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Found 14 results

  1. Vynora custom enchants on your own item - contact: NelsE (not forum nickname). Current Vynora priest skill: 99.6 channeling + benedition (+5 flat power), Fo 95 chan + bene Can do precasted items also, but you will be not able to requrest specific power, you must select item from list of pre-enchanted items - its cheaper than enchants by request. Why enchant by request is higher price? Read under spoiler The custom enchats price list (can request specific power, but not lower than 80 power) Vynora Utility 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Wind of Ages 1s 1.5s 3s Increase action speed 1% per power Circle of Cunning 1s 1.5s 3s Increase skillgain 1% per power Opulence - 9c 18c Will make the food item satisfy your character better Mend 20c Repair item with ql cost, scales by ratio 0.01ql per 0.1dmg, up to 20dmg for 2ql per cast Weapon 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Mind stealer 2s 3s 6s Chance to steal small amount of characteristics, that higher than yours, on kill non player creature. Nimbleness 1.2s 1.8s 3.6s Slighlty Increases chances to hit. 0.02 Combat Rating per power, 2cr at 100power Frostbrand 90c 1.35s 2.7s Add frost damage to a weapon, up to 33% on max enchant power. Animal demise 30c +3% damage versus non-legendary "animal" creatures (Wild cat, brown bear, hell horse, etc.). Monster demise 30c +3% damage versus non-legendary "monster" creatures (Troll, goblin, hell scorpious, etc.). Legendary demise 30c +3% damage versus legendary creatures (Black dragon, Kyklops, Troll king, etc.). Jewelry 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Glacial - 1.01s 2.01s Increase any frost damange you cause (works with Frostbrand and Frost Imbue) Lurker in the deep - 90c 1.8s Locates rare fishing spot tiles Fire protection - - 90c Reduce any fire damage you take Armour 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Aura of shared pain 70c 1.05s 2.1s Small damage return up to 30% to creature that land hit to enchanted armour part Fo Utility Description Courier 101 power 1s Tempts messenger spirits to inhabit the target and work for you (101 power is instant mail delivery) Humid Dizzle 20c Tends to animals and cures disease in area Genesis 20c Cleanses a creature of a single negative trait Travel to your deed 0-3s Depends on trevel distance. Weapon 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Life Transfer 2s 3s 6s Heals the wielder when acausing damage to an enemy Venom 2s 3s 6s Causes a weapon to deal poison wounds instead of normal damage, but reduce damage Jewelry 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Toxin - - 81c Increase any poison damage you cause Acid Protectiion - - 90c Reduces any acid damage you take Lurker in the Woods - 90c 1.8s Locate rare creatures (locate only champions, does not work for uniques) Incease accuracy (Nim) and speed (BoTD, WoA) enchants does not stuck. CoC or Woa does not stuck with BoTD Damage and life steal enchants doesn’t stuck each other (LS,Esd,FB,FA,BT,RT,Vnm) on one weapon. Exclude demise, but only one demise can be cast on weapon. Cheap casts like Opulence, Mend, Demise form the sheet have independent price(if you are customer for other enchants these are for free). Shatter chance for my current skill (depends on item QL) 1QL: shatter 1 of 51 casts (1.96353077%) 10QL: 1 of 112 (0.89561183%) 30QL: 1 of 771 (0.12956765%) 50QL: 1 of 3319 (0.03012512%) 70QL: 1 of 4588 (0.02179130%) 90QL: 1 of 4686 (0.02133788%)
