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Found 53 results

  1. Skill Dump Beast of Path of Insanity I'd like to sell this character for cash via Paypal. Min offer is 30e. Out of prem. Mayor of Oakshire on Pristine.
  2. as in title, want to buy up to 50s via paypal
  3. I want to buy one gold as the title says. If you are willing to give me a slight discount that would be great as it's expensive to convert from EU->CAD. I bought plenty of times before, good standing, verified PayPal, payment before you accept CoD.
  4. I am interested in selling 57 Silver for only 0.85 each silver, this would give a total of 48 USD Those interested please contact the subject or send a private, thanks in advance.
  5. Please check my many successful sales and purchases for Trading Confidence.... I have been playing Wurm from 1 week after Indy started and off and on since then. Verified Paypal ONLY. Friends and Family to help prevent charge backs. Up to 1 gold is avail.. more soon! I am in-game mostly on Damine But also check GrumpyOldGamer for speedy contact. PM Me ingame but please post here for a contract on the forums for all to see! Basically you may PM me to alert me to your post here. TY! I am an Twitch Streamer and Utuber "GrumpyOldGamerReviews". I am high profile! TRADE WITH CONFIDENCE! $100USD= 1gold $1= $1USD
  6. WTB gold coin or silver coins, pm me in-game Nachtiti and we walk (fastest way to reatch me) but here is fine too but may go slower
  7. got left 90 silver coins at Glasshollow Market can split in less too. gift via paypal 1s 1€ pm me here or ingame as paulofdune
  8. WTS 1 gold coin @ 95USD PayPal. Willing to sell in smaller amounts - PM me on here or ingame on ImperialWalker if interested. Cheers!
  9. Sold all, please close
  10. Like in the title I want to sell 10s for 10 euro by paypal. PM me if you're interested.
  11. I want to sell silver for euros 1s = 1€ Paypal ONLY 100 available 90 available SOLD
  12. Looking to sell 180 silver, verified paypal only, preferably to established accounts. will accept sales for smaller values Selling at 1s:0.9euro ratio PM on the forums or ingame (Fooli)
  13. Everything pictured is for sale, prices are not firm. For regular items without a price, make an acceptable offer and I will send the item on its way. I can be PM'ed in-game as Epicphail Sale Including; 26x Sleep Powders - 1s/ea. 1x Rare Oven 1x Rare Sailboat - Offer. I will need this for some time longer, cannot sell immediately. ALSO WTS GOLD / SILVER COINS FOR EUR - 1.15s / 1EUR - PayPal Only PM for more info. Current stock: SOLD OUT
  14. got 12 sleep powders for 10s or 10€ just pm me here or ingame as Paulofdune can deliver to any starter town spawn on Xanadu for free
  15. Hi. I wanna sell 20s 1s/1e via paypal. PM me on forum on ingame - Nisustug.
  16. sold

    sold pls close
  17. Alright so I see that you wish for more of us to use Paypal, correct? If this is so, than why the heck do you only have choices for silver that make us pay 10 eur's? Suggestion: allow for us to pick the amount of silver we wish to buy, I'm pretty sure you can figure out the math to see how much you can sell a silver for, heck 2 silver well even better 3 silver, without the need to go and have 3 different charges to our account just to get 3 silver or 5 silver. Also something that should be put down. Don't force us to buy silver along side a 1 month premium purchase allow us to get 1 month premium for 8 eur not this 10 eur thing because of a silver added in. add these option choices to paypal users because all I see for purchases with paypal are the paypal deals and I don't care for the dang paypal deals. I want to use paypal to buy 3 silver, not my dang credit card. Now if there is an option for paypal to buy stuff that isn't from deals, well i'm sorry to say you don't show it well enough.
  18. I have 50 silver coins for sale at 1s:1e rate (PayPal verified - buyer pays any fees involved)
  19. It's my birthday soon and I would like to purchase in-game currency. Paypal verified. Toss me a pm. Cheers, Neville.
  20. You send me 63 EUR paypal verified (you pay fees - select "I'm sending money to family or friends" inside paypal Send Money), then you send me some nice item COD for 63s, when I see money on my paypal, I log in my toon Shaylie at Inde and pickup your mail. Interested? If u wanna buy more from me, see
  21. I'd like to buy 14s from someone. I'd prefer to buy it all at once, but if you want to sell more than 14 at once, I'll consider it. The lowest amount I'll buy at once is 7s. I'll mail you something and make it worth 20c less than however much silver you sell.
  22. I've been trying to find someone selling gold or silver lately, as I'm interested in purchasing 50s through paypal. Unfortunately, every thread I find that is selling has a non-responsive seller. If anyone out there is looking to sell some silver, hit me up. My paypal is verified, and I ask that yours is as well and you're in good-standing. I won't purchase from anyone who has little to no history at all in selling silver from this game. Thank you!
  23. PM or contact me ingame(Nachtmahr) Paying via Paypal
  24. I am not sure what is going on but i paid for a years worth of premium time today and still have not received it or my sleeping powders. Even thought it has not been 24 hours yet i have sent an email to Rolf but thought i would post about the issue here. If anyone has any shop things to do using PayPal you might want to wait till things get sorted. There was another guy posting he was having issues too in the tech section so i don't think it is just me having trouble. The issues has been fixed now..thanks