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Found 4 results

  1. Ber on the lookout on freedom for Barberman, Megacide, Archana(nide) and their gang of pirates.. not only did they deed over our just developing pasture on Xanadu north of Vrock Landing but have also annexed a community mine which myslef and BombaySteve had put a mob defense door on, anybody gaining access that asked... The brashly told me to shove when asked to move there deed a few tiles back onto surrounding forest and grass tiles... so this must have been theyre plan all along to take what they didn't own, the only offense possible against another player in the usually considerate Wurming community has PVP come to PVE is this a sign of the times, is this how a new player is welcomed into the community i would hope not or we will all watch Wurm crumble to dust together.. congrats Megacide and Arachna conquered yet another defenseless flock of cows, this is the 1/40th Troll King Slayer of fame ... ahahahahahah.. excuse me while i vomit...and pick out an adult pastime..
  2. Shield of the Gone Gained at level 11 Wurzel (who first reached the level of Gone) had a chat with Rolf who said it's a constant buff that reduces damage and healing by 50%. See discussion for more details. Rolf later said that the exact amount of damage reduction varies for different wounds. Rolf did not disclose further details. Now since wu has launched many of us have been able to look at how various factors of dr are calculated, and while certain aspects of wu differ to the online mode, this has the exact same code as it shows like for like in either online or wu. Now to the meat of this topic. As shown at the start of this topic rolf mentioned some weaknesses that may be inherent in sotg. However from the code, as far as we can see, there is none. A straight 50% across the board on all damage. So I propose that this be fixed. Apply some form of weaknesses to sotg.
  3. It would be really nice if hate bonus would show up in the spell effect window so we could see how much time is left with a countdown. I also don't see any drawbacks with adding it in.
  4. I've been putting off posting this for a couple months now in the hope that i'm just unlucky so someone doesn't tell me i'm being stupid but well.... Basically i havn't personally seen a single "new" hate tile spawn on chaos for about 2+ years, since Rolf supposedly changed them to not spawn on mycelium anymore and spawn near thorns instead so freedomers could get the hate path. Since that time i have spent countless hours trying to meditate on both mycelium and on thorns and on combinations of the two in locations all around the Chaos map and i have never once found a new hate tile. I've had to always level myself up using tiles that have existed for years and every time i go to level up i have to travel a huge distance and pray to magranon that the tile hasn't died on me. So i there a bug to do with Hate Path tiles spawning? I decided to post this up today after several others in my kingdom were chatting about being unable to find a hate tile anywhere.