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Found 121 results

  1. Brand new dedicated server launched! I handle the background stuff, my wife is the face plastered on the front (She plays, not I) Contact Evalyn for all your concerns. I only handled database, code, and networking concerns. Mods included; Discord link available in server alerts New server limited offer to help encourage early growth: Pick 5 skills to start at level 40 (No characteristics. Certain skills excluded such as Channeling, Fighting, or other skills that could break balance) 20 silver Kingdoms that have lower population or are further behind may receive larger boosts to encourage balance in early game.
  2. Hello, I'm new to wurm and i'm looking for other Portuguese players community/village/ settlement Best Regards Filjose
  3. Hello, First off, we here on Indy do have far less Lag than Xanadu ? I'm located on Independence Q 20, just a bit south-west of the new central spawn hub "Haven Landing", you can follow the big 2 wide roads to find the place. The village is located on the newly created Canal, that connects the inner central Lake Crystal Bay and the small lake South Haven Lake and leads to the south sea, through a ship-tunnel. Means, you can sail to the village from south-east server boarder, and you can walk here from land. You can go shopping at the C.L.U.B. market, managed by Champagnedragon, just a minute north of my village, and i can also offer help on entchanting tools or weapons with my priest, and possibly help from alliance-priests, which will make your newbie life incredibly easier, and your veteran life bit more comfortable. I offer a village workshop, which has all kind of raw and bulk materials inside, which you can use to make your items out of. (For example Wooden Logs, Rockshards, Sand, Clay, Iron, Silver, Zinc, Tin, etc.) I offer a clay tile in the area, which you can dig all you like, the next closest claytile is at Haven Landing and further away at the eastern Lakes. The idea is, useing these materials you can create and improve your items and skills very efficiently. I can provide some free skiller tools as a starting gift, after short playtime. The workshop provides beds, forges, ovens, BSB, FSB, and of course shelter from the outside world ? You are allowed to use the free, public usable rockshards to make your bricks for your first stone house later, or use free Logs for a wooden house, and sand/clay for mortar and keep all materials you create for yourself of course. I see no need to focus on a house for a new player, but if you stay around for longer time, login regulary, i will help you to make a house plot for yourself. Screenshots i will add later. My character ingame name is Daryan, leave a forum message, try me ingame or try discord: @OsteGames/Steam/Twitch#6175 Twitch streamers, please notify me and keep the chat windows covered. Here is the topic about the Process of makeing the Canal:
  4. Hi I am a new player and I am looking for a village to join.
  5. Add Donkeys to Wurm so we can hitch them to small carts, adds a new Animal plus gives use to a item
  6. Darkwood Forest "Where those who enter, Never leave!" Welcome to Darkwood Forest! We are recruiting new and old players to join our deed. We have access to lots of resources and we have highway access as well as access to the coast. Our deed is 23x51 in size and is still in very early stages of development. Lots of work to be done and skill to gain. We are newbie friendly and in a nice area in North East Deliverance, (F23). To get an invite send a PM to Sprigor in-game. We will teach you the ins and outs of Wurm.
  7. Hello, I play on a server and we regular players play on other people's servers and we suggest mods to the owners and they look into them before adding. I always look at the mods however I don't know if anyone suggested this yet. If so, well I'll just bring it up again. I'm sure many want the same mod. But it is that we all can't use "disintigrate" to destroy veins. Instead, we would ask a fellow staff of our server since we cannot hit to destroy them in 1 hit like GMs can. Sure we can simply mine them, but would you, yourself spend most of your time completing thousands and thousands of actions to destroy a vein, and having too much of stuff you won't use like sandstone, copper, almost everything? We've all been there, sooo much lol. So I like to have a mod that will allow us to use a blunt wep like a large maul to destroy veins that are in the way by ourselves so GMs arnt helping with them. They may help to be helpful, but it's not rlly their job to hop around destroying veins for players who are too lazy. And sometimes, GMs don't have the time to come on, or come by every time. This is what I would suggest. Thank You.
