounding area --- Free Deliverance --- 20c Independence (South shore) --- 20c Independence --- 40c Exodus --- 60c Celebration --- 1s To order, please send a PM on forum or contact Fourman on Deliverance. New items will be listed. edit -- Some cross server delivery options are temporarily not awailable.
  11. I have two small sail boats ready for delivery on Independence. They will be finished and improved on site to QL50+ of a wood type you get to choose, they come with a boat lock and key, a mooring anchor, a fine fishing pole of QL59+, a barrel of water, and a pottery bowl with meals for survival, unless you don't want these items (they're free and don't lower the price). Price: 2.5s I also have an applewood rowboat to sell, complete with a boat lock and key, mooring anchor, fine fishing rod, an applewood barrel of water, and a pottery bowl with meals. 1.5s for pickup only at Ussta Delmah (60x 5y) or Targoviste at the coast.