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Found 7 results

  1. And theres some odd ones... Some of these I dont even recall being a thing.
  2. Hi all, I've started my very own role-play blog, based on real in game events that have happened to me on my adventures, written up in story mode along with pictures and videos where necessary! Please read! If this is in the wrong place I'm sorry! Go read my first post! It's about my journey from Deliverance to Exodus Real featured players include: AbsolutelyNobody (Deliverance) Madelyne (Deliverance) JudasX (Deliverance) Kammerz (me! now in Exodus) Feedback welcome Here is a short extract from the first article 'The journey begins': Coif in hand, Kam was already panting for breath, as walking wasn’t one of his good traits… not that he had any either. “Stupid leather armour, *throws the coif* why did he have to make it so tight!†Kam complained and continued down the windy path until he met a cross road and a sign saying ‘Red Tunnel’ – it lead south, and that was the only path leading in that direction, but by the looks of it, it didn’t seem like a friendly path at all. Littered with dead spiders and scorpions, Kam approached the entrance and peeked in. “Hello..?†only noticing two red eyes staring back from the tunnel directly back at him… “Hello Sir, would you please allow me to pass through this tunnel? It’s imperative I make it to Exodus…†The eyes continued to stare, Kam looked down and noticed some more red eyes, and then some more…. stepping back now as the thing crept closer…â€Sir?…S-s-s-SPIDER!†stumbling backwards Kam tripped on his own feet and fell back as the venomous spider launched its legs towards Kam! He blocked one attack with his poor wooden shield and crawled frantically backwards while trying to fend himself. His shield was soon bashed off to the side and nothing but a short sword now to parry a few attacks…
  3. Okay this idea is super legit. I would even be willing to spear head this project:). I'm talking a Wurm table top rpg. Skilling, mods, terrarforming the whole thing! Wurm is based off skill increases and probability. Use d10s and set up equations for skill gain. Have a separate table for failures. Use a random mob generator correlating with the zone your in. Most of the basic book would be descriptions from the wiki. And the table top doesn't have to have the exact same mechanics as the mmo if rolf doesn't want to give away any secrets or some such. Mounts could simply allow you to move more tiles per turn ect. Stamina can determine how much you do in a turn.
  4. From Brazil

    Gosta de Wurm, não deixe de conferir. (Like Wurm, be sure to check) > Não esqueçam de fazer uma visita ao canal. (Do not forget to pay a visit to the channel.) : Abraços e espero que gostem (Hugs and hope you like it )
  5. -RP Server Hello peeps, I bring this up because I'm new to the game and one thing I was hoping to find is a good RP server where the players are moderate to hard core roleplayers, the first thread I found on here about this is "Freedom Roleplaying Server" now archived. I don't agree that there needs to be policing or players voting people off. I just think that a server should be made and clearly designated RP server, if a player comes in and is disruptive of the experience there should be a feature in place to report them with a screenshot clearly showing the players offense. Which would ban that player from that server. I think this is a pretty simple idea and a potentially very enjoyable one for the RP community. Personally I find the variety of jobs a person can take begs people to come and enjoy a great RP experience. - Stores Since I am new I'm not sure how the store system works. If I become a blacksmith am I able to set up a shop that players can access and do I need to remain there to have the shop open? If creating shops requires a player to stay in his shop then I would also like to recommend hiring employees. Where you would have to purchase or find materials and your employees can create items and sell them from your shop, this could be offline PCs or hired NPCs. For the role playing experience having part of your character's story working a part time job would be very nice in my opinion.
  6. Here are some videos [media] [media] /> Download version (Mediafire) Download version (AdFly) An update is planned for release at the end of the month. There is a Facebook page which will provide frequent updates and the ability to voice suggestions There is also a Steam Greenlight page
  7. The Book of Lawedan The day arrived when King Deskoft and his Grand Duke Albert were exhiled, and sent to build their own kingdom. The day was stormy and every single worker of the King's Party was starting to think they would actually die in that insane travel, guided by the mighty maps of Explorer Rexxarhellscream, they traveled for 2 days and 1 night. As soon as they arrived, all the workers started to work on the land, to make it flat and ready to be civilized... ....To Be Updated... About Us Lawedan is a village that attempts to simulate a Medieval Village (Pristine), we have the nobelty, we have squire-ship, we are attempting to actually make this simulation to it's best. We do NOT roleplay, yet we do simulate everything else. As an instance, we do take things seriously, every single role is important, we simulate farming, and everything else. (Note: I will try to update this post with all of the rules) To join, go in game and type /tell Deskoft, he will tell you everything necessary, if he's not online, /tell Albert. Projects Trash Disposal Currently King Deskoft is working on a proper Trash Disposal System, an area in the island where they can dispose trash safely. Citizens Deskoft - King Albert - Grand Duke Liorsky - King's Squire Sircookie - Grand Duke's Squire Rexxarhellscream - Lawedan Mine #001 Inspector Notes: Top Royalty Royalty Nobile Not-Noble Blood-Nobility Achieved-Nobility