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Found 4 results

  1. Slings

    Mostly due to the lack of ranged weapons beyond bow, slightly bigger bow and even bigger bow, I was thinking that perhaps slings should be added to the game. While around the middle ages, slings fell out of use for military uses, they were still used for hunting and shepards tended to use them. However they were still quite heavily used within the iberian peninsula They should have a bit of a bonus against metal armor because as an example, an arrow couldn't really pierce through plate armor but getting smacked with blunt force tended to hurt the occupant, hence why forms of warhammers tend to be used against plate armor. I would suggest 2 types of slings and they would be separated from bows by a quick use but shorter range and not as much damage, perhaps an automatic use system where you would keep slinging as long as you had ammo The sling which was mostly used for short ranged combat. A range of 10 tiles and no further (Other types of slings could be used for much longer ranges) the staff sling which was a sling actually used in the medieval era of Europe and were even used well into the ages of gunpowder where they would be used to lob grenades. Maybe a range of 15+ tiles STAFF SLING IN ACTION. A modern made one that of course uses the same method of use and design as a medieval staff sling Ammo simply made from stone shards chiseled into small round stones would work, or molding clay into the bullet shape then firing them to make ceramic bullets but the much superior ammunition would have to come from making lead bullets, with lead of course! I would not want to be hit by any of these. To give you an idea of how powerful these lead bullets were, the romans actually had a pair of tongs designed to pick these things out of bodies. That's how powerful they were, they could embed themselves into flesh. Video information about slings > > >
  2. So upon recent hilarious discussions with a certain stubborn person who decides that dual wielding on chaos is a good idea, I thought of a good idea to not only help fix their terrible play style but to also encourage more people to use a shield! Ranged Creatures. Things like: Goblins/trolls/humanoids with rugged bows, spears, etc. Or more on the fantasy magical side with acid spitting scorpions Spiders with a ranged web ability to slow people etc #1 It will make hunting more diverse and less boring. #2 Stubborn dual medium maul wielding people will learn a lesson #3 it will be fun! thoughts?
  3. Let us carry a bow in our left hand. However, when we change to or from a melee weapon we get a few seconds delay. Would obviously work from tool belt. Main thing, cuts out what a huge nuisance it is to change weapons.
  4. As title says I'm auctioning off my 94CoC Willow Shortbow. It's unstringed so i can wrap it and ship out. Of course all Shipping is paid through myself. Will Deliver to places i cant ship to. Starting Bid: 1silver Increase min: 25copper Buyout: 50s sniper: 1hour time end: 24hours No reserve, aswell i'm withholding my right to withdraw this item regardless of outcome. Also dont forget to checkout my other auctions: http://forum.wurmonl...-the-fun-begin/