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Found 8 results

  1. Been here before, but lets look at another application of "The Yellow Potion". How about an alchemy feature that it adds some bonus to other potions such as bloods, oils, and even enchant or enhance it with slow decay/ longevity/ no decay(a value the yellow potion can impart. So, how about the addition of a "Longevity Alchemy" in which the yellow concoction added to another mentioned item adds/gives its longevity or no decay value to the item it is used on or in. With the addition of the Alchemy feature of potions and oils it would be nice to put them up with no decay to worry about...and drive the value of the dreaded yellow potion up. Could be added to materials as well using the function of the new slower decay runes too or a third "add" window option to the creation/crafting window. Re-purpose them to good use or at least increase the desire to want and trade them.
  2. Today we talk Loyalty and in this day and age in the mmo world it means a big thing. Reward and incentives are a big thing, especially in an industry that has so many games to choose from. Lets Talk! Enjoy. VROCK to Fogshore Timelapse ESTERON Village revamp
  3. Greetings, I plan on setting up a exquisite treasure hunt type game around the Summerholt area and beyond ! The Summerholt Community Alliance has a market right next to Summerholt starting Deed which shall be the starting point. Update: I will be parking alts and having friends and family park there alts or mains in there secret hidden spots. . Treasure Hunters will be required to solve a hint / clue to there whereabouts and locate said name of the alts / persons name given. ( clues will be in the form of an AFK message ) once you message said person you will receive your 1st clue.automatically via afk message. no need to write down clues just message the name your given to refresh your memory of the clue at any time if you forget anything. once you locate that person you will open trade to receive your 1st item needed to claim rewards / treasure the more items collected via finding more people the better the rewards when you decide to turn in or quit the hunt, ( quality controlled ) once all toons / persons have been found and all items received you will be required to bring all the items to me @ the starting point and trade for your rewards. I will then confirm the quality and name of all items which were handed out once you trade with me. you may turn in items at any time if you have to quit the game / treasure hunt. however your name will be excluded from any future rewards but you will at least get a reward for turning in any items you earned during the hunt. ( Each item will be tagged with the name of the next person you have to message for your next clue which will be the person you have to find next. ) Quality Control Examples : the quality for example Large Nail 4.56 QL or another example 99.22 quality onions / etc these are just examples not items I will be handing out this will prevent people from sharing the item/s needed for reward/s and trying to turn in item needed for reward. and harder to duplicate the quality's for anyone attempting to take a short cut etc (subject to be adjusted and minor changes as any more ideas come to mind etc please stay tuned for updates ( there will be a very nice few days advance before this is started to give everyone plenty of time to prepare ) ( a special prize ( DOOR PRIZE ) will be handed out after the event has ended ) how do you get the door prize? ( your name will be wrote down and thrown into a HAT every time your collect a clue / item needed for the next clue your name will be added ) the more items you receive / people you find the more times your name will be added to the HAT ) My daughter will be picking the name out of the hat here at my house ( this person will receive the DOOR prize ) at the end of the game / Treasure Hunt even if said person already earned a prize / reward for turning in items for the game. please stay tuned for future updated and schedule As I am still coordinating this Event and others as well ! ! ---- Rewards will be hidden until handed out ----- ( Rare's / Supremes / Collectables and Unique items will be handed out as rewards ) ----- Tools / Armour / Decorations / Etc ----- The door prize will also be revealed if the winner wants to share what he or she receives Participants may need to work as a team: Items you may want to have access too Cart / Wagon / Boat A Mount to out run the occasional hell hound or Troll during your traveling from clue to clue Food And Drink Cotton / healing covers ( wine or Sandwiches for Stamina recovery ) " you may be required to climb or swim " A Decent Weapon with life transfer for self healing and Armor to defend yourself or to take a few hits while running ( Some areas may be troll and hell hound infested during traveling not responsible for deaths ) ( will assist with corpse recovery if needed after the treasure hunt has ended )
  4. I know this is a controversial discussion, but I am the proud customer of one of the challenge rewards that went up for sale a few weeks back. Yesterday they were implemented in the game via ninja update. And since I shamelessly purchased one of the rewards, I wanted to show you all since its the only one of this item in game at this time. So here's my new shinies (: Mask of the Shadow(leather) and Marble Challenge Statue: The fine gentleman who sold me this spiffy item also bestowed me with an image of his "Silver Mask": I encourage everyone else who got a mask to post a picture here, so the rest of Wurm can see! ~Leifar
  5. so if spyglass is the 11 month reward for having premium for 11 consecutive months , anyone know of any other rewards that we get ? besides the yellow potion ...
