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Found 39 results

  1. Like title suggests, please remove the halter rope limit for farm creatures like Sheep, Rams, Chickens, etc. It's such a pain to grind animal husbandry or breed sheep when you can only grab 1 sheep or 1 ram at a time.
  2. I recently saw this problem on Dracaa's Twitch wurm stream (I hope she doesn't mind me posting a bug report!): A lot of people use low rope fences around their boat docks as a decoration, because the low rope fences supposedly don't prevent access, and yet still look good in the maritime setting. Dracaa was able to load and unload cages through a low rope fence, and was able to board a ship through it. However, when it came to disembarking from the ship onto the nearest tile (through the low rope fence), the low rope fence blocked her and she had to disembark into the water. (I believe this is due to a more recent fix to stop people disembarking through high (solid) fences into buildings and other private areas) Please fix it so that the low rope fence does not block disembarking - it shouldn't ever block access on any occasion. Thanks!
  3. Starting bid: 5 s Increment: 1 s Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  4. Starting bid: 10 s Incremen: 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  5. haven't seen this around lately, but to be able to lasso and tow things behind a cart or horse on land and use a knarr+ to move stuff on water like other boats. the idea would be lasso a BSB, sailboat, statue along with other things and be able to command a cart to "drag" it along with a nice speed reduction but still be faster than spam pushing. i understand you can already move a ship on land, but to me it would be nice to dry dock boats by dragging them out of water for a little. for ships it would be nice if a knarr or a caravel can anchor itself to another ship and drag it along unless its moored or no permissions to use.
  6. I thought to ask to be able to hitch an animal to a tree with a rope, and that may be great, but would have an effect on how trees are used in the game. So how about a hitching post - it would be a post or rail that you could tie your animals to? Why this matters to me is that I have a new deed, I'm collecting animals from the area but I am not ready to fence them in - the land isn't ready. IRL, I'd just tie em up to something solid. In wurm, I have to deforest an area, and create a paddock.
  7. http:// 81ql Supreme Rope Tool (Birchwood) with maker tag: Enki (GM) No reserveBid Increments : 1sSniper protection : 1 hourBuyout : N/AStarting bid10 Silver http://
  8. SALE SALE SALE! Take 10c off each listed price! Selling off some excess inventory! C = Circle of Cunning( Skill enchant) w= Wind of ages (Speed Enchant) Buyer pays CoD Please post, or send a forum pm I will try my best to keep the list updated in a timely manner! Quality Enchant Price Carving Knives 25.41 c64 50c 20.66 c67 50c 19.34 c50 30c 17.32 c63 50c 17.18 c56 40c 16.77 c76 60c 16.44 c61 50c 16.42 c58 40c 16.41 c66 50c Mallets maple 51.06 c56 40c pine 15.34 c68 50c Groom Brush Cedar 35.07 c56 40c Birch 22.44 c69 60c Cedar 16.82 c62 60c Cedar 16.82 c60 60c Cedar 16.78 c53 50c Cedar 16.35 c55 50c Cedar 15.96 c64 60c Birch 9.69 c58 50c Willow 9.12 c58 50c Rope Tools Pine 56.81 c57 40c Cedar 29.67 c55 40c Iron Rake 81.53 w61c47 50c 68.15 w53c50 40c Iron Pickaxe 84.90 w75 60c 36.49 c60 50c 33.82 c64 50c 23.68 c57 30c 16.53 c55 30c 15.54 c52 30c Leather Knife 54.15 c62 60c Sickle 26.42 c66 60c 22.40 c69 60c 18.99 c70 65c Large Anvil 18.05 c57 50c 18.03 c64 60c Small Anvil 18.05 c57 50c Butcher Knife 26.42 c52 50c 24.61 c54 50c 24.18 c78 70c Exquisite Meditation Rug 17.25 c58 60c
  9. I found it extremely difficult to destroy a partial rope fence. The fence had these stats: [22:56:16] QL=9.901449, dam=0.0 I used a large maul with a QL = 18 and it was destroyed, useless and tossed away. Then I used a maul of QL = 27 and it was destroyed, useless and tossed away. Lastly I pulled out my large axe of QL = 69 and it destroyed the partial rope fence, but took 29 damage in doing so. Since I made the ropes I know they are not made of titanium! So is this a bug? If so, please fix it.
