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Found 1 result

  1. So I have looked all over Wiki and a fair bit through forums without examining every page of threads after searching for "Cooking", "HFC", and "Hot Food Cooking". Anyways... My question is simple.. I am at 73.37 Base | 92.91 Effective Hot Food Cooking on the Epic Servers, which means I can cook a meal at max QL of roughly 93QL. However using 80QL Frying Pans & 90+ Veggies in a forge at 55 Difficulty my meal's range from 65QL to 89QL, and average around 74QL. Is there any known difficulty's higher then 55? According to Wikipedia -10 skill = Difficulty (or something like that) which would mean I need to make Difficulty 83 Meals... Do those even exist? My meals currently consist of x1 Cooked Meat, x1 Corn, x1 Onion, x1 Garlic, x1 Salt, x1 Pumpkin, and x1 Potato cooked in a Forge for +10. I tried adding alchemy stuff into meals, double veggies, cheese, everything I had in my FSB to increase difficulty higher and could not.. Any tips? -Thank you Note: I'm not looking for tips on skilling HFC, but simply for maximizing my QL as I'm generally cooking 20 meals at a time for an entire village.