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Found 5 results

  1. GM feature/tool to essentially "tag" an animal or player with a tracker, allowing you to track their migratory patterns. Simply draws a line on the map, matching the color of the tag you place. Open your map/tracker tool and see how they run For my use, I just want to see where animals and uniques roam, with their AI. Alternate tool version: player ingame travel map. Great way to track where you are going and mark special places along the way. Additionally, players might be allowed to have "cared for" animals tracked on their map.
  2. Welcome to Complete Mine Services! I am Elflamablanca and I am based out of i-8 on Xanadu. I am a level 60+ prospector and experienced mine mapper. If you need it done, I'll get it done quickly and neatly. Current Services: - Mine Mapping - Vein Estimations(Remaining Ore Count) - Exposing Covered Veins - Mining Materials - Expanding Your Mine The complete service will include planting signs, leveling floors, prospecting veins, mapping as well as placing supports to solidify and clean up your entire mine. - Mine Supports - Concrete - Signing - Leveling/Smoothing Pricing: My current pricing is 2c per vein prospected. This price includes the mapping service with it. So if your mine has 100 veins, it will cost 2s. I have no travel cost but I do have a 1s minimum cost to help so I don't lose money traveling the entirety of Xanadu to earn 25c. If you are nearby(within 20 minutes) we can negotiate the price. Just PM me here or in game. Mine finishing prices are subject to an estimate as every job is different. Depending on the size some upfront payment may be required. Examples: Grindewald Mines: C/O Aspergerssyndrome
  3. Hello all. First of all, I let Warlander know I'm using his deedplanner as a basis for my maps. I do all kind of wurm mapping as a hobby somewhat. Decided to offer the service. Note that the prices are not final, still trying to find the sweet range. Don't hesitate to try to haggle with me. PM me for info. I will make alts on the server you want me to map on. Just /vinvite my alt so I can join and use as spawn point to get there faster. There's 2 version of the maps I can do. I CAN do other kind of maps that is not listed in my services. I also plan villages for you but I'm not too great of a planner in my opinion. Just PM me about it. Price will vary depending on size of map and what you want. If it's doable, I can do it. You tell me what you want on the map and what preferences you have. Simple (Raw map, nothing on it) Detailed (with labels, objects, info boxes, background, etc.). Deed Map: Map of your deed including perimeter. I do all tile/fence types if deedplanner have them. Simple: 1-5s Detailed: Up to 10s See samples below. Note the samples are what I did for myself and others, and does not reflect the only styles I can do. Simple Samples Detailed Samples VA Deed Map VA Merchant Map Mine Map: Map of your mine including veins. Simple: 1-2s Detailed: Up to 5s See samples below. Note the samples are what I did for myself and others and does not reflect the only styles I can do. Simple Samples Detailed Samples Overview Map: A server map of roads and deeds you want to include as long the village consents to be added to the map. This is not intended to replace any of the current server maps, it's mainly for personal use. I do 1 pixel: 1 tile ratio so this is an accurate map. To maintain accuracy, I used nearby resource tiles to determine the spot. I ALSO can change an area on the map for you. e.g. If there is a desert on the map dump but it's now grass, I can edit that area and give you an edited map dump with that area changed. Simple: 3-10s Detailed: Up to 15s Note: Due to the dump maps provided by wurm taken at a slight angle, some horizontal tiles are lost. e.g. Exodus lost 20x2048 of tiles (the black bar at the top), that's total of 40960 tiles. Exodus is 2048x2048, so only ~1% of the tiles is lost. Due to this, my map is only up to 99% accurate. See samples below. Note the samples are what I did for myself and others and does not reflect the only styles I can do. Detailed Samples Exodus with starter town, VA and Olive Lake Resort
  4. So I have been searching google and the wurm forums for a deed planner, and haven't been able to find anything. Most of them are either abandoned / outdated, or dont offer what I am looking for. What I am searching for is a tool that will let me plot out the tiles of the deed, change the terrain, as well as add buildings, trees, fences ect to the map to help plan out roads and buildings and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated.