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Found 27 results

  1. 40 euro [10:08:44] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It has a benevolent aura. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 80.6263, Dam: 0.019296. The name of the owner, Nachtiti, has been etched in the stern. [10:08:44] A zinc rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5% can ship to costal deed (not pvp server)
  2. Join the ancient Kingdom of Mol-Rehan. Our group is experienced and we have decent players willing to help out new people. Want to have an adventure with good folk? Search no more. Come and build a new home on Mol-Rehan Epic, or Mol-Rehan Home on Desertion server. Wurm is waiting for you! Build, craft and hunt alongside friends! Meet characters such as Beardyman the Bald (for he always dislikes the helmet) who prefers to let his pate blind his enemies. Or Speedy the Blitzkrieg who gets lost in his own deed. Meet player gods such as Gary and Smeagain or Tosiek, and let them share you the histories of Mol Rehan.
  3. Transaction completed, please close.
  4. Remember the original models for JK MR BL ? before we had armor and clothes showing? I would love an outfit that makes me look like the old Lib or MR. Maybe "costume" that you apply to your "back" slot.... and just instantly reverts me to an MR BL or JK. Dont even worry about animations and all that... this is about going old school i mean if i have to stand on horses to pull it off... i will! 6 smiley faces were slain in the making of this post so people didn't remove my post for trolling because of too many smilies.... (shrimpiee)
  5. People of Exodus, Everyone's favorite PVP Kingdom-in-Exile has made a new friend. A venerable black drake of a friend. Unfortunately for him, he's slated to be killed in a ritualistic manner this Saturday. He understands that Wurm is like that sometimes, and he's cool with it. In thanks and recognition to the people of Exodus for their warm welcome to our Kingdom, we offer this slaying to the public, under the terms described below. We encourage any and all Wurmers to join us. Freedomers, Trader Drainers, Sermon Alts, Current and Ex-Chaos friends and enemies, and everyone's aged fat dog are welcome to tag along. We may even open up a channel in our VoIP for the slaying for anyone that wants to come hang out. *Please note this is not our dragon. Copyright complaints should be directed to Nadroj Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 weaponskill, armor on during fight. Competent healers are welcome too (competency to be determined by one of my delegates) Bystanders: All are welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood/hide! Our alt pen will actually be in local of the unique, which is helpful. Loot: The dragon bone and Valrei tome (1% chance of drop) will become property of Mol Rehan. For the remaining loot, we will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per person. Each individual Dragon Meat will be treated as a separate item. There will be unlimited slots, one per RL person. Every fighter who is signed up with qualifying stats and gets on the twitter kill list will be given a raffle slot. Everyone is welcome to attend to get blood from the unique. (You need to be in local range, and be a premium player) Rally Point: Exodus- S11 coastal. The coast is in local of the fight, so BYO Alt Boat. Arium refused to build the alt pen and has been summarily executed. Sign-up Sheet: Time: Saturday, January 28 6pm US Eastern
  6. As the title states. Give us your pvp videos and views. Even if u fail a raid or make some funny mistakes. Always happy to do PVP in Wurm.
  7. Note: Due to Seedling's recent upcoming spring-cleaning (fall-cleaning?) of the Wikipedia, I am dumping some of the more complete battle records here. Unfortunately, some wiki pages referenced information that's no longer accessible, old forums, and etc. Attempting to dump the content as complete as possible from the wiki; though, issues may arise. Most of these are from older maps that no longer exist. EDIT: In fact this one and another are the only ones that happened on an existing map: Chaos, the Map Formerly Known As Wildv2. Siege of Libilian Outlawz Date: August 5th, 2007 Location: Libilian Outlaws Result: HOTS Victory, Successful Defence Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon Towns: Libilian Outlaws Hammerfell Kyara Independent Settlers Fort Mole Whosville Strength: 15-18 warriors Zombie Trolls Town Guards 29 warriors Pet Crocs and Bears The Jenn-Kellon army entered the dark, stinking northwestern troll lands, with the intent to destroy the new Libilian menace that inhabited these lands. A fortress under construction by Libilian Outlaws had been sighted by several scouts deep within the forests. Any BlackLight stronghold so close to WhiteLight lands could not be allowed. As the army marched approached, they were soon seen by a lone scout. The WL army, realizing the time and place of the attack had been revealed, decided to began preparing siege equipment immediately. There were far more defenders present then was expected, apparently they had been preparing even before sighting the attacking army, and had raised numerous Zombies to assist them. The determined attack force set up camp near the deed, right outside a large earthwork wall. It was soon realized by the attackers that the rear was much less fortified, but it was decided to continue attacking from the original position. An encampment and mine were quickly set up as the forces of LO came out with many zombie trolls to meet the attackers. Constant clashes occured around the area of the siege encampment. The defenders, while taking some