  8. Hello. I write this after a discussion with some other player, hoping that other wurmians will find this idea interesting. This is what I propose: 1 - To implement the puppets line with the others deity puppets. 2 - Introduce a new item, a puppets theatre, made with planks, nails, cotton sheets and dye. 3 - To interact with the puppets theatre, The puppet should be put inside the theatre (the threatre must have the option "open"). When a puppet is inside, the theatre background changes, passing from an empty scenography to a different scenography based on which puppet is inside. So each deity has his scenography. Once a puppet is inside, the theatre spawn the option "play", and when you "play" it, it starts a little animation, something easy, a very short story, about the puppet inside (so a little story about Fo and so on). What do you guys think about it? I hope you'll like this idea
  9. Hey, Im Searching German/ Eng New player to join my deed on Xanadu. i just start but all is flat and some natural flow :3 in future some crops, animals or maybe fruits and some smithing ? sailing is possible to, Docks is 1 min near us. no obligations, just have fun and come up with projects. simply being together is worth more than a duty cave. the (FlyingHill) Expect all of you Ingame Name: AirborneASE Just Pm me ingame, im online Below some urls with deed pictures.
  10. New installer?

    Am I the only one who thinks that the game could make some use of a new installer, checking for already installed copies of java and offering to install the required version as default or local copy to support just the game if the player decides... Why am I asking? Most if not all browsers stopped supporting java for various reasons, leaving some people with certain problems when they try to install and play the game. This is what reminded me of the situation...
  11. I wish bookshelf's had a use like maybe let us store almanacs in them or even add a new item so us as players can write books
  12. Added a newbie to the deed and right after accepting the invitation to join he got the option 'Do you want to teleport to (deedname) now?' I think this is an awesome addition. Thanks.
  13. Looking for a fresh start? Looking to make new friends? New to the game, and feel overwhelmed? Experienced players looking for a new exciting challenge? Frym could be just what your looking for! We opened our doors to the new exciting world of frym a few days ago, and already have received great players! We are looking for more to play and build along with us! Currently we offer these mods that help with game play. boatmod - can lead animals on water with a boat, and they will not drown. bounty mod - set higher bounties for mobs (good for gaining coin) cropmods- crops will not spoil, and harvesting is better dig like mining- dirt is placed on ground, if on foot, and in boat if on boat. increased merchant items portals! prospect mod sacrifice mod salve mod - shows how potent a healing cover is spell mod - unrestricts priests to be able to cast all spells and craft anything, and pray as often as they like. Ada and Glimer rods - can be bought at the trader Just a handful of what we thought would be fun to play with while in the game (if you think of any we might need, please private message me about them, and ill look into getting them into the game) Currently have a discord server and a live map. Map dump is available here: We Hope to see you there!
  14. Manual Roof Building Wurm buildings have come a long way. Years ago, it was as simple as two options. Wood or stone. Now we have many different options. Buildings can become a lot more creative than once before. But this creativity only extends to the walls. The roof of a building is pretty ordinary. Sure, you can choose different materials to make them out of. But the layout of the roof is not up to the builder. The game auto-aligns each roof ridge. I propose a new roof system. Manual roof building. Not only would it be practical, logical, and intuitive - it’d add exponential creativity to the way we build our structures! Here’s how it could work. The roof plan would still happen the same: “Right click floor, plan roof above”. BUT whenever you go to build it with your chosen material you would have “roof type” options. The roof types could include(but are not limited to): “Shed roof” - like the existing roof, but can be built against a flat surface(an existing wall) “Gable shed roof” - like the above, but with diagonal walls on the sides. Can expand infinitely when placed adjacent to other gable shed roofs. “Half gable” - for when you want a gable roof to only be on one tile, rather than 2 side by side. These are just a few ideas for what could happen with roofs in the future. As you can see, there are plenty of interesting combinations you could use these roofs with to make very appealing structures! Lean-tos, sheds, gables, and more could all be possible. Almost any building in the real world could be recreated in wurm with the help of these roofs. To allow for proper alignment, the ability to rotate the roof tiles could be implemented (Perhaps with the help of a fancy tool) so that they line up in the way you intended them to be constructed. We already do that with wall types, why not roof types too? So what do you think, Wurmians? Should roofs have the same freedom that we have with walls? Let’s hear it in the comments below! Thank you Leifar for writing this idea of mine out
  15. First of all hello and thanks for taking time to see this post. As the title says i'm a new player looking forward to play the game actively at least 1 hour a day, i'm looking for a village to start with so i can get some help to get started on game and have fun. If you think i could join you pm me in discord Red (Cry)#7147 or message in forums. Have a great day!.
