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Found 8 results

  1. “Wurm Online will be a community-centric fantasy MMORPG fully developed in java. Gameplay will be free at first, but when you wish to develop your character beyond basic skills, you're going to have to pay a monthly fee. The world will have a real economy with a fixed pool of money and resources, and almost all items in the world will be created by other players. When the game is first launched, it will pretty much just only be a huge forest, and it will be up to the players to build the towns and create the items needed for both everyday use and more exotic practices. Wurm Online will neither have levels nor hitpoints. Instead, you have a set of skills that define your character, and a list of any unhealed wounds the character has. Gameplay is expected to be very down to earth and community-based for most players, with each town serving as a small community. Towns will also remain safe as long as the computer controlled guards are alive. You won't be able to attack other players or perform any other illegal activity inside the town without first killing all the guards. Outside the towns, however, you can do anything you want, but performing illegal activities will lower your status in the nearby villages.†Wurm Online Overview January 31st 2004 *** Table of Contents: 1. The Horde and Hammerfell 2. The Long War 3. The First Kings 4. A Golden Age 5. Sowing Wild Oats 6. Lion Rampant 7. Mercurial Fates 8. Ashes of the Phoenix 9. The Eye of the Storm 10. Order unto Chaos 11. A Fortress of Freedom 12. The Fall of Sparta *** Why do we play Wurm? It is something different to each of us, and different parts of it inspire each of us to add to the whole. I knew that Wurm Online was the game that I wanted to play, even before I knew it existed. A game where I could make my mark on the world without being a master craftsman or top-tier fighter. Running across a wooden post, flattened dirt and a simple hand-cart told the story of the pioneer who had arrived ahead of you. This, and sights like these, made Wurm come to life. In tranquil Golden Valley I watched new faces come and go, homes and fenced farmland sprung up from felled trees before their owners moved on and the land returned to the forest. I prowled through old abandoned deeds across Independence, guessing at the purpose of long gone structures and wondering about the people that had moved on from those places. When Deliverance opened, I moved there and lived as a lonely hermit for a long time, watching new deeds rise and fall. I had heard of the Wild server and the idea of open world player versus player combat intrigued me with the stories it could inspire. But looking at my collection of tools that I had created from scratch, improving them up from nothing with no skills had taken such a long time and I felt a sense of achievement and attachment to them, I couldn’t bear the thought of placing that at risk and having to do it all again if some bandit decided they didn’t like the look of me. For the first time I settled in a village on Deliverance, coming to enjoy the company and industry that provided. And over time my interest in the ‘other’ side of Wurm peaked again. But I still felt that I could never compete or contribute amongst the veterans of Wild, as outmatched in both skills and gear as I was. I decided that trying out the Epic servers would be my best bet at getting a feel for this whole ‘PvP’ thing. All my old gear would still be safe on freedom, my skill gains would be faster, and if I didn’t like it I could always just go back without any harm done to my character. What was meant to be a short stay to test the waters turned into several months before I realised it, partly because of the history and dramatic events that interested me, but mostly because of the very close communities that where surprisingly welcoming. I'd seen more suspicion, angst and outright hostility towards strangers on Freedom than I've ever seen in PvP and that included meeting enemy kingdoms. After a long hiatus I returned to Wurm and decided to finally join the long running Chaos server. Where I began to collect and research any and all information I could find to create this document. *** I used as many sources of information as I could find, but being as new to Chaos as I am all my information is second hand at best. The Wurmpedia was the obvious place to start my search; Player stories, town histories, the revision history of each page and some imagination to tie it all together allowed me to put together a long and detailed timeline that spanned 5000+ words in bullet point form alone. My next stop was the Wurm Forums; greatly detailed and many of the most dramatic moments had several threads to them. But unfortunately I found that nothing before 2008 existed anymore because of a change in forums that had happened around that time. Thankfully use of the Way Back Time machine for exploring archived webpages proved very helpful and I was able to uncover old stories and screenshots from before 2008. