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Found 6 results

  1. Currently closed due to moving to Xanadu I am located at Grey Gums on Xanadu (J25 on Ingamemap). I am accepting QL 75+ iron as trade-in! (1s+ per 50kg) Blacksmithing items: hammer, file, hatchet, trowel, stone chisel, scissors, needle, showel, pickaxe, metal brush, leather knive, rake, saw, awl QL 50 - 15c QL 60 - 25c Large anvil: QL 50 - 45c QL 60 - 60c Small anvil: QL 50 - 30c QL 60 - 40c Horse shoes set QL 50 - 40c (10c per horse shoe) single QL 50 - 12c Lantern QL 50 - 40c QL 60 - 55c Iron lamps and torches QL 30 - 10c QL 40 - 15c QL 50 - 25c QL 60 - 45c Hanging lamps copper QL 30 - 10c QL 40 - 20c QL 50 - 35c Offering basic vynora priest services now (locate soul etc)! Delivery / COD Delivery on Release: 20c Delivery to Pristine and Eastern Xanadu (coast only): 40c Delivery to Western Xanadu: 60c Delivery to Indy, Exo, Deli, Cele: 80c Free delivery on orders above 2s (Release, Pristine and Eastern Xanadu only)! COD on Release: 10c COD to any other servers: 20c
  2. Hi all, Been thinking about this for awhile.. just thought I'd see if there was any interest in a medium to large deed on Inde. Not quitting the game, just been playing on other servers more since I've done most of what I wanted to with this deed, so any offers would be for in-game coin only. Stats (Taken from token): Size: 43x87 To place: 74s Upkeep: 7s 48c/mo without guards Enchanted Grass: Close to 30 tiles mostly in 2x1 pens across the deed, with a 7 slot "barn" with 2 tiles per "slot" (barn needs to be finished, but the tiles are in place) Coffers should have about 2 months of upkeep left in them (around 25-30s) and I'll verify if there is any interest. General Area: About 10-15 minutes by large cart North of FM and directly West of Rohan (perims are almost touching) West half of the deed is terraformed mostly flat (with specific deed features carved from the mountain side), with a 3 tile road travelling down to water on the north edge of the deed (travelling east-west). East half is mostly mountain but could be further terraformed by a dedicated person/team. Veins: Iron x 4 or 5 last time I looked Various QL Zinc x 2 exposed ql was between 35 - 80(ish) I think.. If there is any real interest in the deed let me know what pricing you would offer and I can provide additional links/images via PM or here if you like. Teaser Images: If there is no interest, I'll just upkeep bump it and see how I feel when "1.0" is released.
  3. Buying in bulk, but will take any and all grapes (either color) you may want to sell. Let me know what you want for them and how many you're selling. Details: Buying Either color type, any ql. For each whole grape (0.20) I'm paying 50i, or 5s per 1k. Grapes between 0.10 and 0.19, I'll offer 25i per grape/2.5s per 1k. Grapes below .09, normal harvest rates of 1s per 1k apply. Depending on quantity, and your location, I may be able to pick up, but would prefer for you to deliver. Delivery/pick-up arrangements to be discussed once I know how many grapes you'll be selling. ::Update:: Closing the topic for now, I'm still buying if you're selling though, so just send me a PM.
  4. Hi all, I'm in need of more sap and/or syrup, and willing to pay 50i per 1.00 weight. This works out to 22.5c for a full small barrel, but if selling by the barrel (with the barrel), I'll round this up to 25c per full barrel! This should cover costs of the barrel and still pay you about 4x's the going rate for harvesting! This price is for any ql maple sap/syrup you may have, and any full quantities over 1.00 weight. Please keep in mind, I need whole weight, so if it is between 1.01 or 1.99, it will still be considerd 1.00 for pricing. Delivery is preferred, please let me know how much you have to sell, and we'll work on the details from there.
  5. I'm clearing a small forest and have felled trees and logs (just dropped last night and will bsb'd tonight) to get rid of. I'm land clearing and not trying for high ql, just for the trees to be gone. If you're interested, this is haul out ONLY. No Delivery, so please don't ask. Map location is to the left under my name (in the case you don't know where Iron Works is) No limit or minimum carry out requirements, and no promise of final QL. For questions, feel free to post here or PM here/in-game. Regards, -H
  6. Hi all, Just starting out on the path of black smithing or have hundreds of low ql nails and iron ribbons? Started a lumber yard and have low ql felled Pine or Birch trees, logs or planks? Well bring 'em to me! Looking to buy the following (and paying per group): 100 small nails (10c) 200 iron ribbons (20c) - Yes I know this might be a bit below market value, but considering you can use your low ql ore/scraps to make them, it could be considered a service for both of us . 1000 Pine or Birch planks OR 2-300 Pine or Birch logs to be made into planks (TBD) Remember, the lower the QL the better I like 'em! While I'm hoping for everything to be under 5ql, other ql will still be considered as long as it is under 10ql. Feel free to contact me here or in-game (same name) with questions or offers. All items to be delivered it the Iron Works Deed on Independence (34y,28x on the comunity map) Northwest of Freedom Market.