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Found 59 results

  1. I've always thought it rather unfair that you can fillet your meat without losing anything, but with fish you lose 50% of its mass. Not to mention that if you're fishing on a special tile, you'll end up losing a lot of weight to the 50 fillets per fish limit. Any marlin above 20ql, maybe less, will max out on fillets. I get that it's a problem with only being allowed 100 items in your inventory, so here's my suggestion. Get rid of the maximum fillets and stop eliminating half the fish when filleting. Make fillets 0.3 kg no matter what, don't decrease the size for fish with large number of fillets. If you don't have enough space in your inventory for all the fillets, make the fish automatically fillet as much as it can, then you have to empty your inventory and re-fillet to finish. For example, say you have space in your inventory for 61 items, and a 24kg fish. That's 80 fillets. When you click fillet, the fish will produce 60 fillets, and you'll have a 6kg catfish left, and a message saying your inventory is full. You'll have to drop the fillets and fillet again to finish filleting the fish.
  2. Pm me if you need something. Low QL Meat is 55c/k 80ish QL Crops are 80c/k 99ql crops are 1s/1k - except things i have a lot of could be a little cheaper (like strawberries) Pm me for the rest, or post offers here, or PM offers in game (Davih) or PM offers or forum, or do what your heart tells you. Pickups are on Xan Q25 I can do 1s-fee deliveries for 8s+ of stuff, but usually not instant ones. i can do free deliveries for 20s+ of stuff. Both coastal only - no chaos
  3. Starting Bid/Reserve: 1.5s Min Increase: 20c Snipe Protection: 1H. Buyout: None Auction Timer:
  4. WTS 5k-- 94.96 ql rice home grown and organically harvested 1.5s per thousand. 5k --100 ql assorted meat 1.5s per thousand. No road kill. Please pm me.
  5. Start bid: 20s Min bid: 1s Snipe protection: 1hr No reserve Buyout: 30s [12:20:42] A heavy knife with a bent blade perfect for butchering. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. [12:20:42] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Aesir'. [12:20:42] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [85]
  6. Some servers have this, I thought I would find this mod here but nothing. Store raw meat, fish, filets into the fsb Thanks
  7. It has to be dragged out, turned into meat, then dragged back and so far no recipe that I can make is recognizing it as meat. I had to use meat I butchered today to get things to work.
  8. Wemp Lot 1 - Wemp Fibre x4.2k 94ql - 3.5s Lot 2 - Wemp Fibre x3k 66ql - 80c Lot 3 - Wemp Plants x7.4k 85ql - 4.5s Lot 4 - Wemp Plants 1k 96ql - 90c Dirt - 5k - 4.5s Wools - 1k 16.89ql - 1s Garlics - 96ql - 90c per 1k Cooked Meat - 2k 50ql - 1s Silver - 1k 16ql - 1s Bsbs - to many to count - 15 for 1s Pickup SE Deliverance - Any delivery 1s Forum PM prefered
  9. 6s for the lot if you collect from P22 Xanadu.
