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Found 2 results

  1. So you just crafted your first sandwich. Well done. Wait a moment... It's down right puny! It's a piece of bread with cheese/egg/jam/maple syrup in it! Where is the meat? Where on EARTH is the herbs? This is a suggestion to allow sandwiches to be "improved" by adding in ingredients. This increases the bulk of the sandwich and the nutritional value. The improvements can each be done once per sandwich. Gives baking exp and relies on baking skill. Since they work differently than normal improvements they are performable by priests. A veggie (+0.1 weight and +2% nutrition) Cooked Fillet (meat or fish) (+0.3 weight and +2% nutrition) A Herb ( +1% nutrition) Total 65% nutrition, 0.58 weight Optional Extra : Reduce sandwich decay in inventory to a negligible level as they are a travel food.
  2. Cotton Volume

    Okay so there was a conversation in GL this morning, the conversation is as follows; [03:18:09] <H****> i've noticed that cotton is pretty much the ultimate skill crop.. seems to give decent skill at any level [03:18:18] <D****> same here [03:18:23] <S****> yeah [03:18:38] <Cita> too bad it licks butt to transport or store in large quantites [03:18:58] <D****> no problem, use catapults [03:19:00] <H****> just drop it into the ground if you havve too much ;P [03:19:10] <D****> step 1 : drop on ground [03:19:14] <D****> step 2 : walk a tile or two away [03:19:18] <D****> Step 3 : take items [03:19:20] <D****> Step 4 : repeat [03:20:37] <Haips> drop the cotton as you harvest it, then come back and collect them with the cart [03:22:04] <Dogukakugi> or just bring the cart along in the first plavce [03:23:59] <Cita> <-- here lies the problem, only 1999 cotton fit in a bsb, why? who knows. But the mass is screwy if you ask me. [03:24:19] <X****> its likely just because not exactly 16,000 volume can fit in a BSB, but rather everything below it [03:24:22] <Cita> You can put 10s of thousands of wemp in a bsb but only just barly 2k cotton [03:24:26] <X****> ohh [03:24:38] <X****> well, wemp is probably smaller [03:24:44] <K****> it is [03:24:57] <C****> voluuume [03:25:09] <Cita> 1 wemp = .5kg 1 cotton = 1kg [03:25:21] <Cita> so by that math only 4k wemp would bit in a bsb [03:25:32] <Cita> but i have like 7000 in a bsb atm [03:25:34] <K****> BSBs don't count by weight, they count by volume [03:25:55] <Cita> exactly my point, im pretty sure the mass of cotton is screwy [03:26:26] <K****> huh [03:27:10] <K****> Cotton and Colossus Bricks have the same volume lol [03:28:01] <K****> You're right, the volume of cotton is screwy. lol [03:28:13] <Cita> yap, and the most cotton you can fit on a cart at a sinle time is ~780, unless you combine your cottons then its 1 64kg wad per raft [03:29:34] <Cita> Im pretty sure rolf added one too many 0s in the cotton volume coding.. cuz 20k cotton per bsb is far more consistent with other items Conversation pretty much says it all, Cotton volume = Colossus brick, surely this must be a bug? Anyway, it would be nice to see a revised volume on cotton to make storage and transportation much more convenient. Please note: all names were removed from the chat log and the screenshot, just in case anyone didnt wish to be involved for whatever reason.