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Found 26 results

  1. Xephrime General Store Our village is located in South Lomere near the big steppes. Once being the last outpost before the wilderness, Xephrime was a good place to buy in stuff before going into the wild. Nowadays the area is connected via a good highway system making travelling much easier. However this makes it even easier to visit our General Store having fair prices for all our visitors - might it be newbs or experienced players. Visit us! Bulk Materials Concrete Crops Sprouts Milk You are keen on some nice cheese on your pizza? You just want to get rid of drinking water? We are offering fresh milk from happy animals! Alternative Payment Newbie Payment Loyality Bonus We have a limited cashback service for loyal customer. Read more! Extra Services We are not just selling stuff, but also having some nice extra services available for our visitors!
  2. All orders are pick up, COD, or Wagoneer only. Sealed Barrels COD is 10c You can contact Eleraan in game. New location! Moved to the west coast of Indy. 44y 5x on the community map. N/O 8/9 on the in game map. See spoiler for map location. Bulks Milk Wool Alcohol! Rares Cooking Oils Coffee Plate Armor Set 74ql Steel with Basinet Helm 2s Other: 100 Sleep Powder 1s each Restocking Mask of the Ravager 1s Mask of the isles 1s Mask of the Enlightened 1s Statue of the axeman 12/13 50c Statue of the miner 12/13 50c Statue of the digger 12/13 50c Goblin Statue 39/40 1.5s Dioptra 60ql 30c Luxurious Checker Board 3s Soft Cap, Cotton 1s Yule goat Figurine 75c Troll Mask 1s Snowman Head 1s Bjarne the Bear 5s Witch Hat 1s Yule Reindeer Figurine 75c 2 Pumpkin Shoulder Pad 1s each Compass 90ql 96BOTD 2s Skins: Masterwork small axe skin 2s Jewelry Casket Skin 5s Dragon Statuette 5s BOTD Items: Indy Maps:
  3. Hello all! I thought I'd record some of my experiences with output traits and their effect on milk and wool output. I have a herd of sheep I'm trying to breed output traits into for personal use and sale. For full disclosure, these are the results I get with 48.88 milking and 91.32 animal husbandry. For shearing I use 85.80ql iron scissors with 75coc, and I use a 46.98ql cedar bucket with a volume rune for milking. The traits I'm looking at today are: It seems vibrant - Increases the output of resources It gives more resources - Increases output of resources such as wool and milk It has very good genes - Increased amount and quality of resources like milk and wool I'm not taking into account other traits, whatever category they are from. First lets look at some control sheep. Happysheep is an aged ram with no output traits. He gives me 0.40kgs of wool, and on this shearing the ql was 92.90ql, normal for me. Apple is an aged ewe with no output traits, and gives me 2kgs of milk each time. Now sheep with 'it gives more resources'. Ambrose is another aged ram with tha trait. He gives me 0.44kgs of wool which today was 100ql. I have found that my output sheep consistently give 100ql wool more often than non output sheep. 'Vibrant' sheep next. Banjo is an aged ram with only the vibrant trait from the output category. He gives me 0.48kgs of wool, and this shearing it was 97.28ql. I lack adult ewes with only 'vibrant' or 'gives more resources', but I do have ewes with both traits. Pinkie is one such ewe, and is also aged. She gives me 2.60kgs of milk. Her wool output is also increased, giving me 0.52kgs which this shearing was 100ql. Finally, my best sheep. Rosalind is aged and has the 'vibrant' trait as well as the rare output trait 'it has very good genes'. Her milk output is a huge 4.40kgs per milking! And she gives me 0.88kgs of wool, this time at 100ql. All in all, output traits are definitely worth breeding for if you want more milk for that cheese grind, or better ql wool to imp your tapestries. I haven't looked at any traits that affect the output of butchery items, because I refuse to kill my beloved sheeps, or butcher them after they die. Honourable burials only! I assume the above traits affect cows and bison the same way. And if anyone is breeding output cows, please pm me! EDIT I have a sheep with just the 'vibrant' trait old enough to be milked and sheared. She's an adolescent ewe called Sunflower. Today she gave me 2.40kgs of milk, and 0.24kgs of wool at 92.96ql. I also have a 'gives more resources' ewe now, adolescent Freyja. She gives me 2.20kgs of milk, and 0.22 kgs of wool, this time at 98.41ql.