  16. Here is a chat log from CA Help. First off, the folks in CA were great. I'm not knocking anything they did. Just wanted people to see what someone new to the game is likely to go through. It it good, because the new player experience weeds out those that aren't cut out for the full Wurm life right away, or is it bad, because new people get discouraged too quickly, before they have a chance to fall in love with Wurm? After the exchange I tried PMing the player to offer services as a personal guide, to ease him through some of the challenges, but he was logged out. I suspect never to return. You decide (Names edited to avoid criticism of helpers and the new player). [10:51:18] <NewGuy> (Xan) how do i make a baking stone? [10:51:24] <Helper1> (Ind) stone chisel on marble shards [10:51:27] <Helper2> (Xan) Use a chisel on a marble shard [10:51:36] <Helper4> (Rel) hit 'h' and type 'baking stone' the wiki lists it there as well [10:51:38] <NewGuy> (Xan) so where on earth must i get marble shards.... [10:51:53] <Helper2> (Xan) Or press N and type baking stone to see the recipe list [10:51:55] <Helper1> (Ind) somewhere in a mine [10:51:59] <Helper4> (Rel) you mine them from underground [10:52:04] <NewGuy> (Xan) i need to make bread. im hungry af [10:52:04] <Helper2> (Xan) You need to mine a marble vein, which are located in caves [10:52:28] <Helper3> (Ind) you can also make simple meals with meat+veggie in a fry pan [10:52:50] <Helper2> (Xan) Or breakfast, using a pottery bowl with Anything in it (except fish/fish filets) [10:53:20] <NewGuy> (Xan) does fish count for the simple meal [10:54:05] <Helper2> (Xan) You can make a meal out of fish. Using a single fish or fileted fish + 1 veggy [10:54:23] <NewGuy> (Xan) but its probably gonna give me 1% food [10:55:00] <Helper2> (Xan) At low QL, yes, that is true. The other option would be to purchase food from someone, and pick it up at a mailbox [10:55:01] <Helper1> (Ind) try using a larger veggie, like pumpkin or cabbage if you can [10:55:16] <Helper3> (Ind) when your cooking is low, you need to eat a lot [10:55:27] <Helper3> (Ind) when you cooking gets up high, it will take only half of a meal [10:57:25] <NewGuy> (Xan) im supposed to be building a house but im too hungry to do that... [10:57:52] <Helper2> (Xan) If your nutrition is good, you can wait until your food bar hits approx 7%, and it will fast, and fill back up [10:59:40] <NewGuy> (Xan) why do so little ppl play this game? seems interesting [11:00:22] <Helper4> (Rel) not quite sure thats a question that has a distinct answer [11:01:07] <Helper5> (Xan) And if it has an answer it won't be a topic for this channel Tends to lead to arguments [11:01:09] <NewGuy> (Xan) im asking why are there only 400 ppl when there could be over 1k? it seems like a very nice game... does it become bad? [11:01:26] <Helper4> (Rel) not at all [11:01:29] <NewGuy> (Xan) so will u ban me because i asked that question? [11:01:32] <Helper4> (Rel) its just a very niche game is all really [11:02:21] <Helper6> (Xan) dif time zones too. [11:02:30] <Helper4> (Rel) ban you? not at all; all he means is that its likely something for another channel like gl freedom or freedom [11:02:37] <Helper4> (Rel) as this channel is more for game mechanics related questions instead [11:03:16] <NewGuy> (Xan) ok so by the time i spent fishing and foraging. i lost more food than i gained from the finished product [11:03:21] <Helper5> (Xan) Indeed, no need to even think about it [11:03:23] <NewGuy> (Xan) thats horrible [11:03:46] <Helper4> (Rel) itll get better i promise [11:04:13] <NewGuy> (Xan) ok long? doesnt even seem like im gaining cooking skill :\ [11:04:46] <NewGuy> (Xan) how long*? [11:05:03] <Helper4> well grinding cooking, youd be in the ballpark of hundreds of meals to gain sufficient skill really [11:06:18] <NewGuy> (Xan) wait maybe its because im using a camp fire to cook? could that be why] [11:06:41] <Helper7> (Ind) no, it's mostly skill in the beginning [11:06:53] <Helper2> (Xan) campfires are slightly higher difficulty than an oven, but it shouldn't affect it substantially at the moment [11:07:00] <Helper7> (Ind) once you get to around 30 feeding yourself will be a lot easier [11:07:36] <NewGuy> (Xan) its finally making sense why there's only 400 ppl playing this... [11:08:08] <Helper2> (Xan) It really does get better with skill, and doesn't take very long to level up if you have the materials [11:09:04] <Helper3> (Ind) for NewGuy... that is because this is Minecraft for adults... takes patience to play wurm... [11:09:18] <Helper3> (Ind) wurm is intentionally hard and challenging...