  6. Useless updates? Forges: At least 3 times in the past few years. Appearance change did not enhance function for the player. Guard towers: Appearance changed 2 times at least, and now a 3rd change coming. Why? Appearance change did not enhance function for player. Other Eye candy: How many changes do spiders, crocs, trolls etc need? Appearance change did not enhance function or enjoyement for player/customer. More trees, great, no new uses other than walnuts, and those give no enhanced or new function to players do they? Food? I get food from my crops and cooked meat/fish. Updates that have no use or funtion other than changing appearance. Sigh. Now we are going to be getting some "prettier" ships. Are they going to sail faster, hold more? Do the new ships add more function to the game? Bridges! How long have bridges been on the distant horizon? Years, if I recall correctly. What updates and additions have players asked for, for years, and yet time and resources are spent on more eye candy? Sure, we got multistory buildings, looks good, and they seem to have added some usefulness to the game. Planting BSB's seems to have helped usefulness. Here's a thought. Add some more usefulness to the game. More swimming animals. Stop putting limits on livestock and breeding, find a way for those who enjoy breeding and having livestock to have more. Or are you too busy redesigning the 4th, 5th 6th generation of Guard tower artwork? (Why are there animal spawns on impossible to climb rock cliffs? There's a waste of bandwidth/space. Every critter has mountain goat like capabilities on wurm.) Make a new weapon! How about Ballistas? How about Ships equiped with One or more ballista's? Or Wagons with a Ballista...etc. Hitch horses to catapalts or ballista... How about releasing something when it's ready, such as wagons, instead of waiting to release a HUGE update, which most assuredly will result in crashes and down time going on past performances. Smaller releases might make it easier to track down problems when they occur. When having a Q and A session (sadly,only once per year), how about better answers instead of dodging, or maybe's, or the one word we can all count on, "soon". Soon is half an eternity on wurm it seems. Giving a reasonable ballpark date of a month or six months or so would be nice. Example: Question: When is X going to be released? Answer: X is ready to to be released, but we want to wait and release X along with Y and Z. We expect Y and Z to be ready in about 30 to 60 days depending on complications. Someone suggested in game a non aggro server. I think that is a great idea. Would be a good server for new players to skill up on. Then they could sail to aggro servers when they feel they are ready. A similar idea was posted here. Titles or achievements. Rewards! How about instead of a useless graphic that you can do nothing with. The player gets something useful! Example: Say a player hits 50 blacksmithing. They get a very nice tool, such as an anvil, or pelt, high QL (99-100) as a useful reward? Those are my thoughts, ideas, and questions. I FULLY expect much of this post to be flamed, trolled, shilled, or just a lot of bad mannered replies. But, I felt like putting this out there. I'm sure many have the same thoughts as I've written here. Now it's out there. Take it or leave it. (PS, I really don't care if some or all of this has been mentioned a million times before, if so, make this a million and one. If some of this has been mentioned a lot of times before and nothing has changed or improved for the better, then this million and one mention needed to be done. Until "they" get it.) T
  7. Hello Recently, there have been at least 2 posts on the Deliverance forums about priests starting sermon groups. Additionally, my 2 priests have been trying to get a regular set of sermons to increase their faith gain. This is proving difficult as there are no rewards for listeners. I propose that listeners get some reward for listening to a sermon (if you wanted to look at it Wogically, they would get something in RL) something like: Increase skill gain for 10 minutes. "You mind clears from the sermon and you can now gain knowledge" (or something) Rewards similar to the priests spam praying i.e iron coins, mushrooms, gems I am sure there are many other ideas that could go with these options. I think this would promote more community interaction and offer a reward to those in the community helping the priests in the area and stop all priests congregating in one spot. Thank you.
  8. Ok so I haven't really thought this through so there's probably an obvious flaw with the suggestion, in which case I welcome and anticipate the immediate shooting down. But until then... I think that karma and missions should be introduced hand-in-hand to the freedom servers. This is how I would work it: Good quality missions (first step! I know epic has problems with this) get introduced which anyone can attempt. Preferably several different ones at the same time so people who want to work harder can complete a few every mission period or whatever. Karma is awarded for completing a mission. I think this is already the case on epic? Karma can then be used for the effects listed in the wiki (lighting up lamps in an area, teleporting corpse, and town portal) but also, if you really save up..... the christmas gifts! And here I mean for large amounts of karma (deliberately not suggesting an amount here) you can get the gnome, or the fireworks, or some other aesthetic gift I have forgotten. and for LOTS of karma, you can get a spyglass or other gift that they really should have made craftable or money-sink a long time ago. I am aware that doing this would devalue existing christmas gift items in the player market but to be honest, I don't think that matters because they were gifts not dividends for investing in the game. And especially with the spyglass, this is something that is crazy to have the mechanic in the game for and make it such a rare thing to have. Perhaps think of it as christmas gifts being a preview of a future feature, and you got to use it for x years before newer people did. I'd also like to point out I'm not suggesting EVERY christmas gift become available (here's looking at you, evil twig) In anticipation of the inevitable comment "if you want missions, go to epic" - I don't think you should have to have a certain playstyle to get new features. Epic still has it's "epicness" draw in the form of the valrei board, mobs, and terraforming events (at least, it should do). so... thoughts? *braces*