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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, Halloween is over, now please, please can we get rid of the pumpkin tentacle monsters? My zoo has turned into a horror show, I can't do anything without being confronted by a creepy pumpkin spider. Either that or apply phobia mode to it so that I can go back to seeing a blob instead of a spider-thing. Seriously, this is not funny:
  2. Since apparently we are taking a look at the whole mission system, let's take it a step farther. We need more PVE content. You can only kill so many bears and scorpions before you feel like you've seen it all. Stagnation is death. Rifts are a good idea on the surface, and they're fun. But, they're over quick, destroy an area, and take a ton of travel in some cases (looking at you, Xanadu). I have two ideas/suggestions, and please chime in and add on ideas and thoughts so we might be able to help the dev team turn this into a workable update that breathes new life into our beloved game. This first one is rather straightforward. Let's get some new lairs spawning on the maps with new and interesting creatures. Allow them to spawn within 1 tile of a deed perimeter to distribute well across the map, but keep their range from lair limited. Some lair ideas: 1. Polar bears lair in winter (with maybe a new rug to match with a low fur drop rate) 2. Termite mounds that would damage wooden and timber framed construction (away from deeds, faster than off deed standard decay would destroy unattended structures within 2 months, fairly easy to kill so as to not punish new players, drop something to create yellow dye) 3. Bandits within 10 tiles of a road that is at least 2 tiles wide and extends no less than 20 tiles long (have a few irons to loot, burying gives alignment, killing a certain number of bandits gives title "Defender of Justice" title) 4. Wild magic - Treants and creeping vines (give small uncommon logs such as lavender, oleander or rosewood) 5. Salamander dens in deserts or something that's not scorpions and a bit easier on new players 6. Grey or Brown wolves in forests (more rug colors?) The second, and more difficult would be to take the current rift system, and make it a portaled instance event. The lore is already fleshed out pretty well for Valrei, but what about Seris and Jackal? Take the current Valrei mission items that pop up, and allow a certain number to be sacrificed at a special portal to give the Gods power to activate a portal to Valrei to battle the Rift... Changing the lore instead of them coming to us, an army is being formed and needs to be stopped before it reaches blah blah blah... Magranon urges you to stop the army, gather these items so a portal can be opened.... Then a group of x people are able to go through the portal and do battle. Only allow a player to travel once every week or two weeks through a portal (You have been empowered by the Gods too recently and must allow your soul rest). Now let's make it better! Seris, Haven for the Dead. As we already have Spirit Templars, how about other spirits? Stop them from breaching the veil between worlds... Jackal, flowing with the blood of the damned. The undead pay allegiance to Libila have activated portal from the underworld. Assemble the pieces in a mine x tiles away from the surface or entrance and confront them... Where are the portals? The can be built and enchanted like epic portals, or available in each starter town. Activation requires x players chanting together at a portal calls the attention of the Gods to the sacrifice and asks for their favor. If there are too few players, the portal fails. This solves a few things. One, it makes alliances much more useful, especially regional. Two, most players are within a reasonable distance to a starter town and can travel there regularly. Third, the loot can be limited based on whatever the number of x players is, so the market for certain things (seryll, possibly a new metal or two, other rift items) is based on participation on a population scale, not just on a per server scale. Mission items can be obtained from mobs that spawn from special lairs, such as open graves (zombies and ghosts), or found in the world like the Valrei items are now. Thoughts? Additions? Suggestions?
  3. So mycelium doesn't spawn any monsters, yaknow. It'd be nice if it did. What I suggest are shroom monsters. "Why shrooms," you ask. Because mycelium is how shrooms grow, you uneducated oaf. It's like their roots or something. I've drawn a preliminary design for you here.
  4. We have been having a discussion in our alliance chat about new monsters that would be cool to have in Wurm. 1. During winter turn the trolls into yetis and wolfs into white wolfs 2. Sand worms in the desert areas 3. Basilisk 4. Lich Lords that spawn in old battle areas and raise the dead to help it fight (New epic monster to fight) 5. Giant ants This would give some new monsters to kill and add hours of entertainment just watching them spawn.
  5. Would like to see some new mobs added to the game across all servers. It gets boring lookng for trolls,lava fiends, hell scorpion, or anything else that offers a decebt amount of fight skill per kill, vs the lesser easy mobs such a bears and stuff one with over 75 can kill in 1 hit. Trolls are tetting to easy and im noticing the populations thinning out. Too fast I can get 15 trolls in 1 hunting trip and then have to come back in 3 weeks for respawns. That being said some other monster and animals that would fit with what we already have. Categorie 1 Orcs (we have goblins and trolls why not) Gnolls Will-o-wisp maybe rare? Drops a light source I could list a zillion things Elephants, Tigers, Rhinos, hippopotamus, anything like that the list can go forever. Just some other type of critters that would promote hunting with partners Or someone skilled enough and with the right gear wouold have a challenge. Maybe normal spawbs for bew critters abd for the tough ones limited to tybdra spawns. Much like the sea wurm it only spawns in the ocean.
  6. Creatures are still few and far between it would seem, and I am unsure if this is intentional or not, considering there has been no official word since the "fix" maybe this is how they intended the monsters to be. In light of that I figure now is a good a time as any for a poll. Do you think we need more monsters on Xanadu?
  7. Edit would you like more Sea monster's