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Found 303 results

  1. New Lands

    New Lands Hello folks, I decided to create a PvP server, it will be hard moded, so not really following regular Wurm rules. Most of your PvP knowledge will be not very useful here. In this project you going to meet such things as: 1) Battle classes (12 different classes) 2) Uncommon treasure maps 3) Battle ground (no item lose on death) with teams 4) In common death (world PvP) you going to lose some amount of items (not all of them) 5) rare animals (any), rare materials (wood / metalls), clay is only under water, and only 1 spawn on tar. 6) 2 Fighting sides (mixed daitys), not PMK, capitals are not protected, you will need to build walls 7) Items will provide you (random) extra skills or characteristics (could not do this, so items will provide fixed bonuses after 70 QL) 8 ) Some hard and soft rules, for breaking hard rules, I might will ban players, for breaking soft rules, will place in to the #jail, and anyone will able to see player name, and reason why player got in to the jail Classes Mages Archers Warriors Enchanters In the plans to start the project by the end of march or beginning of april Please, let me know if you interested to help me to test the class balance Discord
  2. Minas Ithil is now recruiting vets and new players! Thinking about trying something new? Want to learn to PvP? Or do you just want to help a kingdom in the shadows with just the PvE side of things? Come join us in Mol-Rehan on Defiance! We're always looking for people to help in our endeavors! What 3 basic things I can offer: Vast overall game knowledge and PvP knowledge that will give you the upper hand over our enemies. Tools, Weapons, Armor, Enchants to get you started! A great community and alliance that is willing to help PvP isn't for everyone right? But once you get the adrenaline going from your first PvP experience, you'll never want to go back to freedom again! Recruitment Status: OPEN Message me on here or on discord if you're interested in joining us today. My discord User: Breakfast_Burger#5871
  3. When choosing kingdoms there's no information; no nothing about the kingdom except a name, for a new player it'll be a roll of luck.. To end up in a faction that doesn't accept people for example without a microphone. So the suggestion is to enable for the rulers of a kingdom to write a brief description about the kingdom to help fresh players to make the best decision that suits their needs..Cause once you join a kingdom.. That's it.
  4. Is your PvP community toxic or led by critical elitists with 90 body strength? Does it seem like one side is winning every skirmish? Are you a Freedom player who's always wanted to give PvP a try but didn't know where to start? Give Epic a try! The "Epic" servers were established in 2011 and are relatively ancient, although some servers have been given new makeovers (Affliction 2014, Elevation 2019) to provide a clean slate. Composed of four total servers in this cluster, there are three home servers, one for each kingdom to start off in, and a fourth server where these kingdoms clash! Affliction (Horde of the Summoned), Desertion (Mol-Rehan), and Serenity (Jenn-Kellon) offer each kingdom a place to call their own, where natives have a combat rating (CR) bonus vs invaders. Here, each kingdom can establish a thriving economy, create sprawling deeds/alliances, hone their skills and collect their valuables. Home servers rarely see player-versus-player action but you never know when a raiding party might come around. The thrill of knowing all that you hold sacred may be at risk one day can drive a nation together. Will you support your fellow kingdom members or steal from your neighbors and sabotage them? Or are you merely looking to make as much 💰money💰 as possible, monopolizing the market and mastering the art of the deal. You might become world-famous as a supplier (as Led once did), a combat legend like Gary, a pirate like Kellyt, or an infamous picker of locks like Gbelcik who named each boat after himself + the counter of how many he had broken into. Your fate is your own and you should follow your Epic destiny! When ready to take PvP to the next level, Elevation offers a chance for each kingdom to create deeds/capitals, become king/queen and elect officials in their kingdom offices, and allows priests to become champions of their deity. Along with all this, there are "epic" Valrei scenarios where each kingdom is given a dedicated god to follow on the Valrei map. By completing missions and strategically controlling their god's efforts on the map, one kingdom can lead their god to victory, offering rare moonmetals, tomes of magic, and more to the kingdom's top contributing denizens. But "we have all these things on Chaos and Defiance" you might say... Well, Epic also boasts a unique skill curve that levels the playing field, ensuring newer players can stand a chance versus the servers' god-tier characters. This curve affects all skills besides characteristics, Fight skill, Faith, and Alignment. This curve enables you to swiftly achieve your goals and gain skills faster than ever. The curve essentially gives you extra, virtual skill on top of your base skill. It increases rapidly at first, slowing as you raise your skills beyond 70. It's visible by hovering your cursor over a skill in-game within the Skills window and worth noting that this curve only affects currently premium players. Epic Skill Curve Examples: 20 actual skill offers a curve of 36, allowing you to cut 36 QL logs at 20 Woodcutting 30 actual skill offers a curve of 50, allowing you to easily make 50 QL saddles at only 30 leather working 50 actual skill offers a curve of 75, allowing a miner to excavate 75 QL iron even though their mining is only 50 70 actual skill offers a curve of 90 90 actual skill offers a curve of 99 99.00 actual skill offers a curve of 99.99 The population on these servers is essentially null, however there are a few deeds left on each home server and a handful on Elevation. Serenity only has one public merchant at its starter deed (it's mine)! The benefit of playing on a nearly dead cluster is that you can easily make a name for yourself. Those who help others in need may quickly rise through the ranks. Whereas it can be spooky on Chaos/Defiance where you deed just a few thousand tiles away from enemies who want nothing more than to gut you and drain your deed, Epic's home servers offer much more substantial distances between you and your enemies and a CR bonus against attacking invaders. All kingdoms on these servers could use a boost of active players, there is no side taking the lead *yet* but you should definitely join Jenn-Kellon and that's definitely not just my opinion. Unfortunately, skills do not transfer to the connected Southern Freedom Isles like they do between Defiance<->Northern Freedom Isles. Players have often appealed to the developers of this great game to incentivize Freedom players to give Epic a try while benefiting their Freedom counterparts, but to no avail. The only thing that transfers between Epic/Freedom is Journal entries. Also unfortunately, if your character is on Defiance or other Northern Freedom Isles, you will have to create a new character and select a Southern Freedom Isle or an Epic server to play here. However, if you already find yourself on a Southern Freedom Isle, just create an Epic portal out of 4x 24kg logs and 11x stone bricks and hop right over! mods, I made this post here and not in "Epic: Recruitment" because ain't nobody reading those forums. If I want to recruit, I've gotta get my foot in the door where someone might actually read this post 😛
