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Found 5 results

  1. Location: Xanadu Join me in this great town - Contact: ingame Martynas and forum Martynas5 May be available during weekends Mailing: COD only My skills: Currently not taking orders for items over 90QL. However those will regularly appear in stock Meditation rugs ( any type) ( rug imp service pricing example: 90>95QL, 140-40 = 100c ) 70QL - 20c 80QL - 30c 90QL - 40c 91QL - 60c 92QL - 80c 93QL - 100c 94QL - 120c 95QL - 140c Cloth armor set (pants,sleeves,jacket ,hood,gloves,shoes) tell me if you need parts replaced, for example plain white sleeves instead of regular. 70QL - 40c 80QL - 60c 90QL - 80c Sails 30QL - 5c 50QL - 10c Other stuff Creation prices Satchel 2c Banner/Flag 5c Small colourful carpet 5c Colourful carpet 8c Large carpet 10c carpets cannot be mailed 30QL - +10c 50QL - +15c Currently in stock x6 90QL exquisite meditation rugs - 40c each x2 91QL exquisite meditation rugs - 60c each
  2. Hello everyone. I'm Martynas. If there are any questions just post them here. Calmtown (Calmwood in this map down) is located at 19,5x 33y Not far from Green Dog, just go south by highway. I'm looking for mature players for this settlement. Preferable experienced Free spots ? 8 vacant houses 3x2 size, 2nd floor possible. Village rules: No stealing/cheating/griefing/swearing Only English in village/alliance chats. Never mine cave floor, unless you're allowed. Replant trees which you cut(Especially off deed). Do not mine cave floors. Do not kill animals. Be active. Just logging in and no progress doesn't count. ( Will keep your more valueble stuff in case you come back only for a month or two) What town has? Alliance house ( merchant is by it) Smithy Kitchen Tailor's Mason's and potter's Carpenter's Mine ( has iron, ) Collosus being built. Guard tower Pen for horses, currently enchanting grass. What i can do here? Enjoy the game Help allies with various projects ( mostly there will be one or more) Grind skills Sell goods, gain coins and buy premium What I can get? A fine place to stay House Other various stuff depending on your needs Alliance? What alliance??? Plenty of deeds with mature players. Do not bother allies with sales. ( We're not interested unless we say so). Will post here links or info if any ally is recruiting. Some screenshots: All of them Animal pen Mason's and potter's Tailor's My house, there are free stuff on left Carpenter's Smithy, needs some work to finish Kitchen Mine entrance Token, just past carpenter's. Up there is gate and unfinished collosus further Town entrance. Gatehouse in front, alliance house and merchant on right. Alliance house and merchant
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Martynas. Able to do fairly enough of things(no panfilling). Prefer working in Deli. My timezone GMT+2, online mostly 5pm-11pm. Payment: silver, referals. Also i can enchant grass. Contact me ingame - Martynas or forum. Some of the prices listed here ( CT and JS) - LW 75 JS 83 CT 90 Skills: Paving: 25.306915 Tracking: 14.434105 Milling: 5.586004 Coal-making: 22.383831 Prospecting: 22.126236 Healing: 13.4970875 First aid: 27.938866 Climbing: 5.995962 Knives: 20.070757 Butchering knife: 21.020172 Carving knife: 23.153416 Woodcutting: 54.465256 Carpentry: 74.507034 Fine carpentry: 42.009373 Ship building: 30.376074 Fletching: 9.93331 Bowyery: 10.952923 Toy making: 22.44764 Nature: 34.83151 Gardening: 26.17092 Fishing: 17.516218 Papyrusmaking: 4.351556 Animal husbandry: 11.139815 Meditating: 21.352385 Milking: 3.2512414 Farming: 47.697384 Forestry: 41.206345 * Botanizing: 16.69579 Animal taming: 13.367614 Foraging: 11.673139 Cooking: 10.93805 Dairy food making: 3.0510774 Hot food cooking: 19.16466 Beverages: 3.0507843 Butchering: 14.610876 Fighting: 68.723175 Shield bashing: 1.1089267 Taunting: 1.0 Normal fighting: 43.18393 Defensive fighting: 14.464797 Aggressive fighting: 11.801719 Weaponless fighting: 9.353915 Toys: 5.1612554 Puppeteering: 16.681866 Yoyo: 1.3807174 Alchemy: 4.133893 Natural substances: 9.905665 Miscellaneous items: 63.452774 Stone chisel: 21.839922 Hammer: 71.5547 Sickle: 36.98295 Scythe: 3.5004194 Repairing: 44.41979 Saw: 31.852087 Pickaxe: 75.031334 Rake: 35.595985 Shovel: 43.5276 Pottery: 20.883627 Firemaking: 13.309381 Digging: 58.650124 Mining: 71.67647 Smithing: 51.6105 Metallurgy: 1.3314967 Jewelry smithing: 83.4008 Locksmithing: 28.639503 Blacksmithing: 50.364273 Armour smithing: 4.1741033 Shield smithing: 2.2902417 Chain armour smithing: 10.285433 Weapon smithing: 21.496239 Blades smithing: 13.971698 Weapon heads smithing: 6.1471324 Ropemaking: 14.19352 Masonry: 54.195797 Stone cutting: 29.640017 Tailoring: 57.94213 Leatherworking: 75.881516 Cloth tailoring: 90.173676 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 25.996572 Soul strength: 26.866991 Soul depth: 22.903631 Mind: 34.87652 Mind speed: 20.958555 Mind logic: 40.89908 Body: 41.33422 Body stamina: 28.868801 Body strength: 34.874397 Body control: 34.188198
  4. WTB 200kg of strings of cloth Paying 1s + delivery (20c) Deliver to The Echo Outpost 16x 15,7y PM me in forum or ingame ( Martynas )