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Found 14 results

  1. Kataleuz's Crescendo The Village's #1 goal is a strong lively community. Start Date: September 17th 2020 Location: F24, Cadence Member count: ~50 (Pretty much all of them are dormant for now) How we plan to achieve this. Alts are not allowed! RPG elements We are looking for all types of players as long as you're interested in community! The deed is located at F24 on Cadence slightly north of the bay and east of the steppe. Currently about 25 members strong. If you are interested in joining it's best to reach me on Discord Zuelatak#6607, or my server Last Updated: 9/25/2022
  2. Kataleuz's Crescendo The Village's #1 goal is a strong lively community. Start Date: September 17th 2020 Location: F24, Cadence Member count: ~50 (Pretty much all of them are dormant for now) How we plan to achieve this. Alts are not allowed! RPG elements We are looking for all types of players as long as you're interested in community! The deed is located at F24 on Cadence slightly north of the bay and east of the steppe. Currently about 25 members strong. If you are interested in joining it's best to reach me on Discord Zuelatak#6607, or my server Last Updated: 9/25/2022
  3. Ebonhold is recruiting any and all new and veteran players looking for a new home in beautiful southern cadence right on an ocean inlet. We are within the Wurmrest Alliance and as such have an active network backing us. We will teach new players the ropes and help you out with bringing in a sustainable income through any of the many professions available to players. The members on deed are active most days and we have a discord server available so even if no one is on you can seek help at any time. So what are you waiting for Ebonhold has the room for you. If interested you can message me here, or in-game reach out to either Drakul or Drush.
  4. Ebonhold is recruiting any and all players looking to join our community. We are a relatively new deed quickly growing and within the Wurmrest Alliance. All members are relatively active. We will help you learn your way and will give you the means to pursue any career path available. Very few things are expected and that is mainly to help each other however we can. If interested contact Drakul, Caridwyn, BloodMoonWolf or Drush.
  5. Village of Tidus - We are recruiting! Who are we? We are currently a 40x47 deed located north of sonata around i18. We have a very large farm plot right next to us. We are also part of a growing alliance, we are currently at 8 deeds total. We are all really close in location and treat the alliance more like one huge village, we help each other out when possible so you will have plenty of opportunities to grow your skills by helping members of the alliance and the village! Currently I am the only member of the village, so there is plenty of space for you to set up a little homestead! Right now I am working on the central part of the village where most of our trade shops will be located along with the village castle I welcome new players and have plenty of stuff you can help out with so you can grind the skills you need to get basically anything done in the game! What do we need? ANYTHING. Whatever you wanna focus on, come do it. What do you get out of it? You get to join an awesome ACTIVE community that loves helping new players level up and learn the game. You won't have to grind every skill just to survive, focus on what YOU WANT to do. Access to an active discord channel where you can request resources or items made from our alliance members and stay in constant contact with other members of the alliance. Reply here, hit me up on discord (Taylor#1081) or message me in game (FoxFries) so we can see if your a good fit! ( please have a good sense of humor, we love to joke around )
  6. Hello fellow homesteader, Are you tired from the road? Tired of fighting off the monsters of the land alone? Have your spirit templars quit because of the hazardous duty? Or do you need a place to stay and learn from others? Trying to save up for that nice little patch to call your own? Rose Respite Shipwright is needing your help! We are currently looking for all roles yet you are free to choose your own path. If you already have a chosen path in mind or want a profession to strive towards to help even more, we currently need Masons, Fine Carpenters, Laborers, Leatherworkers, Sculptors, Potters, Foragers, or Farmers. About Us I started this deed as a solo player. After a little while, two new players set up a homestead near me. I could tell they needed some help and so I invited them to join my village. Together we have grown as friends and I have expanded my deed from a simple 10x11 (110 tiles) to a 43x40 (1720 tiles) deed. We are a fairly active village with 5 members and there is normally at least one player on with only a few hour gaps. We are respectful, and enjoy helping others to learn this awesome game. We are located at E9/E10 on the Northwest Coast of Melody. You are welcome to come by and check out the deed and visit with the locals. What is in it for you? As mayor, I ask that you help your fellow citizens and allies if they need help. Any money you make is yours to keep, but I ask that you chip in to the deed upkeep or give a fellow citizen a fair payment for his work if it is above the normal day to day request. I also provide you with a free apartment that is either a 2x2 or a 3x2 space with great views that you are free to decorate any way you please. The apartments are