  5. Ashfall is a broken land. A war broke out between two factions the gods had to intervene. For life to persist, the Gods had to destroy almost all the life that was there before. A big volcano erupting blew tons of dust over the world covering it in ash and snow for hundreds of years to put it to sleep. Some survivors got put into stasis by the gods to return later. Survivors began to call the world Ashfall. The Ash being imbued with godly magic turned the surviving people sick. Over time humanity developed a certain resistance against the magic fallout but people were still prone to Ashpest. Their bodies skin heavily reacting to the poisonous waters developing pustules that cause slimey smeary stinky pus to form. After the Flask of vynora was found those poisonous waters turned back into clear rivers. (more Lore can be found here) Settings: TLDR: As close to WO as possible with QOL and not THAT long timers. RP - PVE mixed with PVP. The 4 Starter Kingdoms are PVE-Enforced Zones no player can hurt you there, but beware of the guards. Either sneak around them or become allies with the other kingdom! The Center Area is marked as PVP and can be conquered by your kingdom. (Check out the Livemap to see the zones!) custom map, with regional ores, ressources and regional flora! 1x Skill Gain 1x Fighting Boost 2x Action Timer Deeding costs (twice WO price to disincentivise 1 Person deeds (which are still possible)) Upkeep (twice WO price to disincentivise 1 Person deeds (which are still possible)) No priest restrictions. 5 Prayers per Day Characteristics start at 7 Skills start at 1 NO STARTING GEAR - With the exception of a crude knife and some rock shards...(spawn comes with a free guard tower for protection) bounties 18 hour growth timer. (does not reset on server reboot) Plants need to be Watered to grow (trees still grow but grow faster with watering) Plants and trees can be Fertilized to bear fruit once more. Alchemy to bring spells and enchantments into a bottle! 50,000 mobs – 50% aggressive : endgame mobs do spawn heavily modded: 1 char per player 1 deed founded per SteamId No Voting Rewards - Daily salary of 5 copper if you are active in chat. NO MAP RESET- If the resources run out you can use alchemy to transmute iron or events to get veins Global German and English Channels as well as Help Channel is linked to discord Custom (and wacky - expect kelp on mountains :P) map – 2048×2048 livemap: QOL Settings: Housing: Houses can now be 1.9 times bigger than in vanilla (up to 62 tiles wide on 1x62!) Salary: You will receive a basic Salary of 35 coppers per week. Partaking in public building contracts will reward you some extra cash too! Traders: Every 5 Citizens (and when founding a deed and having atleast 2 citizens) you get a new trader, who will visit your town every week with rotating stock. You have to build a market stall or house for them to arrive! Placing traders otherwise is not allowed, except for buyer and seller merchants. (Other vanilla Trader contracts wont work) You can choose from a seller or a buyer when you reach 40 in any item creating skill and the other trader when reaching 70. This map concept together with mods is the one where we feel like we hit what we wanted 100% A total custom map, with custom ores, and custom flora! Of course the Players can always move or trade ressources, or bushes, or trees or even transform tiles to whats needed. Alchemy plays a heavy role in this duty so, welcome fellow alchemist, you will be needed! The Players have the choice between 4 kingdoms to start, each with their own ressources ( listed below). Tower chaining is required to conquer the kingdom and make use of its ressources and space. The Kingdoms are guard protected PVE-Zones. The central area of the map has all the ressources + Adamantium/Glimmersteel (same % as wo ( so ada = rare and glimmer = extremely rare)). Kingdoms can towerchain into here to claim land and contest for it. So this is the central PVP Zone. The Western Wilds - Domain of Fo: Wilds with dense forests and large amounts of Moss, Grasslands, steppes and peat pits, The humidity allows for jungle-like forest growth. The land is fertile and creatures thrive. The generally good soil supports growth of herbs and flower bushes. Fo's spirit - The symbol of life yet to come - is prevalent in the form of nuts. Trees: Oak, Chestnut, Walnut, Bushes: Hazelnut, Rose, Camilla Resources: Iron, Marble, Zinc, Peat ------------------------------- The Eastern Swamps of Dusk - Domain of Libila: Murky ground with heavy marshes and tarpits. Steppes and deserts as the constantly poisonous waters allow for not much foliage overall which results in less dense but larger spread out forests with resistant tree types . Libilas spirit - the necessary death that follows life as shadow to light - is prevalent in the form of Myzelium which spreads and "corrupts" the lands. Making it easier for the magic life powers to dissolve. Trees: Pine, Birch, Olive, Bushes: Thorn, Blueberry, Oleander, Resources: Iron, Slate, Lead, Tar ---------------------------------- The Southern Shores of Wisdom - Domain of Vynora: Salty sea air doesn't allow for dense tree population. The wet ground has marshy areas but is surprisingly arid but fertile on the main land. Foliage is specialized for Wet climate and nutritious but dry soils. Wet areas support the enrichment of the soil with clay. Vynoras spirit - wisdom and knowledge - come in form of flexible well adapted plants as well as medicinal herbs and silver. Trees: Willow, Linden, Apple, Cherry Bushes: Blue Grapes, Raspberry, Lavender Resources: Iron, Tin, Silver, Clay ---------------------- The Northern Mountains of Want - Domain of Magranon: The mountainous and cold northern regions do not allow for much foliage, so forests are dense but small to defend against cold winds. The climate allows for large tundras and steppes but most of the land is just snowy soil. Magranons spirit which stands for self-improvement and inner fire, the will to change is prevalent in all things. The warmth of molten gold, berries for spirits and maple treas for mead! A Dwarven Paradise. Trees: Fir, Cedar, Maple Bushes: Lingon Berry, White Grapes, Resources: Iron, Copper, Gold, Snow -------------------------- The Melting Pot. - PVP! While the deities are in constant fight for this domain, and balance resides - for the moment - nature gets to grow. The soil as the rock is rich and filled with power. All kinds of plants can grow in this area while all kinds of Ore can be found underground. The magically enriched rock even spouts forth Moon Metals like adamantium and glimmersteel. You will need to contest this area for your Kingdom. You will need to tower chain into it and it is always free for all. Taste your success. While you can. ------------------------------- Already played on Ashfall? Your character is preserved and so are your characteristics. For fairness reasons skills will get a reset however. If you want to start a new char under the same name shoot the GMs a message. Or open a /support ticket. New to Wurm? Dont worry, our helpful community is always eager to show you the ropes! Questions? Shoot straight away! Or Check out the Discord: Release this Saturday at 9:30 PM CEST
  6. Title says it all, voting poll for pvp players will be seen below.
  7. Ravenholm is a large, established town on the Chaos server. We're always looking for new villagers to come and join us in our spacious and friendly part of the Wurm universe. About Ravenholm: Ravenholm was founded in March 2013, and has since blossomed into one of the largest, most friendly and most active PvP villages that you'll find anywhere in Wurm. The town is a member of a player made kingdom called the Empire of Mol-Rehan. Located in the west of the server, Ravenholm is far enough from the frontlines for life here to be comfortable and carefree, but still close enough that it's easy for us to go out and PvP when we want to. The MR Homelands are vast and expansive, offering us almost unlimited resources and hunting grounds. On a whole for us, Chaos and PvP offers an interesting side to the game that you can't experience on Freedom. People tend to play in larger groups here and stick together much more - and so you'll soon find yourself a part of the MR family, playing the game with more other people than you thought possible! If you're looking for more information about the server, then I'd strongly recommend checking out this guide. But What About Shiny Things? Between our many highly skilled players, we're able to offer a huge range of items to villagers, ranging from 90+ql weapons, casts, platesets, tools, bows... you name it, and there's probably someone here with over 90 skill in what you want! And best of all, we all share here, and so we'll happily make your wildest equipment dreams come true in exchange for a small favour (like dirt, bricks, or sacrifice materials for a priest.) As for housing, we offer very large plots to newcomers, even by PvE standards. Upon arrival, you'll have 35 deed tiles (7x5 of space) to do with as you please. After all, you're going to need a mansion to keep your new plateset in! Sounds Great! Where Do I Sign Up? You should make an application on our kingdom's forums. The 'access password' is MolRehanRecruit. Feel free to contact any of the below if you have any questions! Docterchese (forum & ingame) - Recruitment & Elder Balmore (forum) / Reincarnation (ingame) - Mayor of Ravenholm armyskin (forum & ingame) - Co-Mayor of Ravenholm revengo (forum & ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm Tulemees (forum & ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm Wulfgarr (forum) / Wulfgar (ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm Pictures! Maybe we'll be seeing you soon!
