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Found 1 result

  1. Good morning Freedom, Please fee free to peruse my current stock of enchanted weapons, tools, rares and seryll items for something of value. All prices have been marked down from normal Glasshollow Market rates and are available to COD to you where possible. Please check back frequently as stock is updated each and every day. Small Mauls small maul, iron 80ql LT59C74N81 3s20c small maul, iron 78ql LT81C70N95 7s20c small maul, iron 77ql LT50C69N88 3s40c Halberds (Pickup only from Glasshollow) halberd, iron 70ql C75FB81N80AD 3s90c halberd, iron 75ql LT63C80N83AD 4s20c halberd, iron 75ql LT61C76N71AD 3s60c Axes axe, iron 80ql C86FB80N94AD 5s20c Huge Axes huge axe, iron 91.52ql N82FB98C81 5s80c huge axe, iron 75ql LT77C93N70AD 6s20c huge axe, iron 71ql N74FB81DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s30c huge axe, iron 71ql N72FB84DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s30c huge axe, iron 71ql N89FB79DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s80c huge axe, iron 71ql N78FB75DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s30c huge axe, iron 70ql N83FB73DD (Dragon Slayer) 3s30c Rare Weapons rare halberd, iron 76ql LT52C77N73 20s (Pickup Only From Glasshollow) rare two handed sword, iron 90.99ql LT79C101N79AD 26s rare short bow, willow 25ql 5s (Pickup Only From Glasshollow) Horse Shoes horse shoe, steel 75ql w78 1s50c horse shoe, steel 75ql w70 1s50c horse shoe, steel 75ql w75 1s50c horse shoe, steel 75ql w83 1s50c horse shoe, steel 75ql w78 1s50c Pickaxes pickaxe, iron 6ql c82 80c pickaxe, steel 6ql c81 1s Steel Pickaxes (Frugal mans rares) pickaxe, steel 87.00ql c80w96 5s60c pickaxe, steel 86.99ql c85w92 4s10c pickaxe, steel 86.02ql c81w72 2s25c pickaxe, steel 85.25ql c78w81 2s25c pickaxe, steel 85.12ql c72w72 2s10c Hatchets hatchet, steel 6ql c82 1s Sickles sickle, iron 4ql c70 70c sickle, iron 4ql c94 3s Needles needle, iron 50ql c95 3s50c Shovels shovel, steel 18ql c87 1s80c shovel, steel 18ql c80 1s Awls awl, iron 6ql c86 1s30c awl, iron 6ql c74 70c awl, iron 1ql c87 1s30c awl, iron 6ql c89 1s60c Pendulums Pendulum, iron 50ql Lurker In The Deep 97 w73 3s Pendulum, iron 49ql Lurker In The Deep 99 w72 3s20c Ropetools rare rope tool, pinewood 50ql c67 3s Seryll plate sabaton, seryll 28.91ql 3s plate leggings, seryll 28.36ql 3s basinet helm, seryll 27.59ql 3s spear, seryll 1ql c83 4s Grooming Brushes grooming brush, oakenwood c82 1s30c grooming brush, oakenwood c92 3s grooming brush, oakenwood c87 1s80c grooming brush, oakenwood c84 130c C = CIRCLE OF CUNNING W = WIND OF AGES LT = LIFE TRANSFER N = NIMBLENESS FB = FROST BRAND AD = ANIMAL DEMISE DD = DRAGONS DEMISE All items COD from Xanadu at buyers expense unless stated otherwise. Some items are Pickup Only at the Glasshollow Market but can be held on request for a short period to allow for travel. Most items are currently available at Glasshollow market at normal rates. Please post here or forum PM me with orders for goods. If you can't find what you are looking for feel free to let me know and I'll see if I can quickly knock something suitable up for you. Thanks for browsing!