  2. Starting bid 6s Increments 1s No buyout No sniper No reserve [14:50:26] A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You need to temper the huge axe by dipping it in water while it's hot. [14:50:26] It is enchanted with Animal's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards animals. [14:50:26] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [95] [14:50:26] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [91] [14:50:26] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [94] [14:50:26] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [100] ~~~ GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ~~~~
  3. Sold my toon Shaylie, now in game as Lilianth 30% down from listed prices on all casted stuff here! All prices are negotiable, discounts for big orders! You pay COD (1c everywhere!) unless you pickup at Bear Dock, Independence, central south coast, T19 ingame map - runed fast mailbox, so even long bows and spears can be yours in a few minutes! Silvers, euros (1e=1s, paypal verified) and sleep powders (1s each) accepted as payments. Custom work, imping (WS 70ql, CT 70ql, carp + FC 50ql). Imp to rare = +2s, imp to sup = +10s (if that happen during imp for you). PM me here or Lilianth ingame. Can arrange COC, WOA, NIM and other Vynora casts. FOOD (100 CCFP) 97ql 1.9kg bangers and mash - 10c ~90ql 3.9kg herb dumplings - 19c Other stuff: 80ql exq. med rug - 70c 90ql exq. med rug - 1.2s 90ql grindstone - 90c 80ql pottery smelting pot - 50c 80ql iron pendulum - 50c WTS (offer something and if I like it its yours): fireworks 80q ointment of stonecutting 79ql, 1 dmg fletching potion 76ql potion of acid 53ql 17x yellow potion (16-96 ql) 95x lockpick avg 28ql RARES: rare iron pendulum 90ql 2x rare long spear, oak 85ql, 2x rare long spear, cedar 78ql rare mine door, rock rare low bookshelf, cedar 50+ql rare fruit press 90ql, 89 coc, 87 woa Armour: 1x 70ql plate set 3x 80+ql cloth set 1x 80+ql chain set 70+ql plate great helms / basinet hemls Weapons and shields (plain or coc for woa look at the end of this post at speeders section) 2H sword 90ql 89 nim 94 coc 80 LT 87 MS - 8.94s huge axe 90ql 85 nim 86 coc 85 LT 73 MS - 6.85s huge axe 90ql 100 nim 92 coc 81 LT 76 MS - 11.14s axe (med) 90ql 93 nim 89 coc 86 LT 71 MS - 8s sickle 1ql 82 coc - 1.74s sickle 85ql 84 coc - 1.98s sickle 91ql 93 coc - 3.39s 80+ql plain stuff = 40-50c 0x long sword 9x two handed sword 2x huge axe 2x axe (med) 4x large maul 0x maul (med) 4x small maul 4x butchering knife 5x carving knife 26x iron sickle 2x large shield, iron 17x large shield, oak (87ql) 9x sickle Skillers (coc or coc+woa casted): iron 87ql coc 91 - 2.2s iron 87ql coc 88 - 1.5s iron 87ql coc 76 - 70c spoon 1ql 79 coc - 89c knife 1ql 74 coc - 84c grindstone 1ql 70 coc - 80c grindstone 1ql 73 coc - 83c fruit press, oak 30ql 78 coc - 88c fruit press, oak 28ql 85 coc - 1.8s fruit press, oak 38ql 92 coc - 2.86s butchering knife 11ql 82 coc - 1.62s butchering knife 36ql 92 coc - 2.76s butchering knife 90ql 92 coc - 3.26s butchering knife 90ql 82 coc 88 woa - 3.9s key, copper 21ql 77 coc - 77c key, copper 24ql 80 coc - 1.5s mallet, pine 80ql 38 coc - 28c mallet, pine 83ql 38 coc 58 woa - 86c mallet, oak 25ql 84 coc - 1.68s rope tool, pine 70ql 59 coc - 69c rope tool, oak 32ql 79 coc - 79c rope tool, oak 31ql 81 coc - 1.62s rope tool, oak 32ql 89 coc - 1.78s rope tool, oak 80ql 77 coc 