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Found 59 results

  1. I heard about this game for the first time cause I saw it posted in the MMO Sub on Reddit. Said it was coming to Steam in a week (I think 5 days from now) so I decided to give the original servers a go to practice and learn. I've got experience in survival games and MMOs of all kinds ( the skills system reminds me of Everquest 1 and I love that) I had a rough time Day 1 when I played it all day. Could not figure out what to craft to get going to where I could eventually get rid of my starter tools and sword. I also tried a PvP server and didn't really understand how things worked so I have a few questions if someone could be so kind to answer them for me. 1. Could someone explain how PvP servers work? I'm a big PvPer mainly because it adds more caution and fear to the game which adds more interactions to the game weather good or bad. What are Kingdoms? Can you change Kingdoms? How can you change Kingdoms? Why does everyone start in the same Kingdom? Is there anyway to tell what Kingdom a random player is in? Maybe by examining them or something? I ask all these PvP questions because that's where I started was the PvP server and I attacked an AFK player on their own deed near the starting city and now I am always Kill On Sight and being ''hunted'' whatever that means? How do you remove hunted btw? 2. How does it work when transferring from the PvP server to the PvE server? I heard your skills nor items go with you so it's basically like having one character on one server and one character on another but you can't transfer anything back and forth and your skill levels will also not go hand in hand. 3. The PvE server has one island/map that is PvP? Can you build and live on that PvP island? Is there rare resources there? What's the reason for a PvP island on a PvE server? 4. I saw in a comment somewhere that PvP servers have rare resources or something to that extent. If that is true then why doesn't everyone just play on the PvP server since you can't transfer the resources back to the PvE server? 5. Someone told me that starter gear was ''no drop'' meaning you don't lose it on death or anything. Well if that's the case then why did I completely lose everything in my inventory when I died on a PvP server? Was it because I died to actual PvP? Even though it was by the hand of a spirit/ghost and not an actual player? 6. I was reading the "Guide to the Freefolk'' and they made it sound like you could buy Premium with in game currency? Like 10 silver was enough for 2 weeks or something? Is that true? Is there a difference in the Premium you buy with real money vs. the Premium you buy with in game currency? Do they give the same exact benefits? 7. Where do you see how much coin you have? I know I have zero starting out but it's nice to know these things. Also, are their banks to keep it in? Or is it just bound to your account and you can never lose it even on PvP servers? 8. Is there a mail system in game? Can you send mail to other people directly or to other villages? How? 9. Can you craft/make notes in game and leave them in different inventories or give them to other players? 10. I heard something about community made maps that are very detailed and have way more detailed than the in game maps. Where do I find those? 11. Heard about the priest system or something about praying to gods to unlock magic. And I also believe I saw some altars at the starting city? Anyone got more info on that? Is it best to start praying as soon as you start a character? Sorry for all the questions guys. If I would have known this game was out 15 years ago I would have tried it back then.
  2. I am currently logged in in game, so i know that my password and name are valid, but when i go to buy premium time i get this: Sorry we could not authenticate player: Minotaurus Server result was ''
  3. I got the game through steam and I play using the steam account. Is there any difference in buying premium in this situation compared to having an account created using the wurm online official site?