  17. I've seen many suggestions for a mentor system over the years. Gaining and retaining new players is the most important thing for Wurm to survive. From what I've heard, we have enough new players joining, but far too few ever stick around. CA help is the best I've seen in any game so far, but we need to take it to another level. A couple thoughts (may or may not have been suggested before): 1. Make starter towns "living towns". New players start there and see dead towns or no towns at all. I think many have been finally built on Xan, but they are still dead. First thing a new player realizes when they start is "this place sucks. Nobody here. Must leave and go to the wilds or find some other town. I must have chosen the wrong town when I started. I chose the wrong server?" So to fix this early impression of the game, make the starter towns alive! How? Mentors! Mentors are volunteers, who are issued an account with lvl 70 skills and gear. Their job is to live in the starter town, expand it if needed. Rebuild as needed. Add new player housing, etc. Every new player that comes through can stay in the town and be a citizen. This will be a model of all the different "Academy" deeds players created on various servers. On Pristine, the Wurm Academy was what saved me. It was only by chance that I stumbled across it. Mentor accounts are perma-prem. Starter deeds are perma-upkeep. Mentor accounts can't be used for personal gain and have to be respected the same as any GM account would. I personally would love to volunteer to run an account and assist arriving players. 1a. New players have a mentor tab, much like CA Help. In the tab, it shows the mentors for the town as online or offline. Mentors have forum accounts, so they can continue to assist when not in the game. Possibly even give mentors some limited GM powers, to help stuck players, or maybe just a direct link to the GM messaging to ask for help on the new player's behalf. Help priority should always go to the newest players too. I can wait for a day for help, but they will quit if their first day is spent waiting for a GM. 2. Skill sharing (knowledge transfer). Under guidance of a Mentor, the new player can receive benefit of the mentor's skill knowledge, making their own skills temporarily higher and skilling greatly accelerated. The mentor must be within x number of tiles for this to work. This makes great incentive for a new player to stick around and learn the ropes. Also gives them MUCH needed rewards for time spent grinding in the early stages. The more time spent with a mentor, the more likely the new player will be equipped to succeed later on. Mentorship skill sharing and acceleration caps at 30-40 or somewhere in there, or where total skill points reaches a certain level. 3. Complimentary prem for new players within x range of their starter town, up until they reach x number of total skill points. Abuse potential, but this can be fine tuned or disabled if it backfires. When you start out in any new game, the starter town is always so full of vitality and energy. People running all over for quests, merchants, or whatever. We instantly judge a game's popularity by this early impression. The second you step foot in Wurm, it feels like the game is already dead. You have to work hard to find the life. This must change. Everyone of us needs to become an advocate for "Gaining and Retaining", to insure our survival. If you have an idea for the game, think "will this be good for our newest members"? If not, think of ways to make it so.
  18. Little bit about... I once lived in golden valley where lv 20 was max cause I dident wana join Jen ken or whatever. I made a camp in exo but short lived and moved to xan. Made a new account (this one) that I made a village on exo with and dident get really anywhere... I quit due to no one wanting to join me and being lonely in my area. I did business with magic valley or something like that on exo if there still around. I play WU just to keep me from itching but I miss the community that this game offered. It's no fun to slay a giant with the same 5 people or make a imploging with the same 5 people. If someone on exo is looking my character is ocean side top middle but I honestly was gona just run some new characters if on another map. I know what I'm doing in wurm for most part, I would like to join someone who I can build with or atleast have my own space to grow with. I will run a main and probly a priest (naj) more than likely. I use to run 5 and got annoying at times. I may be willing to try if not just go for it and make a PvP account if anyone is apart of a kingdom and can help get me going I will be trying to get online this week just wanted to get my name out so I can be set to join in on a village. Q- is it easy to transfer currency to another account ( my old batterys and priest have silver on them)
  19. Dagon Fel is looking for a few good players. 4/15/17 - Still looking for a few good villagers ! We have all basic amenities, can make starter sets for tools, You can even climb in Rank with us. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Water Food Shelter Beds Horses Caves for mining Mountains Loads of wildlife ! Very close to water and close to the open ocean Unexplored lands (sp00ky) Grass (the kind you can't smoke) (or at least, you wouldn't want to) We have it ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can even make many friends ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ever wanted a Harvest Moon type experience ? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Even the Gods make stars align for us ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This picture may be dated compared to what we have on deed, but we still have plenty of room for you with us. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet wild horses ! (*Not all horses may actually be wild. **Your experience may vary.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Experience the views ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current projects ! Infrastructure (making it easier to travel by land) Surface Mining (not a priority and most is done) Improvements ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***If you answered YES to ANY of the above, Inquire within ! We may be able to help you find that experience which you seek.*** We only ask that you be Mature, Respectful, have a mind to learn the game you are playing, and realize that Real Life comes first. We are mostly active but not all the time. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your time, and apply within !