  8. Explore a 2K map, almost-exact original Ultima-5 map (similar to UO map), with similar BIOMs. No game-payment, no pay2win, pay2keep, just play4fun. PvE can start at freedom's Empath Abbey, a safe keep in the North-West corner of the map. Best for those who seek to be crafters and traders and evoid the outdoor kingdoms war or just want to start peacfully. For those who wish to PvP from day-1, each starter-kingdom (BL, MR, JK) have a perma-king-capital, one can start there and create its own PMK later on. Fight over resources, find and unlock treasure maps/chests, many adventure-missions, almost anything is open for crafting and much more … You are invited to live a peaceful trading/farming/crafting life in a small medieval-village, or become a fearsome-fighter in the wilds. Server info Hard setup challanging, 4*Action speed, 3*PvE-related-skills, 6*PvP-related-speed, HotA, trader's treasure-maps and more.. You are welcome to join our discord Google calendar event date invite... Event countdown.. Server introduction videos.. Mods setup details can be reviewed here: Our server on wurm-unlimited servers list.. (in game map will be provided, when the server starts) Screenshoots of starter-towns:
  9. As title says, Remove champions from chaos. Champs are unbalanced, even if every kingdom can have three its still not equal. Remove champs and just let any current champions de-champ without the additional stat lost. make pvp fun
  10. Have the free players simply gain skill slower so they can still get there but have to work harder. And make it easier to earn silver. That way, hard work has as much influence as money and free players could be as valuable a addition to any group as premium players. Have the free players gain skill slower instead of the hard cap at 20, so that skill and time have as much influence as money. Alternatively, have the skills stay the same when off-Premium, instead of decaying towards 20 when you don’t have premium. That way, people would be enticed to buy at least one premium and another when they need it, rather than being forced into it because otherwise they might lose all their hard work and time. In addition, I would suggest making silver easier to earn in-game. I understand that to maintain a game like this, money is necessary, but I really think it can be more balanced without the makers losing out on money. It’s a great game, I really enjoy it, this is just a suggestion.
  11. I heard about this game for the first time cause I saw it posted in the MMO Sub on Reddit. Said it was coming to Steam in a week (I think 5 days from now) so I decided to give the original servers a go to practice and learn. I've got experience in survival games and MMOs of all kinds ( the skills system reminds me of Everquest 1 and I love that) I had a rough time Day 1 when I played it all day. Could not figure out what to craft to get going to where I could eventually get rid of my starter tools and sword. I also tried a PvP server and didn't really understand how things worked so I have a few questions if someone could be so kind to answer them for me. 1. Could someone explain how PvP servers work? I'm a big PvPer mainly because it adds more caution and fear to the game which adds more interactions to the game weather good or bad. What are Kingdoms? Can you change Kingdoms? How can you change Kingdoms? Why does everyone start in the same Kingdom? Is there anyway to tell what Kingdom a random player is in? Maybe by examining them or something? I ask all these PvP questions because that's where I started was the PvP server and I attacked an AFK player on their own deed near the starting city and now I am always Kill On Sight and being ''hunted'' whatever that means? How do you remove hunted btw? 2. How does it work when transferring from the PvP server to the PvE server? I heard your skills nor items go with you so it's basically like having one character on one server and one character on another but you can't transfer anything back and forth and your skill levels will also not go hand in hand. 3. The PvE server has one island/map that is PvP? Can you build and live on that PvP island? Is there rare resources there? What's the reason for a PvP island on a PvE server? 4. I saw in a comment somewhere that PvP servers have rare resources or something to that extent. If that is true then why doesn't everyone just play on the PvP server since you can't transfer the resources back to the PvE server? 5. Someone told me that starter gear was ''no drop'' meaning you don't lose it on death or anything. Well if that's the case then why did I completely lose everything in my inventory when I died on a PvP server? Was it because I died to actual PvP? Even though it was by the hand of a spirit/ghost and not an actual player? 6. I was reading the "Guide to the Freefolk'' and they made it sound like you could buy Premium with in game currency? Like 10 silver was enough for 2 weeks or something? Is that true? Is there a difference in the Premium you buy with real money vs. the Premium you buy with in game currency? Do they give the same exact benefits? 7. Where do you see how much coin you have? I know I have zero starting out but it's nice to know these things. Also, are their banks to keep it in? Or is it just bound to your account and you can never lose it even on PvP servers? 8. Is there a mail system in game? Can you send mail to other people directly or to other villages? How? 9. Can you craft/make notes in game and leave them in different inventories or give them to other players? 10. I heard something about community made maps that are very detailed and have way more detailed than the in game maps. Where do I find those? 11. Heard about the priest system or something about praying to gods to unlock magic. And I also believe I saw some altars at the starting city? Anyone got more info on that? Is it best to start praying as soon as you start a character? Sorry for all the questions guys. If I would have known this game was out 15 years ago I would have tried it back then.
  12. More info and formatting coming soon! But the server is live! Discord:
  13. If you are playing on NFI and looking to get actively involved in the PVP community on Defiance then Jenn-Kellon is recruiting! While anyone may join this kingdom via selecting JK when you use the PVP portal for the first time, this thread is specifically for those wishing to be part of the main alliance. For those that either do not meet the requirements or wish to play casually (or even just take your priests over to do your crafter journal) you are welcome to live on the JK starter island or in our lands. We will protect and help you where possible and offer advice - just reach out. For those wishing to join the main alliance we have a few requirements for new members! * You must have premium. We want to know you are dedicated to playing this game and plan on sticking around. Having skills capped at 20 is not useful and most importantly non-prem accounts cannot see enemies in local or help with certain PVP situations such as bashing towers or capping hota camps. * Have discord and a mic. Not just for PVP situations where it is a requirement. We are a social group that like to chat and hang out even when we are not on Defiance. We also like to host party and games nights. * Have at least 21 body control. If you can't ride a horse you won't be able to do much on Defiance. Be aware that PVP is not mandatory, you can play as little or often as you like. Also for those not familiar with PVP there really is no risk. All of your gear and items on Defiance we can help provide for you. Fight skill is the only thing that's really lost during PVP should you die and that isn't even transferable anyway. Yes that is right your PVE skills are safe! Your PVE gear is safe! So essentially this is what we are looking for: People who want to join a new social circle on NFI that actively uses discord and comms. Those that want to try new things or if you are a veteren then you are just as welcome. We are looking for chill and laid back people. If you have any crafting skills or priests that can help us out then that's just an added bonus. Still interested or have any questions for us? Please get in touch, the best way would be to message one of us in-game: Pythius, Jomog, Friede, Zykat, Pnut (just to name a few).