  4. Something that keeps a lot of Wurm Online Players away is the lack of any real meaning to Free To Play Accounts, we all know this but until now nobody's had a good answer for balancing; I want to put forth a suggestion of a different economic model altogether: Right now Free2Play players are Capped at their Skills at 20, or 30 if they've been premium before, additionally you cannot Priest or Preform most religious interactions without Premium, to me this is at the core of the free-to-play equation problem: no skill, no ability = no fun. What I would suggest is we take a page from Second Life's Economic Model and Turn Premium away from skill caps, and more towards land-ownership and settlement creation/size/retention. The Biggest Change to the actual code (in my opinion) to make this system work would be the creation of a second form of "Currency" similiar to SL Tier, this "Allocation" would be given to all premium players and shared between their village; the idea being a village that has more premium players can grow larger, and has more stability than one that only has a few. Do note: Unlike Silver this would NOT be a currency you could drain via PvP Actions, instead it's more of a "Land Allocation"; All Current Settlement In-game Currency fees would be unaffected, this one would strictly be used for settlement creation, retention and resizing as a sort of "soft cap" towards size and amount of guards. The Next biggest change (in my opinion) would be raising the skill caps by almost 3x, granting numerous abilities to free to play players that would other wise normally not having INCLUDING Spellcasting via Priests, I was thinking along the lines of Non-characteristic Skills being Capped at 60, and Characteristic Skills being capped at 25 (30 with Prior Premium). This would mean suddenly many free-to-play players would share a sense of fulfillment in the game, and would get more enjoyment out of it (it also means they would finally be able to ride horses :P). Faith is somewhat up in the air but I'd say cap it around 35 or 40 just for the sake of having a cap. Finally this new currency "tier" would need a website-based interaction where settlement mayors could artifically "increase" their amount of tier by paying real money (e.g. USD) for a grant of a bit more tier, this would be a monthly fee (or whatever time scale the devs decide) and would be quite expensive because it would want to be a "safety net" feature at best. Combined these changes may draw a lot of former Wurm Unlimited, as well as informed players (the kind you honestly want in an MMO) to the table, and allow them to "Ease in" to the lifestyle of Wurm Online a little more comfortably than the current system while still proving a way for the devs to securely provide servers for the masses. Apologies for not Searching this Idea before posting, but to be fair this is a fairly significant undertaking I wanted to explain. If it needs to be moved or merged with another, I give explicit permission to the forum moderators to do so if they see fit (not that they need it but as a matter of principal) but I would request that the devs think about this plan rather than shoving it out the door just because it's "out there". Edit for clarity: To be perfectly clear, Free to play Players would LOSE the ability to create settlements as a result of this change, but seeing as those are limited to 1 person settlements this is a fair trade-off in my opinion.
  5. The things that always frustrated me whenever i came back to this game is being unable to ride horses, command carts, and destroying a wall that i misplaced. Stuff that might not seem important to others make the whole game for some. most of you said to me and any new players that joined "just get premium, or call someone to destroy your walls", yeah all that is sound and proof, but for some people contacting others to do something for them might be a barrier, maybe a language one, maybe anxiety problems, maybe they just want to be solo, and getting premium for some is just not financially possible, (for me) the time i can have in the game because of work and other chores is limited, as well the cost of premium takes a good chunk of my pay (whilst i did buy premium, but others may not be able). being able to get your characteristics(and possibly skills) to at least 21 would hugely improve the willingness of new players to stay and even consider getting premium later on. 2s for the first month of premium is not much i know, it's obtainable actually pretty easy, but for new players needing to grind just to get that premium time, is no enjoyment, we just want to explore the game, get to know it, find out how stuff works and have fun, being limited on such simple things is a big turnoff i would like you to be honest to me on this post, thank you all in advance
  6. Hi, I would like to see a modification to the online shop for buying premium. It would be very nice to be able to buy premium for someone as a gift directly from the shop rather than having to buy silver and give it to them which spoils it a little. Suggested mechanics Add checkbox as_gift if checkbox == TRUE show textbox recipient_name if as_gift == TRUE and recipient_name.value == NULL show error message and stop if recipient_name != valid_username show error message and stop All other behaviour should be unaffected and the payment receiving callback should then process the credit on the account indicated by recipient_name. Most of the code for checking for valid usernames should already be existing in place so a simple function call on_submit should be enough without any real hard work being done. Thanks ~Morl
  7. I just used the 10 silver premium option to purchase 30 days premium at the token but it only gave me 27 days. I believe this is happening to players who used the free 3 day /redeemcode and the system is taking the date before that as the last point of reference. Before purchase: [03:52:38] You have premium time until 19 Jan 2019 22:29:41 GMT After purchase: [03:53:12] Your request for playing time is being processed. It may take up to half an hour until the system is fully updated. [03:53:13] You now have premier playing time until 15 Feb 2019 22:29:41 GMT. Please can we sort this out some how? It may also be affecting the 5 silver 15 day option too, but I don't have data for that. Thanks
  8. I think the current premium system could use some changes. Here they are: Make it so the premium time only ticks down when offline. This way, when a player's PC breaks down or something bad happens to a player themselves, they'll still be able to use premium time. Also, if someone has little free time, they'll be treated as fairly as those with lots of time. Maybe change the way stats are treated - instead of capping skills at 20 and stats at 30 when premium expires, make it so they slowly decay to that value as they're used, and then quickly increase towards the original amount when premium is restored. Another suggestion is making it so any skill-related abilities are retained when premium is lost - if a player has 35 masonry, for example, but then premium expires, they'll be able to build stone houses, but at a lower quality. Feel free to express your opinion on my suggestions.
