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Found 4 results

  1. Hello again 1. Players who have Power 1 (hero) can fly and be invisible, but for some reason when they leave the invisibility - can not attack creatures in their pets, too, can not attack (no information about UnVulnerable of Power 1 I can't find) and Heros can't use commands ~#vulnerable. 2. Power 1 can fly , but if they fly on water - he loose stamina and get water wounds and can die
  2. Become The Environmental Hero! Mother Nature helps us by giving wood, ores, food and home. But how can we help her? Answer is easy; by destroying unwanted tiles! Look at that amount of unwanted tiles disfiguring our beautiful lands! We have to get rid of them! What we have to destroy: *Slabs *Plank floors *All kinds of cobblestone *Packed dirt Rules: *Take screenshot of area before and after *Count how many tiles you destroyed and post it here. *Be honest *Don't destroy highways or used roads(if you're not 100% sure that roads is unused, leave it alone) *Make sure that area is abandoned *Make sure it isn't historical place *Remember to pray to retrive eventual faith losses List of Deliverance Ecologists: The Environmental Hero! 1000 tiles+ Nature Lover 500 tiles+ Ecologist 200 tiles+ Little Ecologist 50 tiles+ List will be updated up to date
  3. Hello, my name is Szai and I have been playing Wurm Online now for 10 days along with my girlfriend Afanasyi. I was refraining from making this post because watching Wurm isnt exactly exciting but after the suggestion of multiple viewers I have decided to. I have been a small-time streamer for 10 months or so, mostly streaming Dota2, League of Legends and Archeage plus others. I am somehow having more fun in Wurm than i have in a game in probably a few years and in only 10 days, with the help of people from my stream chat I think im off to a pretty good start. I know not a lot of people stream this game and maybe with good reason, but it is a great game and ive met really nice people from it so far. I cant promise tons of excitement but I do invite anyone curious or bored to stop by and say hi. Its usually pretty laid back and just talking, sometimes we break out some music or funny videos, i usually get a helpful veteran or 2 in chat and you can listen to all the noob questions i ask! I generally stream starting around 2pm EST and go until 5am or so EST. No set in stone schedule but thats typically the case, unless i stay up way too late playing. PS: im sure people will ask. In game i am located on the SE corner of Independence Stream is located at
  4. join brave newbies, nerds