  14. Epic was a beautiful Wurm experience for a lot of old and new players. It made the game accessible to people who love the premise but could never invest the time needed to enjoy the game to a meaningful extent. I understand that a lot of people take pleasure in the grind and slower pace of Wurm which makes it so rewarding and challenging. With Defiance and Chaos these players are accommodated for. Epic accommodated for the later and allowed many people including myself to enjoy the highlights of the most beautiful sandbox game without the need to investment of large amounts of time. I'd imagine the idea of Epic and it's faster paced game style is still attractive for a large cohort of old players and people that have yet to discover the game. The fast paced nature might help retain new players that can invest less time than others into the game. Unfortunately due to it's map structure, the low player base now is split between four servers. I would suggest removing the home servers and the cluster style of maps and reform epic on a single larger server similar to Defiance. Such an action would concentrate the player base and might also stimulate some older/new players to return/invest in the game. The major complaint to this would be the similarities it would share with Defiance but I'd imagine a lot of the attraction to Defiance comes from the mixture of PVE and PVP which Epic wouldn't have and would continue to be the standalone PVP only characters. In short - Give epic another chance without home servers, one big server with Epic rules. Maybe leave out the destructive Valrei events. Scrap things like direct PVP meditation bonus' (keep the bonus' that don't become a requirement to pvp). Keep the more colorful grindy stuff like double damage and shield of the gone for Chaos/Defiance. This has been suggested so often now so apologies if I'm beating the old drum.
  15. Préamble Summary I suggest to add a "neutral" status for toons. - Objective: Reduce drawbacks linked to belonging a camp, such as death threats or looting - Caution: Shall not offer an easy way to make spies nor bypass moderation (like alts rules) Benefits Being identified as neutral (of a camp, see further). Can trade, exchange, being allowed (to anything) by any camp. Not being attacked by gards or religion animals. No skill loss when killed by player. Reduce or invert interest of fighters to kill you (no affinity steal. No lootable ? may be too much). Limits Dont prevent to be killed by other players; only reduce their interest into killing you, and see you "neutral" (of a camp). To limit interest for fighter to kill you, can have no god = no alignment gain for them. Should be displayed in a way (how ?). Therefore starter should be no god. Cant do things at others (any camp) that would be considered "illegal" by any camp (killing peopole, picklock, bash other stuff). Neutral status can be loose, and then you will be considered of the camp you started. Can be loose if you break the previous "legal" rules. Counter part Neutral status shall be "earnable" (how ?). And can be loose without breaking rules (joining a camp). To limit spy, use of nolocate or locate soul will make you loose neutral status. Entering a non neutral area (traveling in game or at loggin) may still raise an alert. Cant' be citizen in a deed of any camp. Joining a deed will make loose the neutral status. Starter should be neutral. Neutral deeds Only neutral toons can be citizen. Can only be settled out kingdoms (kingdoms could expand over after, but deed could no more extend). Dont prevent raids, but no silver drain for attacker, drain will remove deed upkeep to mayor (therefore deed could be destroyed especially if kingdom already expand over).
  16. Hello all, please bare with me as I try to explain my idea. It's one that I have voiced to several pvp players and had good feedback and thus it was suggested I make a post on here. My suggestion is based on Defiance and the NFI cluster. However I'm sure most of these ideas could be adjusted (somehow) and implimented on SFI or epic as well, however for this post I'll be specifically talking about the NFI cluster. BATTLE RANK Firstly change it so there is no battle rank decay. Long gone are the days when any pvp server had enough population to sustain the current system. A select few people who put in a lot of effort and roamed daily in the kingdom that was doing the best on the Defiance launch were able to make the cut and got the Warrior title (10 players got it in BL). Only two players have had it in JK with a great amount of effort way beyond playing casually. I realise it is meant to be a difficult achivement however that was just the first title unlocked where you only need 100 rank. At 500 rank is the next title and then 900 for the 3rd! Even with players actively roaming daily on a pvp server where it can go weeks (or months) between major fights some players have lost out to the battle rank titles due to reasons completely out of their control. One player got banned for about 2 hours accidently because a GM made a mistake, the ban completely reset their battle rank. Also during the full raid ban (that one time Friede become mayor of Malice after Johnny dropped the deed writ on death lul) a lot of people were close and by the time the raid ban was lifted almost everyone was back down to 0. So my suggestion would be to completely remove decay and even add it in so that claiming a battlecamp, draining an enemy deed or looting a roaming depo gives +1 rank. PVE COSMETIC REWARDS For those that play on NFI there is no way to bring back home their trophies and loot. On many MMORPG's (take WoW for example) they offer a system to earn cosmetic rewards over time to reward the players for taking the time to actively go out and pvp. Anything other then cosmetic rewards would just be too much and I'd hate to see item transfer between Defiance and Freedom. However what if we had a reward system like the premium marks or like the Rift Points? What if we used battlerank as the counter for how many points you have to spend? It could be a system exactly the same as the other two. All you would need to do is right click on the mailbox.. select pvp rewards and there could be a list of cosmetic items such as skins. We already have the graphics for the different wagons ingame, the kingdom skins for wagons could be on there as well as flags, banners, military tents. Hell why not even have some super high point rewards for having the crown as a skin to put on an open helm since the model is already in the game. These are all just ideas of course. HOTA TITLES Before the HOTA (hunt of the ancients) changed there used to be several titles available for the winning team. 5 titles in total rewarded for being part of the winning alliance 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 times. Because the system changed these titles are no longer working and it would be nice to see them changed so that now perhaps if you capture a battlecamp that results in a win that counts as 1. Do it 20 times and that's all of the titles. I'm not sure if the hota titles not working is simply just a bug but if it isn't it would be nice to see them in the game again. So that's it, would love some feedback or other ideas. The whole point of this suggestion is to try to offer incentives to come over onto Defiance and PVP and to try to make the server a little more active. Give people some goals to work towards whether it's for title hunters or cosmetic hunters since aside from skilling (which arguebly is better on freedom because of PoK) and hunting for sleep powder (which is a rare drop) there is not much of a reason to play on Defiance especially for someone new.
  17. PvP to PvE

    So... How many PvP based players have WURMed there way over to PvE based side as of recent ?
