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Found 83 results

  1. Linked is a video tour of a Hetzner facility in Falkenstein, Germany. Guided by techtuber Derbauer (camera by Marry Fox, probably). Possible Wurm server hardware sighted near the beginning of the video. :P Hetzner tour
  2. I've noticed that as of the past couple of days my WU server process regularly (every 5-10 minutes) seems to be stuck in a blocking loop lasting about 30-60 seconds. During this period the game is largely unresponsive to players. (Menus not usable, can't move properly, etc.) Usually at the end of it if you've moved your game client isn't in sync with your position on the server. This definitely looks to be CPU related, not memory or disk I/O: The only change I had made was increasing the tree spread odds variable from 500 to 1000. I thought perhaps there was some limit or bug causing a loop every time tree spreading was being "gambled", though since putting that back to 500 the problem still persists.
  3. I am having terrible lag most of the time, even up to 5 minutes. I don't think it is the internet connection because ping to the server is okay. I am using WurmLauncher from the tar file. I found something with the memory that may be the issue, pasting from the terminal here === System information === Executing from /home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher/ Operating system: Linux (arch: amd64, version: 5.4.0-58-generic) Java version: 1.8.0_211 (Oracle Corporation) <> Jvm version: 25.211-b12 (Oracle Corporation) [Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM] Available CPUs: 16 Max memory: 3984MB Max memory in my system is not 4GB it is 16GB. How can I change this, or is this not the case maybe. Should I add some more logs?
  4. Hello, I'm playing on Harmony, using the Steam client. Everything used to be fine, but during the last several days I started having crazy (refreshing) lag spikes (up to 130 seconds long, every couple of minutes or so). Since nobody else seems to be affected by this, it looks like something on my side. My internet connection is not the best one (optic 250/25Mbps), but it works fine with everything else, including other online games, heck even WO used to work fine just a week ago. My client performance should not be an issue, I get stable 60 FPS (capped by monitor) all the time. I'm connecting from Slovakia, just for the info. Is there any way I could diagnose my connection? Maybe some kind of trace route command or something similar? Thanks.
  5. Indy is lagged out for me. My pings to google work fine. But pings to wurmonline are not making it, get lots of losses. Please fix this. Thanks 🙂 Teeebomb
  6. I seem to be having mass lag, when I log in the screen does not fully load and I am unable to move. Is anyone else having this issue? I have tested the chat at 3min+ delay and that is if it posts at all. To me it seems a link between me a wurm has died. Looking for other with this issue or advice if it is on my end on how to fix it. Perodin/Ratheden PS. Where is the signature located so that I may add one? cannot seem to find it in the account or profile settings. Thanks. Pero.
  7. Evening all, Every say 15/20 minutes the game will freeze momentarily, jump back to the wurm start up splash screen then land me back into the game loading the environment and leaving only my inventory tab open all collapsed. This cancels my skill tracker values and prevents me from getting my two hourly premium affinity checks (I think). How can this be rectified? Thanks all!
  8. May affect other servers, but not really noticed it on my brief trips to Indie. Commanding a wagon and for much of the time the thing is pointing in a different direction from that that I'm heading in. Same for carts and boats and also riding horses. Swimming regularly results in scenarios like this: Swimming a short distance at a little over 8kmh. [11:42:39] You leave Nexus Landing. [11:43:13] Your position on the server is not updated. Please move slower. [11:44:22] You enter Cashtal Cabbyl Market. [11:44:28] Your position on the server is now updated. After 34 seconds moving at 8kmh I'm moving too fast for the server? Really? Then of course there's all the waiting for commands to execute or become active. Not forgetting all the doors and fences that swing open when they feel like it and not when you first get to them. From memory it got really bad after highways went live and the animal count went through the roof (got to get all those eyes from somewhere). I presume you guys are looking at this? Please tell me you are? I know it may not be something developers can look at, but even so it's got to be considered more important than some of the (admittedly great) stuff that's been released in recent updates and is planned for future ones?
  9. Hi guys, I am playing Wurm over 10 years now, and I have not experienced such massive lag so far. Yesterday though, I went to update a merchant in Glasshollow and wanted to mail something. I had to move from the Market to the starter town, and got killed by spiders due to the massive lag. I didn't even see the spiders, just saw my health bar going down between lag attacks. The whole action took me over 1 hour this time, but has formerly been performed within 2 minutes or so. I had relogged in between because the client froze my whole system at some point. No other programs were open, and I am running minimum graphic and advanced graphic settings. In my home deed in the wilderness on Independence I do not get this massive lag, but close to Glasshollow and around Amish Paradise close to Summerholt where I have another merchant, I can barely move at all. Client freezing for minutes at a time, then I can make one more step, then it freezes again. This must have happened in the past 4 weeks with some update, that is about the time frame when I have been there last to update stuff. In the meantime, my home town in the wilderness worked smooth all the time, so not sure if this is even a client issue, or a server issue, or maybe some new graphical shiny stuff that got implemented with too high poly, lod or textures, and people just went berserk building it. Maybe it is the flags even and something changed about those, or people made massively more of them suddenly where I experience the lag. I remember seeing plenty of flags and cats eyes in both places. For the record: I am using Windows 8.1 64 bit version, with 64 bit java. I am usually installing the java updates right away except if there is a warning about a version, only then I skip it. I usually remove all old versions before installing the new. Any ideas how to defeat the lag monster are appreciated. But I want to say is, if a new person logs into a starter town and gets an experience like this, I can perfectly understand them not staying, and we all don't want that ;-) So maybe this could be considered somehow while redoing the starter deeds to not only make them look appealing but most of all low lag and usable.
