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Found 23 results

  1. Hello As title says I am looking for a masonry builder to hire. The task is very simple, I need to build 8 small houses, 2x2, 2 floors, so 16 walls each. I will pay 2s/k actions, I will give you materials, food, water and a bed to gain sleep bonus. I can also give a Woa enchanted trowel if needed. I live at Harmony Bay Market, east of Harmony Bay (about 60 tiles east from there). Feel free to reply here, send me a PM in the forum or contact me in game as Luttuosaa. Have a nice day
  2. Hiring players willing to mine for tools. I can offer 60ql tools wit 50 coc & woa. I just ask for mining/tunneling of 6 tiles of rock & reinforcing for each tool. I can supply plenty of beds, meals, water, torches, bsb's for rock & mats for reinforcing (i think that's all you'll need) oh & tools. It's just basic underground tunneling in a straight line so it isn't complicated except for making sure the walls are prospecteed for veins before reinforcing coz i'm trying to find all the veins on my deed My deed is at Q25 on Xanadu (I'm still waiting for the community map to change the map name from "North Wood' to 'The SIlk Road Silk Wurm') Any querries plz pm here or my main in game Seraphrattle
  3. Who? 2 players will work for silver. Why? Need some money to pay for our deed, protection, premium and stuff. Where? We are located on northern coast of Deli. What? Logs, rock shards, clay, dirt, bricks, nails, planks, mortar, etc. Anything, what player with low skill can do. What else? We are limited by skill cap at this time, but not limited by a job type, because we're not picky. Near our location we can find wood, sand, dirt, iron veins, clay, tar, water, rocks and many more. Our delivery is limited to Deli and closest servers (Xanadu - west coast only) at this time, unless You're willing to pick your order by yourself. Anything else? No. We are ready to take your order. Just post or PM me, if You are interested.
  4. Hey Wurmians! I need 10s for a premium account so i need to work. Post me your offers or sending PM, i can do almost everythin. Im located at S8 Xanadu server, and dont get any ship. Its small island so if someone need help I can lend him my hands for a good payment! Or you can give me a ride always when its far away for me, but in two sides! Regards
  5. Hello, After finding your game on IndieDB, and reading through the website and forums as well as the wiki for a couple of days, I have decided to give this game a try. As a new player, I am not really certain where I would like to settle and what I would like to do, so I have decided to ask for somebody to please employ me at a minimum wage for a while. I am willing to do any kind of work, a new player can possibly do. I have spawned on Xanadu, but if my new Master has some patience, I don't mind building a small boat to get to other servers. My skills are still at a minimum, so put me to use somewhere I can do the dirty work you don't want to do. Cut trees, pave, mine, make bricks, mortar, or whatever else you might have in mind. I just want to get to know more aspects of the game as I work for you. Exact wages can be discussed depending on the task, but I am just looking to earn a little bit of coin to finance premium time after a while. Because I don't know what to really do ingame, please message me on the forums if you have a job for me, because I will be able to respond more quickly here. Thank you to everybody who is considering giving a newbie like me a chance.
  6. Hello, I have recently discovered a spot on which I would like to create my own settlement, and possibly in the future a kingdom. Now I have found out that the area is unclaimed, and I need to claim it for my current kingdom (Freedom) before I am able to settle. Due to this, I would like to hire somebody to come over to my place and build a guard tower for me. There is no clay and no mines in my area, so the person would have to bring the materials. I would like for it to be a normal guard tower. My location is Chaos, and since so many people seemed to think it was a bad idea to post the exact location, I will remove that here but can tell in PM. Sorry, I just realized that there is a section for Chaos ads also. Still, if you would like to come over to Chaos and build it for me, I'll pay your travel expenses. Please PM me here if you would like to come by and build the tower for me. Include your price. Regards, Xala
  7. *Snip* Job Filled, ty all!
  8. Hi All, We work as a group and would like to find any jobs that's available, production of materials (transportation can be arranged within deli), labor and grinding jobs.. Prefer payment in silver or items(please check with me). Prices to be negotiated, pm me in-game name Sighx. Ty
  9. Deed near Tape Dance (Celebration capitol) Beginners who wanna work ingame in a deed with good train possibilities are welcome. F2P players could get help to get his first 2 premium months free. Could build in a parcel near token and mailbox. Possibility of get tools with better xp gain enchant. Conditions should be negotiated. If u are interested PM to Joseanjim in forum or ingame.
  10. Hello folks, just started a deed at Xanadu, and since i'm the only one here, i would need some help to terraform these lands, basically, a 12x12 area, so i've decided to search "hired shovels". I don't have tools or shovels, lost my boat too so you will have to bring your own. Post here if you interested and we can talk about prices. PS: during the week i'm pretty busy.
  11. Looking for any work to keep my hands busy, living in Plattekloof near FM so I prefer working in these areas, but I can consider further ones as well. I'm open to discussion so don't hesitate to ask/offer. I am also willing to take up creating tasks including: bricks mortar planks support beams shipbuilding parts carpentry items masonry structures others These are just few things I can do, I'll accept almost every task I can handle so again - just pm me and I'm sure we'll come to terms. I usually have some materials on stock so it might also be an instant-buy of materials. Contact via PM ingame and forums. Game nickname as on forums: Thys.