  18. In short, players are heavily rewarded for playing on PvE servers, whilst a lot of people feel there is little reason to play on Defiance unless there is an active PvP engagement occurring. This is super unhealthy for the PvP community, and if changes aren’t made, the population on Defiance will eventually die. Some of the reasons people frequently choose to play on Freedom rather than Defiance include: More frequent rites, and therefore more sleep bonus. There are a lot more rite casts on Freedom than on Defiance due to the higher population and more concentrated number of Vynora priests. Risk free crafting. Risk free hunting. Items you make can be sold for silver, whereas on Defiance people are more likely to provide items for free. Ease of crossing between Defiance and Freedom. Instead of the Chaos/Freedom isles relationship; where you must sail between servers (which is a risk in itself), portals currently allow you to cross at a moment’s notice in order to respond to PvP. The Path of Knowledge level 11 ability which grants 25% bonus skill gain. This is unattainable on Defiance. Essentially, playing on Freedom just makes a lot of sense for the individual, but if everyone does the same, this has a negative impact on the PvP community. Usually high difficulty is rewarded in Wurm, as it should be, which is why I suggest adding incentives to play on PvP rather than removing features from Freedom: Hunting should ALWAYS be good on PvP. Right now it is terrible, particularly in the south. Spawns should be crazy high. Starter zones could be spared so new players don’t get overwhelmed. Rites could have halved requirements on PvP, and scale with number of active priests in that religion. (Or a timed cooldown, half requirements on PvP might still mean more casts on Freedom). Looting battle camps could give 1 hr sleep bonus to all in local. Valrei missions: If the Defiance server rewards are as the same on Freedom it’d make no sense, as there’s no risk to completing Valrei missions on Freedom. On Defiance, these missions should be more frequent, they should encourage going into enemy lands, and they should give lots of sleep bonus and other rewards for all participants. (My suggestion is keep Valrei missions the same as they currently are on Freedom, but buff the rewards on PvP. Note that this DOES NOT mean adding moon metals or similar to the PvP Valrei rewards.) Exclusive skins that can only be acquired on the PvP server. These could be gained through Valrei missions, HoTA rewards, or maybe as rewards for having high battle rank. These skins could be transferable to the Freedom servers to allow people to show off their pvp-gotten-gains. Some sort of penalty to using a PvP portal, a timed CR nerf or similar. Increased skill gain? Nothing as drastic as Epic, but instead a 10% bonus to all skillgain. These are just some ideas thrown out there as examples, as there are plenty of other ways to increase incentive. Feel free to add more suggestions, like, comment, subscribe, etc. It should also be noted that this thread links up with this one here:
  19. Hello I'm Knople, I'd like to suggest the ability to use the myriad variety of traps available to us on mobs as well as on players. (we have so many trap options, it'd be nice to use them, not only on players) My reasoning is there are likely players similar to me who are either not very good at combat, prefer to gather sprung traps, or like to bait hunt. I am unaware as to how coding would be used to implement the ability for traps to be usable on mobs, but perhaps it might be possible to add and additional "if, then" for the trap to recognize mob code as well as player code as an addendum. (I believe it should be fairly easy code wise, but again i don't know what I don't know so take my super simplified idea with a grain of salt.) Thank you for your time. -Knople
  20. Discord | Niarja | Twin Peaks Map | Legacy Map | Arena Map Basic Server Information Action Timers: 5x Skill Gain: 3x Map Size: 2048x2048 PvE, 1024x1024 PvP Creatures: 50,000 PvE, 7,000 PvP Field Growth: 2 hours Wyvern Mods Bounty - Bounty is calculated off creature strength, not pre-set by set values. The stronger a creature is, the more money you will earn for defeating it. This is algorithmic and not pre-set. Strong creatures also have a chance to drop special Crystals, which is a subsystem within itself. Champion creatures can drop special loot, including enchanted tools, moon metal, masks, and even a bone. Currency is deposited directly into your bank. Mastercraft Achieving 90+ skill and then going further is now more worthwhile than ever. Skills over 90 affect skill checks, reducing the difficulty further as you increase skill above 90. At 99, the curve increases, up to double the effect at 100 than you would have at 99. Rarity of tools now provide a similar bonus, decreasing the difficulty of skill checks per rarity level. These changes use the player's actual skill, not epic curved skill. Custom Creatures - New and existing creatures are enabled on the server, adding variety. Typed Creatures - Creatures can spawn with random types even outside of a den. This includes bred animals. You can randomly attain a champion hell horse from 2 non-champion hell horses. Epic creatures: Sol Demons and Worgs have been enabled as natural spawns. Lava Fiends spawn naturally in sandy areas. Charger - A large, spectral hell horse. Non-aggressive, and capable of being lead without taming or dominating. It spawns frequently in steppe and rarely in sand areas. The charger is very specifically meant as an easily obtained "speed" mount. It is also a large stallion, giving the player a higher seat and providing a height advantage in combat. To offset the ease of use, there are two drawbacks: It requires 37 body control to mount, and has negative natural armour, meaning it will take more damage than even an ungeared horse would. Chargers can also be equipped with gear, so their potential speeds can be higher than Wyverns. Chargers can be bred with other chargers. There is also the possibility of dens for chargers, allowing them to be typed (fierce, greenish, even champion). These can of course also be bred into the Chargers. Large Boar - Low-Medium difficulty creature. Spawns in deserts and forests. Inflicts crushing wounds. Forest Spider - Medium difficulty creature. Spawns in the forest near grass and trees. Can inflict poison wounds. Spirit Troll - Medium-High difficulty creature. Spawns in snow. Can inflict frost wounds. Giant - High difficulty creature. Spawns near grass and trees. Can inflict acid wounds. Avenger - High difficulty creature. Spawns in tundra. Can inflict frost wounds. Horned Pony - High difficulty creature. Spawns on enchanted grass (haha good luck). Inflicts internal wounds through the magic of its horn. Can be tamed, dominated, mounted, lead, and bred. Climbs up to 80 slope as a mount, and is between horses and wyverns in speed, but can be equipped with both saddle and horse shoes. Requires 35 body control to ride. Facebreyker - A custom unique creature, dropping a unique item and blood when defeated. Wyverns - High difficulty creature. Different types spawn in different areas. Wyverns are small dragonkin creatures that serve as mounts. They are amphibious mounts, and can be ridden across water without dismounting. Wyverns are small dragonkin creatures that serve as mounts. Wyverns generally inflict elemental wounds according to their color. Wyverns can usually be tamed, dominated, mounted, lead, and bred. Climbs up 100+ slopes as a mount, and is slightly faster than Chargers without gear. Wyverns require relatively high (30-45) body control to mount, depending on type. Custom Items - Many custom items to improve quality of life, or simply give players end-game gambling to create that truly epic item they've always wanted. Affinity Orb - Grants the player a random affinity when consumed. Enchant Orb - Comes with a random enchant. Can be consumed to transfer the enchant to any item. Depth Drill - Drills a tile corner, revealing the amount of dirt until you hit rock. Beyond that, it can also locate