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Found 2 results

  1. Legend of Boatgaard Role-play Blog Episode 4 - Lost and Found I am trying a new format to my short stories! I have included music on each portion of the story now, so click play, read on to the next part and keep listening to the sound tracks as you read! Gives it more life I have also extended it per request! Tell me what you think of reading it with sound tracks in the background! When I get more time I'll use soundcloud links instead of youtubes. Going to include in-game screenies and videos soon into my short stories
  2. Hey guys. I briefly streamed on twitch yesterday and it seems like something I enjoy doing, so with that said I want your ideas! I had 8 or so people watching yesterday during testing and it was a teeny bit laggy but I sorted that out later by lowering my maxed out settings (lol) I'll be twitching for the next 4-5 months I guess, as my house is fairly empty and I wont be getting the random niece sticking chewing gum in my hair or pulling my plug out :/ Some ideas I have: - Travelling to the best locations on Exodus, and showing off other peoples beautiful villages. (as mine sucks) - Luring champion mobs into a pen and sending in a good fighter to show off his skills (I can barely kill a mountain lion) - Travel to other servers connected to freedom cluster, as long as there is someone on the other side willing to let me ride a fast horse - makes for shorter stream videos - Create a Colosseum and have a short fighting tourny? - Boat race around Exodus server! (If someone trusts me to sail their fastest boat ) Any other fun ideas? And yes I will be on webcam, so you can laugh at my bright coloured t-shirts , and sorry about the accent - i'm not really that posh.. *sips tea*