  4. The Honestly Greedy Trade Port part of the Two Silvers deed. ? My Merchant Nodie in the market near Linton is stocked with 28 small barrels of 40ql Lye for 20c each. ? Wagoner is on deed bulk items can be sent that way to Xan there is no charge for the crates. ? Pickup or local lake delivery of items at L12 Xanadu.To order send a message here or in game to Nodie. ? LYE ?MILK ?️ Building supplies ? Sprouts and Seedlings
  5. Welcome to The best Market in Deliverance:) Asgarnia Home of the White Knights City of Falador! Here you can buy all sorts of things from Produce to Services and more ~~PRODUCE~~ Item / Current Stock / Prices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Barrel of Milk - 7 - 20copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Barrel of Honey - 1 - 25copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meat - 1000 - 50copper (QL dependant ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~MATERIALS~~ Item / Price per 1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rock Shards - 1silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stone Bricks - 2Silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SandStone Shards - 80copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SandStone Bricks - 2Silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cotton - 90copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~ANIMAL PARTS~~ Item / Price per 1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wool - 80copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eyes - 1silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~WEAPONS~~ - Imps Price Dependant on current QL and Item / metal Type ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imps to 70+QL - iron / steel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knives to 70+QL - iron 15copper/steel 25copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1h Weapons to 70+QL - iron 25copper/steel 35copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2h Weapons to 70+QL - iron 30copper/steel 40copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~ENCHANTS~~ - Enchant Price Dependant on Power of Cast Not Responsible for shatters of under 80QL items ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animal Demise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Demise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nimbleness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FrostBrand ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aura of Shared Pain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Circle of Cunning ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wind of Ages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mend ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opulance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are located on the coast of deliverance. we offer free shipping to any coast and will also take in orders for wanted items.
  6. changed the location to merchant ads please close. Stone Clay
  7. Sale of 50x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Cow Sheep and Bison milk, for sale as 1 lot 26x barrels Sheep Milk 10x barrels Cow Milk 14x barrels Bison Milk Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message me, Muse in game If you need a different quantity - just ask!
  8. All Blank Tools are 10c per Taking offers on all other items feel free to pm me in game or on forum 2s 7s
  9. Sale of 48x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Cow Sheep and Bison milk, for sale as 1 lot 29x barrels Sheep Milk 11x barrels Cow Milk 8x barrels Bison Milk Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message me, Muse in game If you need a different quantity - just ask! [SOLD early 09/03/18 please CLOSE]
  10. I have a small barrel, unsealed, in a barrel rack containing sheep milk from yesterday. When I try to add sheep milk from a bucket from inventory from today, it says "That would destroy the liquid." If I drag the milk from 3 full buckets currently on horse in saddle bags, the milk goes in as discrete 12.00 (kg?) lots and does NOT combine with each other or with the milk from yesterday. Furthermore, the excess milk ends up in the barrel rack, (not in barrels). I have tried it in a rack with fewer than 30 barrels and one with 30 barrels (not all full barrels). Milk 'stored' in a barrel rack (not in sealed barrels) didn't show decay in 24 (RL) hours. I have a similar problem with water in various containers (cannot add well water to water in water skin, cannot move water from small barrel in inventory into large barrel on floor of house).
  11. Sale of 50x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Sheep milk, for sale as 1 lot Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message in game [All milk sold 30/12/17. Please close]
  12. Sale of 30x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Sheep milk, for sale as 1 lot Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message in game [SOLD early 08/11/17 please CLOSE]
  13. Sale of 30x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Sheep milk, for sale as 1 lot Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message in game Update: All milk sold early 10/10/17. Please close.
