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Found 8 results

  1. WTS Jenn Kellon template wagon 15s
  2. Auctioning off one of my original Jenn-Kellon template kingdom wagons. SOLD!
  3. SOLD

    WTS Jenn-Kellon Wagon actually on Deliverance - Shark Lake coastal delivery can be negociated (except on Chaos) SOLD, Thank you.
  4. Seeing as how we don't have a recruitment thing, i decided to be a forum warrior and save the Zerg from lack of recruitment Jenn-Kellon, What inspires greatness? Are we just born with it? Or is it earned? Jenn-Kellon is one of the oldest kingdoms in Wurm Online since the formation between Kingdoms Jenn and Kellon many years ago. Jenn-Kellon, always ready for a fight has set itself up on Epic, on the island of Elevation where they continue to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Some of the greatest names in Wurm Online has passed their way through Jenn-Kellon at some point, and many more continue to call this place home. Featuring a strong playerbase, mindful leadership, and excellent pvp oriented gameplay. Are you an old player looking to regain ground you lost before? Are you new and want to learn how to play the game? Do you primarily play on Freedom and want to try out Epic? Then Jenn-Kellon is the Kingdom for you. If you are interested in joining the Jenn-Kellon on Epic, try PMing these noobs in game , Awardis Amberain Ausimus Thanks to Cndo for writing the above paragraph thingy.
  5. The Chaotic Brotherhood Hello all, and welcome. My name is Vinzen - also known as Priest, and I am leader of this multi-gaming community called The Chaotic Brotherhood. Before I begin I would like to make it clear that we do not currently own a deed (subject to change), but we are a multi-gaming community that has now expanded to Wurm and has made Jenn-Kellon it's home. The Chaotic Brotherhood is a multi-gaming community dedicated to making it's mark on the gaming world. We come from an ocean of different games searching for that one keeper that we can play any day, and all day long. We believe Wurm to be that keeper, and we need your help to find out. Our leaders come from a variety of different communites, and in their time with those communities they have gained a series of leadership skills. Unfortunately most of those communities now lie dead, however everything must one day die, as it begins it's life. Therefore we are hoping to make this community last throughout the years, and we have every ounce of dedication to do it. Rules Constant disrespect towards the community or any of its members is not toleratedWhile there are no activity requirements, all we ask is that you log in at least once every 7 daysTeamspeak 3 is essential for important tasks - (raids, defending our base, group exploring, etc..)We will never ask you to donate in-game or out-of-game money to the community, however we will ask for you to contribute in some wayYou cannot make any major changes to the land we build on or the surrounding land unless you inform a leader of your intentionYou will not slander our name while you represent us (This means do not be an annoying troll or mean soul in any form a chat towards other wurm players)You must be able to work in a team and follow instructions if given (Lone wolf's don't make it far with the Brotherhood)Do not attempt to unlock anyone's chest without their permission or take any other contents from itDo not repeatidly ask The Brotherhood and it's members for money (We take care of our own here, and if we can pay for your premium we will, however do not beg)If you are caught stealing from us you will be removed instantlyIf you are caught attempting to kill any one of us you will be removed instantly (We don't tolerate the whole "I was just playing around" speech)Do not be a sore winner (If you've got something to say to someone, use your weapon, not your text)Be loyal to us as we are to you*Defend the brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood Gaming Essentials Chaotic Brotherhood Website Teamspeak 3 Address: Steam Community Registration For more information on joining our community, and the community itself.. Please contact Vinzen, Miztu, or Giddyod and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
  6. Welcome in the Lands of Wurm, in Serenity, Kingdom and homeland from Jenn-Kellon, protected by the Withe Light, by The Holy Three, Fo, Vynora and Magranon, guide us shining bright and free, so our homeland be free off evil, war and tyranny. Me and a friend want to recrut new Players, yes, you read it correctly, new Players, because we know that it is hard to get in the game and figure out how things work, so we want to support them and educate them so they can leave the deed with many knowledge and maybe creat a own deed later. What we offer - A friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - A kind of education/knowledge - Food/water - Materials - Skillgain - A home (our deed, Wotansberg) What it needs to join us - Also a friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - Teamspeak 3 (link below) - Speaking English - Being from the Jenn-Kellon Kingdom of course We wil guide players, for example talk about to being a prist, talking about the for and against or help to choose which god, or in other questions and problems we will help, for free of course. We also will recruit players, when they dont know how long they will play, only a week or less. They should try it and the best way to try it is to join us so we can help them to figure out the game. Want to join or need more infos? Send me (Rainbowcrashger or Sauerkrautii) a PM ingame (in Local "/tell Rainbowcrashger"), post a comment below or PM in the forum. Thanks for Reading RainbowCrashGer and Sauerkrautii *Teamspeak 3:
  7. Hello! I have been playing Wurm Online in phases during a span of maybe 3-4 years. Last time I played was about 1 year ago. I recently decided to start playing a little again, and logged in. To my surprise, I was no longer Jenn-Kellon, instead I had somehow converted to Freedom. I also logged out near a JK tower believing I was safe there (not knowing I would automatically lose my faction during the next year). So when I logged back in yesterday, I was killed by JK guards and respawned at Hunters Lodge. Now I want to get my old spot back, and some equipment that was lost - only problem is the long road up there and the JK tower guards. That's why I'd like a conversion - it doesn't feel right to suddenly be Freedom when I've always been JK for as long as I can remember So if anyone is willing to meet up and convert me (preferrably not too far away from Hunters Lodge), that would have been most awesome! I used to be a member of New Pripjat for a short while (maybe Milp remembers me ) And I also hung out in the areas around Kyara for a good period of time - maybe some of you guys remember me? ( or probably not due to my generic nickname). Anyways, hoping for some tips or help! Thanks! Wurm is the greatest of all games
  8. So, A while ago I converted to try out HOTS. I decided I didn't like it for obvious and personal reasons. I want to convert back to Jenn-Kellon. It says under /converts I have to wait 13 more days. So, is it possible for me to convert another way?