  10. I recently started playing Wurm Unlimited using a local dedicated server. I play alone, with default settings, and from the beginning I've been getting intermittent "lags". Basically I can keep moving, but the game will stop registering actions for up to a minute. Right-clicking something will just say "refreshing". Sometimes it will go away after just a few seconds, sometimes it takes a whole minute, but eventually whatever is happening finishes and it starts registering commands again. I'm seeing messages in the wurm.log.0 log like I'm getting about 400 of those messages per hour, though most for just 1 or 2 seconds. I just have to sit and wait until it comes back. Since I play alone and I just started, there aren't huge piles of stuff sitting around. I'm connecting to my own computer, so it isn't real latency. Something is happening on the server that is making it pause. My computer is decent---I run a dedicated Ark server that I play locally with no problem. Are there any settings I can set to help give the server more resources or something? I am really enjoying the game, but these hitches are driving me crazy.
  11. As title, the lag on xanadu has been apparent since it's first opening almost 3 years ago. This affects sleep bonus, farming grow times, harvest season times, favour regeneration, rare windows and probably many more things I'm not mentioning or forgetting. For the past 2 months at least the server has been plagued by restarts, crashes and daily lag, most of it not too much of a problem but at least once a day the server suffers debilitating lag (not the daily backup which is another matter) If this was service provided by an ISP for example I'd be on the phone at the first sign of trouble as we did long ago: However the problem is still not fixed, I and I'm sure the entire other population on xanadu would love to know a few key things. Are you going to fix it soon? Are you going to upgrade the obviously suffering server hardware? Are you going to fix it at all? @Retrograde @Budda I'm sure you've lost players from this and I know we've lost villagers and friends who have left for other servers. Also, creature spawns, yeah still not fixed either... Aside from those and many other issues, good job! P.s. "We're working on other things right now but it's on the list" isn't gonna cut it after this long.
  12. So in the past it's been fine, but recently when I try to start my dedicated server and other players come on, they're constantly lagging, the options menus don't show up when they right-click something, and they get disconnected soooo much. I also cannot see them move, they just stand there on my computer screen, but they are moving on their screen. How can I fix this?
  13. Please give a warning prior the nightly backups, at least for Xanadu Even 1 minute in advance is fine. Please and thank you.
  14. If in one tile u put any burning object, like a: Oven, Campfire, Kiln, Furnace, Fireplace, etc and any storage object: chests, bulk, creates etc -- It will create huge server lags if start burn//smelt/cook in burning objects. I think this happens because burning objects not only count their inventory, but also the inventory of all objects in the tile.
  15. Hey guys, I have an island on Xanadu which is completely deeded. The size being 107 x 71 tiles. I have huge lag issues on my island, which I don't have elsewhere (meaning if I sail out of the area of my island). When people sail past the island or enter it, they also complain of sudden lag. This is something I'd like to fix, but to do that, I need to know what the most likely cause is. Is it: The amount of animals on the deed? It can sometimes get up to hundreds. The amount of houses? The amount of items, furniture, objects sitting around on the deed? The amount of items inside of containers that the database has to keep track of? The amount of lamps and other items that glow? Any tips greatly appreciated!
  16. Out of curiosity, what is the process happening behind the scene that causes Independence to stop for about 60-90 seconds every night at or around 11:30pm eastern daylight time / 8:30pm pacific daylight time / 5:30am CEST (Stockholm)? I've been told it's a nightly backup routine, but also told that's just scuttlebutt with no official word (recently). Thanks!
  17. Hi, I am attempting to use unstable client once again to see how it goes and lots of previous issues i have had have been resolved. It runs great by the way! The problem I am having is after about an hour of playing I am getting this lag that starts building and building. At first, i get some very minor hitches...and this gets worse and worse as the hitches start becoming about 1 second or longer and more frequent. It reminds me of the old memory leak issues we used to get a long time ago when we went on a long journey. However, this was occurring while i was on my deed the entire time. Any advice or things to look into to alleviate this would be appreciated. Thanks! PS I really want to use the unstable client exclusively because the game looks so much prettier!