  14. Dear Mr. Enki, On behalf of The Cattle, Bison, and Sheep Breeders Association of Xaniacs, I write you regarding your recent opposition to milk. We, Xaniac Lactose Providers of Wurm, could not agree more that playing with wild skunks is inadvisable considering the lack of Ketchup in Wurm. We would also agree that drinking our milk products while operating a cart, wagon, or ship of unusual size is also inadvisable, and have labeled our amphorae accordingly for public safety. However, we would like to point out that Milk, in all its forms, is a natural bounty worthy of the rarest coin. It puts a mustache on many a face that would look odd without it, has stimulated the sale of cookies Wurmwide, and whipped into proper butter can even harden the weakest of arteries. We invite you to visit your local breeder for a sampling straight from the teat. The threat of trampling is minimal, and often compared to an enthusiastic Swedish massage. This message is brought to you with the support of Ron Burgundy, milk aficionado since 1074.
  15. Contact info you can PM here on the forums, post in this thread, or PM me in game on Jesslynn or Garrien Enchanted items (Items we no longer use, or have no use for, we do not have a casting priest) 83ql Rare small axe Life transfer 81 7s 90ql rare horse shoe 83 woa 6s 70ql rare horse shoe 26 woa 3s 66ql Longsword 82 nim 42coc 49 MS 1s 78ql Axe. Iron Life transfer 95 4s 81ql small axe 81 Life transfer 2s 57ql Pickaxe, iron c 77 w50 60c 34ql large iron shield 86 coc 86c 41ql large iron shield 76 coc 40c 39ql large iron shield 79 coc 40c 39ql large iron shield 70 coc 40c 84ql leggat Oak 81 coc 81c 68ql rake 71 coc 40c 69ql horse shoe 101 woa 5s 64ql horse shoe 100 woa 4s 67ql horse shoe 100 woa 4s 69ql horse shoe 91 woa 2s 68ql horse shoe 86 woa 80c 68ql horse shoe 84 woa 80c 67ql horse shoe 83 woa 80c 63ql horse shoe 82 woa 80c 68ql horse shoe 80 woa 80c 69ql horse shoe 80 woa 80c 67ql horse shoe 79 woa 60c 64ql horse shoe 78 woa 60c 70ql horse shoe 76 woa 60c 69ql horse shoe 68 woa 50c Farm goods Milk 20c per sealed small barrel. open to large bulk orders (may take several days to fill) stock 83 cows 48 sheep Leatherworking Items Toolbelts 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 60c Saddles ql50 - 15c ql60 - 20c ql70 - 40c ql80 - 60c Studded leather sets ql60 - 70c ql70 - 1s ql80 - 1s 40c Carpentry imps (Closed atm) Carpentry 70ql -10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c Fine carpentry 70ql - 10c 80ql - 40c Cooking Recipies 10c each or trade for ones I do not have
  16. Bison, as they stand have no use beyond meat and beasts of burden. My suggestion is that they should be milk-able in order to make cheese and whatever plans there are for the dairy-making skill. This could give them a great use beyond their leathers and meat or decorations in steppe and a believable use too. Don't you want to be eating delicious buffalo cheese and butters?
  17. 3x 45 kg sheep milk - 43c each 3x 45 kg brown cow milk* - 43c each All small barrels are made of oak, QL 80+, sealed with a peg, with QL 100 and undamaged milk. Can be mailed, postage is 2c. * Milk is not brown.
  18. I recently ordered a small barrel that the player was charging me for filled with sheep milk. I agreed to the price of 50 copper and waited. When it showed up in the mail I saw the low ql barrel (9) the wood type and nothing else. I waited and if any contents still did not show. I do not know the player and they logged off right after they shipped, this made me hesitant to purchase and on top of that they might have been new because that added that 1copper extra to the price because I’m guessing they didn't want to be shorted that on their end...or did they know?. Anyway, I had a friend mail me a similar set up and sure enough ...the same thing, close ql and same goat milk and no contents tag. I purchase paid for my friends shipment and then is listed the contents in the mailbox after it was paid. Could someone check into this? I am still hesitant on the first delivery. Thank you.