first come, first choice but the choices won't let you down. The Amenities A large coastal deed with central guard tower and 2 spirit templars with another guard tower nearby, easy access to a Trader, Merchant, Wagoner (future), Enchanted Mailbox, Community Ships, Public Mine with room to expand, Well, 2 Clay pits, and a Tar pit. We also have community carts, rowboats, and sailboats available to accommodate your trade craft. Mountains and Dense Forest with Linden, Fir, Chestnut, Pine and Linden. Maple, Oak, and Cedar scattered around the premises provide enough lumber for most crafts. There are nearby areas of untamed wilds still ready to be explored by hunters and adventure seekers. Being on the Northwest coast makes traveling to other servers a breeze as we reside about 5-10 minutes from both the West and Northern server borders allowing for quick access for both residents and customers. Sit on the beach, fish from the docks, or take a leisurely stroll along a paved mountain path (*no guarantees on safety 😛) Active Projects Because of starting as a solo deed, I am a little behind but we are quickly catching up. I have received a beautiful set of deed plans back from the architect and I have just finished acquiring a large amount of the materials needed to build. The deed will have a public kitchen\tavern, workshop, large docks and shipyard, and provided player housing. A lighthouse has also been added to the deed With just the few of us, it is difficult to work on these major projects while trying to coordinate trades and fulfill ship orders in order to make money to fill the coffers and pay the man. But don't worry about the deed as it is well paid for. If you are in the market for a ship, please check out my merchant ad below: The Player Housing building is complete. I am now working on the Kitchen/Tavern and the Workshop. Below is the proposed deed plan. The current deed as of November 1, 2020. My Humble Beginnings as seen in Katspurr's video below: Rules Please be respectful to your fellow citizens, neighbors, and alliance members. No griefing or stealing. Act like an adult when needed. Your reputation means something in this game. I encourage you to aspire to be self sufficient but feel free to ask if you need help. I do not require payments or tithes or taxes but donations of money to the deed upkeep or materials to the community is welcome. I am fine with any buildings being constructed outside the proposed village center as long as the "Settlement may manage flag" is checked. This ensures that in the case of a player leaving for good, that space could more easily be utilized in the future if needed. How do I join? Contact the mayor, Opaveus, with an in-game tell message, look for our ad on any village recruitment board, or leave a message here on the forum. My alliance neighbor, Jadis, may also be able to give you a free teleport if you are on Melody and you have already utilized a free village teleport or you just want to check out the area. We can help you move or give you a ride to the deed, if needed, as we have a large fleet of available nautical craft and can load cargo. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your Wurm experience! To Do List for Villagers/New Recruits
  7. Heya! The village of Tidus looking for a couple of villagers to help out with the deed! We are a 40x47 (growing each month) deed with a very large farming plot right next to it. We are not a huge deed but you will have space to build a house and full use of any resources within the deed to level your skills up! As well as joining the village you will also be joining a fairly decent sized alliance consisting of 8 deeds. We treat the alliance as one big village and share resources and skill amongst the group, so you will have plenty of chances to grow your skills! All that I ask is that you help out with deed work that needs to be done and offer a hand to the alliance when they need it. Other than that, you are free to do what you want Please message FoxFries in game or reach out to me on discord Taylor#1081. I am on most of the day!
  8. We have a growing village on Melody recruiting new and experienced Wurmians. See out post in the Melody sub-forum.
  9. ALORA STORE IS NOW OPEN! Bundles for newbies and vets alike! How it works: You pick a bundle and pay the price. Bundles can be picked up at F22 Xanadu or Delivered to you by Knarr for a delivery fee per trip for any items that cannot be mailed (See below FAQ for delivery details). I sometimes keep bundles pre-stocked and ready for pickup, but normally they are made to order, so allow a reasonable amount of time for preparation once your order is placed. All items in each bundle are included at the quality listed. If no quality is listed, the item is generally provided at creation quality. Explorer's Bundle (22 items!) - Price 5s (Usually ships within 72 hrs) Crafter's Bundle (20 items!) - Price 5s (Usually ships within 48 hrs.) Riders Bundle (12 items!) - Price 3s (Usually ships within 24 hrs) Deed Builder's Bundle (Everything you need to start your new deed!) - Price 5s (Ask for availability!.) Safety and Comfort Bundle - Deed Essentials - Price 5s (Ships and starts building within 24 hours) Common Upgrades: Large Cart > Wagon - 70 Copper 4 BSB > 1 extra BCU - 20 Copper Cart > 70ql Sailboat - 1s Large Chest > Large Coffer - 5c Bed > Canopy Bed - 40c Full Studded Leather Armor Set > Full Steel Plate - 50c Iron > Steel - 10c per item (ask for availability) ~--~ O ~--~ Frequently Asked Questions Pictures coming Soon!
