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Found 70 results

  1. Welcome to the revival of Silent Hill's Sales Thread! We hope you'll find something you'll like The items will be sent from Independence and the buyer pays the mailcost. I might get some help from Jekkumage at times, with mailing the items (if another villager were to send the item we would give a heads-up so you'll know what to expect). Jewelry Silver items Quality Price Bracelet QL91 1s Bracelet QL91 1s Bracelet QL95 2s Bracelet QL95 2s Ring QL91 1s Necklace QL91 1s Necklace QL91 1s Statuette, L QL91 1s Statuette, F QL82 50c Rare Silver items Quality Price Ring QL91 2s Ring QL91 2s Gold items Quality Price Enchants Bracelet QL91 1s Ring QL91 1s Ring QL91 1s 20c nolo95 Ring QL91 1s 20c nolo97 Ring QL91 1s 20c nolo98 Ring QL91 1s 20c nolo99 Ring QL91 1s 10c B75 Ring QL91 1s 40c FP88 Ring QL91 1s 60c FP97 Ring QL91 1s 40c G84 Necklace QL91 1s Necklace QL91 1s Necklace QL91 1s Necklace QL91 1s Pendulum QL80 50c Rare Gold items Quality Price Enchants Ring QL91 2s Ring QL91 2s Ring QL91 2s 50c G91 Pendulum QL91 2s Iron items Pendulum, QL Enchants Price 91 litd76 1s 10c 91 litd76 1s 10c 91 litd80 1s 20c 91 litd82 1s 20c 91 litd83 1s 20c 91 litd84 1s 20c 90 w97 litw72 1s 20c 92 w92 litw78 1s 20c Pelts -Their weight is listed here Dog, QL Enchants Price QL100 c64 10c QL100 c76 15c QL100 c77 15c QL100 c79 15c QL100 c84 40c QL100 w82 c95 90c Large rat, QL Enchants Price QL100 c81 40c Mountain lion, QL Enchants Price QL100 w61 c72 20c QL100 c65 10c QL100 c68 10c QL100 c72 20c QL100 c73 20c QL100 c76 20c QL100 w76 c73 40c QL100 w76 c78 40c QL100 c83 40c QL100 w85 c66 50c Wild Cat, QL Enchants Price QL100 c70 20c QL100 c72 20c QL100 c87 40c QL100 w90 c92 1s Lumps Steel, QL Enchants Price - Iron, QL Enchants Price QL96 c76 20c QL96 c76 20c Silver, QL Enchants Price - Copper, QL Enchants Price - Gold, QL Enchants Price - Legend M = Magranon, L = Libila, V = Vynora, F = Fo Nolo = Nolocate B = Blaze FP = Fire Protection G = Glacial w = Wind of Ages c = Circle of Cunning litw = Lurker in the Woods litd = Lurker in the Deep
  2. ring/necklace what require pelt for improvement: [21:00:54] A delicate necklace. You will want to polish the necklace with a pelt before you improve it. [21:01:07] A ring to put on your finger. You will want to polish the ring with a pelt before you improve it. compare example to whetstone [21:01:39] A ring to put on your finger. The ring needs to be sharpened with a whetstone.
  3. message here or in game to Rumble prices as marked or make offers SOLD fence bars dirt dog pelt w92 supreme rock shard supreme marble shard supreme gold lump all logs sold 100ql pelt key mold wild cat pelt 98.73
  4. I believe the weights from lightest to heaviest is: rat, mountain lion, dog, wild cat. The sizes of this creatures visually, from smallest to largest is: wild cat, dog, rat, mountain lion. It really makes no sense and should be a super easy fix.
  5. wts prices as marked, message here or in game Rumble
  6. Furs can be stored in bulk storage bins or whatever, why do we have to store pelts in our characters, banks etc to avoid decay? It seems only logical that fur would decay just af fast as a pelt, they're both animal skin, so...why we cant simply store pelts like any item? I like to sort my stuff in chests, crates, bulk storage bins etc and I would like to store my pelts with all the other stuff I use to improve things. Why not change it? There's no reason at all to keep it this way. It doesn't make sense ('cause furs can be stored like anywhere without decaying so fast, you can also store them on bulk storage and get like zero decay) and it's annoying.
  7. Topic closed... SOLD rare basinet helm, steel (a101) - 5s SOLD rare plate gauntlet, steel (a91) - 3s SOLD rare plate gauntlet, steel (a95) - 3s SOLD 80ql lantern, iron (R18G18B237 Blue) - 65c SOLD 86ql dog pelt with COC (6.5dmg; can be mended) - 40c
  8. I have grown to enjoy Smithing in the game. Therefore, I have two suggestions in particular that I would like people to discuss and suggest ideas for on this thread: The introduction of "rare" pelts. All of my smithing tools are "rare" so why not be able to have a "rare" pelt too? The introduction of some sort of "tool" for tempering (e.g., special bucket or dipping tool). Something that can benefit from COC and WOA. Just for kicks, someone casted water with WOA for me to see if it would work. It doesn't. This is why I thought perhaps there could be some sort of tool for tempering. Finally, there should also be the possibility of that tool having a "rare" version as well. That way all the Smithing tools can be rares. Let's not forget supreme/fantastic but you get the idea.
  9. SALE SALE SALE! Take 10c off each listed price! Selling off some excess inventory! C = Circle of Cunning( Skill enchant) w= Wind of ages (Speed Enchant) Buyer pays CoD Please post, or send a forum pm I will try my best to keep the list updated in a timely manner! Quality Enchant Price Carving Knives 25.41 c64 50c 20.66 c67 50c 19.34 c50 30c 17.32 c63 50c 17.18 c56 40c 16.77 c76 60c 16.44 c61 50c 16.42 c58 40c 16.41 c66 50c Mallets maple 51.06 c56 40c pine 15.34 c68 50c Groom Brush Cedar 35.07 c56 40c Birch 22.44 c69 60c Cedar 16.82 c62 60c Cedar 16.82 c60 60c Cedar 16.78 c53 50c Cedar 16.35 c55 50c Cedar 15.96 c64 60c Birch 9.69 c58 50c Willow 9.12 c58 50c Rope Tools Pine 56.81 c57 40c Cedar 29.67 c55 40c Iron Rake 81.53 w61c47 50c 68.15 w53c50 40c Iron Pickaxe 84.90 w75 60c 36.49 c60 50c 33.82 c64 50c 23.68 c57 30c 16.53 c55 30c 15.54 c52 30c Leather Knife 54.15 c62 60c Sickle 26.42 c66 60c 22.40 c69 60c 18.99 c70 65c Large Anvil 18.05 c57 50c 18.03 c64 60c Small Anvil 18.05 c57 50c Butcher Knife 26.42 c52 50c 24.61 c54 50c 24.18 c78 70c Exquisite Meditation Rug 17.25 c58 60c
  10. Closet clean out, this is the last of my enchanted stuff from when I owned Redeemed many years ago. Make me a fair offer, with who to sent it to, and if I can cram it in my mailbox, its yours. I will update the lists as things sell. Pick up from Solitude in Deliverance is possible, through merchants. Its been fun, and I still miss Wurm, but I hope these items can go to good homes Items marked C or COC have Circle of Cunning, items with W or WoA have Wind of Ages (duh) - fair offers only, please don't low ball me and waste both our time-
  11. CoD or buy from merchant at Rag and Bone Market, P22 Xanadu.
  12. Allow us to turn fur and pelts into leather. Option one: Use knife on fur or pelt to turn it into hide. Option two: Use lye on fur or hide to turn it into leather directly.
  13. Hi all, I am getting rid of my lower end pelt stocks and instead of just putting them in a trash heap I decided to 'sell' them to beginners that need them for a basic price. Conditions: one per person you will get a random pelt of 80-90ql cost is 9c per pelt (+1c for mailing, so 10c total) Only have a limited amount of pelts, so make sure you PM me in game (/tell Thorakkanath your_message_goes_here) or reply to this thread with your in-game name Be sure to tell your friends as well, I would like for this offer to reach as many beginners as possible PS. to receive the mail you need access to a mailbox (one of the four existing models: spirit house, spirit mansion, spirit cottage, spirit castle) that has a courier cast of any power (when examining it you see the message: Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [xx] ), that is empty and you need the 10c in your bank. It does not matter if the mailbox is on a deed or in the middle of nowhere.
  14. Got for sale 2 pelts lion pelt 82.38ql 81coc 60c, dog pelt 87.83ql 93c 70c, 6xrare charcoal 53ql 60c - sold will have knarr for sale, can finish it with any type of wood, knarr will be sold with 43 large cedar crates + mooring anchor, it's pick up only offer, payment 7s through mailbox, after payment i'll transfer ownership and happy buyer can collect it whenever he/she want stright from my docks, pick up from H17 Xanadu, Maes Knoll
  15. Close

