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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have submitted to have the tunnel that starting in Freeport, connects to the old Elm Street deed, informally known as the "Elm Street Tunnel" heritage protected for community access.After the GM appraised it , I was informed it would need reinforced walls end to end, and to show a real value to the community. As to reinforcements, i have no problem with the work...and the stone doors will be removed, and it will be marked from the main road south of Freeport, that leads through NewHaven to TapDance.I will also repave the connecting lane that travels through both of my deeds (Freeport and SouthFreeport) with a 1 lane rough cobble for easy following so as not to be confusing, where it travels through my deeds. This is the part where community comes in. 1.If you live on or frequent Celebration, and find this route(which connects the shoreline of northern Northmere and surrounding communities to the main road to tap dance) of value, please submit input.This is not a vote as much as a show of how valuable it would be to the Celebration community. 2. This is not the only overland connection as the "Celtic Tunnel" and the highway connecting it to the roads south are still open , albeit a bit more inland. 3. This is not a ploy for personal gratification...i did not dig this tunnel , Many others did...I did help with the existing supports during completion but that was all, But i feel if a name were involved for the map page etc... that a name like North Shore access tunnel , or something like that would be appropriate. 4.Also please, i am not looking for drama, or negative opinions based on personal likes or dislikes....if you feel it's of no value no reply or -1 or whatever is fine i don't need ights against it , just asking that IF you find it of value please speak up and be heard....i will check through the week and if i see a positive response i will build/place supports for final submission. Thank you for your time, Merolack Poisonblade
  2. "Over time, the population of every village approaches one. Most players quit, or become mayors. Why fight it?" -- Garis of Wealdin The Northmere Alliance is a federation of land owners based in the northeast of Celebration, and we're always on the lookout for good players. Whether they seek citizenship in one of our villages, or to settle in the northeast, we can usually tell which players are made for these mountains. In general, rather than recruiting lots of new players into one village and spending all of our time trying to keep them happy and motivated, or living like hermits and getting discouraged in our fortresses of solitude, our members are usually deed owners, dedicated specialist craftsmen, or aspiring deed owners. This means we're almost all premium players with some skin in the game, who can appreciate the challenge and pride that comes from building up your own settlement. Our alliance gives us several advantages. Currently, every member of The Northmere is a premium player. If a villager wants to set out and found their own settlement, they can do so with the full support of the alliance. With mostly solo deeds, each of our members can set permissions for other member on a per-person basis, as they see fit. We don't have rules telling you what you have to contribute or what to do with your deed. For example, if a member want to give one someone mining access for a week, that's up to them. Our ranks include priests of Magranon, Fo, and Vynora. We have access to every major resource, and several rare metal types. We tend not to price-gouge one another, and none of us needs a handout. We also have high expectations of our our members. We want them to be active, intelligent, and of reasonably good character. We don't recruit part time occupants of Celebration, but only players who are committed to living here. Since nobody can turn off the /alliance channel, we expect people to conduct themselves in /alliance chat according to the rules that govern local chat. We save the rowdy, offensive, and wildly inappropriate talk for IRC, and have a system in place for resolving the rare conflicts that pop up. If someone needs to leave, for personal reasons or to get some space, or if they lapse for a while due to RL, they can come back. As an alliance, we work together to develop infrastructure in our region, especially roads, highways, tunnels, towers, ports, and mines. We keep a good balance between progress on the home front and development of our region. If this sounds like a community you'd enjoy, drop me a PM on the forums, or send a message to me, Liviella, Nicefrog, Crick, or Eldris in game.
  3. Meredin

    Just finished a month-long project I've been working on, and wanted to toss up a few screenshots. I needed clay, and there was a spot in the middle of the Northmere. So, I raised an island and built myself a place to cook bricks, grind pottery, fish, meditate, concentrate on crafting skills, and generally relax. "Meredin" means "Lake Fort": From above, looking down at the clay pit: From the water: The entire project took somewhere in the neighborhood of 3800 dirt, 2500 stone bricks and mortar, 2000 clay for pottery brick floors, more than a few meals, many shipments of rock and lumber, and the patience of my allies while I droned on and on about my glacial progress. Now the fun part begins. Making myself at home. EDIT: Added a view from the lake
  4. Today, on behalf of the Northmere Alliance, I built a highway connection across the tundra, joining the Northeastern highway networks to those running north from Tap Dance. As a result, there is finally a continuous highway system connecting the lands east of the Northmere, as well as the northern deserts, to Tap Dance. I'm sensitive to the fragile nature of the tundra, and took care not to destroy more tiles than necessary during this process. Hopefully a completed and well designed highway grid will discourage future slipshod road construction in the area, and allow us to get some Vynora Priests out there and replace some of the tundra grass. No one deserves to get lost and die for lack of good roads. A couple of generous souls have offered me small tokens of gratitude, but I ask instead for all soldiers and hunters who use these highways to please be generous and kind to any on these roads who are weaker than they, or in need of help. How the new tundra highway connection fits into the existing highway grids of the NE is shown here: /salute.
  5. Hello, Celebration. On behalf of the of the (recently renamed) Northmere alliance, I am pleased to announce the creation of a highway leading from the western shores of The Northmere (the large inland northern lake) to the eastern coast, where it terminates near the "East Outpost" settlement. This road begins south of Wealdin Anchorage and extends through what we call the Spiderwood (massive birch forest in to the East of Mount New Hope, in the NE part of the map), opening up the area, with its vast mineral and timber resources, to further settlement. There is still one short leg of the highway that needs leveling and re-planing, but overall it is complete and passable via drawn carts. Additionally, the Storrfjall tunnel is now complete, allowing land passage over the mountain range north of Mount New Hope. The tunnel begins on the Northeastern Highway at Storrfjall and extends north, over the mountain passes and toward the northern deserts. The entire tunnel is on deed, and protected by templars. Prior to the completion of these projects, it was not possible for settlers from Tapdance to bring large carts north of Mount New Hope without unhitching and pushing them bodily up the mountain face, and the prevalence of creatures in the Spiderwood led to it becoming a boneyard for wave upon wave of would-be settlers. We saw many many people turn back and head south when they realized they'd hit the end of the proverbial road. These two projects should allow for a smoother flow of traffic into and through the northeast. Special thanks go out to Balack for his material support and tireless efforts during the Spiderwood road construction sprint, as well as to Rekker for engineering the northern tunnel through his deed, and especially to Angelus for contributing backbreaking labor on both projects. Also, shout outs to Crick, Xallo, Frogster, Mihai, and others for helping with the necessary surface mining and tunneling on Rekker's tunnel. We have plans to connect our highway system more formally to the road networks near TD, but will wait to discuss those plans until the project is complete. Be of good cheer.