losses, were unable to prevent the breaching attempts on the town's incomplete outer defenses. A section of the earthworks was breached in approximately an hour, and catapult strikes were being directed at the inner stone walls. A pathway to the town center was cleared so the attackers started to directly engage the town guards; however, constant pressure from defenders in the breach - despite heavy losses - forced the attacks back. The attackers at this point were weakened from many injuries caused by the enemies Zombies, while the defenders kept returning to fight again after their deaths. Constant counter-attacks and word of fresh reinforcements from other BlackLight towns, convinced the attackers to get ready to withdraw. However, a deep shaft was opened by the mining team, and several attackers and their rescuers became stuck. A significant chunk of the attackers force became busy with rescue, and they found themselves outnumbered on the surface. When the BL executed a savage attack, the WLers went on the defensive and they were pushed into their seige encampment, as stragglers from the mine trickled in. The camp was surrounded and the BL used zombie trolls and mauls to break in. The WL army panicked, grabbed what loot was at hand and fled towards the safety of a nearby outpost. The majority of the raidforce was able to make it to the outpost; however, several warriors fell behind and were slaughtered with no attempt made to aid them... Since that fateful day, the northwestern lands have fallen more and more under the taint of the Goddess Libila. EDIT: Almost too easy... -.-
  8. The king player needs a model for the king office chest armor, so here's one suggestion.
  9. looking to sell my MR template wagon 25 silver pm me ingame @Reaping or post here, i will close this when it is sold, ty! [16:20:04] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. It is locked with a lock of fantastic quality. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 14.903297, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Reaping, has been etched in the stern. comes with delivery to coast (not interior lakes) and a key.
  10. Wagon 5s Located on West coast of Deli
  11. Sheer Pandemonium is a deed still in the working on Chaos (MR). All the dirty work is done with the deed. Sheer Pandemonium is a Great deed close to the server line to Deli/Exodus. If you are look to be close to the freedom server but want to also have a place to live when there is action in Chaos, Sheer Pandemonium is a great deed for you. I have big plans for the way I want this deed to look like, but there is still freedom to make you home the way you want to look. It is just Me and my alt, a Fo priest, that is in this deed right now. Looking for some Friendly, ready to do a lot of work, people to join me. in my new beginning of making my first deed. The deed is a 5 min boat ride, in good wind, to the server. Close to Kratos, a lot of creatures to kill to gain FS and WS. A lot of Surface Mining, digging, and wood cutting left to do, so skill building all around. I have smiting/crafting building to grind whatever skill you want, and have iron veins ranging from poor all the way to utmost in my mine. So whatever skill you are at you will have the iron to skill with it. DID I MEATION THAT MY DEED IS JUST A SAIL AWAY FROM THE ACTION!!! I can't wait to see some new faces to be part of my deed. PM: ♥ Evadaly- My Main ♥ Tigolebitties- My Alt Just a few Picture to give you a taste of the Sheer Pandemonium!!!! COME JOIN THE FUN, COME JOIN THE PANDEMONIUM OF SHEER PANDEMONIUM!!!!
  12. I'm looking for tall kingdom banners from Chaos. 1x tall kingdom banner - Mol Rehan (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - John Kellon (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - Horde of the Summoned (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - Black Legion (bought) 1x tall kingdom banner - Ebonaura Please pm me with prices here or in game. Malajane
  13. You too can own one of these beautiful Empire of Mol-Rehan wagons on the Freedom cluster now!!! Price: 5 Silver They can be picked up on Deliverance at Zanarkand (N19) .(You will need to bring your own horses if traveling by land or either a knarr, corbita or caravel if traveling by sea. Also, wagon delivery charges are PER wagon since onlt one wagon fits in a ship) If you need delivery, we can handle that for you at these prices:(Delivery is to knarr or corbita accessible areas only, you will have to bring your own horses to pick them up if traveling inland) Deliverance or Exodus: 1 Silver Celebration or Independence : 1.5 Silver West Xandu: 1 Silver East Xandu: 2 Silver Release: 2.5 Silver Pristine: 3 Silver **note: If you would like to choose the type of wood used, please place order thru forum pm with wood type desired, and allow approx. 1 day for delivery. PM Nsu in game or on the forums to place your order today!!!! Also selling these beautiful Empire of Mol-Rehan Banners 50 copper each and Flags only 40 copper each!**note** These can not be mailed. How about a beautiful new towering MR Tall Banner or two? Only 1 silver each (due to amount of materials used)(These can not be mailed) Want to have a towering MR silo style tower on your deed? We'll start one for you for only 50c (as of 8/29 these can no longer be mailed). That's one of these nice towers for only a few copper and then the effort to finish it on your deed!!!**note** Unfinished towers can no longer be mailed Merchant with towers located at Zanarkand (Deliverance N19) All prices are for in-game user to user trades only, purchases from my merchant at Zanarkand on Deli are a few coppers more to cover taxes charged by the game.
