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Found 9 results

  1. Props and thanks to Alytharah and Borstaskor for finding it and deciding to share it with everyone! :)We were tasked with the organization, it is already secured and penned.It's free for everyone to attend, as we insisted on, at least the butchering products will be be given to Alytharah, since she found it!The location will be disclosed about 10 hours before the slaying takes place.It's on Cadence, kinda inland, not in local but not too far from a point that you will be able to reach with a knarr!Since it happened before, and i think it's not a bad practice, be sure to redirect any donations or hide that you don't need to keep back to Alytharah, and NOT to me or Davihh. Please, once we will open the gates DO NOT enter with carts and wagons. Thank you Location: the deed is called Beginning, M20/21, it is east of Tranoas Red: where the deed Beginning is located. Blue: where you can park with a knarr coming from south (Corbitas and caravellas will not pass through the canals). Green: where you can park if coming with a big boat. See you later guys
  2. Age-confused White Dragon Hatchling has been caught and there will be a public slaying. Come everyone for the hide and blood and to remove a menace to peaceful folks. Chayra is the one who found it, and wanted to make it a public event. Thanks go to them. I helped to pen it and will arrange the slaying. Location is west of Vrock Landing G12 on game map. Close-up below Area marked as Boat parking is definitely inside local area and you should also (but I'm not guaranteeing) be able to park anywhere inside that bay and still receive hide/blood. Altars etc. area Has now 4 gold altars that can be blessed for deities as required. They are intentionally low ql to decay faster in case local population doesn't like them. Slaying area itself is surrounded by a fence with one red gate at southeast corner. Gate will be opened to everyone once Dragon Hatchling is teased out. Above altars to the east is small pen with few free horses. Age-confused you ask? Well while initially: [03:17:54] The venerable white dragon hatchling moves in to attack you. It must have found a fountain of youth in the cave we penned it in. Because a bit later: [19:24:06] The The young white dragon hatchling is in front of you very close. Below ground Edit: Well, today: [23:11:00] The The aged white dragon hatchling is ahead of you to the left pretty close by. Below ground Nevertheless, it shall be slain. We provide altars and saccables for volunteer priests to cast Summon soul. Thank you for Bloodscythe for offer of helping with Summons. Bone is reserved (and possibly skull). But as always every premium player in local at time of slay will get piece of hide and a blood. - Nestangol Mayor of Northwind Cove owner of Hermit's Rest
  3. WTS Blue Dragon Hatchling drake hide leather of 0.10 kg 4 s (0.40 c per 0.01 kg) SOLD thank you for the trade
  4. You will bid on: Bid increment : Minimum increment of 1s on the bone Minimum of 50c on the skull. Sniper protection : 1 hour Timer : Nota : As usual, auction income will be shared within the deliverance hunting group. *(So for the haters, Odynn only get a share of that money.)
  5. Start bid: 25s Min inc: 1s No Reserve No Buyout
  6. Buyout received and accepted. I have yet to set a Red Drake Set on the market, so let's see if this gets any takers. This beautiful set has a cap included, and high AoSP. Starting Bid: 75e/s (Private Offers Accepted) Buyout: Make an Offer Current Bid: Private Buyout Minimum Increments: 5e/s, 1hr Sniper Protection End Time: Sunday, March 20th, 2PM Central US No Reserve (Does not come with Mask of the Enlightened, but taking serious offers on it. PM me!) Happy Bidding!
  7. Starting bid 10s
  8. Starting Bid: 70e/s (Private Offers Accepted) Buyout: 100e/s Current Bid: - Minimum Increments: 5e/s, 1hr Sniper Protection End Time: Sunday, January 10th, 2PM Central US No Reserve Sold for Buyout
  9. Just wondering as I've never seen a female grown before so I was wondering if female hatchlings were able to lay eggs. Thank you.