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Found 6 results

  1. So I was talking to some friends of mine about the follower benefits of Libila, and I realized that a huge part of the follower bonus is the use of Mycelium. However, Mycelium isn't allowed on Freedom and I'm curious as to why. I imagine it would not be hard to limit mycelium only to a deeds border, as well as only allowing Mayors or Co-Mayors to cast it on the deed. To my knowledge grass is more aggressive then Mycelium without HOTS influence. For proof of this you can look at Rifts as the Mycelium tiles spawned by them are eaten up by the grass in a matter of days. If people are worried about not having to eat while standing on the tiles, they could turn down the max amount of nutrition to keep it under 90. With these in place, I can't find a reason that Mycelium would be overpowered or being able to be used for Griefing.
  2. So far we havn't seen a single mycelium patch anywhere on the server with the exception of around the starting deed. There is plenty of towers with altars straight under them and multiple days have passed. I asked players who played as hots on the latest elevation about it and acording to them the mycelium never spawned by itself, it only expanded from excisting mycelium and had to be "seeded" by priests. From my knowledge mycelium is supposed to spread when domain and influence is present. Thus im reporting this.
  3. So mycelium doesn't spawn any monsters, yaknow. It'd be nice if it did. What I suggest are shroom monsters. "Why shrooms," you ask. Because mycelium is how shrooms grow, you uneducated oaf. It's like their roots or something. I've drawn a preliminary design for you here.
  4. [13:17:13] <Sandyar> Hello, CM responding to your support call 53753. [13:18:12] <Baloo> yes hi [13:18:38] <Sandyar> just pack the tile and cultivate then you can plant new flower [13:19:01] <Baloo> the mycelium has gone from my deed, but so have all my flower tiles, which has destroyed my 2 path of love tiles + 1 tile of rare white dotted [13:19:35] <Sandyar> once you have replanted it with flowers then love tile will return [13:19:39] <Baloo> no - this should not have happened in the first place - i am so cross about this - devs should have tested properly and not felt so pressured to bring out new things all the time [13:20:14] <Baloo> that is not the point - i should not have to fix mess created by an error on the devs part [13:20:55] <Sandyar> please use forum for feedback about game mechanics, myselium cannot contain flowers thats why they gone [13:21:06] <Baloo> not acceptable [13:21:51] <Sandyar> devs read forum but not support tickets [13:22:50] <Sandyar> the spell that caused this has been fixed so it no longer can be cast on pve servers [13:22:59] <Baloo> ok - but my flower tiles should be replaced - and not by me ! [13:24:33] <Sandyar> i am sorry for your loss but it will not happen, none is going to come and plant the flowers for you [13:30:19] <Baloo> typical - player loses out as usual [13:31:22] <Baloo> thx anyway - now posting this entire thread on server bugs as you suggested
  5. I went out today and half of the map is Mycelium. I understand what Rite of Death does and what it is for, however it clearly can be cast too often and spreads too much. This is a brand new map and now is half ruined. (imo) Also I understand that we can just pack it and get rid of it that way, but because they can recast every 24 hours there is literally no way to keep up with it or get rid of it. If we were packing to get rid of it, and they are recasting to make more, there is no way to even break even, no matter what it would just keep spreading. The way Rite of Spring works is it is based on prayers. A certain amount of prays have to happen for it to even pop up on our list of castable spells. Which usually works out to mean it is only cast every few months. It's been 228 days since the last ros on serenity and more than that on elevation. Another thing that someone pointed out is that RoD should not show the caster exactly who is on the server. It's an exact /who with a full names list. There should be a spell that WL can cast to get rid of Mycelium or to decrease the amount in an area. The way it is now, we would have to find all the altars put up and then destroy them, and then wait months and months for it to go away. When they can cast and spread it every 24 hours. It's too much.
  6. BL have no way of getting flowers because of the mycelium that plagues our lands. Mycelium doesnt grow flowers which are needed for temple missions. As such we are put at a distinct disadvantage in valrei scenarios in which we are required to build temples. We need a way to balance this, a simple solution that i propose is to allow flowers to grow on mycelium.