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Found 1 result

  1. Having played this game for a very long time I thought I would give writing a story a go based on my experiences in the game. Ive done this in the past with other games but seldom ever posted a story. With that I have completed the first part of the story. I intend to continue this story up to modern day Chaos. This part however is the meager beginning on Golden Valley. Hope you enjoy. foggy. I don't remember much from the previous night other then a strange mirrored ball and a bunch of red wine. All I can see in my current foggy state as I lay slumped over the edge of the bed is a bucket with food and water, a meditation rug and a odd statue laying on the ground. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. Standing up I start to take stock of whats around me. To my left a wooden wall with no windows. A general glance to my right and behind me reveals much the same. In front of me there is a wooden wall with a door. Pulling myself up out of bed I reach out to try and open the door. No such luck there as the door is locked. So here I sit in this tiny little room which would appear as a jail more then a hospitable retreat. Question is what on earth did I do to get tossed in this room? The door in front of me creeks open and a slanky fellow sticks his head in, "You okay fella?" "Other than a feeling of utter dread I guess I should be thankful I'm alive." "Aye you should" "You drifted up to the shore in a row boat and crashed on some rocks on the shore" "Ahh I see so is this a Hospital room or a Mental institution i've landed in?" "Not that simple friend. No one knows who you are so its both" With that the door closes and the strange little fellow vanished leaving me with nothing to do. Looking around I notice a carving knife on the floor and some fairly decent wood so I decided now would be a good time to carve out a few arrows and fashion a bow perhaps. A few hours later I managed to make a few wooded arrows but come to realize there was no way to make a decent arrow head. What a waste of time. Not like I had much going on anyways. Carving a polearm might be a better idea and with that I managed to carve a fine polearm which I hid under the bed for safe keeping. Another few hours pass before that strange fellow came back. "You feeling any better yet?" "Aye I am" "Who are you anyways?" "The name is Fohmyn and you have found your way to Golden Valley" "That was my next question actually..where did I crash" "But telling me I am in Golden Valley does little to explain where I am" "No other way to explain it other then to say welcome to Golden Valley" "Come with me and I'll show you around" Standing up and gathering myself I step in the direction of the door which Fohmyn opens wide enough for me to see that its daylight. Stepping out taking a look around I see a large area surrounded by small stone walls and wooden fences with small little buildings on each side apparently serving as gate houses or guard houses or in my case a jail. In the middle of this fenced in area are 4 building about 4 times the size of those gate houses. Fields of various types were all about growing corn, cotton, wemp and pumpkins. There are food storage bins on the sides of the houses and other storage bins laying on the ground as well. Fohmyn continues to lead me to the southern gate house and through to what looks like a door in the ground. As we approach the door opens and leads into a dark cavern. A little deeper into the mine we stop at an iron vein. With that he hands me a pickaxe and motions at the iron. "Start mining" "Start Mining?" "You haven't even asked me my name yet" "Or does that not matter?" "It will once you prove your worth" "So mine until I tell you to stop" "And if I don't feel like mining?" "If I would rather just leave?" "Well your on an island and your boat is in a million pieces so you have no way to leave" "So ive landed on an island called Golden Valley?" "The Irony" "Don't worry about all that just start mining" As far as I am concerned this has to be the strangest day any one person could every wake up to. Several more hours pass by while I mined away. By this time I managed to mine up about 200 ore before Fohmyn reappeared in the mine. He indicates to me that its time to move on to a different assignment. I was led up to the fields I observed earlier and was handed a rake and told to tend all the fields. For a guy who has never touched a rake ever this was going to take a very long time. Hours felt like days as I tended section after section of the field, and as the day grew longer there appeared to be nothing more i could want for then sleep. A night with quiet darkness to contemplate my current situation. Nearing the half way point I could see some rapid movement as the off in the distance. I could hear Fohmyn yelling at someone named Yami to grab a sword. Out of curiosity I spun around to catch a glimpse of a lion nearing the camp. A massive beast slowly trudging across a road. About