  12. starting 25.01.2014 Greetings Fellow Wurmians "The Petre's Transport & Storage" company is looking for nice place to locate the warehouses. The company needs small buildings in a lively settlements. If your deed has some unused bulidng which could be used as warehouse don't hesitate to message Petre. Here is the list of things that we require from settlements: Deed must be inhabited, we don't care about the theoretical number of deed settlers what's matter is the average amount of people online Deed must have area open to everyone with building that can be adopted as warehouse (any building will do). Optional ones: Easy access to warehouse is welcomed - labyrinths of walls and fences are not welcomed - company belives that the amount of active people provides safety The building tighter the better. Trustworthy settlers who want to run business are welcomed. What we provide: access to trade network that will give you profits a way to attract new citizens a chance to become one of the most influential Desertion trade centers transport & storage services (read more below) STORAGE & TRANSPORT SERVICE As i noticed during my merchant's work it happens that people who want to exchange goods aren't online in the same time. I would like to propose solution for that inconvenience: The Storage & Transport service - how it works? From the seller perspective: The seller leaves his cargo at one of the warehouses along with instruction: to which warehouse it should be delivered for how much it should be sold to whom it should be sold In the meantime the authorized person writes down the details of the transaction on papyrus and put cargo in the warehouse. The goods between our warehouses flows a continuously, within a hour or a few the cargo will reach its destination waiting for the buyer. The buyer will be shouted to retrive his goods, from the warehouse. Warehouses will be placed in strategic locations you it will not be Necessary for you to travel much in purpose of selling your goods. From the buyer perspective: buyer recieves the shout from warehouse emplyee and goes to the warehouse buyers pays the price which was set by seller and some small fee for service and gets his cargo.
  13. My name is Thorne and I'm looking for any kind of paying work on Deliverance. I'm fast and friendly. Please post here or PM me on the forums. Thank you for your time. Currently on permanent retainer. No jobs can be accepted at this time.
  14. Looking to hire someone for a possibly large job, will pay in parts & do as much as you like. Up to 30 silvers possibly. Contact me in game, Littlelady or pm me no skills above 20 required Fencebuilding and evening out slopes
  15. I would like to buy 1,000 dirt. we can discuss cost/ delivery/pick up. Independance,
  16. Hello there fellow Wurmians. I am looking to purchase 20k Mortar to expand my kingdom. The bricks will be needed on November 8th, 2012 I am looking to spend about 60s Atleast quality of 40 or higher. There is a 25ish tile warehouse planned to be built in Tapdance the place of planned deliver. Carts will be readily avail with horses to receive the order. I believe this is plenty of time of a heads up. if anyone is capable to do this job please contact Faithe or Kuntur on celebration. or leave a post immediately.
  17. Tired of spending hours building roads, floors, or pathways for your village, town, or settlement? I am assembling and installing Cobblestone, and Slab Pathways. Leave a message with your village and a way to contact you in game below. Prices Negotiable
  18. Hey everyone! Meyfei here and i'm looking to earn some money with some hard work. My rates are what your offering, the better the rate the more interest. Of course anything is better than nothing. NO DISTANCE IS TO FAR! !(No Travel Fees) Here is some info in-case anyone is looking for anything specific. My skills: Digging (much disliked, 48.43) / shovel 36.03 Masonry 40.39 / stone cutting 26.77 tailoring 12.03 / cloth tailoring 25.39 Mining 45.49 / pickaxe 47.57 Owned tools: 68ql trowel 72/70ql spindle 69ql pickaxe 70ql stone chisle (woa28) 66ql Shovel I can happily take any job that can be handled by these skills, if by chance your looking for digging, my timer is slow around 7seconds. The bigger the job is the more unlikely i'd be able to stay sane in the process. xD My average speed of working so far is: 4-4.5hours sowing 850ish fields (gotta get that farming skill up) 3-4hours panning 1k pumpkins+meat without filleting (working on getting quicker)
  19. The newly founded village of Aedgon can be found directly north of Tap Dance,following the road north from settlement token. It will grow in size and population to offer protection to all whom seek shelter. Built now: *Tall stone walls *Spacious homes *Lamps *Gates that do not obstruct the flow of traffic, however protects all whom pass. *Village exclusive mining shaft. Short term plans: *Kingdom sponsored hunting deed. *Deed, protected and maintained homes for rent.†More to come. Future;distant or near;Provided resources and land expansion. *Personal boat dock within village/kingdom Marina *Trade market *Village/Kingdom sponsored Doctor(hiring) for Citizens. *Many more. The sole purpose of Aedgon is safety,shelter and a easier means of living. Space is LIMITED for now. PM Shyunea More details to come. Just follow the settlement token north from Tap Dance.Directly above Tap dance. http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebL.png Hurry home-Shyunea;Queen of Aedgon †Homes are available within walls of kingdom, and outside of walls(still on deed). there will be guards to protect the settlement inside and outside of walls. Houses are not required inspection and will not be entered, but maintenance from the outside. Requests for specific size and location based upon availability. Prices as of current 10/4/2012 12:00:00AM CST is 1copper coin Monthly / 5silver to own the house so long as Aedgon stands. All tenants have access to the Forest and Mine Any additional questions regarding this post can be directed to myself Shyunea through forum or in-game. Note: this is a test. I want to see if other players from other servers would like a sort of permanent or temporary location that is secured and maintained between they're travels.
  20. I live on cele and im looking for a plate smith to bring my set from 50ql to 70ql no enchants on it and a weapon smith to bring my 50ql 4 enchant sword to 70-80ql. Im paying well so pm me and well discuss prices, or get a hold of me ingame. Willing to travel.
  21. I am looking for a boat ride preferably from indy all the way to cele but i dont mind if you can only take me across one single border. i know this is a big ask but it would be a great help especially if you are going yourself. please pm me if you are able to do this, i may also be able to pay you in gems if you could help me.
  22. I'm looking for a job in deliverance, my highest skills are: 54 Digging 42 Carpentry 31 Masonry 35 Mining 15 Stone Cutting 36 Blacksmith 18 Gardening 16 Forestry Willing to do anything really. Looking for payment in coin, but trade is also available. PM me on the forums and message me at "Mirrormatch" if your interested. Thanks.