  14. Please PM Hashirama and Hashirama only if you need any of the wagons. I am really busy with real life so I wont be able to respond for any further wagon sales. For the First time in the Game on Freedom cluster. MR wagons. Currently no one on Freedom owns this car. Get one for yourself today. Pickup from Deliverance West Coast. 15 silver for the last wagon I have available. List of Players who Own these Cars Hashirama Kegan -> NikiLezerGinodealAlyeska/XalloBeezieDestroyerdFairyshineKeyosGoraghMetrix Also now we got HOTS wagons on Freedom Price : 8 silver each Get one today Mighty Horde wagon owner's (sold by me) HuntgremGinodealWoadMakarusDestroyerdSmellyfeetKeyosSubie/TheshawvAndrasteMetrix All raise your hands for JK wagons. Jk wagon Price : 5 silver each Jenn Kellon Wagon owner list (sold by me) BoristheanimalValoMachairaDestroyerdMetrix BL wagons on the way BL wagon Price: 7 silver each BL wagon owner list (sold by me) VelvetsunMetrixWynry HOTS guard tower! pickup at G 8 deliverance in game map, 1 silver for each tower, come get yours today! Unfinished towers in stock: 1 What does a HOTS guard tower look like?
  15. Looking for a new home on Desertion, Just returned from being away. Thank you all in advance -Chronos
  16. I would like to buy an unfinished mol rehan guard tower. I am on Xanadu. If you have one, please PM with price
  17. I have a wagon that is in the style of the original MR kingdom style for sale. This is unique because MR on Chaos is now all a PMK and to my knowledge you can not make these anymore. 43ql - Original MR Wagon, maplewood ( Delivered to any server/dock except Chaos but on my own time/no rush) Starting Bid: 10s Increments: 2s Buyout: 20s No reserve, 1h sniper
  18. As the title states im selling marble and i can start a Mol Rehan guard tower if you are interested. also my mining isnt too bad so if you need any other minerals just ask and ill see if i can get some.
  19. I'm looking to sell 90 QL black drake pay pal only starting at 80 euros. incraments of 1-5 Euros foot 1 Aosp 75 QL 90.02 DMG 0.02 foot 2 Aosp 68 QL 90.10 DMG 0.00 hand 1 Aosp 80 QL90.10 DMG 0.03 hand 2 Aosp 79 QL 90.11 DMG 0.00 Chest Aosp 80 QL 90.09 DMG 0.61 Legs Aops 84 QL 90.02 DMG 0.30 Arm 1 Aosp 90 QL 90.04 DMG 0.10 Arm 2 Aosp 85 QL 90.04 DMG 0.06 Email is the fastest way to reach me I'll check here about once a day.
  20. Not sure if you can even get one or not but if you can i would like to have one. I am not looking for the PMK ones posted about today i want just the regular MR red wagon. I also might buy some of the regular MR banners too but i for sure want the wagon so if you have one pm me with the price. I guess you can not get them on freedom it seems so i guess this can be closed
  21. close pls

    looking to buy the op things. can pick up from anywhere on freedom except chaos. pls pm with price and location got jk banners/flags only need MR
  22. Hi all, Anybody recruiting? Recently moved to the epic cluster, in Desertion.. I'm currently looking to be part of a town/village Coming from Release, I'm not new to the game, just to the pvp part... Anybody in Desertion, or MR controlled Elevation recruiting please pm in game to (Dragoromir)
  23. Free characters should not be allowed on pvp servers. We learned that on wild. Certain people abuse the free character system and use it to drain traders, grief, and otherwise skirt the system. Free alts have no place on pvp servers, especially in a game like wurm.