  20. Closed :)

    Reserve not met. I get to keep it Her ! ty all for bidding no next time Unfortunately. she's mine A wooden cupboard, used to store small amounts of precious liquids. Used to store up to 10 different liquids with reduced decay. Notes Can be planted. Has ten vials with room for 2kg liquid each. Cannot be mailed. Has to be empty in order to be picked up Glows ? YES it is the sexiest glowing item in game I have ever seen ! Above image is of a normal one imgure acting funny will update rare glow one eventually. ( this will not get re auctioned )
  21. ~!Highthborne~Of the Seven Graces " Sea struck isles guarded by emerald green forests. Snow capped mountains intertwine with the landscape adorning rugged hills. A perfect hide-away for a recluse, or perhaps, a pirate fresh from Anthion. What hides in these coves, vistas, lakes and grotto's? " ~!Highthborne oTSG Lore Website ~|~ Donate! ~|~ Server listing 24/7 Dedicated Server. Phenom II x4 955 BE / 16GB ram / Fresh SSD PVE Lands: Highthborne PVP Lands: Anthion Original story and lore based on asian architecture, featuring over 500 miles of hand laid marble path. Travel to each of the Seven Graces of Highthborne! Collect each of the six keys to gain access through the six replica gatehouses and to the Seventh Grace! Become a friar and travel the dangerous path, find treasure or a place you can't live without. Become a Pathfinder or one of the other empire jobs, for easy coin, or whatever you desire! Even be a Pirate in the Eastern isle's of Anthion! 25 Mine Hits = fast tunnels and mines w/ enough rocks, 100% skill and action timer boost ~ 3hr Crop cycle ~~ NO FOG SPIDERS!!! Mod Support! Mods: DisableFogSpider, nofogspider, BetterDigging, FishingIgnoresRange, TreasureChestClaim, Movetocenter, Upkeepcosts, Taxconfig, servertweaks (Dupe Auth fix), Timer fix, ServerPlayerCounter, WurmMods(Bounty, Bulk, Prospect, Salve, Sacrifice), Guards fix, HOTS Fix, MoreCraftables, Libilia Fix, Skillgaincontrol, MoonMetalminingmod, HitchingPost, ClayNShard4concretemod, Modloader Mods (Bulktransport, Spellmod, InbreedWarning, HarvestHelper, Cropmod, Creatureage, Bagofholding, Announcer), Bettercombatlog. Admin support (Player Named Roads/Vistas, Public Markets/Mine w/ Moon metals, User requests, Empire funded jobs, Purchasable plots, terrain modification (removal of bad tiles)) Empire Jobs: Keeper of the Flame (Fill and maintain the Oil lamps on the path), Pathfinders (Keep the path clean of mobs and help merchants/path-goers), Traveling merchant (Source and barter wares to weary travelers), Shrine/Temple/Inn Keepers (Maintain the various smaller shrines or temples, or create your own! (with permission)) and many more empire-funded jobs such as fishermen, smiths, woodworkers, boat builders, etc. The pay is in Copper or Silver and it can be per day, per week or biweekly. Up to 10 Silver can be earned per week. Average plots of land or prebuilt structures will cost in this range. Larger plots, more complex requests, individualized requests, or things that cannot normally be done by the player will cost much more. (For example, an extension of a mountain path to accompany the building of a temple would be 50-100s; By extension I mean a literal extension off the edge of a mountain). Custom Map (2048x2048): Highthborne (Northeast Coast Starting Point, Public Markets, Public Mine w/ "moon metals" | 6.4k creatures - 17% agg) & to Highthborne's Eastern Border lies Custom Map (? x ?): Anthion! ~ (Map ETA Jan 24th ~ Custom Hardcore Survival/Roleplay PVP Map ~ PMK Only ~ 30k Creatures, 74% Aggmobs w/ bountymod) *_Info/Maps/History_* Highthborne/Anthion Lore Website Highthborne Live Path Map ~|~ Biomes Map ~|~ Ore Map Teamspeak3: (~!Highthborne & Anthion TS3) Support this work! Donate! ~!Highthborne oTSG Server Listing Anthion Server Listing Steam Thread Steam Group If you attack me it is because you are an evil person. Eastern Pirate Isle's of Anthion ~ Of the Highthborne Graces. " Thick oak forests molest surrounding isles with inlaid pine grove mountain lakes and glistening, virgin snow ripe for your first footprints. Will the invisible force of good or evil guide your path in this