74 woa - 1.91s clay shaper, oak 19ql 83 coc - 1.66s spatula, oak 1ql 92 coc - 2.86s small anvil 18ql 80 coc - 1.6s small anvil 18ql 96 coc - 2.88s large anvil 19ql 83 coc - 1.66s large anvil 19ql 91 coc - 2.73s hammer 18ql 76 coc - 76c hammer 90ql 78 coc - 1.18s hammer 18ql 83 coc - 1.66s hammer 81ql 89 coc 83 woa - 3.74s hammer 90ql 94 coc 91 woa - 5.95s metal brush 1ql 82 coc - 1.74s trowel 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s trowel 1ql 89 coc - 1.88s trowel 1ql 92 coc - 2.86s trowel 85ql 80 coc - 1.8s trowel 90ql 93 coc 81 woa - 4.91s trowel 90ql 92 coc 89 woa - 4.95s stone chisel 1ql 80 coc - 1.7s stone chisel 1ql 89 coc - 1.88s stone chisel 1ql 93 coc - 2.89s stone chisel 80ql 74 coc - 94c stone chisel 90ql 79 coc 75 woa - 1.94s stone chisel 80ql 73 coc 81 woa - 2.64s stone chisel 83ql 89 coc 85 woa - 3.78s stone chisel 90ql 86 coc 95 woa - 4.97s steel & flint 18ql 70 coc - 70c steel & flint 16ql 74 coc - 74c steel & flint 6ql 76 coc - 76c steel & flint 18ql 78 coc - 78c steel & flint 18ql 83 coc - 1.66s meditation rug 17ql 81 coc - 1.62s meditation rug 17ql 84 coc - 1.68s meditation rug 8ql 84 coc - 1.78s meditation rug 18ql 91 coc - 2.73s meditation rug 18ql 92 coc - 2.76s grooming brush, oak, 19ql 66 coc - 56c grooming brush, oak, 19ql 77 coc - 77c grooming brush, oak, 19ql 80 coc - 1.6s grooming brush, oak, 8ql 84 coc - 1.78s grooming brush, oak, 1ql 85 coc - 1.8s grooming brush, oak 80ql 72 coc 87 woa - 2.76s scissors 8ql 67 coc - 57c scissors 10ql 72 coc - 82c scissors 10ql 83 coc - 1.76s scissors 82ql 83 coc - 1.93s scissors 80ql 78 coc 77 woa - 1.85s needle 17ql 73 coc - 73c needle 18ql 86 coc - 1.72s needle 37ql 97 coc - 2.91s needle 18ql 98 coc - 2.94s needle 90ql 82 coc 92 woa - 4.78s awl 10ql 70 coc - 80c awl 11ql 85 coc - 1.7s awl 81ql 62 coc - 92c awl 81ql 86 coc - 1.96s awl 80ql 80 coc 84 woa - 3.58s awl 90ql 82 coc 89 woa - 3.82s awl 90ql 82 coc 94 woa - 5.1s leather knife 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s leather knife 85ql 78 coc 80 woa - 2.68s leather knife 81ql 82 coc 86 woa - 3.66s pickaxe 1ql 71 coc - 81c pickaxe 1ql 77 coc - 87c pickaxe 1ql 84 coc - 1.78s saw 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s rake 1ql 70 coc - 80c rake 1ql 79 coc - 89c rake 85ql 77 coc 77 woa - 1.94s rake 80ql 81 coc 81 woa - 3.24s rake 90ql 93 coc 84 woa - 4.67s whetstone 94ql 77 coc - 92c whetstone 64ql 81 coc - 1.62s whetstone 95ql 87 coc - 1.89s whetstone 98ql 96 coc - 3.03s wild cat pelt 82.6ql 0.8kg 89 coc - 1.78s large rat pelt 85.7ql 0.2kg 81 coc - 1.72s mountain lion pelt 97ql 0.4kg 85 coc - 1.9s mountain lion pelt 97.8ql 0.4kg 85 coc - 1.91s mountain lion pelt 87.4ql 0.4kg 83 coc - 1.76s mountain lion pelt 82.4ql 0.4kg 85 coc - 1.8s large rat pelt 95.5ql 0.2kg 90 coc - 2.9s large rat pelt 92.2ql 0.2kg 90 coc - 2.85s file 9ql 77 coc - 87c file 1ql 83 coc - 1.76s file 1ql 85 coc - 1.8s file 1ql 95 coc - 2.95s file 90ql 79 coc 91 woa - 3.92s file 33ql 101 coc - 5.05s carving knife 37ql 74 coc - 74c carving knife 37ql 79 coc - 79c carving knife 44ql 80 coc - 1.6s shovel 16ql 69 coc - 59c shovel 1ql 68 coc - 68c shovel 1ql 73 coc - 83c shovel 1ql 82 coc - 1.74s shovel 1ql 85 coc - 1.8s shovel STEEL 4ql 83 coc - 1.86s shovel 81ql 79 coc 81 woa - 2.71s shovel 82ql 82 coc 80 woa - 3.54s shovel 81ql 82 coc 87 woa - 3.68s shovel 81ql 88 coc 84 woa - 3.74s hatchet 1ql 73 coc - 83c hatchet 1ql 76 coc - 86c hatchet 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s