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Found 3 results

  1. Young at Heart is a large coastal Xanadu deed. It has an impressive 9 story castle, 3 story inn, a large shop , a vast mine that runs off deed, and 12 animal paddocks. The site is heavily forested and has clay and tar nearby as well as sandstone. Asking 40s for this 46x23 deed which includes 20-30 days of upkeep which is a little over 2s/month. Pics at Imgur- Pm Ulrik .
  2. Rancid Acres Farm Is up for sale. There are tons of stuff from carts to wagons to a corbita. I have about 15 5 speed horses, about 50 horses in total, 30 sheep, 40 cows, about a dozen bison with traits starting to pop out. The Farm is 46 by 119, its 11s 92i per month I currently have 36 days of upkeep I am going to add more. I have no pics as my old pc crashed an this is a new one. But I will show you around if interested. there are about 30 bsbs full of everything I have 4 fsbs full Plenty of stuff to keep a few people busy for a long time. If you are interested in looking at the farm message me an I will show you around. There is also a good iron mine an a good gold mine with many viens left to grind with. Thanks for reading Oh the cords are H 20/21 on the ingame map. Its a decent water front.
  3. Sold!

    Looking to possibly sell this deed, Tranquil Woodlands (43y6x). I've been living on Deliverance for about a year now and don't ever see myself coming back here. It's a very nice deed, look really good (maybe with a few touch ups). Here are the specifics: The size of Tranquil Woodlands is 55 by 69. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 20 silver, 6 copper and 50 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 7 silver and 59 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 74 days and 30 minutes more. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 632.5. Optimal is 15 or more.This is a good figure. This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 2.0%. There are 3 traders, 2 on deed and 1 in the perimeter Theres a mailbox with 87 Courier right by the token and a 80ql floor loom with 80+ woa in one of the houses. There is about 8 usable buildings, all with furnishings like forge, bulk storage bins etc.. then a few random gatehouses or whatnot. There is a stable with lots of pens all with enchanted grass. There is a lot of land that can be used for farming. The mine is pretty boring, it's all collapsed at the moment, but mainly contains zinc with a few random iron veins (not many, can't remember the ql). The whole deed is surrounded by palisade walls which is pretty unique and looks very nice! Here are a few images Accepting offers in ingame money or euros (or even welcome trade for items). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me