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Found 3 results

  1. Just in case anyone is interested and has not heard. The beta testing sign ups for The Elder Scrolls Online are open. The latest project from Sky Rim creator Bethesda Studios and it's publisher Zenimax Media. The Trailer video for the Beta sign up is AAA+ Quality with some of the highest production values in a MMO trailer i've seen outside of EA/Activision and must have cost a fortune to make. Check it out: [media]
  2. Forum Moderators, could i get this post moved to Town Square since i didn't realize that players without a forum account can even view the Epic forum at all. Since it's a broadcast and not a discussion that's a problem. Thanks. The Alt Army. Hello, I'd like to announce the first of what hopefully will be a new and successful Serenity Campaign. It borrows the central idea from another game but which works just as well in Wurm. It's called the Alt Army. Basically, what the idea allows is for us on JKH to both have alot if not most of the benefits associated from living together in a single mega deed. and All the Benefits of living alone or in small groups and villages scattered across the map. It also removes the liability in terms of money and defence of the mega deed and removes the most of the Organizational barriers that the scatter defence has. How this works Everyone creates a new alt with the name of their main character and the words alt or army or JKHA or the like as the new alts Name. We will then schedule some dates and times for people to hop on their army alt and do whatever project/task is to be done. the first project (conviently) that we'll use to set up and work the kinks out of the program is in StrongBox where your alt will spawn. The project is simple and should allow us it get everything set up and grouped while at the same time performing a public service project that benefits everyone. We're going to clear cut (after we've picked the sprouts and fruits if applicable) the SB perimeter. All the Bushes and Apple trees need to go. All of them. Later on we will construct small public enclosures with all of the bush and tree types individually in their own enclosures to allow everyone to access the sprouts and fruits as well as having the entire Plant ecosystem in one place. (Oaks will be locked and the sprouts given away to army members due to their scarcity) After the opening project is done in a few days and we've got a good majority of the active people enrolled we will be moving together as a group around the server (obviously in chunks since not everyone is online at the exact same time) Performing projects both for the Public such as Tower construction, canals/terraforming and then alternating to a project done for a specific deed or undeeded group that is in and active in the Army as the reward for participating in the Alt army beyond the fun, doing good works as well as meeting and working with all the people on Serenity you perhaps see in K-Chat or elsewhere but live on the other side of the map from. The biggest reward of this project is the Central organization it will allow us and that we in JKH have struggled with. Without losing the unbound and open nature that JKH is unmatched in. This is a Casual, Part time, in people spare time type project. It allows everyone to work and help and interact in one place on one thing while still keeping their own stuff, and deeds and projects and such across that map. So what you need to do is simple 1. Make an alt with your main's name and JKHA or Army or alt or the like. (sadly i'd say use the exact same thing after the mains name but i know that trolls would quickly snap up real JKH players army names and prevent the actual resident from using it.) 2. Spawn in Strongbox and follow the instructions from there. You alt will be joining the deed called "Serenity Alt Army put your alt in" which is inside the walls of the former fighting academy. this will allow us to group together for easy communication, boat and transportation rights, ally deed suicide spawning and general grouping. but it won't be an actual deed other then that. you'll also get a sickle. Message me, I'll be in StrongBox to enroll you in the Army. 3. Start Chopping down trees and bushes in the large SB perimeter as well as meet all your new fellow alt Army members. Be sure to check and grab and sprouts or fruits before chopping for replanting both here and else where should anyone want Grape, Lavender, Apple or Oleander sprouts. This is just the first of hopefully many such projects and adventures we will be having, Together. PVP To clear up any confusion this project is not to build an "Army" in the military unit sense. Think of it like the Army Corps of Engineers done risk free with alts that have nothing to lose if you die or are killed. At the very least it will allow some easily gathered group PvP for those online at the time. since everyone will have an alt in the same place even if their mains live on opposite sides of the map.
  3. Ever since the voice client doohicky was implemented like forever and a day ago or whatever i've gotten this message every time the client starts "[17:16:19] The voice communication client process has terminated." I've never asked before since i figured it was a testing deal or some other compuational stuff. But I just remembered it and the forums are online so what is that? is my voice communication client just lazy?