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Found 14 results

  1. The Event as denoted is not only a disappointment, with a ridiculous skill gain in meditating, it is also an annoyance, raising food and water (and nutrition) to max. When I am struck by than "blessing", I cannot fill up ccfp, or gain food affinities until food is down somewhat again. I just miss any point of that event. Pls remove.
  2. Hello! As I have Path of Love level 9 in meditation, I started to concern that I find now Refresh skill basically useless. Before the update, I used Refresh almost daily and ate seldom. But after the update, it drains CCFP to 0%, so no point using it anymore, even for 99% nutrition. Is anyone else feeling like Path of Love has lost it's uniqueness and usability? Is there something that could be done to it, as now it feels like I should change path for no actual good skills (Enchanted Grass only for keeping animals happy and Healing Hands, well, healing more).
  3. I am trying to create a POK tile on WU, I have created 3 different flat areas as the Wiki states :- but none of them work. I have not been able to find the "special place" tile on any of the 9 tiles in 3 difference sandy/flat/shoreline areas - I tested out Insanity and it worked first time. Any clues what might be wrong? I'm Hots on the awesome Otherland PVE server
  4. This is a idea to rework the entire meditation system, not just nurf or buff some paths. Let me know what you think or what things that should be changed. The paths bonuses (descriptions below) Level Path of Knowledge Path of Insanity Path of Power Path of Love Path of Hate 4 Get info (Level 1+2+3) Increase Skill gain (7%) Clean Wound Reduce damage taken (5%) Trap Immunity Increase stamina (7%) Refresh Increase Healing (5%) Increased Structure Damage Increase damage done(5%) 6 Connect Fill Erupt and Freeze Enchant Fear (active) 7 Increase Skill gain (15%) Reduce damage taken (10%) Increase stamina (15%) Increase Healing (10%) Increase Damage done(10%) 8 Sprint (active) Random Teleport Spell Immunity (active) Love Effect (active) Berzerker (active) 10 Enlighten level 1 (Sprint + Favor Regeneration) Enlighten level 1 (Reduce Damage Taken) Enlighten level 1 (Increase stamina + Refresh) Enlighten level 1 (Increase Healing) Enlighten level 1 (Increase Damage) 11 Recall Home Increase Skill gain (25%) Recall Home Reduce damage taken (15%) Recall Home Increase stamina (25%) Recall Home Increase Healing (15%) Recall Home Increase Damage done(15%) 12 Enlighten level 2 (Sprint + Favor Regeneration) Enlighten level 2 (Reduce Damage Taken) Enlighten level 2 (Increase stamina + Refresh) Enlighten level 2 (Increase Healing) Enlighten level 2 (Increase Damage) 13 Final Breath Final Breath Final Breath Final Breath Final Breath Path of Insanity: Max damage reduction (level 11 with enlighten level 2) is 22% Path of Power: Max increased stamina (level 11 with enlighten level 2) 35% Path of Love: Max increased healing (level 11 with enlighten level 2) 22% Path of Hate: Max increased damage (level 11 with enlighten level 2) 22% Increased healing would also need to work for life steal weapons or just give life steal regardless of what enchant the weapon has. Love Effect: Same thing as the old Love Effect but lasts for 10 minutes Spell Immunity (active): Give the player spell immunity for 5 minutes Connect: Allows a player to connect with a animal. This will tame it with loyal status. Cooldown: 12 hours Berzerker: Gives a player player far walker effect for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 12 hours Sprint: Gives the target frantic charge effect for 10 minutes. This can be used on animals, other players and the caster. Cool down: 12 hours Enlighten: This will give given allied players in the area a temporary buff according to their path. This stacks with the a permeate buffs however the level 1 and 2 spells do not stack, the newer buff will replace the older one. Enlighten from different paths will stack. Once a player reaches level 2 they will not be able to case the level 1 spell. Level 1: Range: 3 Tiles Buff timer: 5 minutes (Path of knowledge sprint is only 15 seconds) Cool down: 24 hours Path of Knowledge: Favor Regeneration: Increase passive favor regeneration to 150 per 60 seconds (lasts 5 minutes for a total of 750 favor). Sprint: Far walker effect for 15 seconds (similar to shrine of the rush) Path of Insanity: Reduced Damage: Reduces damage taken by 5% Path of Power: Increased Stamina: Increases stamina by 10% Refresh: Restores stamina Path of Love: Increased Healing: Increases healing by 5% Path of Hate: Increased Damage: Increases damage done by 5% Level 2: Range: 5 Tiles Buff timer: 10 minutes (Path of knowledge sprint is only 30 seconds) Cool down: 24 hours Path of Knowledge: Favor Regeneration: Increase passive favor regeneration to 300 per 60 seconds (lasts 5 minutes for a total of 1500 favor). Sprint: Far walker effect for 25 seconds (similar to shrine of the rush) Path of Insanity: Reduced Damage: Reduces damage taken by 7% Path of Power: Increased Stamina: Increases stamina by 15% Refresh: Restores stamina Path of Love: Increased Healing: Increases healing by 7% Path of Hate: Increased Damage: Increases damage done by 7% Reasons for the changes: All of nothing bonuses The current is set up in a way that makes the high level spells ridiculously strong with no in between. What this system tries to do is to make it so the bonuses are spread out more. So in the beginning you have a small bonus that increases as you increase in level Single player bonuses are too strong The bonuses are all based around one play getting a really strong buff What this tries to do is reduce the single player buff but provide a temporary buff for you and your team. There is no other choice but SOTG The most useful effect in the current game is SOTG. Frankly, its game breaking in comparison to other effects The idea is to encourage other paths by make them more useful in pvp and provide benefits for a group of players with multiple paths. With enlighten, the more people on different paths the more buffs a group will have. More useful spells were added to path of knowledge because get info is useless. A vyn priest can cast reveal creature for 30 favor and you can ask just ask people what affinities they have or what their food level is at. Let me know what you think
  5. Friends already own more than 20 meditation skill but can not create the path of love, how do I create ? I want to create some enchanted grams.
  6. Selling 90.07ql rare exquisite meditation rug. Level 16 question with it came up in 122 tries (compared to 2199 tries for level 15 question with 70ish ql normal exquisite rug). So it is a good investment for someone who is seriously into meditating. Auction lasts 5 days. Starting bid: 10s Increase: 1s Buyout: 15s Reserve: none Sniper protection: 1 hour Buyer pays CoD from Independence. Not accepting private bids (except buyout offers).
  7. Hey! I'm coming up with a skillgain estimation equation for meditating! I will need help gathering data though, so if you'd like to help, please post in this thread! If you have over 20 meditating skill, please send me: - logs of all 5 of your first 5 daily meditation chances (i.e. whether or not they were successful and your skillgain amounts). Please note: I will need all 5 of the logs, not just the successful ones. - the amount of CoC on your meditation rug - your current skill level (rounded to the nearest hundredth, i.e. 40.06) - the QL and type of your rug, with QL rounded to the nearest hundredth (e.g., normal, 12.27) - whether or not you were using sleep bonus - # of affinities you have for meditation - Epic or Freedom Yes, I realize skillgain is based on a RNG but RNGs are predictable to a degree. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. I've been putting off posting this for a couple months now in the hope that i'm just unlucky so someone doesn't tell me i'm being stupid but well.... Basically i havn't personally seen a single "new" hate tile spawn on chaos for about 2+ years, since Rolf supposedly changed them to not spawn on mycelium anymore and spawn near thorns instead so freedomers could get the hate path. Since that time i have spent countless hours trying to meditate on both mycelium and on thorns and on combinations of the two in locations all around the Chaos map and i have never once found a new hate tile. I've had to always level myself up using tiles that have existed for years and every time i go to level up i have to travel a huge distance and pray to magranon that the tile hasn't died on me. So i there a bug to do with Hate Path tiles spawning? I decided to post this up today after several others in my kingdom were chatting about being unable to find a hate tile anywhere.
  9. Did Rolf remove hallucinations? I am Mental on the Path of Insanity and I haven't seen a hallucination in a very long time. If he did I would like them back please
  10. My main hit 60 Meditation recently. From 30-50 skill I used a 30QL exquisite rug with 93 CoC. Then from 50-60 I used that same rug but imped to 40QL. The gains were good IMO. it was a rare day not to get a tick, and 3 ticks a day about half the time. But after 60 suddenly I get two, three, four days with no ticks at all. I've seen people chat about rug QL making a difference but I'm not clear on it. Does anyone know what QL of rug I should be using, and if I should change the type of rug?
  11. Hi Everyone, On Freedom servers, without Libila priests, is there any use for the Path of Insanity path bonus Clean Wounds? I read a mention on the forums of animals that can spread disease but wasn't sure if this really happens or how common it is.