that time a loud alarm goes off and I could see the others in the camp grabbing weapons and armor and running towards a gate house on the north side of the camp. envious I was as they headed off to adventure and danger while I am left alone in the camp to work. Within a few hours I see Fohmyn return with the other three, one of which I assumed was Yami and the other two I had no clue of who they were or what to call them. They passed by hauling the carcass of the lion with much weariness in their eyes yet satisfaction that the little adventure they went on was a success. I could hear one say "looks as though we will be having a feast tonight". This sounded good I thought to myself as after working in this seemingly endless field I was building up an appetite. Fohmyn passes by and I managed to muster enough courage to inquire if I too would be able to enjoy this "feast"? Well grunt, when you finish this current task then yes you will be able to have a bit of a bite. You have earned that at the very least. Another two hours pass by and I see an end to the job at hand. Fohmyn approaches me with a meal in what appeared to be a clay bowl. So hungry was I that I honestly don't remember what it even taste like. We all sat around a camp fire on the ground. The fire felt good as a cool breeze was moving in from the north. I sat quietly as they all shared stories of the days adventure. I was slowing starting to figure out who was who. Yami was the talkative one that seemed to never take a breath when talking. Fohmyn I already knew, he was the apparent leader of the group. Uilnaydar was second in command and then there was Don who spoke broken English but was loyal to the group. Those 4 made up the camp that I found myself trapped in with no way to leave. I had no choice other than to make good of the situation I was in as I had no boat and with that no way to leave. What was in store for me in the days to come? I had no idea but what ever it was I was going to face it with brave intent. Days pasted by and it would seem that the group was slowly taking to my presence. It felt as though I was gradually being accepted into the group. I no longer had to wear the chain that normally kept me in the mine or chained to a fence while tending fields. Trust was slowly being earned. I was even allowed to help in the building of the camp as every day they were working to improve or repair the buildings and fences that comprised our camp. Yes our camp, I felt as though I was meant to be here for some odd reason, as though destiny had a hand in crashing my boat upon the shoreline. Yami, the talkative one, approaches me with a sword in hand. "Here ya go Kriet, your going to need this" he says with an odd gleam in his eye. "why?" I replied. "We are setting out to hunt wolf Uilnaydar spotted a few minutes ago to the south of here" Yami states flatly. "all I get is a sword? No armor?" Yami looks at me with a giggle and says "armor is given to those we know will survive" "survive this and we will see about a nice set of leather armor for you" That feeling of utter dread starts to creep back into my mind as I suddenly felt like a helpless meat shield. We all gathered in the darkness around the camp fire that was in the center of the camp. Swords in hand Uilnaydar hands me a shield made of wood. A small round shaped thing with a cross in the middle. With Fohmyn at the front we started heading to the east gate. Passing through the gate I could see we exited on a road that was narrow. Trees lined the road making it hard to see much of anything around us. Eventually after traveling along this narrow road we came to a place where the road went north and south. This was a much bigger road, two lanes across with sand on either side. I could see a town off in the distance to the north and up a large hill. It was well lit much like our camp was. We turned south and headed down the road in search of a wolf as it was explained to me by Yami. I could sense the uneasiness in the group. Uilnaydar was tapping his shield with his sword as we walked along the road. Don followed behind keeping an eye out to the north as we traveled slowly down this long road that seemed long and endless. The road went up hill and on the left I could see the statue of a dog near a wooden mine door. Off to my left I could see a large boat in what looked as though it was a lake. A large boat in a land locked lake. Yet another odd site to behold in my new surroundings. With that the silence was broken as a howl could be heard in the near distance. "Form a line" Fohmyn yells, and with those orders we all got in line and there it was, a hulking beast with glowing red eyes and teeth that looked as though they were grown for the sole purpose of biting someones head off. What have I gotten myself into I though to myself. Where have I landed? what was this place that would spawn a beast of this sort? "CHARGE" I hear Fohmyn yell and without hesitation Don and Yami run head long into the beasts waiting grasp....... More to come soon.