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Found 4 results

  1. Before I plop down a small "harbor" deed, I thought I'd advertise to see if anyone would be interested in selling a coastal deed on Independence in the area pictured below. It's the Inner Sea area. What I'm looking for is a tad specific admittedly. My current deed is Dawnshroud Peak (pictured at the bottom of the image below), just west of the Gurubear Crater. What I'm looking for is a coastal deed that's in the radius of the image below, to use to for the convenience of receiving deliveries, direct water access, keeping an animal or two at when im too lazy/tired to ride it up the mountain near the crater late at night, etc. Specifcally here's the criteria I'm looking for: 1. Coastal deed in the pictured area below, right on the water (for ease of delivery). 2. Size is not that important. It doesn't have to be huge. Small can be nice and easier to maintain - depends on item 3. 3. Copper Ore - this would be nice as it's the one ore I don't have access to. This could be a big plus if it's in quantity and/or QL. 4. Trader or room for a Trader (63 tiles from nearest). Room for a trader would be a big plus also - not necessarily looking for a deed that has one, but that also would be okay. The price would really depend on the factors above. Again, it doesn't have to be fancy - it could be a 10x10 stretch of land that's right on the water and have copper and would probably suffice, but PM me details of what you have. PM or post here or you can also PM Draxxle/Kruggan in game. THX!
  2. The following 5-speed-horses are for sale. Males each for 45c, females for 65c. If you take male+female: 1s Location is Hillside Refuge, south of Inner Sea at 29x,45y. Normally no delivery, but can be negotiated. All have the traits "fleeter movement", "strong body", "lightning movement", "carry more" and "strong legs" and no negative traits. Name (color, age, father, mother) males: Beneast (grey, young foal, Tearcall, Queenwarrior) Rainhard (grey, young foal, Earseast, Pieeast) Wildrun (white, young foal, Warriorraffle, Huntingmadia) Eastrock (black, young foal, Tearwild, Swiftheart) Rockrun (black, young foal, Bennypick, Jollycall) Jackrain (white, adolescent foal, Mackblood, Chaserflesh) Lightningrags (white, adolescent foal, Minschunting, Happypearl) Raffleraid (white, adolescent foal, Warriorraffle, Huntingmadia) Baxterdream (black, young, Minschunting, Ragepick) females: Saragold (black, young foal, Kalilpick, Ragepick) Starklily (white, young foal, Mackblood, Chaserflesh) Ebenrock (grey, adolescent foal, Earseast, Pieeast) Pottear (black, adolescent foal, Lightningkiss, Yoanadance) Strongkia (brown, adolescent foal, Ebennorth, Unityfast) Kalypsoecker (white, young, Warriorraffle, Huntingmadia) PM Liari or post here.
  3. Razor's Shipyard & Parts Emporium (reopened) A proud member of The Union of Freedom Shipbuilders [uFS] since 2011 Free repairs Triangular rig -------------------------------------------------- 70c spinaker rig ---------------------------------------------------- 70c square rig ----------------------------------------------------- 1.0s large square rig ------------------------------------------------ 2s anchor (min 40ql) --------------------------------------------- 50c keels(70ql) ---------------------------------------------------- 50c seats(70ql) ---------------------------------------------------- 40c oars(70ql) ---------------------------------------------------- 40c hull planks --------------------------(per 100 @ min 70ql)----------------------------1.5s pegs - -------------------------------(per 100 @ min 70ql)----------------------------50c tenons -------------------------------(per 100 @ min 70ql)----------------------------50c mooring rope-----------------------------------------------------------------------------20c cordage rope-----------------------------------------------------------------------------30c thick rope---------------------------------------------------------------------------------35c All ships are backed with our lifetime guarantee of free repairs for the life of your boat. rafts (30ql) - 15c rowboat - 1s sailboat - 2s corbita - 12s cog - Special order only knarr - 20s caravel - market price (all ships are 70ql comes complete with lock and anchor) In Stock: Yards are open PM Razoreqx