  9. Hello Wurmians! For a while ago me and my friend left Epic and Desertion for Xanadu due to the death of Epic. The thing with that move that bothered me and my friend was, after all the years we´ve been playing the beautiful game of Wurm online we couldn´t get our seasonal or loyalty gifts with us (sleeping powders, Spyglass and other special gifts) that you might have saved and wanted to take with you, my question is WHY? and could i get my stuff back? that i´ve payed for through game time. Many thanks! Moraal
  10. So I had a bit of an accident with my grumpy delivery alt. In a fit of quite impressive stupidity, I managed to drown her while on my main toon. I premiumed her for long enough to get her characteristics high enough for her to command boats, load and unload etc, but her recent death has sent her strength down to 22.99. Hence, she can't do the loading and unloading so crucial to her job. Is this as it was intended? Will I have to repremium her to get her skills back, or can I just get her to chop a few trees and get her strength back up? And does anyone know what kind of gift to give to an alt to get her to forgive me?
  11. Hey throwing a suggestion up to hopefully get feedback and a fix to what seems a little simple to be implemented but annoying to not have. In regards to Quality of Life i believe having a change to how we receive our bonuses mainly when we pay our premium and depending on the amount of months paid for we are given sleep powder as a added incentive to using the store. I was unfortunate to take a loss on this bonus being on epic when the payment went through and no action could be done to simply transfer the 2x powders to freedom as i have the highest skills and benefit grinding on freedom with the new skill transfer to epic being available i have no need for it elsewhere. The friend would sometimes request a sleep powder in exchange for paying for it and i reminded him before going to bed while i was out away from a portal. TLDR: Change how we receive sleep powder from just getting it to your inventory but giving your account the amount so when and wherever you want to withdraw while choosing however many you have available, similar to the rarely used reimbursement option at tokens.
  12. One of my accounts that I just paid today is still not premium. I did it through the store and paypal has been charged. I'm going to attempt paying more with silver so I can play, because I've not heard back from GMs yet. Ticket 131882
  13. I would like to be able to toggle my premium account to a non premium account freezing my paid time I put into the game until I Toggle my premium back on. Why? As a Priest and a Mayor when my premium is off I can destroy things, dig and be very unfaithful because I'm not a priest at that point. Now that I have 2 months of premium I can't do what I want around my deed. At the moment I'm better off not being premium. So how is it that I should be stuck as premium? I should be able to toggle my premium time. I think it's a solution to getting things done as a Priest and i'm sure others can think of other reasons. Unless I can already do this?