  24. 1 - The last stand of LO - violetann Rivers of blood flowed and dusty rubble cover everything in this eerie landscape of a town of fallen heroes. After the passing of most of LO members the artifacts which had been kept secure for so long in their vaults were inaccessible to all those whom remained. An estimated 40-45 Jenn-Kellon were standing outside Lo’s walls against a handful of MR fighters. From LO: chromega, Shweet, Kabill, klaa and dragonspawn who mostly killed himself. From Whosville: Chancellor Horton, Myself, maximustehgreat, Goldfishmoo, tonygreen, zarmazarma. The Jenn-Kellon began making themselves a mini fort and catapults. This was going to be a long siege from the start. When they got there not even a handful of LO remained, But they underestimated what less than a handful of MR can do. The horde of JK was held off by as little as 7 mr long into the night and Pedro the JK prince was slain before they breached LO. In a gorilla warfare style we did what we could chasing each other around in the depths of the Lo catacombs. The mines of LO held yet another secret. During Goldfishmoo’s endeavor to supply rocks for repairing he mined a Star diamond later named “heart of Loâ€. Even the Jenn-Kellon could not pick the lock on the artifact chests. They had to resort to pushing the chest containing 4 of them into lava off the deed. While they pushed we managed to refortify LO to secure the remaining 3 artifacts. The Sword of magraron, orb of doom and the ear of vynora were kept secure by MR against all odds. All the bravery of this city’s past, those citizens whom remained and allies from afar who fort so valiantly to protect the city and it’s artifacts deeds shall be remembered not just in the bloody spilt or carved in to the ruins of the now ghost city; but in the hearts and minds of all Mol-Rehan LOL cat version: RIVERS OV BLOOD FLOWD AN DUSTY RUBBLE COVR EVRYTHIN IN DIS EERIE LANDSCAPE OV TOWN OV FALLEN HEROEZ. AFTR TEH PASIN OV MOST OV LO MEMBERS TEH ARTIFACTS WHICH HAD BEEN KEPT SECURE 4 SO LONG IN THEIR VAULTS WUZ INACCESIBLE 2 ALL DOSE WHOM REMAIND. AN ESTIMATD 40-45 JENN-KELLON WUZ STANDIN OUTSIDE LO’S WALLS AGAINST HANDFUL OV MISTAH FIGHTERS. FRUM LO: CHROMEGA, SHWEET, KABILL, KLAA AN DRAGONSPAWN HOO MOSTLY KILLD HIM. FRUM WHOSVILLE: CHANCELLOR HORTON, MYSELF, MAXIMUSTEHGREAT, GOLDFISHMOO, TONYGREEN, ZARMAZARMA. TEH JENN-KELLON BEGAN MAKIN THEMSELVEZ MINI FORT AN KATAPULTS. DIS WUZ GOIN 2 BE LONG SIEGE FRUM TEH START. WHEN THEY GOT THAR NOT EVEN HANDFUL OV LO REMAIND, BUT THEY UNDERESTIMATD WUT LES THAN HANDFUL OV MISTAH CAN DO. TEH HORDE OV JK WUZ HELD OFF BY AS LIL AS 7 MISTAH LONG INTO TEH NITE AN PEDRO TEH JK PRINCE WUZ SLAIN BEFORE THEY BREACHD LO. IN GORILLA WARFARE STYLE WE DID WUT WE CUD CHASIN EACH OTHR AROUND IN DA DEPTHS OV TEH LO KATACOMBS. TEH MINEZ OV LO HELD YET ANOTHR SEEKRET. DURIN GOLDFISHMOO’S ENDEAVOR 2 SUPPLY ROCKZ 4 REPAIRIN HE MIND STAR DIAMOND LATR NAMD “HART OV LOâ€. EVEN TEH JENN-KELLON CUD NOT PICK TEH LOCK ON TEH ARTIFACT CHESTS. THEY HAD 2 RESORT 2 PUSHIN TEH CHEST CONTAININ 4 OV THEM INTO LAVA OFF DA DED. WHILE THEY PUSHD WE MANAGD 2 REFORTIFY LO 2 SECURE TEH REMAININ 3 ARTIFACTS. TEH SWORD OV MAGRARON, ORB OV DOOM AN TEH EAR OV VYNORA WUZ KEPT SECURE BY MISTAH AGAINST ALL ODDZ. ALL TEH BRAVERY OV DIS CITY’S PAST, DOSE CITIZENS WHOM REMAIND AN ALLIEZ FRUM AFAR HOO FORT SO VALIANTLY 2 PROTECT TEH CITY AN IT’S ARTIFACTS DEEDZ SHALL BE REMEMBERD NOT JUS IN DA BLOODY SPILT OR CARVD IN 2 TEH RUINS OV TEH NAO GHOST CITY; BUT IN DA HEARTS AN MINDZ OV ALL MOL-REHAN