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Found 20 results

  1. Jun 10, 2019 5:02:42 AM Smeagain casts Rite of Spring. Followers of Vynora receive a blessing! So.. There you go. ( I hope I got the timer correct) TeeeBOMB ps, you can read about RoS (Rite of Spring) here:
  2. After the cast any player who enters/is in server gets mind logic and sleep bonus within 24 hours after the cast. This way a lot more players should be able to get benefits from this spell. +/- ?
  3. Hey Everyone! I know we like to keep these things somewhat secretive due to Ninja casts but I need to just say that it's available now. We need to set up a group and a time to cast this. I would like to aim for tomorrow 9PM GMT? This is still debatable but start burning your SB now. The Main caster will be Xanetia (Odynn), Debit (battery), Henzy(battery). We need at least one more vyn, although more are always welcome as sometimes these things can be tricky. From what I hear there maybe a requirement of people in local. The cast will be done at Midgard (around I-12 ingame map). Exact time isnt decided yet and we need one more vyn volunteer. (favor will be provided for caster/battery).
  4. Hello everyone! i have waited for this Saturday evening because I know statistically most people are on Sat. evening and I wanted most people to be able to take advantage of this The cast is scheduled to happen in 2.5 hours from now - that should allow both sides of the Atlantic to have most people on (sorry Asia...) Also I apologize for the short notice but the ninja threat is real... So without further ado... ROS in 2.5 hours from now on Xanadu! GL, hope you make it and enjoy the SB
  5. Hello all, I dont live on Inde but am curious if anyone there wants to schedule the RoS and post it for all to join My group would definitely sail over from Xanadu for this Warm Regards Atlas
  6. in case of questions, read the title again. in case of anything else, read title again. unknown 'features' prevented casting. Sorry for all the hassle and thanks for all the nice comments. Thread can be closed.
  7. Hello all! It is time for that good ol' Sleep-Bonus Refreshing blast of RoS. I have planned it with a few native delian priests and determined a date for it to be done. I apologize for those that are asleep during the time period. It is difficult to plan a time for everyone to be online as Wurm Online is an international game. I do hope this time is good for everyone. Date : Next Saturday (November 1st, 2014) Time: 6:00pm CEST (12:00pm EST) Location: Midgard Caster: Xanetia Assisting Cast: Zifnab/Fizzler Note: Sermons will be conducted all day at Midgard afterwards.
  8. Hey Celebrities... ROS is up and ready to be cast can we do it? When? this weekend on Sunday at around 9 am EST? ( please comment on the time and if there is other times better suited) Where? Tap Dance? What do you guys think? I can bring around 150 favor. need a couple more Vyn priests. Any interest? Please post the name of your priest and how much faith you have to make sure we have enough. meanwan 96 faith Wormwood 60 faith Heboric - 65 Faith Darkfear 97 fath Arysh - 88 faith. Thank you , Killroth Time till ROS
  9. Hey there, So apparently Rite of Spring cast is available for Independence server again. To give people enough time for travel and burning their sleep-bonus, I like to announce the casting for next Sunday at around 9 p.m. (CEST - central european summer time) [or is it standard?] - anyways here is your timer: The casting will be happening at Silent Hill, favor will be supplied and anybody wanting to help with the fun is welcome. - with some luck we can sneak in a few sermons too for people lacking faith - hehe. We haven't decided who will do the casting yet, but with Smilingcat, Jekkumage and Wega we have some hope of succeding. - If you really think that you are more able than one of us, come along and we ll haggle out something (no we wont, or will we?) Cheers and have fun, Fritz
  10. So ... I am a little addicted to SB and down to an hour after Indy's RoS ... umm .... could we set up two altars? I have a gold one at home that could be RoS and then silvers down the hill we can have followers gather for priests on the way up to sermon? Two altars would reduce local lag. Which priests could come and what times would suit best? Which day would be easier? Normally 20:00 GMT is good, East coast Americans getting home, Australians waking up and Europe still awake at night.
  11. A bit of short notice for this cast but the bones have spoken! the priests have concurred. make sure your online and have used up your sleep bonus! RoS Cast, Saturday November 30th, 11 pm Central EU time (10 pm UK (GMT), 5pm Eastern, 2pm Pacific)
  12. Muspellsheimr Kastali will be doing an RoS cast this Sunday at 8PM London Time. Make sure to burn up your sleep bonus by then! Countdown: For anyone interested in joining us, we are located at (8x, 55y) on the Indepenence Community Map. It is easiest to get to us by boat, but there are roads around the coastline to us from Akhenaten and Phoenix Enterprises. We need two more high faith Vynora priests to join us in casting if anyone can help. Thanks!
