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Found 29 results

  1. This is a WU server mod that makes paving more convenient. To use it simply make a paving item active and use it on a tile. You can change pavement types by making a new pave item active and using it on a paved tile to change things around. You don't need to tear up the old to change it around. -Caves- The default tile here is the plain old cave tile. The chisel is used to remove pavement and it will turn the tile into a cave tile. The tiles don't need to be reinforced or prepped with mortar. This makes it considerably easier to reinforce a cave floor and it's a tradeoff in order to improve creative freedom. -Outside- The default title here is packed dirt. The chisel is used to remove pavement and it will turn the tile into a packed dirt. You can pave whole tiles or the nearest corner. -Bridges- The default tile is whatever the bridge's normal tile is. Using a chisel will remove pavement and return the tile to bridge default type. There are no restriction on the kind of bridges or pavements you can do. (imo) Freedom to do stuff even if it's silly or looks weird is important. If you pave a rope bridge it will look very silly. Putting heaving stone pavers on a wooden bridge may not be realistic but giving the player creative freedom is more important then realism limitations. If you don't like something, don't use it. Required Ago's WurmServerModLauncher: My common librar mod: Install Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the folder with server.jar. The archive structure is setup to put the mod in the mods folder.
  2. Perhaps "paving" isn't the right word or skill as I'm not suggesting using this for a road material necessarily (though might make some nice pathways on a deed). My thinking, and hope, is more for my stables and/or riding barn. Using gravel at the moment but wood chips/scrap would be nicer I think.
  3. I'm looking for someone who has 40+ paving skill who can come to my deed and do a 2x3 (6) marble floor. As of this post I am still working on getting the marble itself, I need only someone who can do the floors. The deed is on Xanadu and in O21 / 5750,-5435 just north slightly east of "The Three Legged Troll" (My deed is not on the map yet, waiting on it being added.) Please contact me and make a bid for the work.
  4. Planting catseyes on bridges prevents subsequent preparation with mortar for paving. I suggest notes be added to these pages warning that paving must be done before catseyes. In the Bridge paving paragraph and to these pages as necessary thanks
  5. Now that we have brick roads, how cool would it be if we could make yellow brick roads?? Maybe (clay + bouquet of yellow flowers = yellow clay brick)? Also, what about streets paved with gold? Perhaps (marble shards + gold lump = gold paving slab)?
  6. i paved the tunnel (support beam, mortar, and colossus bricks) and i noticed, at cave entrance tile speed is low, like on regular freshly mined cave tile, instead of speed at rest of tunnel.
  7. In my recent endeavours with underground paving, I noticed that it is not the same as above-ground paving. Much to my dismay, there is one huge difference. You can only pave an entire tile. The option to "pave nearest corner" is not available. With above ground paving, paving the nearest corner does not only make nice corners, but makes super nice paving-patterns possible. Wurm Devs, please bring paving equality to the underground dwellers! We want fancy roads through our dark tunnels too!
  8. Hello. we've asked for snow shovels before, we know nothing can be done about snow falling through ceilings or all paving turning to snow in the winter, even indoors. Snow shovels would transform this hard-coded defeat into a triumph, especially indoors. sooner or later someone will ask for paving in mines, i can see the winter paved ground textures being a problem for that also. My suggestion: Allow us to shovel our snow.
  9. What happened to Fo being able to pave we couldn't pack but could pave has it been nerfed again?
  10. She punishes you for removing roads.. what if you're replacing cobble with slate? You'd think she'd be pleased. nay Could we have Vynora reward you for making fancy paving? she punishes you for preparing the ground for it. (not that i care, the message just annoys me when im doing something she's meant to like) just a quibble that's never gone away. easy fix, change religion. but sometimes i wonder if it need be necessary.
  11. So if you pave a tile using the nearest corner you will get a nice tidy corner tile pave. I noticed while paving marble tiles as corners that once done if you dig/adjust slope on a adjoining tile, the paved corner tile reverts back to a full paved tile.
  12. I'd love to be able to have a pottery brick path. At present, pottery brick is only available as a floor, inside a building. There are several ways it could be done. 1) A single pottery brick used on packed dirt, like the cobblestone. 2) A combination of mortar and pottery brick into a complete item, like the floor board. I spent several days getting the materials together to put pottery brick paving down, before discovering it's indoor only. I could've cried.
  13. HI, Three things every bug report should include: # What happened - [09:35:28] You cannot dig in such terrain. - or dredge on wooden planks paving on corners that are connected to other wooden planks # What you expected to happen - to be able to dig/dredge - I have few canals that I made before using same method (you can check it on deed Clint Eastwood and John Wayne Market on Xanadu) # Steps to reproduce - just try to dig on wooden planks paving on corner that is connected to other wooden floors - GM tried also and told me its a bug and to report it to here (ticket 153534) Additional notes: # If we cannot reproduce a bug it will take a LOT longer to fix - If needed come to my deed and I'll show how # Too much info is better then too little info - On some other pavings it works normally as before # Don't be afraid to bump old reports if they are still valid BR, Komunalac
  14. With all the bothersome clay in the way of many roads (especially on Xanadu), and the several topics dedicated to the issue I think it's time for a simple answer to the problem. A new pavement type for the single purpose of paving over clay that when ripped up reverts back to clay. I suggest using iron sheets which have no other purpose at the moment (according to the wiki) to create a metal walkway that's just as fast to walk over as cobblestone. This new road would be slightly harder to pave and rip up than cobblestone to prevent newer players from paving over everything or ripping up the sheets. I think this provides an easy solution using something already in game that would require minimal effort to implement, although I really have no idea how hard it is to implement new actions to the game. Opinions?
