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Found 4 results

  1. Small magical chest - checked it this morning and found heaps of items with damage in it. They are no longer working, please fix asap. Thanks.
  2. Selling everything. It's all in a rare knarr except the rare sailboat. Everything is ready to go. Forges and Stuff Magical chest with lots of high quality moonmetal Lots of Rares with high enchants and a moonmetal helm Gems Lots of plate Plenty of tools (most have high enchants) Shields Weapons Rare sailboat (Black dye) with rare knarr in the background Then there's rafts of horse gear and misc stuff such as statuettes, toolbelts, lamps, med rugs, rings, ropes, high quality locks/lockpicks etc etc Only selling the lot all together. Starting Bid/Reserve: 400 Euro Min Increase: 5 Euro Snipe Protection: 1h Buyout: Offer I reserve the right to do whatever I want with my Auction.
  3. We had some updates in rapid succesion to replace the benefits of fountain-pans/backpacks (now called Source Rifts), but some compensations are still lacking, just wanted to give this topic a bump again, because Source Rifts are moving ever closer to their "death". The idea was to introduce other items in Wurm or tweak current items in Wurm to replace what the source rift was used for. To this current date we got replacements for the following: Painting large objects: we got small and large amphoras as a compensation, also the ability to pickup large barrels. Storing highql materials: we no longer have a 5% decay tick every month when our deed has enough upkeep, so we can now store those precious 99ql lumps in bulkbins without fear of loosing a bucnh each decay-tick Melting lots of ore: This got compensated by smelters that got added to the game What we are lacking so far: An increase of volume to the large magical chest space: This was mentioned as an update coming (but for the love of Magranon, I cant seem to find it in the topics that discussed soruce rifts). So that our large magical chests can go beyond the 100 loose-item limit or even store bigger items (skulls from slain uniques, some ship parts, large rare building materials/raw materials). Storing liquids without decay: Still as of today, my source rifts hold allot of small barrels filled with maple sap/syrup, milk, highql oil, apple/cherry/lemon/grape/... juice. Would be nice if this function was replaced by something ingame, Maybe add liquids to the "no-decay-rule-on-high-upkeep-deeds". I know you can fill a flask with the liquid and drop it back in the container to reset the decay-tick, but when you have a large amount of liquids stored then it gets a bit troublesome, also remembering to do it every now and then tends to slip out of ones mind when you have lots of wurm-projects going at once :p. ? This is not a suggestion, but just a reminder and a poke to get some news on the development side of these promised compensations. Also a small question to all of the source-rift-owners: Did I miss any "compensation" that we are still lacking ingame for when the source-rifts go *poof* in 200+days?
  4. Hi, so yesterday in CA somebody asked what the best storage for meals and finished food (casserole, stew etc) was and somebody said a magical chest. After looking it up, I still don't feel like the wurmpedia page has enough info about them, so I decided to make a post here and ask everyone what they know about these chests, how they work, how much storage space they have, how fast they decay etc. And maybe somebody with access could add some of this info to the wurmpedia page for others like me in the future I am also interested in for example with the small chest, if you can have it in your inventory and it only weighs 3kg, can you fill it with meals and use it as a sort of snackpack?