  14. Simple, the ability to store unique meditation abilities in source crystals. This is a premium only feature to prevent the market being flooded with refresh and enchant crystals. Right clicking on a source crystal now gives you the option to use a meditation ability on it, this grants the crystal a single charge of that ability. Level 4 abilities take 2 charges to become usable Level 7 abilities take 3 charges to become usable Level 9 abilities take 5 charges to become usable Once a crystal has a single charge of an ability stored it is locked to that ability (attempting to use a different ability nets the message "this crystal is attuned differently"). Examining the crystal tells you the name of the ability stored and the number of charges it has "you sense 3 charges of X". Source crystals take damage (based on its QL) when their stored ability is used and lose the number of charges listed. Optional Extra : Storing a meditation ability in a crystal gives a gurenteed meditation tick that counts against your daily total. This would have to be balanced based on the number of uses a skill has per day... PvP Balance Argument : If it would break pvp, just make it unusable on PvP, simples.
  15. The financial state of Wurm Online has long been a topic of debate and discussion among players. We've discussed premium costs, free to play models, and cosmetic items. We've argued about multiple account functions, advertisement, and currency exchange. Some of these discussions have devolved into verbal warfare, but one thing typically holds true no matter the direction of the conversation: as a community most of us love Wurm and want it to thrive. Some suggestions and ideas about the future of Wurm have been thoughtful and motivating, while others have been erroneous and unrealistic. We all have different ideas with where Wurm should be heading, and the path it will take to get there. Amidst our differences; however, one simple fact remains true: as a community most of us love Wurm and want it to thrive. This isn't to say that it is failing by any means, as we don't have the financial data to support such a claim, but we do want the player count to grow. We have the required components for a well-rounded discussion: an extensive group of varied people and opinions, a passion for something bigger than our individual selves, and a common end-goal. I'm no expert, but this feels like an opportune time to put these components to good use. I'd like to plan a discussion about what money options we see--as players--for the future player growth of Wurm. I specify this as players because while we may be the life-blood of Wurm, we certainly aren't the creators. Respectfully, we have no right to tell the developers what to do with the game they've designed, as it is ultimately up to them where this journey takes us. That being said, I firmly believe we, as a whole, are well educated, well-versed, and experienced enough to create an atmosphere of positive creativity to discuss the continued evolution of something we all love. The discussion I mentioned would take place on IRC, and/or possibly TeamSpeak depending on the feedback garnered in this thread. The atmosphere of this discussion should be surrounded in maturity, friendliness, and most importantly, effective communication; which means listening to the ideas of others just as much as you'd want them to listen to yours. I won't proclaim to be a highly intellectual individual who casts shadows, as many of you are much more educated than myself. To that end I won't limit who can and cannot attend this discussion, as I am the superior to none of you. Everyone is invited. Those that attend are encouraged to offer their own ideas, listen to the suggestions of others, and respond with constructive criticism where they see fit. If you don't have ideas of your own to share then by all means show your support for ideas that you do believe in. I fully understand there will be drama, but I expect civility amidst any dramatic differences of opinions, and hope that we'll maintain a professional and friendly atmosphere to produce growth. However, if there are those that only attend with malicious intent then they will be removed from the discussion to be fair to others who are serious about the topics at hand. By the time we finish the discussion, and hopefully reach an encompassing consensus, we could very well have something of merit and structure. Try not to think too much about the outcome of the discussion, but instead think of the journey getting there. I haven't set a time and date for this discussion, as I'm awaiting feedback to this first before moving forward, but rest assured the plan is to move forward as soon as possible. I have no idea how long this discussion will last (whether it be a couple hours, or a couple weeks), but it will last however long it is desired to continue. Thank you for those who have taken the time to read this entire post, and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. As a quick request I ask that you DO NOT start a debate here on this thread bringing up your suggestions or ideas for the possible topics of the discussion as that is not the purpose of this thread. Please limit your responses to support for or against having the discussion itself. This thread was designed as a heads-up and to receive a feedback count for what to expect when planning the IRC channel, and I do not want it to devolve into a forum war. With the proper feedback taken into consideration I'll later announce the time, date, and location (IRC/TeamSpeak) of the discussion. Below is a list of possible topics to have in the upcoming discussion. This list is not exhaustive. Please do not discuss these topics in this thread, as we will discuss them at length in the future at another location and add to the list as we go: Premium rates Payment model Upkeep rates Multi-character accounts (subscriptions) Player currency business (silver for money) Cosmetic shop Shop currency exchange rate (silver to euro) A few people have been confused as to the goal of this conversation, so I want to be clear: this is not a pitch to Rolf. This is data collection, research, and understanding of the monetary structure of the game compared to various suggestions that have been kicked around over the years. I do not have financial data for CC, so this will not be about whether they are thriving or not. This will exist to discuss in detail and educate ourselves on the possible benefits and deficits of suggested ideas such as F2P, cash shop, variant premium rates, etc. I hope this has cleared up any confusion.