  13. All Vynora followers that can be online saturday should empty all their sleep bonus because another 5 hours will be awarded when the spell is completed. Location: Marianople (x26,y5-6) Priests: Bathor(70F, 55C), Abarec(72F, 43C), WhyKillme(70F, 70C), Acaos(74F + 55F), Melaquinn(64F), Shindar(??Faith, ??Channelling) Time of cast: 9pm(gmt+2), 7pm (UK), 2pm (EST), 11am (PST) We need more able priests to attend the meeting. Please leave your reply if you are a true believer and wish to attend this ceremony and be bathed in Vynora's grace. EDIT: I hope all the listed priests will still attend.
  14. Freedom and Cheese alliance will offer one Rite of Spring to Exodus (and all the cluster) next weekend. The cast will be in the Silgus deed (x16 y 20). Have enough priests confirmed, but some backup could be needed if someone dont show up.
  15. As the title says , we are looking for a few mag priests to cast ROS, so far its me and Relson and we are hoping to get Sincor involved if possible If you wanna be one of the ones helping casts reply here with your Characters name, Channeling, and faith lvl Thanks in Advance
  16. Update 16th March: The cast was a full success! Thank you to all participants: Pifa, Wega, Cerber, Josephmckenna, Kaboom. Next ROS will be available in 85 days. Will keep you posted!
  17. So 2 days an ally was checking on RoS cast and it gave him the "You need more favor with your god to cast that spell" message. I was thinking about trying to get some vynora priests together to cast it on celebration. I have no vyn priest but know of a couple from alliance that could link. I could host it at my deed, Iron Mountain Cove { 54,y }, I have a silver and a gold altar on deed, the gold one is in my house with a nice ocean and bay combo view on it, the walls are not completed on that floor but it is a nice view . i would provide water and 40ish ql meals if we do decide to setup and cast it here. But we don't have to do it here, it is just a suggestion. So if you know any vyn that would like to help cast Ros spring post here or PM, I was thinking a saturday for the Western hemisphere side of the planet would be a good day to do it, would need to think of a time that is decent for the eastern hemisphere and such too. Let me know, thanks.
  18. Updates: 2.0 is Done, Now to plan 3.0 1st possible date for 3.0 11th December 2012. How about Saterday15th Dec 1012? 2.0 Is on Wiki 1.0 Fixed on Forums Good day Deli Its time to do it again: Basically we will attempt a RoS ( , a Rots ( and a HoCr ( all at the same time. (so all 3 faiths Sever wide spell in 1 go) If you want to be a part of this events casting post your current God, Faith , Channeling , Soul depth , Soul Strength. Note: ALL are welcome to come and attend, even a 30 faith priest is helpful sometimes Location: Time: Time Zones: Count Down: RoS (vyn) Caster: Links: %: HoCr (fo) Caster: Link: RotS (mag) Casters: Links: %:
  19. Hello, Its spring in Wurm again and time to cast RoS. Dadd has kindly promised to cast the spell and he will do it around 9pm gmt tomorrow 11.8. Pleas tell your friends! Estimated cast time: 11.8. 21:00 GMT If you don't know what is RoS: In case some priest needs help to burn current sb, i personally offer some help: http://forum.wurmonl...ems-x70-1524ql/ Thanks Dadd EDIT: Coundown link: http://www.timeandda...=Rite of Spring EDIT2: ROS is being postponed due to timer being reset by the restart. We try again next weekend about same time. I update this post & countdown timer later next week. Sorry for any trouble caused. EDIT3: New cast time: 18.8. 21:00 GMT This is still estimate, hopefully it will be possible by then. Countdown timer updated: http://www.timeandda...=Rite of Spring EDIT4: New cast time: 19.8. 20:00 GMT Countdown timer updated: http://www.timeandda...=Rite of Spring EDIT5: Succeed at [20:03:17] You feel enlightened. (gmt) Thanks Dadd! Can close this tread now.
  20. After having spoken to Dadd who shall be casting the RoS spell, he asked me to relay this information on to the forums so we are all aware of what time we need to be on. RoS will be cast this Saturday at: 2pm Pacific 5pm Eastern 9pm GMT 10pm British Summer Time (hope I got those right!) Update: RoS has now been cast For those unaware Basic: All followers of Vynora will recieve 5 hours of sleep bonus if they are online at the time the spell is cast. My thanks to Dadd for casting this! Cheers mate!