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Found 23 results

  1. The names, Thekraken, I'm a 6+ year player whose played on almost every server at some point in time. I'm looking to join an alliance in indy, I'm active most days ( ughhh like that work thing gets in the way...) I really enjoy wurm for the sense of community, so I'm looking for an active alliance, where I can contribute. I'd love to be apart of a large project, working towards a goal, something that is bigger than just me. I'm an easy going guy and down for just about anything. My timezone is EST and play at nights. If you want to know more specifics about me PM me in game or on the forums.
  2. First of all hello and thanks for taking time to see this post. As the title says i'm a new player looking forward to play the game actively at least 1 hour a day, i'm looking for a village to start with so i can get some help to get started on game and have fun. If you think i could join you pm me in discord Red (Cry)#7147 or message in forums. Have a great day!.
  3. Looking

    Graphically this game leaves a lot to be desired, but something easy to add that would improve the ambience of the game is the ability to move your characters head. When you mouse your screen, your view changes, but outwardly, your character is still staring dead ahead. I'm not talking about your toons body turning left or right depending on where you're facing, I'm specifically referring to your characters head. While this change doesn't add anything game changing, it'd be a nice little touch to see your friends looking up at your high castle towers, or down into your new cave-dwelling-dungeons. Thoughts?
  4. Attention everyone! Fairytail is in need of some exsperenced Diggers and Surface Miners. We are a 21x23 Deed on the coast of E21 in Xanadu. We are trying to flatten out our deed but to do this we need some diggers to exspose the rock tiles. Then Surface Minners to help level down the rock tiles. Payment: Any dirt collected you may keep. Will even allow the change of dirt tiles to sand for the project so you may collect sand instead of dirt. At this time we don't have much silver to spare but as soon as more of the land gets leveled, we will start up our business to make silver and at that point we will offer silver for the work done. Any questions you may contact me ingame via character Sprigor. We are asking for help asap rather then later. We have big plans for this deed that cant be accomplished till we get a good area leveled.
  5. Brotherhood of Steel (yes a fallout reference) is looking for players, someone who knows the game but still runs in fear from a spider or troll. the deed has many open lots and still under construction on the whole south side. there is 4 iron veins, 2 lead veins on deed, copper in the distance. come by D15 and check it out or message me on forums for more info. i also do not ask for coin, feal free to make a profit while here. if a business partner u seek then i am here. i currently have a low vyn priest, 1 vyn battery follower, 2 nahjo followers , and a main atm. yes they are all new characters but i have played before. i will be training/grinding steel products. usually online anywhere between noon-midnight EST if interested pm me here or in-game. I never had villagers in past but i know its better in numbers. well at-least now i do. i also just made a mountain top event center. the view is OMG and thought it would be perfect. i have yet to break ground there and still planning it out. if anyone is interested in joining please contact me anyway possible. still under construction, hard to see behind the trees up top but many lots available (currently 40x60)
  6. Hi all, after almost 2 years of inactivity I'd like try Wurm again as long as time permits it. Therefore I'm looking for a new village in Xanadu, preferably coastal. I have 50+ carpentry and masonry, along with some other skills at decent levels. I've learned a lot about Wurm and it's mechanics in the time that I played, so I usually know what I'm doing. To be honest I don't really care how developed the village is, as long as there is room for a mediumsized private house, the rest can all be communal for all I care . One problem though is that I'm currently stranded on the westside of Indy, at the Mouse Hole Memorial, so I need some kind of transportation to get there as walking isn't really an option (6km/h because of plate).
  7. I am looking for work in all pve servers. So PM me about what you need done and the payment. We can talk the details there. Thanks.
  8. Hello foilks, i'm Selvagem! I just started a deed at Xanadu and i would like some good fellas to live in it. It's very fresh, so you will be able to see it's transformation over time and also be part of that, Server: Xanadu Taking non-prems?: Yes Taking newbies: Yes Location: R19 PM me if interested and we can talk, i'm interested in good and decent folks to play with.