nearby ores. Disintegration Rod - Sold at a merchant, this removes 1000 hits from any vein (no ore is provided), or instantly destroys a cave wall (like the Disintegrate spell). PMK Wagons, Banners, and Flags - Art from PMK's in Wurm Online can be crafted on Wyvern Reborn. Like the art from The Crusaders? You can make it here, then mix and match that with an Ebonaura wagon. Chaos Crystals - Dropped from powerful creatures, this is a volatile crystal that can be infused on items for a variety of outcomes. It can increase rarity, or destroy the item outright. Uses the "Artifacts" skill. Enchanters Crystals - Dropped from powerful creatures, this crystal can adjust the enchant properties of an item. Uses the "Artifacts" skill. Mass Storage Unit - A massive storage unit designed to hold multiple BSB's, FSB's, chests, and crates, all in one neat window. Crafted with over 70 Fine Carpentry. Arrow Packs - Craft 40 arrows and a quiver into an arrow pack. Improve the arrow pack, then unpack to receive a quiver with 40 arrows of the QL of the arrow pack. This also transfers any enchants from the Arrow Pack to all 40 arrows. Titans - Legendary creatures exist exclusively on Wyvern Arena, obtaining special abilities and dropping epic items. Titans are designed to cripple groups of players attempting them. If you are interested in looting easy-to-kill players, look for the messages in GL-Freedom and interrupt their attempt. Titans cause lightning in the sky from where it's being fought. A single player should be capable of killing multiple who are attempting a Titan. Titans have unique abilies and "raid mechanics" that players need to be aware of. Many are not telegraphed, but they do need to be reacted to. Mindlessly hitting the the titan until they're dead like a normal unique is not a viable strategy. Titans will drop a single "Titan Weapon" upon defeat - these weapons generally break the rules of the game and in general have higher stats than normal weaponry. They do, however, come with a downside of being un-improvable. They can be repaired. Titans do not regenerate. Keep this in mind when attempting one, as it may be wise to back off, regroup, and re-enter combat in some situations. The titans specifically move extremely slow, so outrunning them, even on foot, should be possible. All Titans spawn minions to aid them. These creatures have extremely high sight (meaning they chase very far) and move very quickly. Armoury: Weapons & Armour Rework - All the weapon and armour systems have been reworked from the ground up for Wyvern Reborn. Minimum swing timer is 2 seconds instead of 3 seconds. This opens up the opportunity for extremely fast-attacking weaponry to make its way into combat. Knives are now an acceptable weapon. Armour Damage Reduction has been reduced - No more 80% flat damage reduction. The highest available is the new Glimmerscale set at 72%, and it is extremely hard to obtain. With values now lower than before, it opens the opportunity to actually use the glance rate and damage effectiveness bonuses from the lower damage reduction armours. Dual Wield has been reworked - There is now a reason to wield two weapons. The offhand now swings at precisely 1/2 it's normal speed, and that's it. No more crazy amount of checks and balances and random numbers being thrown into the mix, just a really simple dual wield system that works and is effective to a point. Weapon Rarity - Weapon rarity matters, reducing swing timer by 0.2 seconds per rarity level. Shield Enchants - Aura of Shared Pain now functions on shields. However, you will need to cast a damage enchant as well to make it function: Rotting Touch, Flaming Aura, Frostbrand, or Venom. The damage aura determines the type and amount of damage that gets reflected on block, and Aura of Shared Pain power determines the chances the reflect will work. Phasing - Shields are absolutely required in vanilla mechanics to remain competitive in PvP. This is no longer the case (sort of). With the dual wield changes and a new spell, "Phasing", you can now penetrate the shield of a defender quite easily. The Phasing enchant competes with WoA/BotD/Nimbleness for an enchant slot. As an effect, it increases the difficulty of the defender to block with shields when attacking with that weapon. This, combined with the faster swing timer, makes shields much easier to penetrate and deal real damage to the opponent. Weapon Rebalancing - Polearms have been buffed. Axes have been improved. The whole system has undergone drastic adjustments and the weaponry meta is entirely different on Wyvern Reborn. New Weapons: Warhammer - 1 handed weapon, uses Warhammer skill. Slow attack speed, but hits extremely hard. Knuckles - 1 handed weapon, uses Weaponless Fighting skill. Extremely fast attack speed, somewhat weak damage. Club - 1 handed weapon, uses Huge Club skill. Moderate attack speed, moderate damage. Long Spears are now 1 handed weapons. New Armour: Spectral Armour - Crafted from the hide of Spectral Drakes, this armour is lighter than any other. Requires high leatherworking to create and is generally quite scarce. Glimmerscale Armour - Glimmerscales are crafted from a metallurgy between dragon scales and glimmersteel. Once created, 10kg of glimmerscale is used to create a set of glimmerscale armour, the highest damage reduction armour available. Movement speed penalty, however, is inbetween plate and dragonscale. Spellcraft: Spell System Rework - All spells have had a balance pass and been tweaked to custom server settings. Maximum faith increased to 200 - This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, including casting high-favor spells like Life Transfer without a link. Minimum Priest Faith reduced to 10 - You can now become a priest at 10 faith. You'll be able to cast spells and work on channeling earlier than ever before. Favor Gain Rework - Favor regeneration now ticks once per second, instead of once per 10 seconds, for smaller amounts. Overall favor regen has been increased. Rite Reworks - Rites now have special additional benefits to encourage casting them. Furthermore, they require less overall prayers to cast, and can be cast more frequently. Examine Creature Spell Effects - You can examine a creature and see it's spell effects. (Truehit has been cast on it, so it has combat vision and aiming. [28]) Improved Negating Effect Messages - When casting enchants, the message explaining why you cannot cast over something else is now very specific. ([21:01:43] The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark which would negate the effect of Wind of ages.) Spell Changes: Light of Fo has increased cast difficulty, reducing its effectiveness in combat. Scorn of Libila no longer requires enemies to be damaged, and instead heals 2 wounds on all allies on every cast. Dozens of spells have had their faith requirement, difficulty, cast times, or favor costs adjusted. New Spells: Harden - Enchantment for any item, reduces the amount of damage the item takes with use. Phasing - Enchantment for weapons. Defenders will have a harder time shield blocking attacks from a Phasing weapon. Competes with WoA/BotD/Nimbleness for enchant group. Bag of Holding - Enchantment for containers. Increases the size of the container, allowing it to store up to 4 times the initial amount based on power. Summon Soul - Allows a player to summon another player. Very useful for unique slayings. Replenish - Vynora only. Cast on a liquid container to have it automatically refill with water. Works on fountains, barrels, buckets, waterskins, etc. Libila Enabled - Libila is completely enabled across all maps on the server, as well as all features that come with her, such as mycelium and zombies. Kingdom Offices - An item called a Creature Token will drop from aggressive creatures you slay. These can be crafted into other types of tokens which can be "bid" for offices. These are the Kingdom Titles generally reserved for PvP Kingdoms/PMK's, such as Royal Priest, Royal Avenger, etc. A minimum bid of 10 is required to obtain the title. From that point forward, whoever has the highest bid obtains the title. Custom