  10. Now that we cannot embark to automatically stop leading animals, how about this: Right-clicking a rope or halter-rope will list all animals being led by it. You can then select to stop leading one or all of them.
  11. 1s per 1k favor. First come first serve. Location: K18 Xan. Costal location. I could arrange delivery for a fee.
  12. Starting Bid: 7,5euro Min Increase: 0,5euro buyout: 25euro (Old Large Anvil [50kg] extra) Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Send via COD or pickup on exodus. Money only via PayPal.
  13. I am playing as a FTP for a break and while doing some thinking on how to manage spawning back at my spot it got me to thinking that the explorer tent might be a little high with the materials list for a fresh player to replace their spawn point. Now i do not know how long the newbie tent takes before it decays but as a new ftp character i would have no way in making cordage rope so maybe we should lower that to just rope? TLDR: My suggestion is to change the explorer tent to use only rope and not cordage rope. Edit: people also want them to be lighter.
  14. Hi, Please update Rope bridges to mention that they do not support hitched large carts. This was confirmed by "FactionalFight" on their Wurm YouTube channel.
  15. Maybe 2 months ago was added a feature: U can upload across an opening a heavy item using a rope. I tryed that and worked, but I don't remember what item I uploaded. Today I crafted a bell tower on a 4th floor and I dunno why appeared on ground. I tryed to upload the bell tower with a rope across an opening but didn't work. Make that work plz. Load a bell tower in a wagon or a ship could be nice too.
  16. Think these have been suggested before, but with bridges coming along it's going to be a very useful tool. I suggest they work in the same way as the spyglass does, but instead of visuals you get a message in event. Suggested Creation Rope + Lead Ball/Anchor - Rope x 10 - Square piece of cloth x 10 - Strip of leather Activation - Must be embarked on a boat, passenger or captain. - Boat must be moored. - Activate the Sounding line - Right click any object > measure - 10s timer, 300 slope max [15:24:00] You start measuring with the Sounding line [15:24:30] You stop measuring. [15:24:30] The depth here is 293 slope from the surface. or [15:24:30] The rope is still hanging, it seems you have not hit the floor. Notes - No gain in any skill when using. - Ropemaking for creation and improvement. - Improved with a rope. - Decays with each use. - WoA, CoC etc has no effect. - ...
  17. I used to be able to sell 'rope' to the token; actually I've already sold hundreds as I've been skilling up ropemaking. However, in the last 3 days (8, 9, and 10 of March) I cannot sell 'rope' to the Token (neither thick, mooring, or cordage, in case it's relevant). I don't get the option by R-Clicking - and when I attempt by keybind, I get the message "That item can not be sold this way." I talked to the CAs every time, and had it verified that they are all able to sell 'rope's to their tokens, even in different servers (I'm on Xanadu), which shows that it's only me that has the issue. Since it's been ongoing for 3 days now, can someone please look into it? Server: Xanadu Deed (token) "Acropolis" Character "Adonies"
  18. A first perhaps? I've not seen one of these before at least: Have at it! Auction Duration: 1 week Starting bid: 10s Min Increment: 1s Sniper nonsense? Who cares: bids up until closing, go nuts.