  10. For any of the goodies, PM Raldon, Protunia or Leonie. Gonna be updating the list weekly! Taking orders on bulk meat and veggies, hides, healing cover mats aka animal bits. Posibble imping of blacksmithy stuff up to 90+ ! Possible orders for marble bricks and slabs / marble brazier pillars/ bulk lumps and ore. PM for details and Place your orders now -Veggies- (now available) 4 k garlic 97,96QL 5,7k onion 97,68 QL 1,5k wheat 60,39 QL 3k rice 97,75 QL 5,1k cotton 97 QL 1,2k cotton 62, 68 QL -Cooked meat- 3,8k 49,27 QL -Sprouts- (now available) 500 oakenwood 70,29QL -2 silver per 100 sprouts 70 willow 58,64 QL- 1,4 silver 30 thorn 60,06 QL- 50 copper -1s per 100 sprouts- 200 rosewood 70,85 QL 900 birchwood 51,68QL 700 olivewood 63,81QL 900 lemonwood 58,29QL 100 lindenwood 56,61QL 300 maplewood 57,78QL 200 chestnut 57,20QL 400 walnut 69,78QL 700 pinewood 48,11QL 500 cameliawood 62,43QL 700 lavanderwood 60,67QL 900 grapewood 43,31QL 700 cherrywood 49,48QL 500 oleanderwood 59,79QL 300 cedarwood 54,72Q 100 firwood 68,24 QL -Flowers- (now available) -- 1s per 100-- 100 white flowers 200 yellow flowers 200 purple flowers 200 orange-red flowers -Hides- 700 hides 49,75 QL 300 hides 56,40 QL 300 hides 32,02 QL - offer -Enchanted stuff- Hammer ,iron 20,73QL (88coc)- 1 silver Pickaxe 80,10 QL (81woa) -1 silver Small anvil (89coc)- 1 silver Shield medium, oakenwood 54,21 QL (93coc)- 1,2 silver Huge axe,iron 61,27 QL ( 96coc 89Nimbl)- 4 silver Shovel.iron 22,63 QL (92coc)-1,5 silver Grooming brush oakenwood 20,12 QL (73coc)- 70 copper Butchering knife,iron 45,89 QL (72coc)-70 copper Hatchet ,iron 3,77 QL (82coc)-1 silver Saw,iron 10,13 QL (88coc)-1 silver Horseshoe sets 80QL with 70+ woa. PM for info and prices -Pelts with woa and/or coc- Blank pelts 90+ QL - 20 copper Wild cat pelt 92,57 QL (75coc-94woa)- 2 silver -Rares and supremes- -Often selling rare sprouts and cordage rope PM for info-
  11. Looking to sell some animal parts and cotton. Pickup is necesarry from the coast of SE Xanadu (M23). The Goods: 1507x Cooked meat @ 36ql = 1.5s 477x Cotton @ 40ql = 30c Not sure what the animal parts are worth so just offer me something if you are interested.
  12. Big food sale! Do you want to have enough food to feed your village for years? Maybe you need to gain large amounts of Hot Food Cooking, Mind Logic and Soul Depth fast? If your answer to one or both of these questions is "yes", then you have come to the right place! We are selling large amounts of food - enough for all your needs! Our offer Corn (3k in stock) - 1s/1k Garlic (1k in stock) - 1s/1k Cooked meat (4k in stock) - 3s/1k 1k corn/garlic + 1k cooked meat - 3,50s (-12% = 0,5s discount!) 3k corn + 1k cooked meat - 5s (-16% = 1s discount!) 3k corn + 3k cooked meat - 9,5s (-21% = 2,5s discount!) Everything - 12s (-25% = 4s discount!) Contact Forum: Warlander In-game: Warlander, Kenshi or Mackordian
  13. Selling 5k cooked meat, 1.25s / 1k 6s + free delivery to coastal Cele/Exo/Deli/ west Xana if you buy all the 5k (All bulk items delivered in large crates, 300 items per crate. If you don't provide empty crates in exchange an additional 10c/crate is charged)
  14. Do you want to grind HFC? Maybe you want to have food supply to feed your village for years? If so, you have come to the right place! 3k corn ql 91,80 + 1k cooked meat ql 31,09 - 5s Pick up on Xanadu at Nowe Wszczniesz (C14), can arrange delivery for a fee.
  15. Need to make some room. All prices include delivery on Indy. Dirt 1s/1k More than 15k available now. Planks 1.5s/1k 1k available now *low ql* Rock Shards 1s/1k 5K available now. Cooked Meat 1.5s/1k 3k available now. Blackburn in game. Also, entertaining offers and trades
  16. Selling 23k pieces of cooked meat, located on Xanadu. Average meat QL: 561,5s for 1k pieces of meat30s for the entire lot of 23k meat, which means 3k pieces of meat for free!2s delivery feeFree delivery if you buy 10k pieces or moreWill deliver to closest place accessible by cogNo delivery to ChaosDetailed location for pick-up: Otherworld, 16b (east of Tenakill's Landing, west of Garden of Arcane delights) Sold, can be closed!