hatchet 90ql 91 coc 82 woa - 4.87s Speeders (high ql and only Woa casted): clay 70ql 71 woa - 50c clay 70ql 82 woa - 1.4s clay 70ql 90 woa - 2s pickaxe 86ql 77 woa - 1.17s pickaxe 90ql 91 woa - 3.23s shovel 80ql 64 woa - 94c shovel 85ql 78 woa - 1.18s shovel 80ql 84 woa - 1.98s rake 82ql 78 woa - 98c rake 85ql 70 woa - 1.1s rake 85ql 78 woa - 1.18s rake 85ql 83 woa - 1.96s saw 81ql 79 woa - 1.09s needle 85ql 78 woa - 1.18s needle 90ql 92 woa - 3.16s mallet, oak 90ql 93 woa - 3.19s hammer 90ql 89 woa - 2.28s file 80ql 70 woa - 1s file 80ql 81 woa - 1.9s file 90ql 92 woa - 3.26s trowel 85ql 80 woa - 1.8s trowel 85ql 82 woa - 1.84s stone chisel 80ql 88 woa - 2.06s carving knife 90ql 92 woa - 3.26s butchering knife 90ql 89 woa - 2.28s sickle 85ql 77 woa - 1.27s
  4. Welcome to Skyfall Enchantments Market Every business starts slow, and so does this one. My goal is to provide you with the best enchanted items on the market, for the best price! Mailing is ALWAYS for free! !SILVERS FOR SALE! Limited time offer: *** 10c discount on all butchering knife n grooming brushes *** (The discount is not showed in the price) Example; item price = 79c Limited time offer price = 69c!! !Offer of the month! "Buy for more than 12.5s and get a free corbita" !Silver sale! No silvers for sale atm... !CHECK OUT ALL THE NEW ITEMS! Enchanted tools: Butchering Knifes, iron: Cotton, Exquisite meditation rug, cotton: File, iron: Grooming brush, oak: Hammer, iron: Hatchet, iron: Iron lumps: Key, copper: Kindlings, pinewood: Large anvil, iron: Mallet, oak: Needle, iron: Pelt: Pickaxe, iron Pickaxe, steel: Rake, iron: Rope tool, cedar: Rope tool, oak: Saw, iron Sickle, iron Small anvil, iron Shovel, iron: Shovel, steel: Spindle, cedar: Spindle, oak: Steel and flint: Stone Chisel: Water: Whetstone: Yo-yo, pine Shields, armour (also horse wearing) and weapons: Large Shield, iron: Saddle, leather: Rift loot / unique items: Bracelets: Shoulder pads: Blacksmithing imps: 90ql - 89c 80ql - 49c 70ql - 35c 60ql - 19c 50ql - 9c Please note, that if your item increases rarity, I'll add a extra charge. Costom vynora casts: I can do casts above 90+! For prices please PM. Mining service: Payment: I do accept paypal - 1s/1e! I'm always open for trades! **I'm looking for Referrals 5s/1 ** **I'm looking for Sleep powder 1s/1** - Items will be added daily! Best regards Giblet, Skyfall
  5. Welcome to Winter's Night Weapons, where you can find Great Weapons for Great Prices! Enjoy your stay. Pre-made, fully enchanted weapons are priced based on the following (Note: these prices are not for custom orders): *All weapons are sent from Xanadu, cod at the buyers expense. Longswords 91ql 84N 89LT 92C 82MS - 7.88s 91ql 74N 72LT 79C 80MS - 6.31s 92ql 81N 79LT 75C 80MS - 6.53s 92ql 72N 73LT 87C 89MS - 6.57s 92ql 83N 87LT 71C 98MS - 8.00s Large Mauls 95ql 81N 81LT 74C 80MS - 8.03s 95ql 88N 81LT 86C 78MS - 8.21s 95ql 79N 81LT 91C 83MS - 9.13s 95ql 91N 81LT 85C 73MS - 9.01s 91ql 91N 95LT 90C 74MS - 10.18s Mauls 91ql 96N 75LT 90C 83MS - 9.21s 91ql 75N 73LT 86C 86MS - 6.53s Huge Axes 91ql 70N 71LT 83C 69MS - 6.05s 91ql 88N 89LT 91C 78MS - 7.85s 91ql 97N 79LT 74C 74MS - 8.08s 91ql 82N 86LT 80C 71MS - 6.53s 91ql 72N 86LT 93C 92MS - 8.71s Small Mauls 91ql 90N 78LT 100C 65MS - 8.92s 95ql 76N 82LT 98C 90MS - 9.59s Axe 91ql 82N 86LT 92C 92MS - 8.84s Two Handed Swords None LT Only Weapons The following weapons are priced accordingly: 70-74 power - 1s 75-79 power - 1.5s 80-84 power - 2s 85-89 power - 2.5s Two Hand Swords 80ql 82LT - 2s 80ql 76LT - 1.5s 80ql 70LT - 1s Large Mauls 78ql 89LT - 2.5s 81ql 83LT - 2s 85ql 81LT - 2s 82ql 74LT - 1s Huge Axes 75ql 83LT - 2s 77ql 82LT - 2s 74ql 73LT - 1s 75ql 71LT - 1s Medium Maul 75ql 82LT - 2s 75ql 79LT - 1.5s 75ql 70LT - 1s
