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Found 7 results

  1. 🅢🅟🅘🅒🅐 🅢🅤🅟🅟🅛🅘🅔🅢 Greetings Everyone, Welcome to my store Feel free to browse what i have in stock. Its updated daily ! Delivery Wagoner or Self Pickup @ (Tempest) C10 Northwest Coast island Cadence -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENT STATUS IN GAME Online Now Offline Now Buzz me in-game for immediate reply - Spica or order here and ill get back to you asap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item Rate Price Per Large Crate Large Crate Available Mortar 1k/4s 1.2s 16 Clay 1k/1.5s 45c 9 Stone Brick 1k/2s 60c 14 Sandstone Brick 1k/4s 1.2s 15 Marble Brick 1k/4s 1.2s 14 Pottery Brick 1k/4s 1.2s booked . I will charge only 10c per large crate with refundable when returned.❤️ I also do BULK items which is not on the list above such as Support Beams, Planks, Shafts, carpentry etc (base on order) Nails, Ribbon, blacksmithing etc (base on order) Thank You & Happy Wurming Guys !
  2. Welcome to my shop! Selling POTTERY - any kind - and other stuff! BULK Pottery Bricks - 2s70c/1k Pottery Shingles - 2s / 1K Logs low QL (<40) - 1s / 1k Stone bricks - 1s / 1k SINGLE ITEMS Pottery up to QL70! Bowls, Smelting Pots, Planters, Jars and others - 8-10c each - FOR BIGGER ORDERS WE CAN NEGOTIATE Currently available: 100 x Pottery planters QL 50 - 10c / each (if you want to buy more we can discuss the price ) 1k x Logs low QL (<40) - 1s / 1k Pick up at Xanadu o8 Lunar Academy or FREE delivery on the coastal area! [only all boats canals] Localization: Xanadu o8 Name in game: Julietta
  3. Sorry, didn't feel like search-fu'ing But would an update on forges/ovens with the new wall types be feasible? I.e. rounded stone, slate, pottery brick, etc.? I can see where marble might be weird but I'd fit someone's deisgn. Personally I'd like to see a rounded stone forge seem to be a part of the room wall, as if it were built into it (or, hey, new walls with built in forges/ovens)
  4. So built 2 pottery brick extensions on my warehouse, the walls for under the ends of the bridge are solid with no openings. When bridge planning is done is say's the walls are too weak to support the bridge, which has to be some form of bug.
  5. The .MAP file generated by Export from the village plan encodes pottery brick walls the same as wooden walls. The first sample below is an export showing a tile with wooden walls on all levels. Actually the walls on the two lower levels are pottery brick. The second sample shows the same tile as it was originally planned in DeedPlanner. Note that the lower story pottery brick walls are saved with a "pb" prefix. Export <tile height="-977.0" x="33" y="27"> <ground id="pl"/> <level value="0"> <hWall id="wArch"/> <vWall id="wArch"/> </level> <level value="1"> <hWall id="wArch"/> <vWall id="wArch"/> <floor id="wFloor" orientation="UP"/> </level> <level value="2"> <hWall id="wwWindow"/> <vWall id="wWall"/> <floor id="wFloor" orientation="UP"/> </level> <level value="3"> <roof id="wRoof"/> </level> </tile> DeedPlanner <tile caveHeight="5.0" caveSize="30.0" height="229.0" x="33" y="27"> <ground id="pl"/> <cave id="sw"/> <level value="1"> <hWall id="pbWindow" reversed="true"/> <vWall id="wArch" reversed="false"/> <Floor id="wFloor" orientation="RIGHT"/> </level> <level value="2"> <vWall id="wWall" reversed="false"/> <Floor id="wFloor" orientation="RIGHT"/> <hWall id="wwWindow" reversed="false"/> </level> <level value="3"> <roof id="wRoof"/> </level> <level value="0"> <vWall id="pbWindow" reversed="true"/> <hWall id="pblArch" reversed="false"/> </level> </tile>
  6. as the topis says, skill responsible for bulding, improving that walls - of course pottery, and pottery responsible for multi-story. walls made of: for example 20 pottery bricks and 20 concrete
  7. I'd love to be able to have a pottery brick path. At present, pottery brick is only available as a floor, inside a building. There are several ways it could be done. 1) A single pottery brick used on packed dirt, like the cobblestone. 2) A combination of mortar and pottery brick into a complete item, like the floor board. I spent several days getting the materials together to put pottery brick paving down, before discovering it's indoor only. I could've cried.