  10. Hello Wurmians! I am here to announce the launch of a brand new wurm unlimited dedicated server! Dragonsgate was founded in April 2018 (Map reestablished in September 2018) and is a fully dedicated 24/7 server! Features A fully custom 4k map, designed and painted by one of our own players! Portals - 4 main Portals leading to the 4 cardinal directions on the map for quick travel to different areas. Highway portals - Optional craftable portals connecting player owned deeds through official Highways to the Cardinal portals. Full PVE map with pvp arenas Custom built pvp arenas for those who love pvp. These will include obstacles and challenging terrain to make battles more thrilling (Under Construction) Dungeons We have custom made dungeons with monster spawners. Server Mods Our server has a variety of mods to add to the convenience and fun of the base game. These mods include but are not limited to No Mail Cost, Priest access to all Spells, Unlimited meditation gains, Pets, and Treasure Hunting. (see website for full mod list) Free Starter Deeds - No deed founding cost to help new players jump right in to the game. There is deed upkeep however, this is to limit abandonded deeds cluttering the world. Server Support We work hard to make sure everything is running smoothly and offer email support in addition to the ingame support system. Discord We have our very own discord channel complete with Discord to Global (and vice versa) chat room! Special Events We have special events planned for players to participate in and win a variety of prizes including pets, gear, mounts, and more! These are GM hosted official events but we welcome player hosted events as well! GM Shops The main hub is set up with gm supplied shops that contain special items normally unobtainable by other means. Sometimes these items are given as event rewards as well. Player Shops We have a large market area dedicated to player run shops. Each stall has its own sign that is customizable by request. (Merchant contracts are available in the Specialty and Salesman shops.) Increased Skill Gain and Action timers by 10x with no Fatigue! Come join us now and discover the perfect home! Feedback is welcome and appreciated.
  11. Greetings Everyone. I am a returning player. Though i wasnt all that experienced before. I have had my own deed before, and i have one again. So i am looking to recruit a some people. All i am looking for is a few somewhat serious players. New or old. Just want you to be active and wanting to play. I dont play to grind. Though i will if i need a certain thing done and have no other way to get it done. When i build and as i develop my deed I want to try and do it realistically. I am going for a fort/frontier village type feel. Want buildings to match and such. Its really early in devolpment. I have a mine, a pen and a few carts. I have one spot set aside for a commonhouse and thats it. So i dont have much to ofer but a place to work and level your skills. Located Southern E15 Deed is currently 41x31 Player homes can be figured out as it comes up. I wont make you live in a shack. Have a Spirit Templar for protection Mine has Iron, copper, rocksalt so far After that i hope either we have learned to work well together. Or atleast become friends and helped you settle your own deed nearby. Any other question message me here or ingame. (Taog or Alarikgengod) Thank you for reading.
  12. hello I am Dan and i started a pve server named Atrax Pve Creative -new players welcome we have a teamspeak 3 server to use and we dont have many rules as of yet but a few friends will be playing ............. come join us in teamspeak 3 and give us ideas..... pass storm we also use the ts3 for other games on steam and just as a meeting place............. also have a back up ts if needed add me on steam my name is in all caps...... ASPYREFTW add me on steam for more information
  13. Dear WURM Online Community, i am looking for an "noob"-friendly settlement that could pick me up =). I am not the professional in this game, but i will learn very fast probably! I would be very happy if there would be a settlement, that could pick me up. Thank you in advance Yours sincerely, RhynoWURM. ----- EDIT ----- I don't need any Settlement anymore! I got picked up already!
  14. Village Looking to take on 2 more people we have a deed in the northern district of the map we have multiple mines and ships we have access to 2 priests. we have an alliance with all local deeds Only conditions are:- you must have premium and A microphone is prefered as we us teamspeak 3 for communication. 2 week period were you must be active help out in village task ie care for animals help with productions weather that be mining digging mass producing build materials ie boards or nails etc After you have passed your trail period you will be allowed to build your own house in one of the plotslet availble. each house in the village is the same size to keep it fair but you can lay it out how you like after first floor is layed out and approved. Pick up avalible, via boat and cart. Pm Kristo in game or reply to Kristo on forums for more details.