  6. Today's sale: Large shield 57ql - 50c Longsword 75ql - 3,25s Longsword 84ql - 2,25s Longsword 56ql - 1,25s Small maul 85ql- 1s Small maul 83ql - 1s Two-Handed sword 82ql - 4,25s Huge axe 82ql - 4,75s Short bow, willow 80,96ql - 1,2s Short bow willow 80,13ql - 1,2s Bow willow 9,44ql - 50c Long bow willow 82,59ql - 2,50s These items will be mailed from Independece Buyer pays the mailing Any offers are approved! - Giblet
  7. Auctioning off this high casted short sword. Starting bid: 1s Increments: 1s Buyout offers: Accepted Happy Bidding
  8. Rare Large Maul Quality: 85 Casts : [16:52:15] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [90] [16:52:15] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [82] [16:52:15] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [94] [16:52:15] Frostbrand has been cast on it, so it will cause frost wounds. [86] Starting bid: 8s min increase: 1s buyout: 18s(obo) snipe protection: 1h reserve: No reserve Current bid: 13s
  9. Current QL: 85 Current Casts: 90CoC Price without more casts: 10s ( offers accepted Via PM ) Casts offered: Nimbleness ( Increases chances to hit.) OR Wind of Ages ( increase parry rate by a marginal amount ) Mind stealer ( Killing non-players with weapons enchanted with Mind Stealer may transfer higher skills. ) Price for custom casts: message me on the forums please.
  10. Starting bid: 15s Bid increase: 1s Buyout: 65s or near offer! Reserve: Not met Sniper protection: 1 hour SERVER: CELEBRATION
  11. Clearing out some stuff, Located on indy at halcyon 5 min west of FM. Accessible via inner sea (close to crystal lake too). Prices not including cod or delivery. Delivery may be avalable depending on how much you buy/ how much you pay for delivery, PM to discuss. Will also take offers. From top to bottom Longsword 1 4 s SOLD Longsword 2 3s Smaul 1 3s Longbows 25c each Maul 1 3s Maul 2 3s Maul 3 4s Compass 1 3s Compass 2 3s Compass 3 5s SOLD Compass 4 6.5 STILL avalable but i wont be avalable till the 21/2/2014
  12. Greetings Freedom, Today I present you with a lovely 90.58ql maul enchanted with the following :- It is enchanted with Animal's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards animals. Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [83] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [73] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [96] The item is located on Exodus and I will deliver for free anywhere on the Island or you can come and pick it up from New Pineview Estates / Opulence. The auction is short so please take care when following bid progress to avoid missing out. Start Bid : 5s Min Increment : 50c Reserve : None Buyout : Feel free to forum PM me with an offer I can't refuse Happy bidding.
  13. Hello, I would like to buy a shortbow - Shortbow, willow 80ql, 70+ Circle of Cunning, 70+ Nimbleness' PM or reply with price before sending. CoD to Vaziac (Indy)
  14. 80QL longsword with the following enchants (in order when examined) 83 WOA 71 Nimb 88 COC 55 MS 95 FA Starting Bid: 5s Min bid increment: 50c Duration: 72h (ends 20th) Located on Deli at Fippy's Harbour (approx 4x 27y) or can arrange delivery with the winning bidder.