  18. I had no problems before Deli 'upgraded server hardware' for the first few days after it, it was insane lag... 30-40seconds per action or gate opening. I took a break for a few days and came back and it seemed fine. After todays restart it is not only back but its 10 times worse!!!! I can barely load into the game and when i finally did after several attempts, i couldnt do anything. I have no issues wiht my internet and my computer is way more than good enough for wurm, bar the fact that it worked fine before the 'upgraded server hardware' Please, if anyone else has this issue let me know. I feel like I'm the only one affected but i found one other person claiming same issues, from USA. I changed my DNS and upgraded everything.... nothing is working and the game is unplayable. I feel like this is a big push to join Wurm Unlimited. Sad that is so much better connections than WO and doesnt come with a monthly fee...
  19. Logged in today and have been getting some pretty regular lag on Xanadu. The 'I'm driving forward but my cart horses are facing sideways' kind of lag. Decided not to go anywhere and was sitting on my deed milling cereals and then went to make them into dough and bake them...and shortly after I started baking up the batches of bread...the game locked up/froze. I thought maybe it was lag, so I went and read a page in the background...came back, and it was still locked up. I logged out...and now I'm trying to login and getting "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" numerous times. It won't let me login at all now. Did the server crash or is this just me?
  20. The past two days I've been getting stuck with "Refreshing..." constantly. Today, it's worse as I do less than 10 actions and it gets stuck at "Refreshing..." and I'm unable to do anything unless I reboot the client only to go through this again. It's gotten to the point now where the game is unplayable for me at least today. I did a traceroute below and nothing really jumps out as a network issue (first few hops blanked out for privacy reasons). I rebooted my router, deleted the Java cache, reinstalled Java, verified the integrity of all the Wurm Online files, tried the unstable client. Nothing seems to solve the issue. Anyone else experiencing this and/or have ideas? Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 2 ms 4 ms 1 ms 2 16 ms 11 ms 12 ms 3 17 ms 15 ms 15 ms 4 25 ms 15 ms 17 ms [] 5 19 ms 15 ms 14 ms 6 29 ms 29 ms 32 ms [] 7 31 ms 28 ms 29 ms [] 8 112 ms 111 ms * [] 9 113 ms 111 ms 112 ms [] 10 112 ms 111 ms 111 ms 11 118 ms 115 ms * [] 12 114 ms 115 ms * [] 13 166 ms 117 ms 122 ms [] Trace complete.
  21. I am currently having an issue where Wurm online will simply just lag nonstop for me.. but here is the kicker.. when I use VPN connected in the same state I am located.. the game has no problems at all, I'm talking under 50 ping.. but if I were to disable my VPN I'd get 10 - 30 seconds delay... anybody have any idea what is causing this issue? I hate using my VPN while playing because I can't watch netflix and play at the same time.
  22. I suggest to improve our gameplay with removing or decreasing random factor in certain game aspects, such as: crops growth - a big (enough to see the patterns) field on small servers takes a little short of 6 days to ripen, on bigger servers the time increases, because (as i see it) all the tiles need to be checked in order; of course, i am most concerned about Xanadu, where it used to be almost exactly 7 days, now it's... bad; You could make growth progress every 24h (and 48 or 72 for rotting), without any inconsistency, any complex checks. That's pretty much how it happens in real world. (Potential problem is a lagspike every 24h however). mining forward - with every tile mined forward one corner can go up or down, which leads to either using concrete or mining up and levelling the floor; So our characters use pickaxes to manually mine out 64 m3 of rock, they can tell a perfectly flat cave floor from non-flat and yet they make mistakes when mining it. Why? snowball quality - while the answer to "what exactly is a low and a high quality snow when you gather them meters away and how could their quality ever affect the melting speed?" could be wogic, in this case random ql serves no purpose. No skill is involved, no profit can be made, 99ql snowballs are rather easy to find, albeit more time-consuming. Do we really need this or you could just let everybody get 99ql snowballs to quickly fill the icebox and be done with it until the next winter? decay rates - those "missed ticks" that aggregate and unleash all their power on poor low-ql items when you least expect it; also, snowballs! I mean... it's just snow. All of these measures could also decrease the number of calculations on server-side. Or could not, depending on how it's made here Add your ideas!
  23. If the game checked gate permissions one tile away from the gate (instead of when you're trying to push your way through it), it would mostly eliminate gate lag, which is really annoying when you're trying to get somewhere (or get away from something). Even if it means the gates graphically open one tile sooner, I would think that is an acceptable compromise. Just a thought, it would smooth out the gameplay.
  24. July 5th, 2016 @ 21:15 UTC (14:15 PDT) Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing massive lag and repeated disconnects, with, at times up to several minute delays between inputting a command and wurm finally responding. And before anyone asks, Yes, I have tested my broser with other web sites in Europe and Australia and have reasonable fast responses from them And Yes I did testing with my ISP, which says I am getting 5ms to my isp. A ping to the wurmonline dot com site says 145ms. A ping tests say 11megs/per/sec down from a german isp and 4megs/per/sec up to a German ISP. So anyone else finding wurm nearly unplayable today? Food for thought, Cheers! Hughmongus Co-Administrator Albia Roads Map of Indy