  15. I am suddenly unable to build any floors on the 4th height, I have 42 paving and 78 masonry, I have build hundereds of floors on the 4th and 5th levels on the same structure but recently it says I am unable to build any floors, I have tried building on the floor above, the 4th floor in a seperate building from the one in question and relogging, This has persisted since before the server had restarted for the bridge update so it was certainly not caused by that, I do not have any injuries or skill loss on paving from death. It's not just 1 building, i destroyed a floor on another building to try and rebuild and it still would not allow me.
  16. Fix this Please Paving nearest corner Not matching road or give us choice of texture please
  17. I am building a sand pit and wanted to put in an arched way with the sand going into the arched space but there is no way to get sand on the ground under a house so i am suggesting a sand paving. That or just let us build houses over sand tiles. I am sure i will be in the minority on wanting this but i have to try, lol
  18. Ok, I know a thousand post have come up on clay issues in Xanadu, but not sure if anyone has mentioned doing a partial paving of clay (or other types like Peat, Moss and Marsh), using planks, to make a narrow walking path. Horses and carts are fine, but would be nice if foot traffic wasn't slowed down, having to travel over 50 continuous tiles of clay. The graphic could be just a couple rickety parallel planks, through the center of the tile. Could be rotated for appearance. At least 70% of the tile would still be visible and the planks would not impact the ability to dig. This would allow us to clearly define a trail, provide speedy foot travel and not impact anyone's ability to access the resources underneath. Activate plank - create trail.
  19. Paving tool - Used to apply bricks/slabs/etc... to packed dirt. - It is not a container and it takes bricks/slabs from inventory. - Can be configured to do a certain type of pave action by default. - Each tool should have a unique memory so you can have multiple of these in a toolbelt. - Make separate icons for each paving option and this icon is displayed as its changed. - Add a pave action keybind. It would use the pave tool on a packed dirt tile and apply whatever pavement the tool is configured to do. Why? I don't like Wurm's menu system.
  20. I have 52 paving and i need 70 to finish the layout for my dount house. If you have anything you need paved, Floors(stone, marble, pottery, Brick), Roads made (any type), Clear cut and packed, or anything that will help me bring my paving skill up let me know. Just have the Mats made up and i will lay it out for you. I know i could just pack a tile over and over again, but what is the fun in that when i could just help people out. Just PM me here or in game. Just post here and i will come to you and help you out. I really want to get my deed done but cant do it untill i get 70 Paving ♥ I do need noney too but i would not know what to charge just to make floors or roads? Thanks Evadaly
  21. Could we add this function to the other types of paving?
  22. Just that, adding the new paving as an option to flooring, can use same materials and skill than brick floors.
  23. Hey everyone! I know a lot of folks generally don't enjoy grinding up their Thatching skill, but I've had need to lately and so I have. With that being said I'm offering my services for thatched roofing. Since I'll be taking jobs that require me to build roofs, I figured I might as well offer to build the other roof types as well. This might seem a little odd, offering to build the other roofs that only take masonry skill, however I know there are some players out there who can build their own houses out of wood, but don't have the masonry required to put on a specific type of roof if they are looking for something other than wooden shingles. I of course will supply the materials to build the roof sections. In addition to roofing I can also build your houses for you if you supply the materials. Below is a list of prices. Comment here if you need any work done or pm me if you have questions or would like to negotiate or trade for work done. I'll travel anywhere in Independence to work for a small traveling fee and only ask that you supply me with a bed and food if I need it. Roofing* Thatch = 50c traveling fee + 10c per tile Pottery Shingle = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Slate = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Paving** Stone brick = 50c traveling fee + 2c per tile Stone slab = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Marble slab = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Construction*** Wooden building = 50c traveling fee + 5c per wall + 2c per floor/ceiling tile Stone building = 50c traveling fee + 6c per wall + 3c per floor/ceiling tile If you'd like to purchase any carpentry made tools (fine fishing rod, fishing rod, grooming brush, mallet, wooden spindle, wooden spatula, or wooden clay shaper) pm me for details. *Roofing costs only apply to jobs where you hire me solely for roofing without the construction of the buildings themselves. **Paving is only for outside use as all other paving falls under house construction. I will also provide the materials for such outside paving. ***Buildings that mix wood and stone walls will still be priced according to each wall type and floor/ceiling type. Cheers, Slickshot
  24. Tempest Workshop has now been updated! Blacksmithing has been added and a few items tweaked or removed all together. Tempest Workshop is located at Storm's End on Independence at 43x33y. We will deliver any object that cannot be mailed for an extra charge of 10c. If you choose to have your item mailed, you will be required to pay the mailing charge on top of the item cost. We currently do not deliver outside of Independence. Thank you for your business!
  25. I'm building a harbour at my deed and i want the slopes to be paved with slabs. For the S and E facing slopes, that works fine - I can pack a pave even if the S or E part of the tile is under water. For the tiles where the N edge is under water, I can't pack the dirt. With these i have tried raising them to above water level - then I can pack and pave them. My problem is that now i can't lower the northern edge of those tiles below 20 slope. I tried with both digging and dredging. I get this message: [09:36:59] The road would be too steep to traverse. The tiles are paved with slabs, not cobblestone. My question is, how do I pave the northern slopes of my harbour?