  16. Hi guys, i am rejoining Wurm this Christmas. Thus i would like to buy an allround smith account. Looking for 80+ smithing skills, 50+ body. Meditation if you have, then good or its not much of use for me. Also if you have a high fi PVP account i would buy it. Budget not a issue for the right account. PM me what you got and we can make a deal. Thanks folks.
  17. As many of you know, we have lost around 25% of the Wurm Online premier population since the announcement of Wurm Unlimited. BUT in recent weeks that dropoff has in fact stabilised, and today, when I look at the premium player graphs - - I see for the first time a marginally higher number for the daily average than for the weekly average, indicating that the population is fully stable and we MIGHT even start to see growth. So, what do you see as the most important factor in this new development? Xmas season? Game improvements? New players coming over from WU, or returning players? And where will WO go from here?
  18. Here is a vyn a priest for sale. Currently located on Deli. I appreciate people who like to give their PC's, but this is not a thread for PC so I am asking to please save your opinions on the matter, thank you for your understanding of this. The accounts will be coming with basic gear unless specified otherwise. Account has an empty friends lists, no affiliation to villages or alliances. No affiliation to any kingdoms on Chaos so you are free to join any kingdom that you like. Details: CASIMIRO - Vynora priest Master Hot Food Cooking, High Channeling, High Soul Depth, High Ropemaking 50+ skills Skills Religion: 71.98903 Prayer: 75.9398 Channeling: 87.553986 Ropemaking: 81.69638 Cooking: 75.31559 Hot food cooking: 99.59799 Fishing: 75.39265 Farming: 61.713116 Miscellaneous Affinities: 1 Skills > 90: 1 Skills at 70-90: 6 Skills at 50-70: 1 Full dump: Casimiro has 32 titles Rock on the Path of Love (Can refresh, can enchant grass) [09:59:17] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Sleep, week 1 of the Raven's starfall, 1029. That's 930 days, 15 hours and 32 minutes ago. [09:59:17] You have played 210 days, 4 hours and 21 minutes. [09:59:17] You have been premium a total of 8 months until Dec 2013. [09:59:17] You have been premium a total of 21 since Dec 2013. [09:59:17] You have been premium consecutively for 5 months since Dec 2013. [09:59:17] You have premium time until 7 Sep 2015 21:11:03. Some photos of gear that can come with the chars for an additional price: (These are not included in the purchase price of the chars) Casimiro All offers can be made via PM in euros or silvers. Serious offers only please. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Happy Wurming! P.S. If I have missed any information you would like to know please feel free to ask. *****PENDING SALE*****
  19. Selling my referral for 6s. Seems to be the going rate. Going to use this money to start my own settlement! Exciting times!
  20. Hello i am midnightroamer from wurm online and have tried to login for the past WEEK and it just says i need to register a account when i already registered many years ago. I have had premium time for awhile now and intill september but have gave up on wurm. I have given up because i can not login, it just gives me the ERROR-CONNECTION DENIED YOU NEED TO REGISTER A ACCOUNT, So i just quit and stop trying. This kinda saddens me that i cant play a game that i just spent like 16 euros. I hope somebody will help me. I just wanna play. By the way my login information is right i checked by using in shop! Thanks if youll can help me!