  9. Hey all, I'm Dal, a new player here in the Wurm universe. I've recently discovered that I can't deed or set a spawn at places that I build since I'm a free player. I plan on subscribing eventually, but not yet, as I havn't learned enough about the game to know if it's worth it for me to pay. However, I'd really love to get to know the game and community better so I'm looking for an honest person/group of people that can accept me as a teammate and companion. I wont do anything stupid, except for probably dying a lot, as I already have. But I'd like to learn more and start to build some things, which is something I'll have a lot of trouble doing on my own, especially without a spawn point. So thanks for reading, let me know if you have an opening anywhere. See ya, Dalindir
  10. starting 25.01.2014 Greetings Fellow Wurmians "The Petre's Transport & Storage" company is looking for nice place to locate the warehouses. The company needs small buildings in a lively settlements. If your deed has some unused bulidng which could be used as warehouse don't hesitate to message Petre. Here is the list of things that we require from settlements: Deed must be inhabited, we don't care about the theoretical number of deed settlers what's matter is the average amount of people online Deed must have area open to everyone with building that can be adopted as warehouse (any building will do). Optional ones: Easy access to warehouse is welcomed - labyrinths of walls and fences are not welcomed - company belives that the amount of active people provides safety The building tighter the better. Trustworthy settlers who want to run business are welcomed. What we provide: access to trade network that will give you profits a way to attract new citizens a chance to become one of the most influential Desertion trade centers transport & storage services (read more below) STORAGE & TRANSPORT SERVICE As i noticed during my merchant's work it happens that people who want to exchange goods aren't online in the same time. I would like to propose solution for that inconvenience: The Storage & Transport service - how it works? From the seller perspective: The seller leaves his cargo at one of the warehouses along with instruction: to which warehouse it should be delivered for how much it should be sold to whom it should be sold In the meantime the authorized person writes down the details of the transaction on papyrus and put cargo in the warehouse. The goods between our warehouses flows a continuously, within a hour or a few the cargo will reach its destination waiting for the buyer. The buyer will be shouted to retrive his goods, from the warehouse. Warehouses will be placed in strategic locations you it will not be Necessary for you to travel much in purpose of selling your goods. From the buyer perspective: buyer recieves the shout from warehouse emplyee and goes to the warehouse buyers pays the price which was set by seller and some small fee for service and gets his cargo.
  11. I'm somewhat new to Wurm, and looking for a good group of villager; to help me get use to the game and understand it more; I have played multiple sandbox type games; but Wurm looks like something I can get in to for a long period of time. skype: julianneilll
  12. hello i am the mayor of Prospero and im looking for 1 or 2 mature players at any level of experience to join my deed. i will provide a safe place to learn the game or do their business,can provide food and basic items if needed,villager wont be asked to pay for upkeep or work for me in any way. dont have any pictures right now but its a nice,walled deed
  13. As it says i am looking for work warning i am not the most skilled player so i can't do QL but if you need help flatting mining or just want lots of materials like rocks planks nails etc. Thank you have a good day or night .
  14. Hey everyone! I played WURM Online a little while ago, but all of my friends have stopped playing it. I was wondering if anyone else wanted to play WURM with me? If you do, we'll be playing on Deliverance (don't think I needed to say that). I'm currently living on Nightmare Lake in the settlement of Mountain Utopia. If you would like to play, leave a comment, private message me, or contact me on Skype. Skype username: nerdyotter (make sure you make a description for yourself in your contact request.)
  15. Hey everyone! I played WURM Online a little while ago, but all of my friends have stopped playing it. I was wondering if anyone else wanted to play WURM with me? If you do, we'll be playing on Deliverance (don't think I needed to say that). I have a small base camp set up so far, but that's it. You'll be starting a new character. If you would like to play, leave a comment, private message me, or contact me on Skype. Skype username: nerdyotter.