  19. 92ql - Supreme rope tool, oak (90woa, 74coc) Starting bid: 30s Increments: 2s Buyout: 40s No reserve, 1h sniper
  20. Novastrov Industries We are recruiting Location: Novastrov X39, Y37 Mailbox: 30 mins I have a Merchant located at Bayview X41, Y35 He has random items that I stock. Novastrov Lumberjack Services Novastrov Shipyard Novastrov Enchants [2013-17-12][19:55:21] You have just received the title 'Master Carpenter'! [2013-04-06] [10:49:40] You have just received the title 'Renowned Carpenter'! [2013-09-29] [19:52:16] You have just received the title 'Fine Carpenter'! Now Accepting Sleep Powders (1.25s) & Referrals (6.5s) as Payment for Goods or Services, No Change will be given.... Wagons & Crates Oakenwood Wagon 40QL: 1.0s - 4 Oakenwood in stock Large Crate: 20c - 63% chance Small Crate: 10c - 93% chance Wooden Goods: Core Carpentry Items: Mallets, Spindles, Spatulas, Clay Shapers, Fine Fishing Rod, Grooming Brush, Practice Doll: 50ql - 20c 70ql - 35c 75ql - 45c 80ql - 55c Fine Carpentry items: Rope Tools, Signs, Fruit Presses, Buckets, Small Barrels, Small Chests: 40ql - 30c 50ql - 40c Add 5c for Oakenwood Tools Weapons: Short Bow - 20QL - 20c Bow - 20QL - 20c Long Bow - 20QL - 20c Shields: Small Shield - 40QL - 40c Medium Shield - 40QL - 40c Large Shield - 40QL - 40c Wooden Improving Service Core Carpentry Items: 1c for every 1QL up to 70QL 2c for every 1QL between 71 to 80QL 3c for every 1QL between 81ql to 86QL Fine Carpentry Items: 2c for every 1QL up to 50QL Leather Goods: Armor: 70QL Studded Leather Sets - 1.0s Tools: Toolbelt - 50QL - 50c Toolbelt - 60QL - 60c Backpack - 50QL - 5c Quiver - 50QL - 5c Water Skin - 50QL - 5c Horse Attire: Saddle & Barding 50QL - 50c 60QL - 75c 70QL - 1.00s Bridles 50QL - 45c 60QL - 60c 70QL - 70c Leather Improving Service Armor Pieces and Bridles: 1c for every 1QL up to 70QL 2c for every 1QL between 70 & 80QL Saddles, Bardings & Toolbelts: 2c for every 1QL up to 70QL 3c for every 1QL between 70 & 80QL Metal Goods: Armor: Chain Boot, Cap, Glove & Sleeve - 40QL - 8c Chain Jacket & Pants - 40QL - 30c Shields: Small Shield 30QL - 30c Medium Shield 30QL - 30c Large Shield 30QL - 30c Horse Attire: Barding - 40QL – 50c Ship Wright Goods: Ropes - 1c Mooring Ropes - 5c Thick Ropes - 7c Cordage Ropes - 15c Mooring Anchor - 15c Triangular Sail - 20c Small Square Sail - 10c Square Sail - 30c
  21. Stag's Ropemaking Emporium Located at Fort Huntsman Docks Release X4 Y16 Rope Pricings Cordage - 10c per rope Mooring- 5c per rope Thick- 15c per rope Regular- 1c per rope Mooring Anchor- 20c per anchor Rope tools 30 QL- 5c 40 QL- 10c 50QL- 15c (All rope tools will be made from oakenwood for an extra 5c) Shipwright Bundles Sailing Boat Bundle- 54c 2 Cordage 2 Thick 1 Mooring Corbita Bundle- 2s 7c 6 Cordage 8 Thick 4 Mooring Cog Bundle- 2s 34c 8 Cordage 8 Thick 4 Mooring Knarr Bundle- 2s 47c 12 Cordage 8 Thick 4 Mooring Caravel Bundle- 5s 22c 24 Cordage 12 Thick 8 Mooring All bundles come with a free mooring anchor!! Contact Information Ingame: Stagnatrious (If i am not available, please contact Jakeii to place your order) See Also Jakeii's Fort Huntsman Docks- Eilif's Blacksmithing-
  22. Post has been combined with the following Merchant Ad
  23. WTS farm goods at xanadu. cotton & wemp. ropes. esteron area. get them horses while you can! PM "zaefran", not zaafran.
  24. Hear ye, hear ye! Announcing Merchant: The Hangman O' Groveshire Cordage rope for hanging ye traitors! (or gaining favor with ye imaginary gods... ) Merchant located at Freedom Market From token: 8 tiles South., 4 West Stocked 3-10-14 10k favor - available in bulk 51.41ql Cordage rope, 2s/1k favor Rope may be purchased by the bundle: 32kg (64 rope)- 64c each, 8kg (16 rope)-16c each Hurry! Stock up on ye execution needs while supplies last!