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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all! It's news time once more! But before we begin... I have to tell you about a little investigation I conducted. Every week, developers are sent an e-mail asking them if they've got anything to share with players for the week. Normally, almost all devs e-mail back with a week's hard work and things to show off... but for over a month now, certain devs haven't said anything at all! I'm a volunteer not based in the Motala office, so I can't walk over to their computer and look over their shoulder to figure out what they're up to. Are they wasting time with confused verbs and playing Wurm at work instead of developing Wurm at work, or is there something secret going on? I had to talk to a contact on the inside. The contact couldn't say much, but apprently, a few devs have been working on "something big" for a few weeks now already. We don't know what it is, or why they're working on it... will Code Club AB soon become a political party in Sweden? Or, back in-game, is Wurm finally going to get the rainbow-coloured unicorns it has needed so desperately for years? All we know is that they're busy, and might have some information to share within the next few weeks! A while ago, we mentioned that we'd focus on bigger features come fall. Well, the leaves are falling; we're now in a bit of a transition phase between a summer of little things and the coming months which will focus on bigger stuff. Keep an eye out for news posts, we'll be elaborating on our next big plans for the game! But don't forget that bugfixing never really ends too, and things like client engine upgrades that we're currently working on (and haven't discussed much) ought to help to improve things further. The Week In Patch Notes There were a few small fixes and additions this week, the most notable of which is the new trade chat. The dedicated trade chat window ought to help clear up other channels while also enhancing trade. 07/09/15 Fighting creatures on another floor level is now blocked inside structures and on bridges due to a blocking glitch which occurred in certain circumstances.The time stamp which was set when dechamping that blocked changing religion was removed.08/09/15Fix so Rams can breed.Added Trade tab.Added kingdom chat hide/show to profile.Added global kingdom chat hide/show to profile.Added Corpse Loot options to profile. New Scale and Drake Sets Hit the Catwalk The new dragon armour variants were recently spotted at an exclusive fashion show on the test server. Although they're already in-game, we haven't shown you what they look like until now - thanks to Saroman for making these pictures for us! The new sets look awesome. DeedPlanner Although it's a community project, we'd like to start featuring more on Warlander's DeedPlanner tool. As far as I know, it's intended that it'll remain as an open-source community project; and development on the tool has recently been ramped up (bridge reference not intended) ahead of the release of the in-game village plan viewer & exporter, and to also add bridges to the tool. Last week, Warlander told me that bridges would take "quite a while" to add to DeedPlanner. Look below, and tell me if you agree that he was lying! You can find out more about DeedPlanner here. Planning a bridge: The bridge displayed in the program: Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Huntar. A perfectly timed rainbow complements the quaint deed in the picture. That concludes this week's news! It was a little shorter than normal, and future news posts probably will be until we do a bumper issue on the big stuff devs will be working on for the months to come.