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Found 8 results

  1. This has happened to me about three times now, on different characters. I'll get a referral, select the '20 days of premium time' option, and nothing will happen. If I log onto the Wurm shop, it sometimes displays the correct expiry date of premium time (20 days later than it was before I got the referral), but sometimes it does and then it changes back to the incorrect date. For the last one, I waited over a week, hoping it would come through, but still nothing. Each time I've had to log a support ticket to get the premium time corrected. The staff has always been able to sort it out for me, but I use referrals quite often, and it would be nice just to be able to get the premium time without having to create a ticket. It doesn't happen every time, but it's happened enough that it's starting to bother me now, as it doesn't seem like a once-off random annoyance anymore.
  2. Every link in the Wurm Online Shop - Wurm Online Premium gets: 2206: Sorry, this payment method is currently unavailable. Please try again later or select a different payment method. My premiumtime is gone so i need this...what's going on?
  3. Hi, So I paided for Wurm Online priemium and then switched to Wurm Unlimited and I was wondering if I need to cancel anything on my Wurm Online account so I won't get charged again, and if so how would I do that? Thanks.
  4. Hey, I need a few people to come help me mine down this portion of stone on my island in C9. It's not that big, but it is a nasty time sink! It's in an L shape, about 2 wide by 6 Long, and 2-3 high. It has knife like edges on the top. as for pay, well i'd be happy to give at minimum a silver or 2 per person, the job really isn't that big. Pm: Leilue.
  5. So, basically I need to pay for Wurm premium and as my parents are out of town I need to use my phone. However it seems as though the phone payment is "temporarily disabled". Does anyone know why that is?
  6. I havent played Wurm for about 6 weeks... Now I buyed a Paysafecard and wanted to buy silver coins for Premium and a new Deed foundation. But when i open the tab of Super Rewards there are some payment options... but no Paysafecard anymore... I wondered about that and searched on google for other people with this problem... but i found none... so i thought it could be a mistake of myself so im asking if this is as it should be or... not... Thanks for reading this and hopefully a helping answer, TheAwesomeOne A Screenshot of the Super Rewards Screen
  7. Hello Wurm Community, I was wondering if people would like to have 5 euro for 1 month and 1 euro for 1 silver wouldn't that be nice? ---> Just make the payments less so there will be more buyers, without profit losses. This website says that it is possible: />
  8. Hello i bought througm your shop 2 month premium time for 10 euros, you recieved from my paypal 10 euros and i can see my stats are uncapped again but for example i cannot ride horse even when i have 21 bc. Thank you very much for solution Wixq