world? Will you lead others into entente and take what is rightfully yours by force or entrust only thyself with thy life in thy hands?! Build a Kingdom and rid the lands of Pirate Crime? Become a Hunter, living by bounty of the land, bow in hand? Or be of said care-free Pirates pillaging what ye will, as ye see fit?!" Map: Anthion Map ETA Jan 24th image Found on ~!Highthborne's ~ Eastern border Mods: DisableFogSpider & NoFogSpider, BetterDigging, FishingIgnoresRange, TreasureChestClaim, Movetocenter, Upkeepcosts, Taxconfig, servertweaks (Dupe Auth fix), Timer fix, ServerPlayerCounter, WurmMods(Bounty, Bulk, Prospect, Salve, Sacrifice), Guards fix, HOTS Fix / Libilia Fix, MoreCraftables, Skillgaincontrol, MoonMetalminingmod, HitchingPost, ClayNShard4concretemod, Modloader Mods (Bulktransport, Spellmod, InbreedWarning, HarvestHelper, Cropmod, Creatureage, Bagofholding, Announcer), Bettercombatlog. Map ETA Jan 24th ~ Custom Hardcore Survival/Roleplay PVP Map ~ PMK Only ~ 30k Creatures, 74% Aggmobs w/ bountymod *_Info/Maps/History_* Highthborne/Anthion Lore Website Teamspeak3: (~!Highthborne & Anthion TS3) Support this work! Donate! ~!Highthborne oTSG Server Listing Anthion Server Listing Steam Thread Steam Group
  22. Faerun is a new heavy role-play server. We welcome all levels to the server. Those that are new to Wurm or new to role-play. The setting is West vs East. Brand new server so plenty of room to grow. Player made events held to encourage role-play. The server is modded but skills start out at 1 and 19.50 for characteristics. Timers are set to x1 for both skill gain and action. This is a custom map inspired by the Forgotten series, DnD novels.
  23. Latest News from Mythmoor Prime We are excited to share some original creations in Mythmoor - Wurm Unlimited. Conquerors will win special, ever rotating in game rewards in surprise locations scattered throughout the event locations. Come join our community on Mythmoor Prime in these adventures and experience the thrill of Online Gaming in a whole new way. HOTA is enjoyable as a Solo or Group Player Event, although PVP. The rest are created as a minimum of 2 and up Groups. A very special, full of surprises... HOTA Maze (once conquered - resets every 36 Hours ) A PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) A PVP Event Arena A Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) Island of Doom (PVE Group Event / GM Hosted only) Weekly GM & Player Hosted Events Mythmoor Prime Map of Event Areas Starter Town - Moor's Rest PVP Events - Tickets Will Call PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) Dungeon High & Low Level - Fight Skill (GM Hosted only) PVP Event Arena (Player Hosted) and PVE Maze (GM Hosted only) HOTA Maze (PVP) Inside the HOTA Maze Island of Doom ( GM Hosted only)
  24. A friend and I have been considering buying this game especially since it is on sale for Steam. We're willing to try it out but only if there is a good RP server. Let me specify what we're looking for. We of course want to be part of community that really wants to RP. We would like to not be too restricted by rules. Making the entire server open PvP would be great as long as there is something to balance the more aggressive actions of others, whether it be a rule or a mechanic. The thrill of possibly dying at any second combined with the fun of interacting with others at the same time is amazing and the main point of playing. Ex: Being killed on sight wouldn't be fun but being robbed by bandits would be. Having someone just pull out a sword, yell "lol kek" and kill you at a Tavern wouldn't be fun. A Noble calling you a "vile beggar" which leads to a bar fight and then you die in it would be fun. Having your base destroyed for no reason wouldn't be fun but getting into a land dispute that starts a war or feud between families/cities would be. Is there any server like this? I've seen some other posts around RP as I combed the threads but they were about a year old. It made me lose hope.
  25. Here is a link for a updated map with alot of changes to deeds and roads. This is a continuation of Tpikol Map continued by Akaryd. Updated by Kristof 2016/09/04. Celebration Map