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Found 11 results

  1. So once Zilbar went to my house and stole a bunch of stuff from my merchants. Like buying rare glimmer huge axes for 10c from my merchants and stuff. Fault was a bit mine since I forgot one of my doors unlocked to show the house to a friend just the night before. Still just cause u can, doesnt mean u should.. So anyways I added him and his alt Tera to my KOS list on my deed. This was like 6months ago or more. Yesterday I saw him posting in trades in my server (surely was looking for something to steal again) and I checked my KOS list to see if he was still there. Seems that when the highways were introduced, new perms were also introduced and KOS was auto disabled by the game.... So I checked my perms yesterday and enabled KOS again in my deed, KOS list was empty. I re added Zilbar and Teras name to the list and rechecked the deed reputations to see if their names would show now, wich they didnt! And I clicked on the perma button, reputation -100 Feb 5, 2018 12:35:59 AM Tuga adds Zilbar to the KOS warning list. Feb 5, 2018 12:35:06 AM Tuga adds Tera to the KOS warning list.
  2. It would be nice to see the KOS have a little more "bite" to its use. I know that KOS is used sparingly...and for the most part rightfully so because there are people that get themselves put on someone elses KOS list. Of course there are the ones that sometimes the deed owner is a jerk too. Let the turrets have a 5-10 tiles area of effect on Freedom isle-paid deeds. People are paying for the deed and most of the time the offender is some higher level vet that "doesn't care" and offends the player anyway. Now you open a market of selling spells and carpentry and iron to create the turrets as well as having a better defense against those Vet players that think its funny to kill off all the deed owners Templars or Guard Tower guards that just want their coffee and sandwiches and not wind up dead anyway. Have a range limit or a 5 tile seperation between turrets too...Minimum 5 tiles inbetween like the 50 tile requirement for guard tower placement and a range of 10 tile shot range with maybe the use of the outer perimeter to mark the outer border of turrent range...that would increase Outer Perimeter importance to ..."you have now entered the outer perimeter range, you are on KOS and are currently withing range of any turret fire in effect!".
  3. I have noticed that in the middle of working you may tend to not notice that ever so rare notification of a person whom you KOS'd slipping through the humdrum of the Events tab. I suggest, that that "event" be moved to the Village tab so that it is more likely to be seen and noted and not missed. I have an alt that fortunately caught a message from an old KOS'd individual who logs on every so often to view the area...and does not leave apparently. Pushing the creation tab of mining caused me to miss the notification, because the even is so rare and was soon out of event menu info and gone. It would be more noteworthy to put it in the village tab because you have to have a village to KOS someone in the first place and it will allow others in your village to more quickly view it as well. Just an suggestion.
  4. Let's say Player A has a deed. She minds her own business on a PVE server. Let's say Player B lives nearby. He, for whatever reason, has warranted a KOS on Player A's deed. Case 1: Player B minds his own business and never returns to Player A's deed. This is fine. Case 2: Player B does not mind his own business and enter's Player A's deed. Player A's deed is not a highway, so he is not welcome and the KOS is legitimate and allowable. Player A is justified here, whereas Player B is not as he should not be entering an area where he is unwelcome. In this case Player A has low FS and bad gear, so he leaves when attacked by guards. This is fine, but current game mechanics do not punish him for returning to the deed multiple times. Case 3: Player A's deed covers a highway. This is not fine. Player A has forfeited the right to KOS players by deeding over or building a highway. This is not the subject of my suggestion. Case 4: Player B does not mind his own business and has high FS and good gear. He kills all of Player A's guards and stays on her deed just to harass her. This is not okay. Regardless of Player B's age and status, he is unwelcome on Player A's deed and therefore should not be there. To rectify case 4, I will make a few suggestions. These changes to KOS should be restricted to the pure PVE servers, but Chaos and Epic players who also play on Freedom servers are welcome to comment here. The suggestions are independent and are designed to be +1/-1'd independently (and implemented independently if at all). Suggestion 1: Boost the combat rating of all guards on deed by 100 vs players on the Kill on Sight list. This applies to spirit templars and tower guards whose towers are on the applicable deed. This should be enough of a boost to deter even the strongest unwelcome players from harassing others. This has no effect on cases 1 and 2. In the event the situation is an example of case 3, Player B should have a /support ticket open anyway for being KOS'd from the highway. Until it is resolved it is unwise to enter Player A's deed. This suggestion therefore has no effect on case 3. Suggestion 2: Auto-kill players who remain in hostile perimeter for too long or who hop in and out of hostile perimeter too many times. An auto-temp-ban situation may be required for players who choose to park