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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to Harvestmoon Lagoon! We have been running since 2012, helping new and old users find a fun and active home with a great community of players. What we can offer you: A massive area to explore and experience with 5 deeds connected together. Your own Free area of land or vacant house with no strings attached. No taxes. No hassle. An active community of helpful players across many different time zones. Public Mines with Plently of Ore Free Food from our Pizza Tavern Forges, Weapons, Tools and Mats! Alot of Farmland with Plently of Animals We also have 3 Spirit Guards so monsters are a thing of the past How to Join The Mayor of the village is called "Ultradude" Contact him with the following command: /tell Ultradude Tell him you want to join the village. Another way is to just reply to this topic and ask to join the village here instead. Places of Interest Pizza Tavern Blacksmith Harvestmoon Temple Trophy Lighthouse Horse Season Small Section of Farmland Video Tour Check out a mini tour of the village in video form to get more info and see more sights before coming over.
  2. Wanna be a mason. Like mining/stonecutting? Wanna be part of a huge project? Wanna Smith? Make tools and weapons? Chateau Des Amerios may just be for you! Planning a huge castle build comprised of multiple buildings. Crew quarters (with beds) and a common area building will be provided (with oven ect in it and food avail at all times) Come build your skill with us while learning and developing the skills to strike out on your own! Most play must be during western hours (USA Canada, ect). Im on CDT and play most days morning till late night. PM on forums with a brief description of what you hope to accomplish in Wurm. We will see if we can assist each other wile you gain the skills necessary to achieve your own dream! Ty Emane/Nubbins Release Server