  19. The brown cow milk icon is showing as a hatchet.
  20. So, milk comes out at QL100, pretty cool. When you drink it, you get "The (brown cow|bison) milk tastes royal, noble, and utterly delicious!" Now, here comes my frivolity! Change it for milk to say "The (brown cow|bison) milk tastes royal, noble, and udderly delicious!" Hilarious, no?
  21. For some reason a Milk keybind doesn't exist; though, for some reason I keep thinking there was one...
  22. Gathered bison & sheep milk this morning (after the update), and immediately dusted off my oakenwood cheese drill to make cheese. When using the cheese drill on today's sheep milk, upon failure the sheep milk was reduced by 0.5kg. Successful feta cheese creation resulted in sheep milk weight reduction of 0.6kg. When using the cheese drill on today's bison milk, upon failure the bison milk takes at least 0.01 damage (no reduction in weight). Successful buffalo cheese creation resulted in bison milk weight reduction of 0.6kg. This inconsistency seems like it is likely a glitch, rather than an intended functionality; I'm guessing the buffalo cheese creation process is bugged. FYI: - Both types of milk were contained within their own cedarwood small bucket, though I doubt that had any bearing on the outcome (mentioning it to aid in bug reproduction). - The buffalo milk took damage on buffalo cheese creation failure regardless of the creation method used (Crafting Window vs menu driven "activate cheese drill -> RtClick buffalo milk -> Create -> Food -> Buffalo cheese").
  23. Can only use an empty bucket to milk sheep, no option to milk with 1 milk in the bucket, have to carry a small barrel to move the buckets milk to in order to milk the next animal. Can only craft Buffalo Cheese from sheep milk.
  24. Firstly this idea involves altering the gathering of milk slightly, namely by capping it at a player's milking skill. Why? Because milk QL will matter. Another item change is for cheese. Cheese will no longer decay, instead it will become a food equivalent of wine, increasing with QL as it ages if kept in a container. If it has a decay tick on the ground it takes damage. This is to offset the QL hit cheese will take with low QL milk. Milk, when drank instead of water, fills hunger up a bit as well (QL/20% per 1 weight) without impacting nutrition. So 100QL milk will give 5% hunger per 1 weight drank (bare in mind it cannot be drank if you are not thirsty). QL20 milk would give a 1% hunger bonus per 1 weight (just to show the free player threshold). Milk, when served hot, gives a special buff "sleepy" that decreases skillgain by 20% for its duration, however it if active when a player uses a bed it gives a (QL/5)% bonus to sleep bonus earned. If mixed with strawberries gives strawberry milk (20 beverages to make would be nice). Strawberry milk gives a different buff when drank (refreshed) that prevents thirst for a time based on QL. It still fills hunger on top of this buff. This might not be a bad buff to add to other drinks (the more complex the drink and higher the QL, the longer the buff).
  25. Main suggestion: All female mammals should be milkable. Cows should produce the most milk while other mammals should provide less milk, with cats or rats producing the smallest amount. Extra bonus optional more-realistic suggestion: Female mammals should not be able to produce milk until after having given birth once. The amount of milk produced per milking should not be static and should vary slightly per session and decrease as the animal ages, possibly disappearing entirely at venerable. As an animal ages, it will become less economical to keep it around, making culling them before a natural death for meat and leather an attractive alternative. Culling animals will counter the over-population problem being required to breed to get milk will cause. As culling will play a greater role: Instead of beating animals to death with a weapon, there should be slaughtering knife you can use on any non-hostile animal that would insta-kill it. The success rate of insta-killing an animal should be based on your butchering and possibly animal husbandry skill, while a successful slaughter will award butchering and possibly animal husbandry experience instead of any fighting skills/subskills. Failing to slaughter an animal properly will just inflict damage against them and make them go hostile (forcing you to fight like normal as you can't slaughter a hostile animal).