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Found 6 results

  1. Calico Harbor Location J20 ingame Map on Indy (pick up) We can be found via the highway system Auctioning 4speed+unbelievably fast & graceful eater Starting bid 50s bid increments 2silver Buyout 1Gold Reserve None Sniper Protection 2hours Private bids No Speed of 36.03 km/h with 70ql iron shoes woa average of 83 and a 40ql saddle with woa 95 Happy bidding 🐴🤩
  2. pls close this thread
  3. Server Name: US Central 2xCraft/2xSkill/PvP Come join us! US Central based server, but all are welcome. 2 times craft speed, 2 times skill, gain PvP Looking for mature players to join. 30,000 creatures / 30% Hostile. Active Admin
  4. New Port Benden has: No Vacancies What is a Port Benden??? Years ago on Wild, before Chaos, Port Benden was founded on the east coast around the BL/JK border. Carving it's long port into a hillside of rock and erecting many homes and fields. Players came from many realms to live here and it prosperred in loot and trade. Later, when the server became Chaos and pvp was reinstated fully, the town's vulnerabilites were discussed and it was relocated to a large fortress deed that rivaled others in size. After a time we packed up and decided to try Celebration, and here we remain to this day. We've conquered a large natural island and made it our home. Okay, an Island, go on.. In the spirit of beginning anew, we bought a large island in the very Southeast corner of Celebration. After much hard work the old deeds were completely removed and a large central Town was erected in the middle of the island. New Port Benden was born. It's large and the perimeter is 51 tiles, it nearly covers the entire island. We aimed to be the only deed here and it's been so for over a year. It's peaceful, quiet, natural, and a good place to enjoy Wurm. Why should I join and what do you offer? We're mature, we have the largest alliance on Celebration (making up nearly half or so of the server, as population goes). We know how to run deeds and have done so for years without drama. We're experienced in many facets of Wurm and are able to pass our knowledge on. We offer the following: Mature environment, your kids won't have your hand in front of their eyes when your logged in.Large, finished, Town with supplies and just about everything you'd need to play Wurm5x7 housing plot to build on as you please, exceptions noted further downExperienced players that have been around for years and are willing to help youFreedom to learn and play the game... we don't require you to grind 1000 bricks to pay for your homeWebsite dedicated to the alliance and villages we collaborate with. Keep in touch with anyone at any time!Clay, tar, Public mine with gold, copper, iron, zinc, tin, and lead (somewhere).We aren't going anywhere, we love the game and plan to stay for a very long time.More, I'm sure of it, most likely just forgot it at this pointWhat do I have to do... It's not a big list, honestly lol Stay active and contribute if/when you can... that's all anyone could ever ask.We don't require you to grind anything you don't want to, however, we do ask that you work on fight skills to better protect yourself.We don't ask you to contribute to the upkeep on the Town. It's your option to donate your money to keep the town running, money isn't an issue.Be mature. We have a large alliance that works pretty well together but we don't care for drama.We don't hardly ask for help, but on major projects we appreciate a bit of aid when you can give it.We ask you keep your home 3 floors or less. Pics or it didn't happen! Well, alright, since you asked Viewing the Town from on the rock cliffs outside it. The Cathedral of Three. I'd like to remodel it sometime but it's still pleasant inside. Could probably use some benches though. The Grand Arena. Screenshot was taken from deedplanner when I first planned it. 5x9 combat area, 2 levels of seating for many spectators. View of the arena when first entering it's doors. At some point I'll remodel the doors into portcullises.
  5. hello i am the mayor of Prospero and im looking for 1 or 2 mature players at any level of experience to join my deed. i will provide a safe place to learn the game or do their business,can provide food and basic items if needed,villager wont be asked to pay for upkeep or work for me in any way. dont have any pictures right now but its a nice,walled deed
  6. Hey i'm just getting back into Wurm, its been 6+ months since i've played because i've had a busy year but I think i'm ready to play again. I'm just looking for a deed, settlement or even just a home to work with a small or large group of people in this great game i'm willing to play on every PVE server but I may try PVP but I have never played on a PVP. Anyway i'm not to picky just looking for a more casual, easygoing group to join. Hoping for lots of replys! PS. I've never gone premuim so i will have basic skills. If i find a group that sticks I'm willing to go Prem.