Deities - Two player gods have ascended, Breyk and Cyberhusky. These deities were hand-crafted, from their passives to their spell lists. They are not randomly generated. Breyk - White Light, Industrial, Nature-Focused. Designed to have some of the best enchants the gods have to offer. Oakshell, Excel, Truehit, and the plethora of other combat buffs in Breyk's arsenal are meant to be utilized in conjunction with their enchants. Combined with Cure Light and Scorn of Libila for a minor off-healing role, Breyk is intended as a "support" role for other players in combat. Cyberhusky - Black Light, Warrior, Combat-Focused. Starting with the "Warrior" attribute for 25% increased damage in combat, it's immediately clear what Cyberhusky is meant for. Designed with the unique combination of Dominate and Rebirth, you can bring a powerful creature into combat, then use it again after it's slain. Backed up with some of the best combat spells including Drain Health, Drain Stamina, and Light of Fo, Cyberhusky is meant to be in the fray at all times. Unique Creature Improvements Rapid Uniques - Uniques spawn very frequently, allowing uniques to be slain on a near-daily basis and making drake/scale more attainable. Treasure Boxes - Any player that deals damage to a unique is granted a treasure box. These can be opened for a cache of random loot, so players are not left with simply a blood to show for their efforts. Moon Metal Vein Blessings - When a unique is slain, it blesses the world with 20 adamantine/glimmersteel veins. This improves moon metal availability as the server progresses and makes moon metal a "renewable" resource. Reapers & Spectral Drakes - After a unique dies, in its wake spawns a special creature. Spectral Drakes for dragons/hatchlings, and Reapers for the rest. Upon defeat, they will grant an affinity orb (consumed for an affinity) and enchant orb (random enchant from 90-120 power with a 1-time transfer to any item of your choice). This allows players to get multiple affinities outside of PvP, and gives players an alternative to casting for high enchants. Increased Armour - Uniques have had their armour increased across the board. They're not as trivial as other servers, and will require effort to slay. Extra Corpse Loot - Dragons and hatchlings now have extra chunks of hide and scale on their corpse, providing more loot to give away than just a rare bone. Movement Tweaks Mounts and vehicles can now climb significantly more slope, up to 150 in some cases. Boats are much faster and generally more affected by wind speed. Vehicles have had their speed increased across the board. New mounts are available to hitch to your wagons and carts. Quality of Life - There are over 2 years of QoL changes from Wyvern. Here's a few: Fatigue Action Override - You can now make fatiguing actions from vehicles and mounts. Improve from a horse. Build from your wagon. Sow from your cart. You no longer need to "be on solid ground" to do that anymore. Leather and Logs can now be combined, allowing you to save a good enchant. Rarity system has been significantly improved. Fantastic items are now more attainable. Life Transfer no longer clashes with damage mods. Life Transfer stacks with every other enchant. Sickles and Staves can be crafted from moon metals. Statuette QL and rarity now impacts spellcasting. Shields can take less than 0.01 damage when you block. Added a "Receive all mail" button to mailboxes. It will automatically accept up to the first 100 non-CoD mails that were sent to you and place them directly into the mailbox. Added an "Unequip all armour" button when interacting with equipped items. It will... well... unequip all your armour. Eye and Face shots are redirected to head shots. This makes open helms and similar headgear viable, not a handicap. Food and drink timed affinities are now universal. If you get a Fletching affinity from a drink you make, so will everyone else. Damage taken by items over 90 have been re-scaled. An item improved to QL100 is immune to damage and will never decay. Loot Assistance messages are broadcast when a unique creature is slain, randomly ordering participants for loot distribution (if it's wanted by the slaying group). It also displays rough estimates of how much damage each player did to the creature. Creatures born on enchanted grass have a random trait removed immediately on birth (like an auto-genesis). Mailboxes, Trash Heaps, Altars, and Bell Towers can be loaded for transport. Body action to check your bank balance. Public Mods Ash Produce - Ash will be automatically generated over time from forges. Bag of Holding - A spell for all priests that enlarges the size of containers. Better Digging - Dirt is dug directly to your cart/wagon into crates, or dropped directly on the ground. Bigger Houses - Doubles the maximum size of houses you can create. Bulk Transport - Removes the limit on moving items to/from bulk storage containers. Craftable Pauldrons - All pauldrons are able to be crafted, with the right amount of skill. Creature Age - Bred creatures grow to the Mature stage faster, enabling players to ride sooner after they're born. Crop Mod - Fields do not wither. Fire Burn Time - Shows an indicator when examining a lit object of how long it's expected to last. Harvest Helper - Announce harvest seasons on player login. Inbreed Warning - Provide players with a warning if they try to breed related animals. Increase Merchant Items - Merchants can hold up to 100 items. Meditate Mod - Guaranteed meditation success, no 10 tile movement requirement, and 1/10th path delay. Spell Mod - Removes priest restrictions. Stable Master - Allow for animal transfer between islands. Starter Gear - Improved set of starting equipment for new players. Timer Fix - Improves timer actions and removes bugs related to Wurm Unlimited regarding enchants. Treasure Maps - Players can find or buy treasure maps and go treasure hunting. Once they find the marked spot, they can dig up the treasure, defeat the mobs, and unlock their loot! Wyvern Arena Wyvern Arena is our 1k by 1k PvP environment. It is meant as a hunting/roaming server, and not as a kingdom warfare server. Epic Curve. Players on Wyvern Arena enjoy the benefit of the epic curve, increasing skills to allow them to fight more in line with higher-skilled players. Kingdoms and Deeds are disabled. You're free to build if you wish, but it will not be defended by NPC guards. Bounty and Fight Skill increased. Creatures in Wyvern Arena reward 2.5x bounty and fight skill when slain. Faith and Meditation on kill. Creatures in Wyvern Arena reward a meditation tick and mild faith gain when slain. Crystal Multiplier. Creatures in Wyvern Arena drop 3x as many crystals as those on the PvE environment. Farwalker Twigs & Stones disabled. Due to the nature of the Arena, twigs and stones are disabled. Teleport and Escape. Players on the PvE server can teleport to the Arena using a 1-minute channel body action. They can then escape using a 2-minute body action from the PvP server, returning them to the PvE environment. The escape is blocked by enemies in local. Server Rules Intentional Griefing will not be tolerated. Macros are allowed under the condition the player is actively monitoring their character. Our definition of "Macro" is when the game is being impacted when the player is not there. Using mods that do multiple actions is fine. Something that automatically does those actions when you are not present is unacceptable. You must be present and playing, otherwise it may be considered a macro. Be respectful - we wont be removing anything, except seriously offensive or pornographic material. Feel free to express yourself, but common sense is key. Client modifications are allowed. I personally encourage the use of client mods that make life easier, such as LiveMap and All of Bdew's Client Modifications. WurmESP and similar are also allowed. Any client mods which negatively impact other players are advised against and will be dealt on a case-by-case basis. Flyhacks, speedhacks, and similar are forbidden and being caught using them will result in immediate ban without appeal.