  17. Selling some veggies. These will be pick-up only from either M23 @ Whisper Cove or Q25 @ Esteron Market on Xanadu. All veggies and wemp are over 70QL @ 1s/1k. 3k onions 3k corn 5k garlic 1k rye 2k potatoes 2k wemp I also have 2k meat (33QL) for 1.5s/k. I also have a few rare items for sale, also pickup only at either location, or mailable if possible (you pay COD): Rare oven (53 QL) - 8s Rare floor loom, birch (67 QL) - 8s Rare spinning wheel, oak (56 QL) - 3s Rare iron lamp (60 QL) - 2s 2x Rare hanging lamp, bronze (50 QL) - 2s each (pickup at Esteron Market only) Rare wagon, cedar (43 QL) - 15s OBO Rare chair, cedar (25 QL) - 1.5s Rare needle (50 QL) - 2s Thanks and happy Wurming!
  18. happen to be in the greymead/whitefall area with 1.4k dirt. Will deliver to anyone in the area for 90c, has to be this afternoon. Also have about 300 meat (30c) and 300 animal parts (20c).
  19. Its annoying carrying tons of backpacks or barrels to be able transport meats or seed or whatever feedable. Could be good if you are out hunting on a boat and want to storage meat. Something like crate or it could even be crate.
  20. I have a few things for sale that I no longer need. Tools will be COD from Xanadu from an 96 cast mailbox. Pickup for other items will be P14 Xanadu. Rare spindle cedarwood 63ql - 2s Chain coif Gold 89.9ql - 60c OBO Greathelm Steel 71ql - 25c 5kg source - Taking offers 3000 cooked meat - 1.5s/k 2700 wemp plants 53.97ql - taking offers 7k Dirt 90c/k if picked up. (PM for delivery costs) OBO - or best offer
  21. A pack of 500 cooked meats, 0.90kg ea, QL38.38 Delivered with free containers... Min bid 1s Increments 5c by 5c Winner PM to Orlin ingame or orlin in forum to accord delivering.
  22. Ql 29 Corbita, cedar (lock and anchor) 3s pick up, 3.5s delivery on Pristine Ql 88 source, 1.26kg ~2.5s delivery only on main island Ql 35+ meat, 1k 1.5s pick up, 2s deliver on main island Plate set,steel 5s, can deliver on pristine main island: Helm ql 70.55 Breastplate ql 70.14 Vambraces ql 70.40/70.31 Gauntlets ql 70.10/70.22 Leggings ql 70.00 Sabatons ql 69.78/70.02 4x Yellow potion, ql 16/16/32/32 ~25c each, can deliver on pristine main island
  23. Hi everyone I want to sell 1k cooked meat. Pick up on Release X43Y26, delivery possible only via small rowing boat on Release. Price is 1,5s for 1k 75c for 500 50c for 250 20c for 100 PM Vlada ingame or leave reservation here to make a deal. Cheers!
  24. Item can be picked up from Green Mountain(X7 Y30) on Pristine. If the item is mailable I can mail it, buyer pays mail cost. PM RobZ ingame or boilingfort on forum to order. I have a merchant in Blossom which has pelts, hides and some other things. Panfilling Check the thread here: Butchering QL 90-99 pelt - 2c/QL for every QL over 90 QL 100 pelt - 40c QL 70 hide - 1c/hide QL 90 hide - 2c/hide QL 95+ hide - 3c/hide QL 100 hide - 5c/hide High QL Turtle shells - PM me Current shell stock QL 90+ Crab meat(high nutrition) - PM me 500 cooked meat - 75c Other butchered products - PM me