  21. Trader proposal: Works the same way with draining and everything but with some changes 1: Traders need a contract like a merchant so you can regulate premium payouts. the contract holder needs to be premium to earn any money from the pool when the envoy pays f2p players still have the sell, rare coins along with the trader draining from public set traders so they can still earn see #3 below Edit: Only one trader contract per player (they can carry more contracts but only have one active/set trader earning coins globally across all the servers) 2: Cap the funds so that the player holding the contract can not get more then the cost of their premium back every month. (Rolfs choice on the amount and how that all works but needs to be less than 10s) 3: Anyone can drain the funds out of a trader but the contract holder needs to be premium for the envoy of the king to leave any money on the trader when they show up. (this way players can lock them away and get all the money for themselves or make it public to bring in new players to their markets or deeds) 4: Starter deeds will have premium holders and Rolf can even make them a higher payout if he likes but with the rare coins and the sell feature i don't see a need...up to him. 5: Traders can be packed up and moved like a merchant. they do not earn anything while packed up and the player made items get deleted when they are packed up to be moved. contracts can be traded and sold like merchant contracts abandoned traders can be packed up by players and returned to the contract holder Edit: Any coins left on the trader when it is packed up automatically goes into the bank of the contract holder 6: Any tax still goes to the deed you have the trader set or the deed the contract holder is a member of that sets the trader. 7: Since the contract holder has to be premium to get any money from the envoy then you no longer need the 64 tile restriction making the land grab issues no longer a problem. (you can have as many on a deed you like since the contract holder has to be premium to earn and the trader earns less then the premium they cost)
  22. Hey everybody, Based on an issue I have encountered yesterday, I would like to give a quick guide on what to do if you encounter the rare case of your purchased premium character time not being added to your account. At first, that is obviously a shock because you bought premium time with money or silver, and are worried you might not get it. I can assure you, staying calm and not worrying is the best course of action because you will receive response and support with the matter almost instantly. The first thing is to ensure payment has actually been made. If you have paid with PayPal, just like I did, you should get a payment confirmation mail. Never delete those emails before receiving your purchased items! The next thing is, as difficult as it is, to wait. If three hours after the transaction you haven't received your premtime, you have waited long enough to take further action. If you feel uncomfortable at that point with taking action all by yourself, type /support and choose Payment Issues as category and a CM should respond with helpful advise soon. What you need to ensure is that, if you have multiple characters, you confirm that you haven't accidentally added the premtime to another one of your characters. Log into the store again, and check what it sais regarding how long you still have premtime. Compare it with the /playtime result in your game. If both is still the old premtime without the new one added, you haven't received it. Now, don't despair, you will get your purchased items soon enough . The next step is to send an email to including as many details as possible. Included should be which package you purchased, and which payment method you used, as well as your character name. If there are any other important details related to the issue, add that as well. The more relevant details you add, the better the responding people can support you. I have had this issue yesterday, as I said, and I have received amazingly quick help and had the issue solved within a couple of hours after sending the final email. So as worrisome as it is to not receive your goodies, you can rest assured that you will receive help.
  23. I am not sure what is going on but i paid for a years worth of premium time today and still have not received it or my sleeping powders. Even thought it has not been 24 hours yet i have sent an email to Rolf but thought i would post about the issue here. If anyone has any shop things to do using PayPal you might want to wait till things get sorted. There was another guy posting he was having issues too in the tech section so i don't think it is just me having trouble. The issues has been fixed now..thanks
  24. Just as the title says, premium will recur just before expiration. Make it optional though as a purchase option to the already existing plans, maybe with a check mark under the existing plans. I know PayPal has some kind of recurring permission that is revokable so they can facilitate automatic renewals. I have seen it used at some small social game site... maybe Pogo? Not sure, but maybe worth looking into.
  25. Just want to know if anyone sells characters which had premium once as a deed holder for example. If so, pls lemme know the price or for how much they ll go.