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Found 6 results

  1. I am taking offfers on my enchanted longsword and Rare LMS. [17:44:11] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [79] [17:44:11] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [88] [17:44:11] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [83] [17:44:11] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [96] Enjoy
  2. Hello, As the title says, make me offers here or Wulfgar ingame. All items will be cod from Chaos on buyers expensse! Also for sale: Ql 95 and Ql 94 seryll full lump! ql 95 for 5s and ql 94 for 4,5s!
  3. Hello! I like to sell all of my gems, and my rare studded leather glove. I like to recive some fair offers, on the items! Gems: Other Threads: -Giblet
  4. IGN: Bluemoonn 50.23ql rare brichwood dredge WoA69 52.31ql cedarwood spindle CoC53 78.93ql brichwood spindle WoA20 + CoC43 68.98ql iron scythe WoA50 + CoC62 71.27ql iron scythe 69.60ql iron needle 58.48ql iron needle CoC73 66.88ql pinewood mallet CoC52 89.82ql cedarwood mallet 29.27ql brichwood mallet CoC66 89.16ql cedarwood mallet WoA17 + CoC28 64.67ql iron small anvil WoA12 43.67ql iron small anvil CoC18 68.15ql iron small anvil 10.49ql unfinished iron anvil 70.71ql iron saw WoA90 + CoC61 59.93ql iron pickaxe WoA2869.15ql iron pickaxe WoA39 81.02ql iron pickaxe CoC54 35.82ql iron pickaxe CoC56 1.46ql iron pickaxe CoC59 12ql steel pickaxe CoC63 76.70ql iron file CoC25 60.46ql iron large maul FA65 57.65ql iron large maul NIM51 + FB41 + CoC13 64.62ql iron two handed sword NIM91 + FB58 + CoC17 22.29ql iron trowel WoA41 64.61ql iron trowel WoA53 46.19ql copper chain gauntlet AOSP16 75.10ql iron large maul AD + CoC50 + FA6 SOLD: 62ql CoC66 + WoA41 rake - 1s - Realcoffee 77ql WoA43 saw - 50c - Realcoffee 66ql WoA58 small anvil - 50c - Realcoffee 58ql CoC73 needle - 50c - Thorne 40ql CoC60 pickaxe - 80c - Throndr 74ql carving knife - 40c - Dragonshearts 82ql CoC64 + WoA51 saw - 2.1s - Dragonshearts 67ql mallet WoA43 + CoC47 - 75c - Aldaval 75ql pickaxe WoA62 - 80c - Aldaval 79ql saw - 50c - Aldaval 70ql large anvil - 70c - Aldaval 66ql mallet CoC52 - 70c - Adorellan 81ql pickaxe CoC54 - 1s - Adorellan 76ql file CoC25 - 65c - Adorellan 64ql trowel WoA53 - 55c - Adorellan 51ql hatchet - 90c - Aldaval 67ql stone chisel WoA50 + CoC78 - 1.3s - Adorellan
  5. The size of Draenor is 33 by 37. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 6 silver, 42 copper and 42 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver, 44 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 73 days, 15 hours and 50 minutes more. Located at x41 y8 on the celebration map the deed has no animals so just for fun i will include this "The tile per creature ratio of this deed is Infinity. Optimal is 15 or more.This is a good figure." the deed includes 5 buildings building 1 5x8 with 5x2 enchanted grass pen building 2 3x6 with 5x2 enchanted grass pen building 3 2x3 and a 1x1 trader hut ondeed mine with several veins can that be expanded below the whole deed and beyond(white highlight marks the deed limits,perimeter is included on the mine map,cave tiles mark the explored sections of the mine) the deed also includes this extras: ondeed 50ql guard tower 65 ql wooden vynora altar 65 ql wooden mailbox with 86 power 650x 47ql cotton 100x 50ql wem plants 30x 90plus ql logs 250 70plus ql oak logs 300 75ql logs 2 floor_looms 79 and 72ql 11x old or older oaks and some younger ones plenty of bsbs,coffins,beds,forges,etc I will consider any serious offers.