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Found 1 result

  1. Llama

    Village in northern Indy is looking for a few more mature people to live in our village either permanently or to use us as a stepping stone in locating that perfect site for your own deed. Northern Indy is pretty sparsely populated with many areas that would make fine deeds. New or experienced, premium or f2p, all are welcome. Village is located a 3 minute cart ride to Samling Fjord where we have a dock from which you can fish or sail to anywhere on Indy. We also have several sister deeds located around Indy where you can live once you have learned the game and worked on some skills. Our village is called Llama City. We are also members of a fair sized, active alliance with many experienced players. We also have neighbors in the area who are friendly and helpful. Chances are, if someone doesn't know about it or can't make it, it's unknowable or nonexistant. Llama City is on a large, level, multi tiered, flat plateau covering 4,000 tiles and has a large, well lit mine which is mostly under-deed which contains iron, copper, and silver . Other ores can be found nearby. Security: We have 2 guard towers and 1 templar. Town center where community workshop, combat training ranges, and cook house are completely walled in. We are surrounded by uninhabited forests with every tree type imaginable and good hunting. Resources also available nearby are sand, dirt, tar, and clay. Farm plots and pens stocked with livestock such as horses, cows, bison, chickens, and a dog. You can work on animal husbandry or farming or both. Animals are community property which you may ride or use to pull a cart or wagon. You may also own your own animals. A well provisioned cookhouse to serve all your culinary needs is on site. Meals are provided to villager free of charge in case you don't want to train cooking, or don't have the skill. The workshop is well stocked with forges, anvils, tools, oven, looms, and mats to so you can work on any trade or craft you desire. Combat training range that includes several melee training dummies and several archery targets. We have prebuilt housing for villagers either 2X3 or 3x3 all two stories high along with some grass tiles to park your horses. You can keep your personal items in here. This should be adequate as the community has areas for other activities. More space can be arranged by speaking with me. Information, training, and help is available if you are new or don't have the skills to do something that you'd like to do. We have an online forum for village and allies where you can discuss topics at length or post announcements. What we expect from you: Fairly active. We'd like to see you at least a couple times a week. Real life always takes priority however. But let someone know if you're going to be gone for more than 2 weeks. Friendly and community minded. Don't stay in your house alone all day. We chat, we get along, we help each other, we go out on adventures together and alone. Get along with others. Absolutely no drama. if something is bugging you, don't hold it in, come to me. By the same token as above, have fun. If it's not fun, why are you doing it? We like to have fun. Thieves will be butchered and cooked as animal taming food. You will not steal from your fellow villagers, allies, friends, or anyone. If you need it or want it, we can find a way to get it to you. Need coin? We'll find a way for you to earn it. No rent or chores are required. However, if you want to contribute to village upkeep, you may do so, however much or little you feel. Corpses sold to token the proceeds of which are donated to token are appreciated. We do ask that you try to help replenish the supplies that you use as you go about your day so that we don't run out of an item just when something is needed. With few exceptions, everything in our village is community property and shared freely. Also try to take care of the deed, if you see something that needs repairing or can be improved or taken care of, an animal that needs grooming, or a farm plot that is ripe and may turn to weeds if not tended to, if you have the time, take care of it, or let someone know. If you've read this far and are interested. Why not send a /tell to Salbian, Sev, Fineal, or Dantuin for an invite and try it out. The worst that can happen is you or we decide we're not right for each other in which case, I will gladly help you find a new home. Training Village leaders, your students are most welcome if they are ready to move on. If you or they would like to tour our village, let me know.