  16. Hey everyone! I played WURM Online a little while ago, but all of my friends have stopped playing it. I was wondering if anyone else wanted to play WURM with me? If you do, we'll be playing on a non-PVP world and starting new characters. If you would like to play, leave a comment, private message me, or contact me on Skype. Skype username: nerdyotter.
  17. Hello folks, im Selva, i'm 22, i started playing Wurm Online since the end of July. One week after i've started playing, i met some good guys who were recruiting ppl to their villages. However, all the 5 villagers, including the mayor and co-mayor, went away at the beginning of August, moren than 2 away months now. So , im alone, in a ghost deed, with lots of buildings locked and about to get off deed, since the upkeep money is almost gone. Why i dont put more money at the deed's bank?! Well, im almost sure they will not come back, unfortunelly, and i have no interest in feeding a ghost deed which i wouldn't have, at least, the minimum control of even my house. So, cut to the point, im looking for a new deed at Celebration, who has a nice place, decent people and recruit me as a free villager, not a slave or a second class citizen. -My location is near TapDance -Not premium at the moment, but, obviously i have plans to be -Have some stuff that might help the recruiter, if not a super advanced wealthy deed. - I'm a good villager, you can check about me with the players : Reyaa, Pepeford, Hooter, Harvest, Feasd pr Maiya.
  18. My name is TsubasaLegend and I'm looking for any work that pays well, work between freedom docks and Halcyon and between freedom market and liberty metal works ill do for less, my doesn't have to be coins but that is preferred, the payment must be in copper or equivalent to copper coins in goods that can re-sold, I do almost any work from digging and house building to crafting and mining, I look forward to hearing from anyone looking for my services. -TsubasaLegend-
  19. I'm Looking to speak to dravos on the celebration sevrer if anyone has seen him or can get in touch with him please have Dravos contact me. Thanks!
  20. hello im Nume/Tpikol and im looking for an active village to join,or an alliance i can join with my own small deed,so what i want,is nice people to talk to and work with in projects. my skills worth mentioning are 77 carpentry,76 woodcutting,4x mining,4x masonry,59 digging and 80 lagging reply here, or contact tpikol ingame
  21. Hello, I'm a new player that has just joined and is looking for a village that is willing to help him get a hold of the game and it's standings. I know I'm a brony and this will skew the amount of people that would want me in their town but if that is what it must be to maintain my ways then so be it. I am usually on: Mon-Sun 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM Mountain Time [Canada, Alberta] Current in game skills: Nothing RL skills: Programming [not amazingly] HTML CSS C++ JavaScript Photoshop Making music <3 [not that any of this matters :I] If anyone can invite me to a village that'd be great!
  22. I'm looking for a job in deliverance, my highest skills are: 54 Digging 42 Carpentry 31 Masonry 35 Mining 15 Stone Cutting 36 Blacksmith 18 Gardening 16 Forestry Willing to do anything really. Looking for payment in coin, but trade is also available. PM me on the forums and message me at "Mirrormatch" if your interested. Thanks.
  23. Hey everone, I'm quite new although I've played Wurm several years ago (in Golden Valley). I'm a female of age 26 and looking for a village to join and to gain some game skill and knowledge of the game. I'm not intrested in one particulary skill; i like cooking(3), foraging(4), crafting(6) and pottery(5) very much. I would like to learn farming, working with animals & metal, fighting and building structures. Working together with others and just having some fun, creating things as a team and helping each other out, is what i enjoy most. As long as I can have somewhere to just leave my items (and share them), I have no craving for a house or belongings of my own. My main playtime is in the evenings(20:00 to 0:00), weekends and holidays. I'm working on my thesis as I write this, so currently don't have a lot of time. But the time that I am online, I would like to have 'goals' instead of just running around as a vagebond Currently I am in Esert, most times near the traders or claypit. Please PM me or contact me ingame (Nadineb). Regards, Nadine