KOS'd alts on hostile deeds for "fun" and then re-park them once they die (i.e. run to deed, die to guards because KOS, respawn and repeat). There is a nice little time limit already in-game for us. When a KOS'd player is on your deed for an extended period of time you get two messages: [00:47:42] Something is wrong. An irritating feeling comes over you and you cannot focus. Your normal skill gains suffer. [00:52:42] You now feel greatly disturbed by an enemy presence. While your normal skills still suffer, your aggressive actions are probably more effective. When the second message appears, the KOS'd player should be auto-killed. Retention of inventory contents is optional and up to the developers. This has no effect on cases 1 and 2. It also has no effect on case 3 for the same reasons as suggestion 1. Suggestion 3: Allow players to kill other players who remain on deed long enough to get the second "enemy presence" message. This is for players who choose to take matters into their own hands and is potentially very problematic. Again, no effects on cases 1, 2, or 3. It may cause a problem with case 4 as it involves player vs player combat and the deed owner may die in this case. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Please post here. If you decide to +1/-1, please add a reason.
  5. Wurm has always had a problem with griefers and general anti-social behavior from a few that spoil things for the many which seems to have become worse lately. Also the methods of punishment are either nonexistent or ineffective. Permanent Bans are a last ditch resort and temporary bans are a joke for those wishing to engage in this anti-social behavior much like getting expelled from school which only worked at all because it effected the parents meanwhile the kids were happy to be expelled. Also it seems the GM's do not have the time to properly investigate the causes, effects, and most effective response for this behavior. I am suggesting a justice and punishment system similar to real life to bring a new layer of consequences to this anti-social behavior that will hopefully lessen the part GM's play and give players the ability to govern themselves while preventing any seemed favoritism. Part One: When an incident happens it is investigated by the nearest CA, CM, or GM if they actually play in that area. They gather statements from both sides, what evidence they see possibly screenshots as well, and report any other evidence they deem necessary. They then form a report and submit it to a justice committee (formed of CA's) who render a verdict of guilty or innocent, perhaps with a recommendation of punishment to the GM who carries out the sentencing. The council would be 3 CA's who would change month to month basically acting as a jury and the GM would be the judge. Part Two: As an additional option to Banning we could have a prison. A sentence in this prison would be longer than a general ban but with the option to get out sooner with hard labor. By hard labor I do not mean using their skills and enchanted tools they would be transported by the GM to this prison where their skills and equipment would be set to that one would have straight form the tutorial. They could not teleport, or suicide out as this would be their only option to re-spawn. For a minor infraction a sentence could be 30 days or the mission of mining and making 3000 bricks. When their mission is completed they can portal back to their home server starting point. This way the players could decide what actions are considered griefing in their own kingdom and the appropriate punishment for each individual's bad behavior.
  6. Today someone was trying to put someone else on KoS on the pve server Release, but the only message they got after putting this person KoS was [20:47:16] ..... is already put up on the kos list, pending activation. [20:47:16] The reputations are updated. After about three hours and after relogging we checked again, the name was still not added to the KoS list, and when tried adding again, same messages appeared. In the settlement history there is no record of anyone being placed on KoS either. Some of our friends tried the same thing, and got the same messages. Waited half an hour and still not activated. Relogged, still no go. As we were trying it out on different deeds I can report that this happened for deeds with only spirit templars, deeds with spirits and towers on deed, deeds with no templar but tower on deed, and deeds with no spirits nor towers. The people in question being placed on KoS definitely have been on the server before, so it is not an issue that they have not been on the server. It is not a typo, because when deliberately trying to put someone on KoS with their name spelled wrong, you get this message instead: [20:54:47] Failed to locate player with name ...... Make sure he/she has an account. [20:54:47] The reputations are updated. We contacted a CA who tried to reproduce and was able to add one of her own friends to her KoS list, this activated within a few minutes, but when trying to add more the same seem to have occurred and she suggested I post it on forums. It is really strange as in the past we could add multiple names on the same day, and earlier today we were able to add a name getting the normal ".... will get a warning" or something similar message, the name appeared in the KoS list and in the deed history. Edit: Six hours later - Just tried it again, and still not able to add anyone to KoS, still getting the "pending activation" message, but nothing happens.