  21. With MR getting steamrolled on Chaos right now, I can't help but remember the many kingdoms that have quit the server. Usually it ends with a marathon siege of deed disassembly and repeat kills of defenders until defenders have no gear to fight with, or no desire to lose anymore. I think it is unlikely new players can defend their deeds against this zerg play style that characterizes well staffed, experienced kingdoms. What if defenders, while on deed only, received a CR bonus for every pvp death in the previous 24hrs? I don't fight in my good gear, but when my deed is under "final siege" I'm more likely to fight in my good gear with a defenders bonus ondeed. This might help with player retention too, at least for basic survival. You could swap this stacking bonus out with any other stacking bonus for repeatedly killed defenders ondeed. This is just the 2nd thing that came to my mind. You could further limit the bonus by making only ondeed deaths count toward it. Also, I wanted to suggest a 72hr bonus, since the hardcore raids I'm talking about are usually multiday efforts, and the average defender might only have 2 gear sets on hand for herself. DA
  22. Aesarius Aesarius, a very small humble world, for eons has closely guarded a great secret. This secret was passed from king to king through the eras. Each king vowed to protect the secret knowing that if it were ever found out, the world would be altered forever. The fourth era was ruled by Hardwin son of Adlard the Mighty. His careful watch during the time of the dark wars earned him the title Hardwin the Vigilant. Although there were occasional whispers, no one from outside Aesarius ever proved the existence of the secret. Through 4 eras, the kings managed to maintain peace and the world was one great kingdom. But Azohra with her ability to sense and locate power listened to the whispers. Through veiled channels she hired the Ebony Wolf Band to search out the secret. She was not disappointed. They discovered gemstones with the power to stave off death and protect warriors from the impacts of death if they were to die. Although these gems were rare, they provided significant advantage in battles. Throughout the dark wars, the Black Wolf Band never chose a side. They were available to hire for both sides. When Azorha sent her best generals and wizards to Aesarius, some of the Black Wolf Band went back on their contract and made it back to Aesarius in time to warn the king. Hardwin the Vigilant sent word to the high priests to call for help from the light gods and began preparing to stand against the intruders. The battle, known as The Withering, was fought mostly with magic. As the wizards and priests used up their own powers, they began to call on the earth for more. Deserts started to form. The battle ended when the entire world was so devoid of life that no one could survive it. Many of the priests and wizards were able to retreat to other worlds to save their own lives. Aesarius fell only a few months before The Last Battle. With the king was always a small band of his soldiers known as the Sanguine Sentry because of their fierce devotion to the king and their belief that they could protect him even in the most hopeless situations. When he fell in the second wave of The Withering, they took him to Grentia the world of healing. He survived and has been watching over Aesarius from a distance. While most of his resources are gone, he has slowly built his small band of soldiers for the day when Aesarius is whole once again. The Ebony Wolf Band has also been watching Aesarius from a distance. A few of the members still remember the gems they found and are waiting for the time when they can try to harvest them and sell them for profit or use them. As time has passed, the world has slowly regained it’s strength, and seems to be habitable once again. Both of the organizations have sent individuals and teams to survey the world, discover if it truly is habitable again, and determine if it still produces the gemstones. What part do you play? Are you part of the Sanguine Sentry? Are you hired by the Ebony Wolf Band? Are you unaffiliated but you’ve heard the world is habitable again? Server Stats Sister Server to Vrystoria - someday they will link RP-PVP - Custom Factions (kingdoms) to enhance roleplay. 1x skill gain 2x action timers Custom Map Size = 4048x4048 60,000 mobs 95% aggressive Deed Start up cost -enabled Deed upkeep - enabled Skills start at 1 Characteristics start at 19.5 Starter gear is a tent and a compass. Priests Priest restrictions active All deities can be followed across all kingdoms. Max Faith 150 Faith gains scaled Statuette quality and rarity matter for spellcasting Taxes - will go up if you are offline for more than three weeks Bounty on Burn- Burn corpses instead of bury, Earn coin and Karma No Crop Decay - Crops that are grown will not wither Treasure Maps Survival Mod
  23. Hello! I've got a server setup as pvp, home kingdom mol rehan, and non epic. Recently someone wanted to start a deed but there was a building that belonged to another player (who is inactive). There was no option to bash the walls and destroy structure needed permission. I have a code of honor for me and my gms to never delete any structures whatsoever because we want everything to be developed by the players and done with their own hands. Is there any way / setting that allows me bashing (not destroy the entire house like in management settings, i mean wall by wall, like if you would attack it) other players structures WITHOUT PERMISSIONS if theyre not part of a deed? Many thanks in advance and have a nice day! Arathok
  24. 1 Kingdom PvP, No Champs, Hota enabled with some custom rewards and alot of other custom changes from wyvern mods! Notably, Random spawns until you have a deed. No need for towers, Drop a deed anywhere you like. Any player not in your village is an enemy. Also watch out for titans The only rules currently are no exploiting, Macro Allowed, and don't destroy the rivers. It would make @blinksy cry There will also be a guide/easy installation of client mods provided for those that don't know how to do so already Server Launching in the evening of Friday April 24th Discord: Map: Mods: server-modlauncher spellmod serverpacks servermap scriptrunner inbreedwarning httpserver hitchingpost harvesthelper cropmod creatureagemod announcer ForageSprouts Bountymod meditatemod sacraficemod salvemod TreasureHunting pvpsurfaceminingfix fireburntime ashproduce pickmoresprouts copyitems gmcommands addmissionitems tabardmod addkingdomitems templarreplacer minipets bdewservermods taxidermy fixguards hitchlimits movemod movetocenter betterfarming betterdig chestclaim timerfix treefarmmod startergear servertweaks serverplayercounter treasurehunting discordrelay wyvernmods spellcraft crafternpc deliverynpc customtrader For those wanting to see the specific configs or a less annoying mod list to read, Please see discord under #wurm-server-info
  25. (picture soon i been lazy, sorry) What is HOTSNPVPPHD? Horde of the Summoned New Player versus Player Players Housing Development. It's a free pre-built and stocked housing area (2 individuals per house) with the necessary items to help get started quickly such as forges, bulk storage bins, and beds. We're aiming to encourage new players on the Northern islands (Harmony, Melody, Cadence) to come over and try out Defiance and PvP. If you are currently on the northern islands, and want to try PvPing, send me a private message with some basic information about yourself (name, discord, experience, time zone, pvp experience, any past kingdom history, what interests you). We have a portal right outside the house ready for use. If you are enjoying it, you can always create your own house too! Note: You do not have to commit full time to living here on Defiance, we're happy to have you hop between the PvE server and Defiance. Why try Defiance? You have a chance to gain permanent affinities from killing enemies and always gain a temporary timed affinity. One affinity = 10% skillgain in that skill. You gain karma for each kill. Defiance is a full loot system, and you gain easily acquire valuables off players. There's no cooldown between transferring between Defiance and the other islands. You can come over and PvP when needed. A unique different perspective on the game. See how to work together in a large kingdom. Daily PvP, both large and small skirmishes. What do you need? A forum account Discord Working microphone Helps to speak English, but we have some Russian players Contribute in some way. While we want to have new players, we can't provide with everything. A good village requires everyone to contribute in some way - smithing, crafting, farming, breeding Again, if you're interested, send me a PM on the forums!