    90 QL Large Rat Pelt COC 99 Pm offers to Qwizat
  16. Closed

    High COC Pelt Auction Item: 90 QL Large Rat Pelt COC 99 Starting bid: 2 silver Bid Increments: 50c Snipe Protection: None Hidden Reserve: Yes Buyout: 4s Auction Length: 1.5 days Ends: Midnight on Sunday, February 27, 2016
  17. Got 2 dog pelts for sale pelt 83.09ql , 96coc - for 1s sold pelt 86.05ql, 93coc - for 95c
  18. Cotton Towel

    Would it be possible to have an alternative to the pelt so that those of us who are pacifists do not have to go out and kill other creatures so as to spit shine a shovel blade?
  19. Buyers pay COD from Xanadu or pick up in P22 on Xanadu 30c 40c 35c 30c 45c 45c 30c 40c PM me here if you want Wind of Ages added as well.
  20. 3 woa pelts, minor enchants not much to speak of and 3 fair coc pickaxes.. Buyers pay cod from xanadu, pelts 5c each Pickaxes 50c each
  21. Whetstone 60c Pelt 70c Shovel 70c Pickaxe 50c Buyers pays COD from Xanadu or pick up from Nexus Landing P22.
  22. Time to sell this "gently used" merchandise: Iron Lump - QL 89.69 (Damage 9.30) COC 78 = 75c Whetstone - QL 95.74 (Damage 39.45) COC 77 = 45c Rat Pelt - QL 85.47 (Damage 47.86) COC 75 = 45c Mt Lion Pelt - QL 97.83 (Damage 47.87) WOA 84 = 45c Prearranged Pick up = Kinoss Bay, Indy (Q 10/11) Mail = Buyer pays COD
  23. 3 x Seryll lumps, 80ql. 3s each or 8s for all 3. Oil of the Weaponsmith, 41ql. 2s Oil of the Weaponsmith, 87ql. 3s Salve of frost, 91ql. 1s #1 70c Sold #2 70c Sold #3 70c Sold #4 70c Sold #5 65c Sold #6 50c Sold #7 70c Sold #8 70c Sold Buyers pay COD from Xanadu or collect at Nexus Landing P22.