  7. so according to some tokens visitors are allowed to do some things, whatever that may be as long as it is permissable by the set settings. You shouldn't be able to be put on KOS by being allowed to do what you are allowed to do as per the permission set of the deed laws (whatever) dont get me wrong im not complaining it just don't make sense. seems like a deed owner troll / greif to me. and when you challenge them on their "laws" you get something like this: [07:24:03] <Name removed for name and shame by Wizlawz> I won't argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and win with experience. imho if you are allowed by the deed token settings to do things then the KOS should be blocked and they should change their deed laws, otherwise they are just trolling and grefing the un-weary who are just following the "laws". and now it is suggested on server im on to be KOS by all,...when i am only following the game mechanics and the deed laws as set no, not by new players but ones who have been on for quite awhile it seems. or in any way attempt to disrupt the playing experience of other players. You must abide by the Wurm Online game rules, forum and chat rules as published by Code Club now or in the future it is quite interesting.
  8. I did a search of the forums turned up nothing on the subject, so here I am. It was either here or suggestions and I thought this might belong here feel free to move. I have only ever put someone on KoS twice, there was a 3rd time that I wanted to but he sliced through an alliance members deeds multiple Templars quickly so I found it pointless. I currently have one GT and one Templar. The person I put on last night apparently has high FS as they "bragged" that they don't mind cutting through my guards when they want to pass through my deed (deed will have to get fenced off after I finish terraforming). Several griefers I have encountered since I started playing are older players with higher skill sets, most times it amounts to nothing as I keep my deed/writs locked down but when it is an issue due to server bugs or whatever I should be able to feel pretty confident that a KoS will prevent a known problem player from messing with my area. My understanding is that on Freedom players get a 3 minute warning before the Templar and Guards attack the player if still on deed. What I want to know is why players with higher end FS can plow through them like butter. I understand beating down non-geared guards but the Templar should be able to give high FS players more of a challenge. I am guessing this is due to game mechanics as Templars are limited on bashing Champs and other high end mobs. TLDR: What's the point of being able to KoS if it's only good for low FS people? Is this something that the settings can be tweaked on by Dev's if it's not operating as intended? Thanks for any insight you can give.
  9. Greetings, we of Sol are looking for freedomers who would consider joining us to try epic a bit and earn some coin helping out with the various tasks at hand in getting KoS started and establishing infrastructure. If you are interested give me a shout.
  10. There seems to be a problem with KoS management in allied villages. This is how it probably is supposed to work for a single village: When a mayor puts someone on the KoS list that player will get a warning as soon as he logs in. During this time that particular KoS is "inactive" and any attempt to put him on KoS again will lead to the message: "... is already put up on the kos list, pending activation.". (The list itself is empty at this time.) After the person logs in and gets the warning, KoS will be active and he appears on the list. Also, you'll see the message "... will now be killed on sight." in Settlement History. Spirit templars will now attack him. While this is a reasonable mechanism, Wurm currently seems to consider all villages of an alliance to be ONE village, as far as KoS is concerned (although KoS is NOT automatically effective for all villages in the alliance). That is why no mayor in the alliance can put a player on KoS as long as any other village still has him on "pending". In addition, the "pending activation" obviously des NOT queue, i.e. even if several mayors set him to KoS, he will not automatically appear on all of the KoS lists after he logs in. He will only appear on the KoS list of the first village entering him when he was offline. So, in order to get him KoS'ed in other villages of the alliance, mayors have to to it one after the other! This is probably not intended.
  11. Hi, there is a message to indicate when someone is added to KoS. There is no message to indicate when someone is removed from KoS. Thought it might be nice to add the removal indication to confirm, or initiate, an easing of tensions and return to civility. Not sure if I'm missing a reason this could be bad, and I presume it isn't hard to add. Thanks!