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Found 1 result

  1. For one of the upcoming Challenges, how about perhaps a 'survival' based kind of theme? I'd actually be down for a full survival server, but we could see how it went as a 'Challenge' first. Wurm has some absolutely awesome mechanics for this already in place. My idea is as follows: (And remember, it's just a suggestion. Some will like it, some will hate it. Feedback is welcome, but do be civil.) You start on the map with nothing. And I do mean nothing. No starter tools, no backpack, no compass. Zilch. Not even a stick.You must find and forage rock tiles to make stone tools, in order to make other tools.You start at a random starter location. (Stone and rock tiles should be not too far away. Cliffs maybe, or even simply exposed rock.)Perhaps make 6 or 8 such starting locations, so that people are spread randomly throughout the world.No deeds. What? No deeds? Yes. No deeds. Everything has the full decay that you would expect being in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness on some lost isle. You want something to last, either repair it or make it higher ql.No skill bampfing. 70FS my achin' backside. You start with normal noob skills. You want to be better at something? Work for it. This way there will never be 80ql swords in this little scenario, and everything will be a bit more equalized across the board.Additional options include: PVE only. If enough folks aren't down with that, then the next option below.PVP, but no grouping or cooperation allowed of any kind. This is solo man or woman vs wild. No grouping up and ganking people. You want to go toe to toe, you do it at your own risk and do it alone. No hiding behind your team mates that PVP for a living. (And none of this... oh I just HAPPENED to drop a dozen 40ql swords along the road in the direction of my buddies... oops.)There could be various prize categories for different playstyles. Something for everyone, in other words. Since the skills would be limited based upon the limited playtime, some such rewards could be: First 4 x 4 Wooden StructureFirst 4 x 4 Stone StructureFirst gem minedFirst 30ql stone wall (of any kind)First 80ql+ item foraged/botanized. (or even make it specific. First 80ql+ acorn, etc.)These are just some generalized ideas. I'm sure others can come up with other and better things.