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a video is worth a novel. I was surprised by the number of YouTube channels hosting old recordings of Wurm. Though some were less useful than others, they really helped to set the mood and provide context for many of the major events of Wurm’s history. *** To cover the whole of Mol-Rehan history I needed to have the context in which it was framed, to this end I will follow the many stories , battles, raids and history that led up to its creation. But note that I'm writing this from an acknowledge point of bias, as hinted by the title, towards a sort-of faux nationalism for the sake of a story and a narrative to follow. And as a result it may contain a high concentration of artistic license and an interpretive reading of past events. If anyone feels that I’m not portraying events fairly or even factually, I’m more than willing to listen to your side of the story and make corrections and changes where appropriate. *** When can the kingdom of Mol-Rehan be truly said to have begun? By the lore of Wurm it is one of the oldest kingdoms, founded by Johen King after the fall of the Ageless. In reality the first implementation of the Mol-Rehan kingdom takes place in 2008, long after the original kingdoms of Jenn-Kellon and the Horde of the Summoned which appeared in 2005. But can it be so separated from context and history that came before it only to appear as a simple date on paper? I think not, indeed I believe Mol-Rehan was a natural and organic formation emerging directly from the histories that preceded it and now forever entwined with history still to come. And if that is true then it could even be said that the kingdom of Mol-Rehan had already begun, in the metaphorical sense, as far back as the year 2003. Eventually culminating with those that would come to form Libilian Outlawz. Both famous and infamous, Liblian Outlawz in all its incarnations held tremendous influence in shaping the political landscape. Until The Great Cataclysm of April 2007 that saw an unrecoverable server crash, and all the progress of the past lost. Libilian Outlawz remained united and strong, re- establishing themselves once again in new lands and converting to the newly created kingdom of Mol-Rehan, but later suffering a devastating blow after they were caught up in a mass ban that struck many veteran players. Severly weakened, Mol-Rehan fought for many months to regain their foothold on the Wild server, eventually finding their former glory before outside events once again conspired to send them into decay. But in time they recovered, and players both new and old arrived in their numbers to the newly renamed Chaos server, where the now Empire of Mol-Rehan stands dominant. Her full tale to be told in the coming chapters. Next Chapter: The Horde and Hammerfell
  2. Ravenholm is a large, established town on the Chaos server. We're always looking for new villagers to come and join us in our spacious and friendly part of the Wurm universe. About Ravenholm: Ravenholm was founded in March 2013, and has since blossomed into one of the largest, most friendly and most active PvP villages that you'll find anywhere in Wurm. The town is a member of a player made kingdom called the Empire of Mol-Rehan. Located in the west of the server, Ravenholm is far enough from the frontlines for life here to be comfortable and carefree, but still close enough that it's easy for us to go out and PvP when we want to. The MR Homelands are vast and expansive, offering us almost unlimited resources and hunting grounds. On a whole for us, Chaos and PvP offers an interesting side to the game that you can't experience on Freedom. People tend to play in larger groups here and stick together much more - and so you'll soon find yourself a part of the MR family, playing the game with more other people than you thought possible! If you're looking for more information about the server, then I'd strongly recommend checking out this guide. But What About Shiny Things? Between our many highly skilled players, we're able to offer a huge range of items to villagers, ranging from 90+ql weapons, casts, platesets, tools, bows... you name it, and there's probably someone here with over 90 skill in what you want! And best of all, we all share here, and so we'll happily make your wildest equipment dreams come true in exchange for a small favour (like dirt, bricks, or sacrifice materials for a priest.) As for housing, we offer very large plots to newcomers, even by PvE standards. Upon arrival, you'll have 35 deed tiles (7x5 of space) to do with as you please. After all, you're going to need a mansion to keep your new plateset in! Sounds Great! Where Do I Sign Up? You should make an application on our kingdom's forums. The 'access password' is MolRehanRecruit. Feel free to contact any of the below if you have any questions! Docterchese (forum & ingame) - Recruitment & Elder Balmore (forum) / Reincarnation (ingame) - Mayor of Ravenholm armyskin (forum & ingame) - Co-Mayor of Ravenholm revengo (forum & ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm Tulemees (forum & ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm Wulfgarr (forum) / Wulfgar (ingame) - Elder of Ravenholm Pictures! Maybe we'll be seeing you soon!
  3. Server: Primordial - Tranquility Type: PVE Kingdom: HotS Allies: Mol-Rehan Neutral: Freedom Isles Enemies: Jenn-Kellon I'll clean when I'm dead. So in a few minutes I'm terrible at this sort of thing but here we go. As it currently stands I represent HotS on the custom server Primordial - Pandemonium (Tranquility is our login server). I represent it because simply put, my village is the only HotS settlement on the PVP server (as of writing this). War has yet to spark on the server, and it currently looks as though the majority of players are planning to only siege in retaliation. I am writing here not only to recommend and endorse the server I am on, but to seek the assistance of fellow followers of Libila. I am looking for members of all skill levels and experience. We have big plans for Welgaia, and need help making it happen. I can ramble on about perks and how great everything is, but how about I just lay it all on the table. Wurm is only as good as it's community. I am hoping to expand mine and forge memories and adventures with friends. Join Welgaia, where friends are like family. Server Stats Starting Village on PVE island for all new players. Double ore density on PVP island, as well as very small chance of finding a glimmersteel or adamantium vein. Should attract more people over to PVP lands (Risk vs Reward) Trader economy 5x Skill / 4x Action rates No cost for settlement creation Deed upkeep Mod: No priest restrictions Mod: Custom coin drops on creatures Mod: Can lead creatures other than horses across water
  4. You too can own one of these beautiful Empire of Mol-Rehan wagons on the Freedom cluster now!!! Price: 5 Silver They can be picked up on Deliverance at Zanarkand (N19) .(You will need to bring your own horses if traveling by land or either a knarr, corbita or caravel if traveling by sea. Also, wagon delivery charges are PER wagon since onlt one wagon fits in a ship) If you need delivery, we can handle that for you at these prices:(Delivery is to knarr or corbita accessible areas only, you will have to bring your own horses to pick them up if traveling inland) Deliverance or Exodus: 1 Silver Celebration or Independence : 1.5 Silver West Xandu: 1 Silver East Xandu: 2 Silver Release: 2.5 Silver Pristine: 3 Silver **note: If you would like to choose the type of wood used, please place order thru forum pm with wood type desired, and allow approx. 1 day for delivery. PM Nsu in game or on the forums to place your order today!!!! Also selling these beautiful Empire of Mol-Rehan Banners 50 copper each and Flags only 40 copper each!**note** These can not be mailed. How about a beautiful new towering MR Tall Banner or two? Only 1 silver each (due to amount of materials used)(These can not be mailed) Want to have a towering MR silo style tower on your deed? We'll start one for you for only 50c (as of 8/29 these can no longer be mailed). That's one of these nice towers for only a few copper and then the effort to finish it on your deed!!!**note** Unfinished towers can no longer be mailed Merchant with towers located at Zanarkand (Deliverance N19) All prices are for in-game user to user trades only, purchases from my merchant at Zanarkand on Deli are a few coppers more to cover taxes charged by the game.
  5. Looking for a new home on Desertion, Just returned from being away. Thank you all in advance -Chronos
  6. Hello folks, would you like to be the envy of your neighbours with a beautiful red and gold wagon? Feast your eyes on this: Isn't that the most gorgeous wagon you've ever seen? And now you, the general public can also acquire these wagons at no risk to your own life and limb! For a generous price of 5 silvers you can Pick up a wagon at our new up-and coming high end HOTA Market Exchange deed (Top Notch) on Exodus or have it delivered to any coastal spot on Deliverance/Exodus for 6s, 7s for Independance/Celebration. Same price as other kingdom wagons but at least twice as good looking! Now also selling Banners/Flags for 50c each, and also unfinished Mol Rehan Guard Towers (mailable) for 1,5s each. Orders can be placed in this thread or by PM, please state your favoured wood type at the same time (default is oakenwood). Get one today and make your neighbours tremble with envy!
  7. And looking for some helping hands. For now, we're a simple farming village, but I'd like to get lots underway with it. Got a few allies nearby as of yet, and three citizens for the moment. Could use some people who are comfortable mining (Lord knows I hate that stuff) etc, as well. Let me know - Aurorane, on the MR server - if you're interested! I'm on far too often, you'll see me. Thanks much~ Auri.